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    Considering it is a press release, i think that is the aim of the article.
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    The other thing which I haven’t brought up to this point is to spare a thought for staff. Financial matters aside a lot of people draw a great deal of self worth and purpose from being able to go to work. I know a lot of people across a great number of industries that have had mental health issues with being stood down for so long and lacking purpose. If the parks being open mean people can get back to work and that helps their mental wellbeing then I’m all for that. And I’d go to far as to say for me that’s more important than the disappointment of some people that they can’t ride their favorite attraction just yet.
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    A lot of people don't realise that many "news articles" are written from media releases. Not as much actual research and report these days.
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    Apparently theme parks news site isn’t allowed to post theme park news.
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    Forum to discuss the parks reopening, anything we notice that’s positive or negative, current and upcoming changes, etc
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    I went to Luna Park Sydney today on their first day open. I will have more information on my Youtube Channel sometime later. But simply, when you get in via the Face and other entrances, Security are at the front gate so that only the people who have tickets come in, the rest are turned away. You can only go to the Merchandise Store when you are leaving or arriving. You then line up in a queue where people are supposed to social distance on. Then they scan your ticket when you get to the front of the line. If you have a Annual Pass, Multi Visit Pass, Companion Card, or other cards to enter the park that is free, you need to show ID. They have a desk where they scan them, then right behind the desk is a table. There is on the desk some badges, and a thermometer. They then take your temperature, and then give you a badge with a number, the number depends on how many people are in your group, your badge acts as a ticket. Once you get in, all staff except the management and showtime performers. The Showtime performers are always behind 3 stages around the park, one at Dodgem City, one at the Sideshow Games, and at the Ferries Wheel. Some rides have had some of their seats not available, like Volare. Some rides were closed for maintenance, like Moon Ranger and Tumble Bug, and some areas were closed off in Coney Island like Joy Wheel, the Course, and the Left and Middle Slide, because of COVID. Hungry Horse Restaurant has been converted to a Showbag Shop temporarily. There is 3 new temporary rides at Maloney's Corner. Those are, Rockin Tug, Sizzler, and Power Surge (Not yet opened). All owned by Joylands. You need to use hand sanitizer as you come on and off rides, you also social distance in queues (but no virtual queues), you can only pay with card, no outside food nor drinks are allowed to come, the lockers can't be used, and bring some beer as you can have them with you. Other than everything above, everything is fine and normal at Luna Park. Actually, it is the best time to come. If you get tickets now, you can be in a mostly quiet Luna Park, with only having to wait less than 10 minutes for a ride.
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    Mine worked when I used the ID number (under the pic, 9 digits long) not the barcode.
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    It amazes me that people are getting pissed off. It isn’t surprising, but still amazes me that they do. They know COVID is a thing. They should be aware the parks have restrictions in place, hence the reason they are allowed to open.
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    Yeah hadn't looked at the vouchers before, but agree that it's a good idea to encourage some extra spending on extras that pass holders wouldn't normally buy. Pass holders don't traditionally don't do things like stay at the resort or do a helicopter flight, so giving them a deal to keep those things ticking over is a winner to me in an environment where there are fewer tourists which is the normal market for those things. Locals get a deal to do things they don't normally do, the parks get to use that excess capacity that's currently being wasted and generate some revenue, win win I reckon.
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