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    I want the monorail to breakthrough a big ass waterfall as it enters Atlantis.
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    Holy shit - someone in marketing has finally realised that they need to build hype and anticipation about new attractions before they top out.
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    It's worth pointing out that the coaster layout shown in the artist's rendering is not the final product. There were three iterations of the coaster layout by Martin & Vleminckx / Gravity Group. The finalised layout is the one depicted in the scale model: https://www.parkz.com.au/photo/19332-Leviathan_model/gallery/sort/newest/location/ride-4166-Leviathan/offset/0
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    Video's now live. M&V are essentially the project managers (like Intamin back in the 70's & 80's where they'd manage a lot of projects rather than make rides in-house) and and have engaged The Gravity Group as their design partner. In the case of wooden coasters it's important to have a middle-man to ensure the local engineering and fabrication firms get it bang on perfect as it's not pre-fabbed and then shipped like steel coasters. Side-note: I’ve noticed in a few other videos and places that the facts are a bit off for Leviathan. Can confirm what’s in the above video is confirmed by the park.
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    Gravity Group Confirmed ✅
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    Village Roadshow Theme Parks Announces Multi-Million Dollar Investment into Gold Coast Theme Parks Village Roadshow Theme Parks is set for an exciting 18-months with $50 million dollars scheduled to be spent, including thrilling new attractions for the Gold Coast parks, enhancing guest experiences, and maintaining Village Roadshow Theme Parks’ high standards of animal welfare, technology and plant integrity. Click here to continue reading
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    The best thing about this is how open VR are being with the announcement. Early dates, pictures, names, cost. Not ignoring the big pink thing in front of the park... Hopefully we find out the manufacturers soon which should be telling and then hopefully DW follow with an open announcement, no more hiding. Also if this is $50mill and DW have $80, hopefully theirs should be killer.
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    VILLAGE Roadshow will build a new $50 million Gold Coast theme park with three cutting-edge thrill rides at Sea World in a game-changing 18-month redevelopment plan. The centrepiece of the 1.5 hectare addition to its Main Beach site will be a one kilometre wooden roller coaster – with a pair of backwards seats – that travels at 80km per hour. Village will roll out the first of the rides – an 18-metre giant pendulum swing similar to Dreamworld’s recently retired Wipeout attraction – by December. It will be followed by a 52-metre high ride that spins guests at 36km per hour high above The Spit in April, 2020. The new roller coaster will be operational by December, 2020. They are the key features of what Village Roadshow is calling The New Atlantis, a “utopian precinct”. It will also promote Sea World’s extensive marine conservation work. The new roller coaster will be 1km long and travel at 80km per hour Village Roadshow Theme Parks CEO Clark Kirby, speaking exclusively to the Bulletin, said the investment had been two years in the planning and would revitalise one of the country’s favourite theme parks. Mr Kirby, who will officially unveil the development this morning alongside Premier Annastacia Palasczcuk at Sea World, said: “The New Atlantis will be a game-changer for Sea World and become a destination in its own right where our guests can experience the myths, mysteries, quests and challenges located within this new multimillion-dollar utopian precinct. “The New Atlantis has been designed as a fully immersive precinct with the rides complimented by sleek, eye-catching and architecturally aesthetic theming including waterfalls, fountains, statues and hanging gardens to take guests on the ultimate Atlantean adventure.” It is Village Roadshow’s first big outlay since it launched Movie World’s new $30m DC Rivals HyperCoaster in Oxenford, the longest and fastest in the southern hemisphere. Mr Kirby said it had been encouraging to see Queensland’s Government investment in The Spit Masterplan which was key for Village to green light The New Atlantis. “We pushed the button on this because The Spit masterplanning – which we are actively involved with and working with Government on – was one of the catalysts. “Sea World is a beloved property here on the Gold Coast and across Australia. “But there was some ageing infrastructure that needed to be reborn. What we have come up with is true to what Sea World is all about – in terms of conservation, having fun and something really dramatic that will stand the test of time.” The new wooden coaster had a life span of 100 years and Mr Kirby said extra additions to the precinct would also be revealed when under construction. Village Roadshow Theme Parks chief operating officer Bikash Randhawa said The New Atlantis would be visible from Southport’s Broadwater and become a skyline icon. “I can see every promotion of the Gold Coast which features the Q1 tower now also featuring this. What we have here is world-class,” Mr Randhawa said. The New Atlantis will also draw more attention to Village Roadshow’s conservation work carried out by the Sea World Research and Rescue Foundation. It will feature an amphitheatre for shows, presentations and activities to educate guests on how they can help protect and conserve the ocean environment. Mr Kirby said it was time Village made a bigger deal of the marine conservation work which includes rescues of 60 sea turtles and relocation of a humpback whale. The foundation has also donated millions towards marine vertebrate research. Sea World staff are also on call 24 hours a day, every day of the year for marine animal rescues. On top of its Sea World revamp, Village Roadshow will also boost blockbuster theming at Movie World later this year. In November, Warner Bros. Movie World will host set pieces, props and costumes from big-budget films The Great Gatsby, Mad Max, Wonder Woman, Shazam and Suicide Squad. Cat and mouse duo Tom and Jerry will also be added to Movie World’s life-size character line-up from September. Gold Coast leaders across council, tourism and business have been crying out for new attractions to reinvigorate the city tourism profile since last year. Mr Kirby said Village Roadshow were happy to oblige with its megabucks Sea World investment. “We can see there is so much potential for the Gold Coast and it is wonderful to have such strong leaders at all levels of tourism,” he said. “Destination Gold Coast is doing a fantastic job of promoting the Gold Coast and we are giving them further tools to do their job. “The Gold Coast is world-class now with incredible restaurants, incredible shopping while beaches and theme parks are still synonymous with the Gold Coast and that is what drives tourism.”
