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  1. I finished watching this I have to say that the area is looking pretty great. A couple of thoughts: The lead up to the coaster will be fantastic. It's well presented and considering the queue and load are 'within' the ride itself it'll be a pretty neat feeling to hype you up with the sights and sounds of the coaster itself. Shade and fans. Kudos to Dreamworld for considering the guest experience by making the queue as comfortable as possible. Sure it's not very exciting, but even Disney struggles to engage guests in their queues now because 90% of the time guests are on their ph
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  3. Love what you said there @Dom What I love about the queue line and the coaster's layout is that from the queue, guests get a great view of the coaster cycling through the layout. It really helps to build that "wow" factor. It's pleasant to see how well the ride interacts with onlookers too, either from the queue, the precinct, or just walking through to the Giant Drop or Corroboree. That brake run tho, pretty insane seeing how close guests can get as the train rolls out of the heart-line roll and into the final brake run. The low-passes are insane.
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  4. Letting people in early would be a great idea and definitely help with the issue. While the park might be gaining its reputation back in some ways, making errors like this (which is the very first impression for the event) does not help their reputation and will turn people off from visiting the park during the day.
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