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  1. What's the point of creating controversy? I came on and shared my experience with the slide, even if most of the complaints are bad (weighing, shirtless). But this slide did hurt me, I'm not saying it hurts everyone because everyone else who came out of the loop were all fine and laughing. I had a bad experience, it happens. Nearly everyone who posted on this thread just attacked me straight away trying to defend the slide, I wouldn't log onto this website for the first time in years to lie and 'create controversy'.
  2. I NEVER said that it was a big gash with blood 'pouring' out, that was you trying to make it sound dramatic, I said blood ran down my back. which it would if water was involved.
  3. I didn't bother because a storm hit after I rode it, closing down the rides so I went home. I'm not sending pictures of my back. If you don't believe me I don't care, why would I come on here and lie?
  4. Gazza, you haven't changed a bit. Maybe I had a one off bad experience but I assure you that when I rode it was not smooth for me. @Intamin, I know they weigh everyone, I wasn't blindfolded walking through the queue, I just don't understand why they'd have to weigh everyone even if they look physically fine to ride.
  5. I haven't been on this website for years but this warranted my quick return. Last week I went to Wet'n'wild to ride the Aqualoop and I couldn't believe it. I couldn't get over the fact that they made you go shirtless, then proceeded to weigh you. I'm not obese in the slightest but I am self concious and this made me feel like crap for the rest of the day. The next bad experience was when I climbed into the trap door capsule, I had one ride operater take over on my slide. He had never done it before and another operater was showing him how to use it, she pointed to a few buttons then left.
  6. That could actually work... From what I've heard they have a mountain there already... Maybe they could use that?
  7. Whatever Dreamworld does they can't afford to screw it up like they did with the Mick Doohan. I have absolutely no idea what they should get next but it has to be absolutely groundbreaking and it actually has to scare people, they need to be terrified by the ride itself and not the cue line. Oh, how I miss being scared by a ride.
  8. Movieworld shouldnt have even touched main street.
  9. Quite a few people on this site have seen the SE roll back. I have even seen a roll back on the same day as someone else last year.
  10. If anything the only problem for wet'n'wild in my eyes is the landscape around H2o Zone, I still have a problem with it. It is in dyer need of a theme quickly. Its not that fun walking from a section like Terror Canyon then to H2o zone, you can feel the dip in effort that Village Road Show has put in.
  11. I have visited Toukley and I have been to Lake Haven but I don't know anything on the waterslides, sorry.
  12. Even after the massive live action movie Transformers came out last year?
  13. Thats quite a good idea but in it wouldnt be able to go where the batman one is as its just been done up as a whole Batman section to go along with the Batwing. Other than that an alright idea.
  14. If they built a roof over it thats half of the theming gone, don't say... "ooh looks more like a studio... what studio has a glass roof?
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