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    Since we're on the topic of Sea World, I actually got engaged there on Saturday! I did it as part of the snorkeling experience and had a bunch of the staff helping me out. They were super helpful and organised most of the logistics for me (getting a sign in the water, having the ring delivered in the pool, etc). Here's a sneaky picture of when everything was going down and she caught on to what was happening. I'm happy to chuck the full story and my planning up on here if anyone is interested.
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    So for that Play School ferris wheel I jope they play this music:
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    DREAMWORLD’S FLYING START TO 2018 WITH NEW WORLD-CLASS ATTRACTION ANNOUNCED The thrills keep on coming at Dreamworld, with a unique new attraction set to open in late 2018. The yet-to-be-named ‘i-Ride’ flying theatre by Brogent Technologies will be the first of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere and will be housed in Dreamworld’s former I-MAX Theatre. Sway, surge and roll as you embark on an immersive journey of the Australian landscape aboard a 10-seat gondola, suspended over a hemispherical screen. You’ll even get a range of special effects such as wind, sound, light, mist and various scents to enhance your 4D simulated ride experience. The ride will be similar to existing attractions such as FlyOver Canada in Toronto and Voletarium in Europa Park, Germany and promises to be lots of fun for the whole family. With rides for all thrill levels, wildlife experiences, live shows and presentations, cultural displays and a water park, Dreamworld truly is so many worlds in one!
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    Don’t worry, this is just one of many cycles built into the Wipeout. When it had it’s last refurb back in 2014, I was there during the first initial testing phase. This is the first and exact same cycle they tested on for days to wear the motors in and to manually test the arms and docking the gondola. Once they are satisfied with the motors capabilities and the way the gondola stops etc they will begin to change the cycle to more intense ones, I believe there are 5-7 cycles built into the ride. If you notice in this video, when it stops ready to do the double backflip, the left arm did not position itself correctly and was too high, therefore the double backflip didnt happen and the gearboxes didnt like it and failed to complete the double backflip with some groaning noises. Then at the very end the left arm did not stop where it was suppose too and went too far out and had to be manually positioned to the home position. With a new ride operating system, motors, gearboxes and many other parts it will take time for the system and parts to wear themselves in again and lots of testing. Keep an eye on the ride, cycles will change to more intense ones when they feel it is ready to handle the pressure, same as last time Feel free to speak to one of the engineers or mechanics floating around, they are always happy to discuss and tell you what’s going on.
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    Managed to get footage of the ride testing Does appear that the ride has new ride cycle in place (must say though, pretty disappointed in seeing that the ride doesn’t go upside down that much, hell looking at the footage again, I don’t even think it goes upside down) Apologies for them pesky fingers getting in the way!
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    Commission a reputable ride manufacturer to modify the existing boats? Commission all new boats? Rebuild sections of the course deemed troublesome? Replace the entire ride with a modern flume? The option that they settled on isn't just cheap and noticeably DIY, but also something that no other theme park has done.
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    Quick updates for now Just missed Wipeout doing a test run, seems to be running with no problems which is great to see Kevil is open till 21st and it’s hours are 10:30-5pm Checking on RHLR and PSFW now Main Route to Giant Drop/Corrobee/RHLR appears to be down but you can still access it? There we go pathway blocked down the stairs next to RHLR Work appears to be carried out on the flume channel near the lift hill on RHLR (didn’t get any good pics of this happening) PSFW
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    I will let you guys see if you can see the problem with this
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    But ToT is sub par. It's a pretty shithouse coaster. It barely cracks the 100 barrier, goes a tiny way up the tower, has terrible capacity, is an eyesore, is loud as hell, and provides a lackluster ride experience. If that is your Signature Ride then I'd be changing that real quick. There is just nothing impressive about the ride at all.
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    The new viewing area of Rivals is very popular, and is a nice space to sit in and watch the coaster run The news stand roofing is complete And finally, the AA alley is permanently open And they’ve opened up the gate at DD
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    Just FYI the target market is the parents of really little kids, not the kids themselves.
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    Construction has resummed
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    Made a little pit stop to the park before work this morning
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    Yes I'm sure Dreamworld thoroughly thinks through all decisions made at the park. "Yay reopening the mine ride will be good" "You know what goes well with Vintage Cars? Koalas you can't see!" "nah too many slats is the problem, take 2/3 of them off..."
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    I am sure Cedar Point would disagree with that statement.
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    Today DWs carpark is 100% full, just driven through it to see how the crowds were, and I couldn’t see one single space. There was also still a queue to get into the park. Awesome to see, and probably one of the first times it’s been like this since the incident.
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    RHLR still doesn’t have lap bars.. this change has nothing to do with lap bars... Last time I checked having a roof doesn’t secure you inside the boat... that tells you this change has been made to somehow mitigate a rollover causing submergance of guests in the water. The chances of a rollover occurring on a log ride, therefore requiring a mitigating redundancy, is clearly illustrated by the complete lack of this feature in any other log ride in the world.
