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    New legislation proposal. Skeets law – If it takes longer to read a post than to drink a beer, then the post is too long.
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    This is probably the testimony I've been most interested in reading about, and all I can say is wow. Now we see the real cause of the issue, not $25 an hour ride ops not pressing a button, what he have here is a fundamental failure of a person overseeing the park's rides. The head of engineering doesn't know how the rides work but is in the position to make judgment calls about them? If he doesn't know how the rides work then why on Earth would anyone have told him that there's a problem? Not like he can do anything with that info. He'd been at the park for 4 years, the fact he didn't know how to run the rides is either a lie to cover up the fact he knew it was fucked, or he is terrible at his job. What amazes me the most is he's still there. He's still not a qualified engineer. He still hasn't taken any steps to mitigate the fact he's not a qualified engineer. He seems like he thinks not knowing how to operate the rides is OK. Elsewhere in his testimony he says he wasn't sure who had the job of making sure the rides are safe. I'll give you a clue, Head of Engineering; its you. It's your department, you set the agenda. Your agenda didn't see you making the effort to get to know the rides you were managing. Had you have taken the smallest bit of interest you would have known the ride's control system was a mess. I have zero confidence in the safety of any rides he's in charge of, and to be honest I wouldn't trust him to change a tire on my car. He doesn't need to go because of PR, he needs to go because he's a danger to the community in his current role. I know on this forum we can get hung up on trivial stuff like 'the wall is ugly now the tree has been cut down' or 'drinks should be in meal deals' so important points can get lost. But here's the thing, this person was allowed to continue to be in a position of authority while having no idea about his area of responsibility and feeling no need the change that. Other staff have had problems with the computer systems and encountered 'push back' from Ardent about safety issues, but they were all people who legitimately tried to make it better before something happened. Right here is someone who straight up was the problem, and continues to be the problem. A bubble of pure incompetence at the top of the engineering food chain. I don't care who you are, you cannot fail that badly at a job and be given a second go at it.
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    Please if the post contains 20 photos... don’t quote them
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    Today’s update, the path from Main St to Giant Drop is temporarily closed.
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    This new ride is going to be huge!! As per Aussie World's map, they have 3 new rides coming soon. Presumably, one is the new Typhoon 360 degree Inversion ride. The other 2, as we know from the DA's that have been submitted are for a new spinning coaster and a collection of flats. The new coaster is due mid 2019 and the other ride, according to Aussie World, could be much sooner. Aussie World are tight lipped about which ride this could be at this stage but it is certainly one of the 5 rides that have been approved- a Drop Tower (40m high, 12-person capacity), Air Race (10m high, 24-person capacity), Windstarz (9m high, 24-person capacity), Star Fly (40m high, 24-person capcaity) and the Aerobat (6-15m high, 14-person capacity). 2019 is certainly going to be a very big year for this excellent little theme park!!
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    IRide is coming along nicely. The facade is huge and slightly invasive but time will tell when it’s completed.
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    This is coming... to my home park!! Parc Astérix will be building an Intamin LSM multi-launch in 2021! A layout animation was shown today (well, tomorrow for you Aussies ha) at IAAPA: Features: 51m (167ft) high 4 launches, including a forward/backward/forward half-pipe with no stop 23 moments of airtime! Looks incredible and has so many daring features, but wait! Walibi Belgium has shown their work too, it's a Megacoaster with a twisty drop like Expedition GeForce... Two crazy awesome designs, both within driving distance from home! Intamin made a huge statement today, and kudos to the Compagnie des Alpes (which own both parks) for allowing the manufacturer to make their ambitions come true
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    You really can't compare the two. Cedar point works out to be about $110AUD at current exchange rates, for starters. Cedar Point has 17 operating coasters, compared to Movie World's 6. They had 3.6 million visitors in their 6 month season in 2017, an average of 19,000 people per day (based on 183 days). I cbf trying to locate MW's attendance (not on the wiki) but an article about a record attendance post-rivals opening cites 11,500 as a record for september attendance. Even if we assume that's an average for the whole year, it's half the attendance of CP, with less than half the big attractions to spread people around. It comes down to an economy of scale. With so few rides, and such slow operations, selling too many fasttracks would absolutely destroy their capacity. CP can afford to have many more fast passes sold, because they have more rides to spread the load around on. MW's pricepoint isn't just about making money. It used to be cheaper - and so many annual passholes complained when they lifted the price - because they would regularly buy the fasttrack (since admission was "free"), which made it harder for everyone else. Regular visitors aren't the market for fast track - it is targeted at people making a once in a lifetime (or at least a rare) visit to the park, who have limited time to spend in park and want to get everything done. If your price makes it viable for regular guests to buy every time, it's too cheap, which is why it was increased in the first place. I'd suggest the reduction is a recognition that they perhaps went too high, and so they're coming back down to see what impact it has on conversion. If they start selling out again, maybe this is too low. If they still have many available every day, then perhaps they can reduce it further. TL:DR - it's not a joke. its a clear example of responding to various market pressures whilst trying to find the best balance for your customers. Afterthought - @Richard can we add "passhole" to the forum dictionary (like SBNO) to define a passhole as "a self entitled annual passholder that thinks the park owes them some sort of special treatment just because they're an annual pass holder."
