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    Some of the new track and other parts that has arrived The camelback The drop Other parts of the track and station progress The signage out the front of the park: And a look at the logos lit up
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    Hi. I'm a newbie here but read Parkz quite regularly. I love puzzles so I un-jumbled the Dreamworld Billboard.
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    Quick update first drop to top of supports next lift hill supports being installed may be lucky by days end to see full height
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    Ok first drop being placed at moment more containers have arrived looks like rest of lift hill and maybe transfer track return run seems to be completed so just lift hill and rest of first drop to be installed lots of work happening at station area
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    Quick up date airtime hill done major elements done now just for lift hill and first drop Start of lift hill on site
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    Would love to be those guys up in the cherry picker right now
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    They were running two trains in the testing this afternoon, and as soon as one reached the brake run, the next one would leave. I recorded many videos, which I've added below. But here are a few photo updates first. Look at it in action A path is being laid leading from the main road and down along side the coaster Landscaping is complete and the carpark is slowly returning EDIT: Here are a couple of those videos of the ride in testing
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    Get ready for the motherload, folks. For more boring captions under photos, as always, you can hit the link.
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    Long time no see, guys. Hope everyone is well I too was on site at MW this morning for the placement of the final track piece, I did a live stream (or three) to my FB blog - it took about an hour or so due to wind delays. Anyway, I stuck around for a bit afterwards to grab some high quality piccies from a few other different perspectives and thought I would share them on here with you all, since today is certainly the day for it. Worker waiting patiently wayyyy up top of the lift hill staircase for the wind to die down, and the final track piece to be lifted up lol Now HERE'S a great way to get some decent view photos! Full view of the track from the rear of the carpark: GM Greg, Selena & the management team doing their live stream on site October is going to be quite the epic month! Can't wait
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    It is going to be a great ride. The theme was originally supposed to be more GOT meets war craft and as with Abyss. I would have preferred something a bit dirtier/harder/solid, given the nature of the ride but that's just an opinion. Well done to Phillip and the incredibly talented team at Atomiq who of course themed the Claw ride at DW and Abyss and Kraken, Theme builders and James at Creative Works, and with the lap restraints will be a big hit this year hopefully. Fingers crossed for the team as I know they always work EXTREMELY hard on these things for each new season. Good luck and I hope it rocks! M.
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    Grabbed a coffee and went to my car to leave - parked near the fence. Just as I was loading up, I hear a 2 second horn blast. Yep, they cycled Rivals! Got a video but it's just the same as others already in this thread. Guess the horn is to warn workers onsite. EDIT / 3rd cycle as I type!
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    Look at the supports that have been installed. Smaller crane moving supports around, but no major work on the track. And GL seems to operate when the crane isn't in use
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    If the crane is being set up, that should mean any day now we'll see movie world's biggest erection getting head.
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    Do not fear! Your update is here. July 16th DC Rivals Hypercoaster Update. If I could've uploaded it earlier I would've. Comparison Shot 1 I told you the first hill would be visible through the loop! Comparison Shot 2 First Hill Hey look, the first drop is there too! Brake Run/Station Area Air Gates?
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    Time for todays update, and a few things that have gone un-noticed and some inside goss. Firstly, a shout to the guys from LOGAN STEEL who are constructing the coaster. Awesome work guys. So, as shown by @Jakev8 the first pieces of track for the lift hill have been installed today. I've been told the lift hill will be completed next week, with a 350 tonne crane arriving at the start of the week. And the chain should be installed end of next week, beginning of the following week. And then the track will be done, and the electricians will take over. The stairs and other pieces of track and supports are ready for installation The first piece of theming can be seen, along with some of the other walls which will form part of it (As we saw in the video). Could this part link to Aquaman with the shark and ocean water seen? I've been told that the drop will actually be steeper than 90 degrees as you go over the top, and will twist as it drops down. Few other things around the site What is this? And a support missing for the air time hill And a few nice shots of the track
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    Here's my pointless update for this weekend. (Honestly though, the coverage this week has been amazing and extensive!) However, not everything has been covered! Which means there is actually something to mention Grouting of the supports has started around the Incline Dive Loop and the work on the Non-Inverted Loop seems to be torquing - definitely sounds like it. As I was in somewhat of a rush, here are my moving-car shots for the weekend of the 22nd and 23rd of July. Comparison Shot 1 Okay so I lied, the car was stationary for the taking of this picture. Not Comparison Shot 1 Driving alongside all of this is going to be awesome. Imagine racing the train along the bunny hills. you can do it in roughly two months. (Hopefully, all the construction fences are gone once testing starts) The incline on the lift hill is going to be terrifying... for most guests. Warner Bros. Movie World wins the Australian Parkz Skyline Award Construction Fence wins Parkz Most Hated Photographic Obstruction 'Award' There are only three main lift hill supports. and two of them are *partially* complete. The lift hill track reaches the height requirement for almost every kids ride on the Gold Coast.
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    Shots from early this morning on way home from work. last of top supports also saw the lift hill chain on the ground on old road under track no sign of the joker face that will need to be added before the big Crain goes
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    Current progress. Next support is being installed. And workmen are inspecting and preparing the lift hill track
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    The joker head is now lit up however still to be installed and the electricians have been fixing around with it about half an hour ago
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