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  1. wikiverse

    MIXD By You! (Coke mix ins) MovieWorld

    Actually, the apostrophe here is correct. It's possessive. The 's' is not plural. 'Your Classic's', is just a shorter way of saying 'Your classic flavour's original taste'. It's clunky but it's grammatically correct. @red dragin While it might be technically correct, it's an awkward way of phrasing it because they've truncated the sentence to make it fit. They've also used 'one of your' which makes the plurality of flavours both singular and possessive in a way that doesn't intuitively make sense. Multiple flavours would generally be plural, and 'your classics' would be the plural way of referring to the group of flavours. The addition of 'one of' and 'your' confuses whether they are referring to one 'classic' flavour or 'one of the classics'. Since there are multiple flavours the sentence, as written, would read correctly as plural rather than possessive singular - without any additional words being truncated. The truncation of those words makes the apostrophe confusing because they're referring to a singular, possessive noun, but your brain has to figure out what words are missing since the sentence would make perfect sense without any more words if it were plural. TL;DR it's just bad copy writing and they should have found a better way to make their point that isn't grammatically awkward. I hope this helps and doesn't just make you more confused.
  2. They have a custom coaster section - so they will build you whatever you like. That said, they weren't really selling many (if any) boomerangs anyway. There are so many of them at various parks, and some that have been removed and put in storage, that it is cheaper to buy one second-hand from another park or for a chain like Six Flags to move them between parks. But here's some possible reasons for why they wouldn't be making them anymore: Vekoma is now owned by S&S Worldwide - who produce 4D Freespins, El-Locos, and other Small Footprint launch coasters that are more exciting, smoother, and more popular than boomerangs. Most of the images on the website seem to indicate that Vekoma is abandoning the Arrow-style track design (wheels running inside the track like on SLCs and boomerangs) in favour of their new track design that makes better track profiling possible for a smoother ride and more exciting elements. The exception appears to be Mine Train coasters, but they have a different track design anyway. Offering new rides using the new track design means culling old designs that might be cheaper. If you want to sell a more expensive (but better) product, you simply stop offering an cheaper alternative. This also streamlines fabrication by focusing on one style of track and train. Vekoma seem to be targeting a 'mid-thrill' market rather than trying to out-thrill their competitors. Fun, family-style rides with a couple of 'thrill' elements that Parents and Tweens/teens can enjoy together. This is something that a lot of parks in Asia will be wanting. These reasons might be completely correct or completely wrong. It's just speculative reasoning on my part. But personally, I'm excited to see some new designs and better technology from Vekoma. They've been installing the same painful coasters all over the world for decades and trying to 'fix' them with new train designs, while companies like Gerstlauer and Mack eclipsed them on almost every front. I think some of these new rides would be a great fit for parks like Dreamworld and Sea World. Dreamworld could create an 'aviation' themed area with a flying coaster, the iRide and Tailspin. Sea World is not a 'thrill' park, so Thunderbird model would be a great fit (especially if MW removes AA in the coming years).
  3. wikiverse

    DC Rivals Hypercoaster Climb

    People aren't booking the experience after the park closes on the day they plan to do the experience. They're booking it online - in advance - probably for the same day they plan to attend the park. Plus, most locals have VIP passes and get park entry included anyway. Moving the time to after closing allows them to up-sell the experience to people already at the park, in which case people who want photos and a backwards ride, will pay $99 for those things AND a coaster climb to secure their place on the climb earlier in the day. I doubt many people are enthusiastic enough about a roller coaster to want to climb the lift hill, but not enthusiastic enough to want to spend a day at the park riding that same roller coaster.
  4. wikiverse

    DC Rivals Hypercoaster Climb

    MW could simply add some extra value into the $99. Here's how to make it already have more value: Include a Backward pass that can be used when the park is open. (I'm surprised this isn't already included). Include a video of your backward experience and free digital ride photos for the day at the park. Neither of these things actually cost MW anything. The ride regularly cycles without backward riders, and they are already capturing photos and videos. If they really wanted to give a bit more value, they could also include one or more of the following: Cross-promotion between parks with a free game at Top Golf (which is one of the few things you actually get a view of from the top of the coaster) A DC Rivals Soft Drink sipper-cup. To be honest, a backward pass with video, and free photos for the day would sell me in. A drink cup would in addition would make me think it is excellent value. Giving me a free game at TopGolf would get me over there (I currently have zero interest in it), and I'd probably buy drinks and food there too - possibly even more games if I enjoyed it. This is the kind of thing I would also be likely to buy someone as a gift, especially with a TopGolf game thrown in, and so they would get at least two sales - one for me and one as a gift - so we could share the experience together.
  5. wikiverse

    Fright Nights 2018

    Just for anyone that is interested, this is a short Halloween Horror film from the Director of the MW Fright Night commercials. Happy Halloween!
  6. wikiverse

    New Dreamworld CEO - John Osborne

    You don't need a CEO with theme park experience if you don't plan on having a theme park for much longer.
  7. wikiverse

    Thunder River Rapids Incident Coronial Inquest

    @Brad2912 At the conclusion of the inquest the coroner must deliver findings in which he/she establishes how they died. Coronial inquests also have two other functions. The first is the coroner’s power to make recommendations. Part of the coroner’s duty is to consider from the evidence whether any recommendations or opinions should be publicly expressed with a view to avoiding similar deaths occurring in the future. This would be around regulating ride safety through inspections/staffing/operating hours/retiring or completely refurbishing rides after a certain age, etc. The second function of the coronial inquest is for the coroner to determine whether there is a reasonable suspicion that someone has committed an offence of some sort. A coroner may suspect that someone is responsible for the person’s death, for example due to manslaughter or negligence. If the coroner reasonably suspects such involvement, the coroner has a duty to refer information gathered during an investigation (and inquest) to the relevant agency/agencies, usually the Director of Public Prosecutions. The coroner does not personally express a view about possible guilt, but simply refers the information to the proper government agency for a decision to be made by that other body. Hope this helps.
  8. wikiverse

