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    So I was trolling through the internet as one normally does, and stumbled across a document from Pitt and Sherry, the company most publicly involved in the Dreamworld re-certification of attractions. Interestingly in their document of work they have done, they mention that they provided design verification of the mechanical, pneumatic and electrical components of a SC2000 Spinning Coaster from Maurer Sohne. I've attached the screenshot and also attached a link to the document. The question I am unable to verify is how long ago that work occurred, is it recent? Is it old and perhaps was once considered a replacement for the wooden mad mouse? Or is our mad mouse knocking on deaths door? So many questions, not enough answers. Does anyone know anymore? You can find the document in question here > https://www.pittsh.com.au/cms_uploads/docs/amusement-rides--project-gallery.pdf
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    Found this on Dreamworld's Facebook page.
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    Dreamworld reopens Log Ride, entire park now operational for the first time in fifteen months The Rocky Hollow Log Ride returned to service yesterday after more than a year of closure, joining last week's Wipeout reopening to give Dreamworld a full roster of rides and attractions for the first time since October 2016. Click here to continue reading
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    Regardless of opinion on the roofs, one thing noteworthy stands out today - it's the first day in a very long while the park has had all its core rides and attractions open post incident.
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    Thanks @MickeyD for that explanation. Thought that would be case since I know they keep an operator there for that reason. I do hope nothing major in the ride changes for the worse because to protect themselves from a worse case scenario that some idiot can't follow rules, forgets this is a piece of machinery and gets hurt. I'm remaining hopeful the ride is getting another overhaul and theming enhancements.
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    Mostly because People are stupid when it comes to a risk of jumping out or sticking hands in the water and our Parks mitigating risk of injury etc. As the Boats almost come to a stop at this point, it's a part of the ride where the odd 1 in a million dickhead decides it's a good spot to jump out. Same goes for the bottom of lift 2. When a lot of boats are operating and spacing is out, you can get a bank up there. Many years ago, I had a guy with Autism pannick here, jumped out, wound up in the drink, clambered out to the island in the middle. Other than soaked from the waist down he was fine. That is after he finally turned up at the exit to the Gremlin ride!
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    I have an S8 but my pictures look like a bloody Jackson Pollock when it's been sitting among my sweaty thighs all day in my shorts. All pictures are appreciated.
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    At 35 id say you are still a few years short of middle aged Alex... my 33 yr old self doesn’t like that that term could be thrown in my direction in 2 years. Gotta be over 40 at least to be middle aged.
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    THANK GOD WE ARE GETTING A NEW COASTER FINALLY Even if it isn't a Eurofighter, and spinning coasters are not my cup of tea. Good choice for a small park like LPS. Have been ripe for a new coaster for well over a decade now. If this happens I will be there on opening day to ride the coaster. I kind of hope that the coaster gets normal sit-down trains as opposed to spinning trains but that is probably wishful thinking. I've never really been a fan of spinning coasters. But that being said the ones I have been on are all Reverchon or chinese ones so my opinion will probably change. I know @Jobe would be very happy with this one. I vividly recall him saying the park needed one of these. On the topic of the old Wild Mouse, that ride is heritage listed by the NSW government. It is not going anywhere anytime soon.
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    Nah usually i'd just do this. This is for updates and discussion about maintenance.
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    Even with your broad marketing experience Ben, I doubt you will be able to help them out on this one.
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