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    Good to hear everything is working well then
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    Well there you go. Not surprised by the ride selection, but the fact it's all one themed land is nice (Not calling it a precinct). A couple random thoughts: - Thrill ride next to dolphin pools. Particularly when you've got a massive mountain/waterfall thing on a plot of land which would happily house a topspin away from them. It's not cruel or anything dumb like that, but it's a bad look. - Backwards in the backseat of a wooden coaster sounds actually awful. - Love the idea of having a theme that isn't 'Sea World Institute' (what I call Jet Rescue themeing) and instead is something more abstract and fun. Dare I say more 'theme park'. I hope they can leave that part of the park non educational. - I think 2 more rides is enough 'Critical mass' to get the park back on track. Really need to throw a lazy $5Mo at the Flume though. - Did they shoehorn Paw Patrol into the Rivals announcement? Can't SW just have a moment? - Wasn't sure about the Trident originally but I think it'll grow on me. - Can we replace the pointless Thunder Lake set on the Island with just palm trees? Would look way better from both directions. - An easy way to at $5M to the project but a Monorail station would be sick. - If this is based of Aquaman's version of Atlantis then everyone who works in a creative capacity should show themselves the door. I don't think this is unbeatable for DW, and it does at least give them a benchmark of what they need to be doing. I would suspect that having all this announced now is good for them. But it hopefully should give SW the shot in the arm it needs. With all this, it's really only a flume ride away from being a complete park again, and there's still some space on the Corkscrew site for something too. Hopefully this is all a big success. Well done for not just moving Surfrider over there and actually putting is some effort.
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    Hopefully something for WnW
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    Looks like SeaWorld is filming the Advertisement for Vortex Today
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    Sea World's New Atlantis will redefine Australian theme parks With three new major attractions on their way over the next 18 months to form The New Atlantis, Village Roadshow are seizing a unique moment in time to not just rejuvenate Sea World, but to set a new bar for Australian theme park attractions. Click here to continue reading
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    May as well post this here given Greg’s move has already been discussed in this thread DREAMWORLD MAKES KEY EXECUTIVE CHANGES TO DRIVE FUTURE OPERATIONS MAY 27, 2019 ATTRACTIONS / SAFETY / TOURISM /WATERPARKS As part of a move to implement global best practice in all aspects of theme park and attractions operations, Dreamworld has announced significant changes in its executive team. The changes see the Gold Coast theme park’s Chief Operating Officer Paul Callander move into a newly created role as Chief Strategy Officer for Ardent Leisure Theme Park & Attractions. Callander has held various roles within Ardent Leisure over a long period of time and with his knowledge and understanding of the business, he will lead the development of a new masterplan for Dreamworld. The role will also include overseeing the implementation of a number of strategic growth projects and continue to have executive responsibility of SkyPoint and the Sales and Marketing function for theme parks and attractions. Taking on the role of Chief Operating Officer for Dreamworld & WhiteWater will be experienced theme park professional, Greg Yong. Yong has been described as “an asset to Dreamworld with an extensive background in the theme park and entertainment industry”. Yong, a board member of the Australian Amusement, Leisure and Recreation Association (AALARA) was previously Chief Operating Officer - Asia & Executive General Manager - Theme Parks for Village Roadshow Theme Parks and Australia’s first Topgolf. In his new role, Yong will oversee all theme park operations, food and beverage, retail, security, cleaning and grounds and Life Sciences. Announcing the appointments, Dreamworld Chief Executive, John Osborne stated “these recent executive changes have been designed to allow us to focus on future planning, managing key strategic projects and bringing new initiatives and attractions to the park. “They will also bring key guest facing roles together under one reporting line and will ensure a more integrated approach to the overall guest experience.”
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    With the new area being built, surely this calls for a new boardwalk/walkway. It would definitely improve the flow of crowds & make access to Atlantis so much better.
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    The highlighted above were my initial thoughts as well. They're going to cop flak about that Top Spin being so close to the Dolphins. Personally I consider even Pandamonium to be too close to Tiger Island, and this Top Spin is even closer to the dolphins. More current movie exhibits goes a long way to keeping the movie in Movie World. 👍 Going by the artist's image, I can't see the woodie extending as far into Sea Viper's footprint as I thought a ride would. The paths from Viking's Revenge station through to Jet Rescue sorely need fixing. I often had to help direct first-time visitors to Jet Rescue. This. The buzz this site had during the whole time DC Rivals was under construction was awesome. Can't wait to see that here again. We've been bickering and whinging here too much.