    Kaeson Youth Park - North Korea

    I booked with Young Pioneer Tours and did a special 10 day tour specifically for National Day. There is no tour where the amusement parks are part of the itinerary, but our Korean tour guide was a little bit awesome and we basically nagged her to take us one night before dinner. We really only had about an hour or so there since it's not an 'official' thing and all activities have to be cleared with the government. So it was something special I thought I would share.
  9. I recently went on a trip to North Korea and visited the Kaeson Youth Park. It is centrally located in Pyongyang - a short drive from Kim Il Sung square, next to the Arch of Triumph (photos taken from the top of the Arch). Here is a google maps link for anyone interested: The park is fairly small and only open in the evenings. It is next to Kim Il Sung University. The park is mostly moderate thrill rides aimed at the university students. You can see from the entrance that Pyongyang is a very safe city - there was no high fencing, just a simple rolling gate with no locks. That bathroom tile aesthetic in the buildings is extremely common in North Korea. They will tile the external walls of 30 Storey buildings on every floor. The park had a really fun suspended flying coaster with an egg-beater lift hill. I'm not sure of the model, but it was a really smooth, really fun ride. It has two inversions. You load onto the ride in a standing position and the operator closes a cage over you. You're tilted into the flying position by a large steel bar just before the lift hill. The two inversions are fairly intense considering you're not actually strapped into the cage, but they whip you around so fast you never really feel like you're gonna fall. They also had 3 Zamperla rides, a Disko, a Power Surge (i didn't photograph it but you can see all three rides in a row in this pic), and a Frisbee (with the most terrifyingly loose restraint I've ever experienced). In addition, there was some dodgem cars (the Korean's are really violent drivers), A small pirate ship, and an S&S Shot 'n' drop. There was a burger place inside the park (which was closed) but there were a bunch of street stalls outside selling snacks and soft-drinks. Unfortunately, while foreigners can visit the park, we aren't allowed to buy stuff from the local stores since they only accept the local Korean currency (North Korean Won) - which foreigners are not allowed to use. Foreigners can pay in Euro or Chinese Yuan. We had to pay 10 Euro Entry to the park, and the individual rides ranged between 3 and 5 Euro each. The park was quite empty - probably about as busy as you would expect Luna Park Melbourne to be on a random Friday night. It was National Day on the Sunday, and a Long Weekend, so people had a bunch of other stuff to do. I didn't have a lot of time there and I wanted to go on most of the rides, so I only managed to get a few photos (and some videos). I only took my iPhone, so I apologise for the quality. I've got a couple of videos, if people are really interested I can upload them but they're really just of the coaster and the general park. If I can get more photos and videos from the people I was traveling with, I'll upload them too if people are interested.
  10. wikiverse

    Superman Escape: Third Train

    Yes. Did anyone consider having 4 shorter trains and splitting the current Blocks into 2 sections each?
  11. wikiverse

    Superman Escape: Third Train

    The launch is already utilised as a block. You need at least 4 blocks to run 3 trains, since you need the train ahead to have cleared the next block before the train will release from the current block. If you run 3 trains on 3 blocks, no train can move because the block ahead will always be occupied.
  12. I, for one, think the Westfield iRide looks great. 🙄
  13. wikiverse

    2019 International Coaster Announcments

    S&S purchased Vekoma back in March. Steel Curtain looks like a hybrid of both companies designs and technologies. I don't think that combination promises a 'nice' ride, though it might explain the quality of layout design and element shaping.
  14. wikiverse

    Latest Nearmap images of the parks

    I am not an engineer but my best guess is either for rainwater drainage from the land around (and north) of it, or they have an exciting new Mosquito Breeding exhibit planned for 2019.
  15. How long are they going to blame their failures on TRR, instead of the fact that they are a poorly planned and poorly run park with boring and unreliable rides? There are better parks with better rides, better water slides, better animals, and better experiences. Dreamworld's unwavering commitment to relics TOT, Wipeout, RHLR and HWSW seem more like a desperate attempt to cling to the nostalgia of when the park was in its prime and wasn't a confused mess of cheap, mediocre 'thrill' rides dumped into any available piece of land. People don't hold that nostalgia. Dreamworld is not Disney and anyone under the age of 30 is too young to remember any of those rides being new and exciting at an age when they would have been able to ride them. Young people - the people that you want coming to your park - don't care about how 'classic' RHLR is, they only know that WWF is better. They don't care about how 'iconic' Wipeout is, they care if it is open and can actually make it through a complete cycle instead of just rocking them side to side for a few minutes. They don't care that TOT2 launches you backward, if you can get a faster and better launch on SE. And the sure as hell don't care about a rickety and painful old steel coaster made by a company that went bankrupt in 2001 - when they can ride a brand new Hypercoaster, and a rickety old Inverted coaster at a different park for the same price. The TRR incident is not the reason people aren't returning to Dreamworld. In my opinion, when they closed for several months, people (like me) realised that we didn't really miss it when it was closed, and when it reopened there really wasn't anything interesting or exciting worth going back for. There still isn't. And that's the problem.