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    They’re in technical rehearsal, what’s there today clearly isn’t the final intended experience. I’d expect most of the effects to be sorted out over the coming weeks, as is fairly normal for new rides. It’s great to see the theming back in there, though I agree that the animations are reminisicent of a Playstation 2 game. The wild mouse room will look great once the mapping is working properly.
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    Even for $80 I'm not looking at renewing, the family has been bored of DW for the last 6 months.
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    Not quite as much of a mess as @Slick has portrayed. Just to counter and clarify. Nobody was pushing anyone, VRTP staff clearly said the ride wouldn’t be operating yet prior to dropping the rope. The ride closed sign was there immediately after rope drop, and staff at the front of the ride.were informing guests it would open at some point today, would likely be a couple of hours. People were suggested to try other open attractions but nobody was prevented from waiting around. Staff were around answering queries until approximently 11:05 when matinance staff exited and it appeared closer to opening at which point they were at the usual entry host position at the top of the stairs. At this point the people scattered around the entry point formed a line and a crowd quickly built. A staff informed the line to move to the side of the path rather than block it. This photo was taken at 11:10
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    Pre and post disco room there are what I would call moderate new effects. Quite good but after such a long wait I was hoping for more to be honest, and some of the effects were a bit repetitive. The only way this might be good is if they're somewhat random, and you get different effects each time you ride. That's possible, but we'll see. Disco room has a couple of new lights but really I was expecting a lot more there. Overall, in my opinion, 6/10 on a scale of how well they've done (compared to how well they could have done). Still a very good ride, but could have been significantly better!
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    I am going today to hopefully ride will post it it’s open when I get there this morning 👌
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    Sydney New Year's Eve revealed on the 6th of December that Luna Park Sydney's Ferris Wheel will feature as part of the event for the 1st time. Like with Vivid Sydney, they are making the most of the lighting upgrade to The Ferris Wheel. From the Sydney New Year's Eve media release:
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    That would be a very safe guess!
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    Most likely which is good so people actually get new passes. It’s cheap aswell if you already had a season pass. It is 80 dollars to get a new one which would cost you 150 at Movie World.
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    I was there and am in some of those photos I’m sure so am just giving my perspective and some facts. Staff informed guests they were not allowed to que prior to rope drop and I did not witness anyone pushing in front of others from 9:49am when I arrived. Not eventually, it happend quickly. Considering the ride was still cycling (not ready for guests) when everyone was admitted into the que I think it shows MW did notice. I agree that the marketing could have been better but operationally it was not as much of a mess as your post portrayed in my opinion.
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    Considering we saw the instagram post of the projection mapping scanning equipment up near the turntable, it's a surprise to hear there is no changes up there?
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    A couple of folks have kept me up to date who are down there for the opening & suffice to say they've absolutely bungled the opening of a much hyped "new" attraction. Firstly, their website still lists the ride as under maintenance. Despite this, they're very much marketing it as open. Not a great start from a communications perspective. So how has real world operations been this morning? Literally no crowd control prior to that section of the park opening. Folks were pushing in front of other folks trying to get to the front of the "rope drop" to line up for Scooby. Scooby is still not open (as of 11:07am) and wasn't open when guests tried to enter the ride after "rope drop." Staff were turning folks away & not allowing guests to form a queue outside the ride which i'd imagine would be super frustrating for those who turned up early and waited. The exit shop opens shortly after 10am and was telling folks it'd be open in the next 30 minutes, adding to the confusion of if the ride will open at all and when. Staff put a "ride closed" sign at the top of the Scooby entrance and an awkward mess of people stand at the front of the ride. No staff accompanying the sign sending more mixed signals about the ride. Despite Scooby Doo having an outdoor switchback queue-line that's mostly in the shade, as of 11:10am staff are ignoring guests and a messy-huge queue line is forming in the middle of the path. Staff haven't updated guests as of 11:15am despite there being a staff presence. Despite this, there's a staff member handing out Fast Photo passes. IMO - how do you stuff up the most basic level of crowd management on opening day? 99% of other theme parks have their supervisors create a plan of attack to ensure every guest is looked after - hell, even retail outfits like Apple hand out water and speak to every customer individually to ensure everyone's in the loop, but here we have Village saying it's open on social, but it's not on the website, but it is in park, but maybe not if you talk to some shops?! I really hoped they learnt from when they bungled the Rivals opening. Guess not.
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    They've just plugged it on Facebook as opening today too.
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    The sign is up, and does now include "next generation" Aiming to open 10.30am.
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    Just spoke to guest services it should be open today, it’s testing at moment but i was told to call in 30 min to confirm it’s 100% open will let you know
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    Yeah sorry, I meant on superman you can See DC’s 2nd train getting maintenance
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    Luna Park's future recipe is pretty simple - less time whinging, more time making it the global icon it actually is.
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    Back to SkyVoyager, this shows how it's going to tie into the coffee shop next door.
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    @Skeeta They're referring to it as a 'terminal' and telling you to check for 'departure updates'. But even this speaks to my point about Dreamworld not being able to pick a theme and stick to it. They can't even be consistent within a single ride. They have a Stark-Trek inspired logo, A rocket-man TV commercial featuring remote Australian landscapes, a building themed to an airport terminal, all dumped into a Victorian-styled Main Street. The whole concept is a complete mess because Dreamworld have been lazy and not given it anymore thought than 'let's theme our high-tech 'flying' ride to the concept of 'flying''. When no one is providing creative direction for the park or for the individual ride, everyone involved just starts slapping their take of the 'flying' concept onto the ride. I don't care if DW want to make changes to the park's aesthetics and style, but those changes should be an improvement and be consistent - working toward a larger vision for the park. At the moment every single ride, store, attraction and show seems like an isolated 'project' implemented by different people working in silos. It is just my opinion, but I believe that DW needs to hire a creative director whose sole job it is to start overseeing this stuff. This ride is supposed to be a major, multi-million dollar tourist attraction. Ask yourself if you think people are going to want to stand outside of this building and take a photo of themselves to share their experience and memories on social media. If the answer is no, it's probably the wrong design for a theme park.
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    Screens and animations were cringeworthy. Lights werent working on most of the original animatronics. Pretty dissapointing.
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