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    @CaptainLazerGuns I'm glad my partner doesn't read this site. You make me look bad.
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    Disneyland don't always double fence. Temporary fence with doors and no signage. Same doors painted yellow from inside the site. Today
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    An Article from the Courier Mail this morning. > http://www.couriermail.com.au/news/queensland/dreamworld-to-unveil-new-flying-theatre-attraction-for-gold-coast-theme-park/news-story/4f076ea1f13151e0a42a99b82a21de94 It suggests there will be an announcement today of the Flying Theatre attraction, and that there are plans to put in a dark ride in the spot of the mine ride.
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    Dreamworld rebounds with big crowds for the peak season Dreamworld is feeling once again like its former self with peak season crowds descending on the theme park. Click here to continue reading
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    I’m really hoping the event is called Park After Dark Cageworld All the rides have cages all installed for one night
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    I hear it’s gonna be an upcharge to ride it with no cages attached
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    I'm only going to count new coasters I rode this year. 1) DC Rivals 2) Deep Space (Adlabs) 3) Nitro (Adlabs) 4) El Loco (Adventuredome) 5) Gold Rush Express (Adlabs) 6) Canyon Blaster (Adventuredome) 7) Big Apple Coaster (New York New York Casino) 8) Big Dipper (Adelaide Show) 9) Jurassic Coaster (Ekka) It was a quiet year for me.
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    Had the best year ever for Roller Coaster riding and Credits!! These were probably my favourite coaster experiences- but hard to choose!! When you go on a trip with 32 coasters to ride its a VERY good year!! 1) Mako ( Seaworld Orlando) So far the best coaster I have ridden period. Its an airtime monster. Brilliant and when I was there a walk on!! 2) Montu ( Busch Gardens Tampa) Best invert that I have experienced. Forceful and yet smooth- loved re-riding this coaster 3) Expedition Everest ( Disney's Animal Kingdom) The best that Disney has to offer. Brilliant theming and a great coaster from none other than Vekoma!! 4) Rock "N Roller Coaster ( Disney's Hollywood Studios) Excellent indoor launched coaster had quite a few surprises! 5) Space Mountain ( Walt Disney World) Great ride despite its age- really enjoyed this one and the rare behind seating of the trains 6) Cheetah Hunt ( Busch Gardens Tampa) Best family /thrill coaster we rode. Absolute joy to ride 7) Shiekra ( Busch Gardens Tampa) My first dive coaster and what a brilliant experience!!! 8) Manta ( Seaworld Orlando) First flying coaster and what a beauty!!! B& M goodness and delivers great forces! 9) Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts ( Universal Studios Orlando) The themeing on this is incredible and is what gets it on my list!! 10) Cobra's Curse ( Busch Gardens Tampa) Packed a punch well above its weight, very enjoyable family thrill coaster had a number of surprises!! Brilliant!!
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    Just to de-rail this thread some more... The Tower of Terror is one of my all time favourites, it's just a classic for me, AND i'd totally support removing it tomorrow because: it's ridiculously loud, especially when compared to any modern ride it divides the park and the white tin tunnel is a horrendous sight it doesn't do what it advertises anyway (go 160k/ph and 115m) It's nearly 21 years old and well into its twilight years anyway given the current state of electronics and ride systems Since Dreamworld are so into pinching my ideas i'll throw them another one i've already written about - scrap Tower of Terror & Giant Drop, keep the tower, and install a Sky Jump (Falcon's Fury/Ikaros) - then you'd actually have a modern thrill ride that would be as terrifying as Rivals, would market well, wouldn't cost a whole lot to retrofit and could be integrated into the Rocky Hollow space.
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    Wow. I’ve gotta give you credit for waiting in the huge line for FOP @Mc coaster. I think the ride is a cool concept, but it really would only work with an IP. It works well with avatar, as you are flying around on a banshee. I think a Soarin’ style ride will do just fine as you fly around Australia. Here is a Brogent i ride that recently opened in Europa Park called Voletarium. The theming on this is outstanding & definitely makes the whole attraction so much better. I do wonder what theming Dreamworld could do & how well it can be done. I’m not expecting a huge amount, but hopefully they put some effort into theming! 🤞🏼
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    I don't think Dr Weisis is the one calling WWW a sister park. "Mr Weiss also mooted a new “dark” attraction on the site of the long-closed mine ride, new attractions for children and significant expansion at sister park WhiteWater World". Moving on - Who remembers stage 3 for WWW that never got off the ground. A major expansion to WWW would be great and well overdue. In reality, I would bank on one new slide tower.