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    Full tour (with spoilers)
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    Have been on superman and Wild West today after there maintenance superman running well water effect on stairs section still not working. Wild West looks great but when you get to back of ride all water sprouts where you turn around not working all the wire and cables have been pulled out just sitting there will get a photo also the sign that changes when grave comes up is broken and photos not working at the moment. Scooby doo ride all video screen before lift either frozen or not working, also too bright throughout especially where the axes swing. Disco room no lasers, video at end of ride working. Scooby shop closed so no photos on that.
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    For those wanting to avoid squinting and oil stains... Ann Wason Moore Opinion: Gold Coast theme parks need government support to bring back the fun ANN WASON MOOREGOLD COAST BULLETIN MAY 27, 2019 Our theme parks have endured a bumpy ride over the past three years, so the announcement that Sea World is set to open a new $50 million ride precinct, along with the imminent opening of Dreamworld’s $17 million Sky Voyager attraction, is welcome news. In fact, the Village Roadshow renovation was inspired by the Queensland Government and city council’s $90 million investment in The Spit Masterplan, which will transform it into Gold Coast Ocean Park. And while this quasi-private/public partnership is great news, with the potential to create thousands of jobs, an interesting point was raised by one of the Bulletin’s readers. “Jackson” commented that while he believes the push for a world-class theme park is a far better idea than a second casino as originally proposed for The Spit, he wondered whether there was any free public land being offered to theme park operators — such as has been suggested for a potential second casino? Nailed it, Jackson. It’s not that our theme parks necessarily need free land, but a cash injection from the government would certainly come in handy if we are serious about building world-class attractions. Sure, our theme parks are owned and operated by private corporations — but so are plenty of other businesses and entities which receive government investment. Why shouldn’t our theme parks — which, along with our beaches, are the backbone of our tourism industry (and the backbone of our economy) — receive a hand-up from the government? Yes, there is a small amount already received by our parks, such as the $2.7 million the Queensland Government has spent in partnership with Dreamworld to expand the park’s Corroboree and wildlife area to create a world-class Future Lab, which would be the state’s first native animal genome research facility. That’s great news for animals, scientists and students … but is it going to inspire a stampede of tourists? Knowing my kids, the answer is no. The truth is that nothing puts bums on rides like, well, rides. And the bigger and better our theme parks become, the bigger and better becomes our tourism industry … and, by extension, our economy. Surfers Paradise Alliance CEO Mike Winlaw says he believes ramping up our theme parks is critical for the future of the region’s tourism industry. He says the Gold Coast could one day rival Florida, home of The Walt Disney World Resort, with its four theme parks and one of the most visited holiday destinations in the world. Interestingly, as Sea World unveiled its planned $50 million Atlantis precinct, Disneyland itself was preparing to open the doors to its new Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge expansion — a 14-acre, $1 billion development. Lord (Vader) knows Village Roadshow and Ardent Leisure could never compete with the sort of budget that Disney commands — but the truth is that their rides are expected to. Sure, in Australia we’re happy to settle for our GC theme parks, and Americans don’t come here for our thrill rides … but what about potential tourists in Asia? Which land’s World are they going to choose? Disney or Dream? The population of Australia means we never reach the critical mass of visitor numbers necessary to fund such huge theme park developments. Which is why we need to do it differently. We need to build those rides to bring the numbers. If we build it, they will come. What we need from our Tourism Minister is a focus on in-fun-structure. By all means, let’s beautify the lands surrounding our theme parks … but it’s what’s inside those gates that really counts. As for the risk to the public purse, spending on Gold Coast tourism seems like a pretty solid investment. In fact, China’s government is already taking the plunge. Their Ministry of Culture has listed a planned Gold Coast theme park as a “key cultural trade and investment project” that is linked to the country’s ambitious Belt and Road investment plan. The proposed Australian Legend World at Nerang, to be developed by Chinese theme park giant Songcheng at a cost of more than $400 million, has been listed among other government projects as a top priority for the ministry. And you know what they say — nothing draws a crowd like a crowd. So city, state and federal governments, my advice is to pull out your pocketbooks … and get in line.
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    We've had a few already. But yeah, happy for a modern woodie being built. Also, here's a link to a much larger version of the rendering of the Atlantis Land.
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    Not sure how that is relevant.
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    About time somebody said it.
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    Not even close mate, sorry. I've ridden the one in Texas. It is a fantastic ride but the throughput is very limited. I'd have thought something high capacity would be a better fit for Dreamworld. Being realistic, I think a good fit for Dreamworld would be a new generation Vekoma – any of the below would work. Before anyone asks, I have ridden Lech Coaster and it's an absolute masterpiece. https://rcdb.com/11034.htm https://rcdb.com/14492.htm https://rcdb.com/15998.htm
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    No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no fucking no.
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