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  1. " - Morgan from Village Roadshow Theme Parks." Morgan Hypercoaster Confirmed!!!😉
  2. The Showtime shows are terrible and VRTP have gone for the cheapest executions possible... BUT... It's worth remembering that VRTP have to make shows that can be understood by both adults and children, as well as international tourists that can barely speak English (if at all). That is a very difficult thing to do well on a reasonable budget. I think the biggest missed opportunity currently, is Village not using IP that they actually own - specifically MadMax. The Fury Road film was released in 2015, had very little dialogue and was a massive success in Asia. Some heavily themed cars a
  3. Just to clarify what this award actually is... It is NOT an architectural award. It is NOT a design award. It is a 'construction award'. It was NOT won by Dreamworld. It was won by Alder Constructions. It is NOT national. It is given by Master Builders Queensland. It is NOT state-wide. It was only for the Gold Coast. The very specific category that it won was 'Tourism and Leisure facilities (on the GC) up to $10M.' In 2019 this category had no winner because it had no entries for the GC region. In 2018 it was won for the Woodroffe Hote
  4. I don't get why everyone is complaining about Intamin doing their take on what are effectively flat-rides. The Ultra Splash/Power Splash is a flat ride using coaster track. Intamin's version looks a lot better than Mack's with the unsupported single-rail track. No one complained when Dreamworld got an Intamin Gyro Swing instead of a Zamperla Frisbee. Or an Intamin drop tower instead of an S&S one. In fact, some of the people complaining were suggesting that DW should have replaced the Wipeout - a Vekoma Waikiki Wave Super-flip with the Zamperla knock-off. If Intamin can put a
  5. To be honest, it was a fairly boring and unappealing ride once the canopy was added and the caves were removed. It looks like Dreamworld are actually planning for the future though. The government is imposing pretty tough conditions on all ride operators after TRRR - and they're being particularly strict on Dreamworld. RHLR would likely have needed some major changes to bring it up to modern safety standards. Simply adding a lap bar or seat belt would have increased load times and reduced capacity. With the current seat layout, a log would only hold 2 people, with redesigned logs,
  6. Oh man, I hope they get the shaded seating area up and running again soon. Dreamworld management must be devastated that one of their key attractions is fenced off like that.
  7. Looks a lot like the 1936 'Zooming Shield' WB logo - especially the shaded version on the water tower.
  8. And here is the first official POV video for anyone that is interested. The ride is now officially open. World's tallest inversion (197 feet) 220 ft lift hill (are we calling this one a Hyper?) 9 inversions - the most in North America Top Speed of 75mph (120kph) S&S have purchased Vekoma. Steel Curtain and Maxx Force are the first two major custom designs they've introduced. Should an Australian park look at getting a new S&S design?
  9. Steel Curtain has just had its first test run at Kennywood. I don't care if it looks like someone's first Roller Coaster Tycoon design, it looks like a lot of fun and I can't wait to ride it.
  10. I'm going to assume these renderings are fairly accurate to the layouts and models that they want to have, since they've already started land clearing. Based on these animations, the Top Spin looks to be a HUSS 'TOP SPIN SUSPENDED' model with the back-to-back seats. Which is a great choice. Based on the supports and the Timberliner train in the video, the wooden coaster will be a Gravity Group model. Any coaster nerd will tell you that means lots of ejector airtime and great transitions between turns. If you haven't ridden one of these, and you're turning your nose up at the t
  11. I hope you don't mind me throwing a non-Disney/Universal curve ball, but for young kids I can recommend going to Seoul, South Korea. This is a good (cheaper) trip suggestion for everyone that isn't AlexB as well. First, the country: It's much cheaper than Japan, Singapore, or HK. Seoul is very English Friendly (subways and buses all have English announcements) Korean Air have direct flights from Brisbane, Asiana have direct flights from Sydney. Cathay have really cheap flights if you don't mind stopping in HK for a few hours. There are 3 theme parks in Seou
  12. Dreamworld don't need to hit a home-run right now. They need to just hit singles and doubles. Get to first base, then to second base, until all the bases are loaded and you can start getting back to home base and get some runs on the board. Everyone here wants them to invest heavily in a major attraction - and they definitely need to do that eventually, but they need to make some smaller, significant plays to get back in the game. The trick is to buy off-the-shelf rides that fit into the family/thrill category. This means mild to wild thrills. An ABC Tourbillon to replace Wip
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