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    https://www.miragenews.com/ban-on-development-over-three-storeys-along-spit/ The article is based on a Queensland government public release you can find here. My reading of this is that Sea World's rides are unaffected (thanks clickbait) as outdoor ride structures like coasters and observation wheels \ towers are permitted to be built, but they can't build a four storey high dark ride show building, etc.
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    Not going to lie I like that rides are trending more towards 'Live automated magic shows telling a story' away from 'Watch this screen while we rock your seat'
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    to be fair, I edited that in about 1 minute before he posted it. my original post was only the quote and government link.
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    Bluey is a popular Australian ABC character, it’s no surprise to see them capitalise on it.
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    NFI who Bluey or Bingo are, but they’ve arrived at ABC land. Could be an indication at the upgrades coming to the land?
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    VRTP didn’t do it this year
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    I appreciate it being posted here to so I can go back and see the history and if/when VRTP change the dates. Another seperate period for Doomsday has now been added for the 10th-12th.
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    Arkham asylum reopens 18 December maintance period updated 6-17 December information on movie worlds website
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    Try using < and > next time once the video is paused to move forward frame by frame.
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    Don't worry Gazza I understand your point.
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    It's a pleasant area to sit and relax, but I don't think this is the most suitable addition for a theme park. It's fairly generic and reminds me more of Pacific Fair or Westfield Chermside than any theme park. Personally, I don't think theme parks should be striving to be compared to a Westfield. A theme park should be its own being; something unique and unlike other offerings. The "Shaded Seating Area" just doesn't do it for me. Also, there's some shade but not enough to satisfy my pale needs. I think this was a flawed idea from the beginning.
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    I imagine there is no replacement period. Theres probably a measurement for wear and stretch, and if its ok, you keep using it. Wouldnt be surprised if theres like 100k in cost of chain that size/length. Youd want to get more than a year or two out of it.
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    Even if it isn’t popular for sitting, it will be very popular on Instagram and maybe that’s exactly what they were going for. There aren’t really many ‘insta walls/areas’ at any of our parks, so this area fills that ‘massive’ void.
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    For what that space is, they’ve themed/decorated it very nicely and I would say it will be quite a nice area to sit on a cooler or cloudy day. I definitely think it could use more larger shaded areas because on a hot summers day, people won’t sit in half those seats. Once those trees grow out a bit it should be a lot better, but that will take a while. Hopefully they also add some misters/fans in too EDIT: Turns out there is quite a bit of shade, it just hasn’t been shown in these photos. Photo posted by Remember the Golden Years
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    The chain has been replaced twice since that incident. Chains aren't exactly the most expensive in terms of maintenance costs though.
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    It’s open and they took the hammocks.
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    Some shots form this morning. You can see an organ fence has been installed along the path leading towards the tower. @AlexB no sign of line markings on the stairs and I couldn’t see a queue area at the bottom either
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    My sister lives in Illinois, about 7 hours from Minneapolis. But it was only about 40 miles longer to go via Des Moines, Iowa and check out Adventureland. https://www.parkz.com.au/parks/US/Altoona/Adventureland_Park/ Start the gallery here to see all 200 pics: https://www.parkz.com.au/photo/20956-Adventureland_Park/gallery/sort/newest/location/park-289-Adventureland_Park/offset/0 I ended up doing an evening at a park on the same day I went to Valleyfair, and then a few hours the following morning because it worked out best for my schedule (Though not so great for my wallet because their 2 day pass isn’t that great a deal and no options in terms of after 3pm entry) The main street is a middle America knock off of Main Street USA at Disneyland. Condition of the park was mixed / okay, not as good as Cedar Fair, but nice garden The signage was ample fodder for Graphics Design is my Passion. The park itself is quite pleasantly landscaped when you move further in, albeit with some interesting design choices. The newest ride is Phoenix, a standard model Maurer spinning coaster, the 4th time ive done one. I think the station was themed like a chinese takeaway. Heading around I saw that Underground had no queue. This thing is stretching the definition of a roller coaster, but at a couple of points it has drops equivalent to what you’d find on a wacky worm. The ride is like Blazing Fury at Dollywood, or Black Diamond at Knoebels with mannequins in mining related scenes. Pretty bleh, and once was enough. The highlight of the park is Monster, a huge Gerstualer Infinity coaster. As I have come discover, this coaster type comes into its own once you get past the 40m mark. The eurofighters etc around the 30m mark lack pacing, and feel a bit wild mouse-ish or skateboard-ish, but the big ones really get some momentum going, and the Gerstlauer layouts are full of dramatic elevation changes, with multiple steep dives. There's a good mix of inversion and non inverting style elements, plus an okay airtime hill. The most interesting element is the Finnish Loop, which is like a loop that flattens off at the top, so you get extended hangtime. There is a skyride which runs right through the middle of the loops. Of course i did a couple of laps on the skyride for pics. At the other end of the spectrum is Dragon, which is now holds the title of the worst coaster i have ever ridden. Rock hard harnesses, with padding made out of car dashboard material, and it heavily bangs through the course. The layout has a few small RMC style bumps before the lift hill, before a shallow drop, a couple of loops, and two helices you just want to end. The park also has two wooden coasters. Tornado is the older one, basic out and back style one, like as if its one half of Racer at Kings Island or something. Does the job, The more interesting one is Outlaw, a CCI wooden coaster that is sort of done in the twister style of the GCIs, just a bit less flowing and twisty. Low to the ground means it's fast paced. Down this end of the park is Saw mill Splash, a spinning raft water slide you can ride in your street gear. Foams pads placed off center snag on the underside of the raft, making it spin very fast. Down this end is also a water park that I stuck my head into when it was empty. All proslide stuff we have ridden before, brightly coloured. The place did feel like a bit of a frying pan with the amount of concrete, but hey, if you live through an Iowa winter, maybe they want all the sun they can get? The park also had a regular river rapids, which were marred a bit this system they have installed with handrail gate things that spin around and lower at the station, except they move at a snails pace, so the capacity of the ride is quite low, and there is a bank up permanently at the bottom conveyor. Ended up wating over an hour for it! The park had heaps of flat rides too. I took a ride on Storm Chaster, which is a slightly smaller version of a Windseeker. Overall, a fairly middle of the road park, had a bit of a home cooked feel like Holiday World, but perhaps lacking some consistency in the amount of polish. As always, if you're in the area, have a look!
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    Is THAT where you find this stuff? Wow. And all this time, i've been trawling the Parkz forums waiting for someone to upload the latest maintenance dates in a screenshot... this is going to save me literal seconds!
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    @AlexB just said that didn't he? The truth of the matter is nothing changes for SW as the heights for SW were lifted a couple of years ago with the new town plan. GCB picture of SW is because they don't know what they are talking about.
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