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    I visited EKKA today, and was very shocked to see this ride. Of all the unbelievable stupidity, they completely failed to make any attempt to put cages on the log ride! No seat belts either. No lapbars. Absolutely nothing at all to prevent horrific accidents. I wonder how many there was this week. I will not be going to the EKKA again.
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    Push: Why do people keep complaining that I say stupid things? Also Push: Constantly posts stupid comments, continuing the beat the horse that was already dead and buried and has now completely decayed.
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    I think Push has finally lost the plot. The new slide announcement is the filler slide tower that WWW has needed and i'm so glad its here. Finally slides I won't need to use a tube for. Just because they are basic, doesn't mean they are bad.
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    Dreamworld's new launched roller coaster puts them back in the game Dreamworld's announcement of a Blue Fire launched coaster from Germany's Mack Rides will be their biggest investment in a thrill ride ever. We break it down to see what it means for Dreamworld and theme park fans alike. Click here to continue reading
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    Agree wholeheartedly here mate. At the end of the day we have to ask ourselves- now that Sky Voyager has finally opened, has it been worth the wait?, will it be successful?, and will it be the start of a new era for Dreamworld? The first 2 are still open for debate , but coupled with the new coaster installation news and WWW slides, we have to admit that yes, finally , the wheels of progress are turning for Dreamworld. Hopefully we can look back in 10 years time and say that the day Sky Voyager opened , is the day that Dreamworld's future had been secured. I don't think we are exactly at the point where we can say that, but things are certainly far brighter and positive than they were 2 weeks ago! I firmly believe that this attraction will be a positive success for the park , its unique , an Australian first and its competitors are in the immediate area are unlikely to add a similar attraction, which will give the ride longevity and legs as an A class attraction.
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    I never thought I would see the day kids
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    It's because they are treating all 3 parks as 1 park and it's getting Village into trouble waters.
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    Thing is what are you going to get from Proslide? Another funnel/whirlpool thing or one of those crappy slides where the turns are a disk? WWW sort of feels like visiting a Proslide catalogue from the early 2010s. I think some generic body slides that aren't big headliners will actually do really good things in terms of balancing the park out. Everything in WWW feels like it's meant to be a headline, even Temple of Huey is on the high end of small water slides. I think having smaller slides that are just solid fun is a good move. The other thing is normally a body slide isn't that interesting but given there are 6 of them you kind of get that critical mass for it to be something that works as a drawcard, you know more than the sum of their parts. It's the same thing as how adding a new kiddie Ferris wheel isn't going to increase attendance, but adding 6 new kiddie rides all together will. I've said in other threads that WWW needs 'Literally any new slide'. This is surprisingly spot on, and while the reasons for buying what they have might turn out to be price or lead times rather than whats the best slide for the park, I actually think what they've gone with might work out better than something like a Proslide wave thing. It's fun and basic with the critical mass to make it a thing.
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    After talking to a few people, I’m legitimately starting to think that we’re just spoiled when it comes to flying theatre rides. So when we get something like this, we are more critical because there’s no way it could have compared to a Disney level standard. Most of the people I talked to who felt there were minor things that could have been improved, were people who have ridden soarin. But I go back to my review, if you go in having never ridden a ride like it before, you’ll love it. If you’ve ridden soarin, just remember that it’s a cheaper soarin, and you’ll still enjoy it.
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    We know you're not joking. Someone still continuing with the joke at this point must have a mental problem to find it funny
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    Can everyone please watch these POVs of Mack triple launch coasters so you can understand how a triple launch works. You go fowards briskly, backwards even faster, then fowards at full speed. There wont be additional launch sections further on in the layout.
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    I must have missed the launch section in Buzzsaw.
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    RE Parkz sources: We're legit up to about 4 completely different and independent sources at this point.
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    I genuinely think it will be great. I lowkey love family raft slides because of all the hangtime, and I love Tantrum (Tornado 24) slides for the rocking movements, this will have that, plus the bizzare sensation of never truly knowing when your raft will be sucked into the next section. (It's also got a pretty significant ride time)
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    New Maze Revealed! This looks sick!
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    We popped into Dreamworld yesterday and Blue Lagoon is still standing. What I found interesting is that there were quite a lot of new construction pegs/ flags around the train shed, and the embankments around the train track in that area. Whilst not the first time construction pegs have appeared and then nothing eventuates, something tells me that something might actually come from these ones..
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    https://clients3.weblink.com.au/pdf/ALG/02137222.pdf Some key points to take away: * spinning car attached at the rear. Coaster to start construction next year * more to come over the following 3-5 years
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    A banner has been installed (TPSN photo)
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    How could they nazi this coming?
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    Yes we get it, you have mentioned it every second day since wipeouts closing
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    And than Parkz database has been updated. EDIT: People can stop giving me likes because this is not my discovery. (If you want to give Parkz a like go and buy a Parkz shirt).
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