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    I’d say they wouldn’t be able to fit anymore gondolas into the building, without investing even more money to make much larger. But I am very excited to see what the park does with this, and being right at the front of the park, should be very popular with everyone. Adding more slides into WWW is very much needed, so hopefully they build another tower for a couple more slides. And hopefully in time for next summer. WnW hadn’t added a slide for quite a while, so this could give them a one up on that park. And a dark ride to replace Mine Ride. Wooooo, I know someone on here will be particularly happy with that news. I can’t see it happening for another couple of years, but still great to here they have plans. Great to see the park will be developing and that Ardent are willing to invest some money into the park. Let’s make Dreamworld great again.
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    For those wanting to skip the article and paywalls, here's the major points: Brogent i-Ride going into the Dreamworld Cinema, essentially a "Soarin' over Oz" Four gondolas with ten seats each totalling 40 seats "4D" experience (which doesn't necessarily confirm 3D glasses or not at this stage) Will have "wind, sound, light, mist and various scents" A Dark ride will go in behind it once complete where the Mine Ride was Some various thoughts of mine and typical OurWorlds rambling can be found here. No doubt when @Richard wakes up from his snooze he'll craft up something a little more professional.
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    Hopefully it won't be too long now till it reopens (I'm not expecting an NY Day reopening for this unless they are working after hours and the rest of the major parts to come in I beg to differ. I'm feeling confident that it will be open before the holidays finish) I'm gonna say from what i'm seeing here that we got 30-25% work that needs to be completed
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    If wooden slats were not removed from the River Rapids those people would not have been killed. Dreamworld modifying the ride led to those deaths.
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    I'd just like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy new year! I hope it's been a good holiday season for everyone
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    Slight of hand and misdirection Push.. at the same time he moved the cross from his hand to yours he was moving your cash and cards from your pocket to his. Abrakadabra!
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    Thanks for the update! What did the cages look like? And also, next post from @Rollercoaster_Lover will be: "hey guys my mums friends dad said that wipe out will now no longer use seats instead u lie down for da entire ride"
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    So I was trolling through the internet as one normally does, and stumbled across a document from Pitt and Sherry, the company most publicly involved in the Dreamworld re-certification of attractions. Interestingly in their document of work they have done, they mention that they provided design verification of the mechanical, pneumatic and electrical components of a SC2000 Spinning Coaster from Maurer Sohne. I've attached the screenshot and also attached a link to the document. The question I am unable to verify is how long ago that work occurred, is it recent? Is it old and perhaps was once considered a replacement for the wooden mad mouse? Or is our mad mouse knocking on deaths door? So many questions, not enough answers. Does anyone know anymore? You can find the document in question here > https://www.pittsh.com.au/cms_uploads/docs/amusement-rides--project-gallery.pdf
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    How many DW projects are currently on the go? 5 How many projects did DW have ready for Christmas holidays? 0 Can somebody show me where in the history of DW a new ride or attraction has opened in Jan/Feb period. Something stinks at DW at the moment and it’s not the Koala droppings.
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    That sign is wrong. The original Eureka Mountain (as the link @Adventures With JWorld posted indicates) was a steel-tracked Schiff mouse, not a wooden mouse like Blackpool's. For what it's worth the Schiff design was built at several Butlins parks across the UK in the 50s and 60s, which is possibly where Dreamworld's originated.
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    I don't think our parks have the demand to be open late. Disney parks in Orlando also have a abundance of nightly entertainment, shops, restaurants, shows and resorts adjacent to the parks. Which our parks lack. Yes Movie World have Outback Spectacular and later this year Top Golf. But I don't think that is enough. I'm not ruling it out completely in the future. I think it is a good idea. If Movie Worlds hotel and entertainment precinct ever gets developed this may have a chance of working. (Just my opinions)
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    See I don’t see much life in TOT past 10 years into the future, But I do see Giant Drop as part of the line up for another 20 years, whether as giant drop or retrofitted to something new. Just because it’s not the tallest in the world anymore doesn’t make any less impressive. It’s one of those rides that really still make people shit their pants when looking at it.
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    Awkward family photos have turned into places for characters to have photo sessions.
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    Really wish you’d remove that signature Push.. it’s beyond annoying. I’m not aware of any of this style of attraction that offers multiple ride programs and shows concurrently so I severely doubt you’ll find it happen with the DW incarnation. It will be the same format/theme for at least a few years imo.. that hardly hampers the experience if done well though.. BA:TR didn’t change for several years and it remained popular and re-rideable (well at least the original version)
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    Whilst I like IP themed attractions, to put it simply a HTTYD themed flying ride would be a disjustice to the ride. This ride needs to not only appeal to all, it needs to have longevity. HTTYD is a fairly weak movie/tv series, and doesn’t hold a following outside of its target audience. This is one occasion where a generic Australiana theme is perfect for the attraction type.
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    I wouldn’t expect much negative feedback about dropping a fee.
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