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    Clearly the entry to the new "Bunnings Onion slippery slide ride"? 😁
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    Image taken on November 5 And here's what it used to look like for comparison
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    Talking about stupid ideas.
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    I can confirm, they are definitely ripping out the concrete channels before filling them in. I was worried that they were just filling over it when I first saw photos. Once I got down there, there was an excavator with a hydraulic hammer and claw, ripping through the channels and putting the rubble in trucks to be removed. There was still water in the reservoir and in the channel that used to run under Eureka but they were in the processing of pumping that out when I was there too. Granted, the water level is fairly low, so they've already drained a heap of it. Maybe they are doing the ol' switcharoo? Take the dirt from WWW and put it in Gold Rush, then take the water from Gold Rush and put it in WWW? 😂 Oh and I have no idea what @themagician was talking about because the reservoir or at least the deepest main part of it, is still very much there. (The part where rafts used to float into before they installed the gate)
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    If anyone is interested, I also have way too many videos of the demo/earthworks going on too. Also, the pile of dirt in front of Buzzsaw is the dirt being ferried in from WWW, it was about triple that size by the end of the day @Skeeta Yes, the dirt is being piled on top of the old station turntable area (as I've had a few people asking) Note: My reply didn't include every photo that was posted because I forums etiquette goodly
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    So I was at DW today checking out how they are going with iRide and gold rush. There’s been bulk earthworks going on. so here’s some photos of gold rush and TRRR in its current state
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    Repaint is completed. Work is now happening on the magnets And the reason for the carpark partly being sectioned off is because it’s for bus access. The bus stop is currently outside WWWs entry, when buses leave, they travel between the barricades using the left lane and cars use the right lane.
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    Because if bringing in a carnival ride is one way to test out the audience reaction, then why aren’t all the parks doing it? Sorry that doesn’t fly. The parks spend a lot of money into researching their target markets and what would fit said markets, they aren’t going to hire a carnival ride to “test the market”, it’s purely a stop gap measure because they know the park is fucked. It’s disappointing really that it has come to this.
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    The reservoir is now gone, and the channels are being filled. Pretty much no evidence of the rides existence anymore. (Photos TPSN)
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    It is indeed the travelling Rebel that will be going into the park. Not sure when but Gumbuya have bought it.
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    Another good interview at IAAPA to share! This time it's Maximilian Roeser from Mack Rides answering questions for Theme Park Crazy. Max is definitely passionate about the industry - approachable but also brilliant in knowing how to communicate the great work of his company. Mack is ceetainly having a great momentum building some high-scale rides, I'm certainly curious to try some of these in the near future. Maybe coming to Movie World to see you then
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    Another Dreamworld executive has taken to the stand and blamed the ride op. Such a disgraceful attitude. Anyone blaming the ops needs to get out if the industry pronto. You can't have a dangerous ride and that requires intervention to make it safe and then blame the staff member for not intervening, particularly a new staff member, particularly when intervention was not straight forward.
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    From Disneyandmore.com.. http://disneyandmore.blogspot.com/2018/11/iaapa-2018-bob-chapek-unveil-design-of.html?m=1 IAAPA 2018 : Bob Chapek Unveil Design of Epcot Guardians of Galaxy Coaster, Ride Vehicle Test Video, More...
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