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    Does it really matter? It’s a fresh coat of paint and it doesn’t look like shit, good job Ardent.
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    Haunted Mansions at Disney Parks. Now THAT is a Pre-show that's entertaining. Anyway back on topic. With a tightening up of Operations and a few little amendments here and there, I reckon what DW have with SV can compliment the ride. They really just need to work on informing the GP better about the loading process with what they have, which in turn should speed up load time Regardless, it is so fantastic to finally have a flying Theatre in Australia. The experience will easily become a favourite among GC Theme Parks. Oh and those 'bumpy' motion effects are most definitely intentional! - you can tell because it is at the moments interrupted by likes of going through a Watrtfall and the Fireworks. The motion is for the most part smoothe and executes the sensation of 'swooping' downward beautifully - imo just as well as Soarin does! Those moments are truly thrilling! Seats are definitely smaller than Disney, but can still accommodate most larger guests. The "mist" fx are perhaps not so convincing as they spurt out with a bit of a PSSST sound effect and some of the smells are a bit off (ie grapes smell like lolly grapes).. but what do real Grapes smell like anyway? As a sound buff, I think the Audio is BRILLIANT and anyone who appreciates that kind of thing should really enjoy it. Also the Music Score is OUTSTANDING and frankly Disney quality. The soundtrack is emotional and powerful. Sure the image quality could be sharper - which is still possible to achieve with upgrades as years roll by. When the ride finishes, People even clap their hands - something I haven't seen in an Aussie Theme Park in years. Sorry MW and SW but with SV I truly believe DW now have the best Show/family attraction, something for them to be very proud of.
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    yeah but this is village. they make shit up. Remember, scooby is supposed to be 'world class' and it's a turd. so forget the 'haunt industry standards' - village have their own rules.
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    I'd like to give a big thanks to @pushbutton for "nauseating reacting" to all of my recent posts. I couldn't have done it without you ❤️
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    Yeah new coaster at the royal show first time to debut in Australia a new spinning coaster from Malaysia.
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    So I don’t work for VTP so not sure what their lineup of shows has to do with audio on a ride at dreamworld. But thanks for your juvenile attempt of trying to call someone out on a theme park forum thinking they know something personally about them that you actually don’t. But you didn’t say the sound was above it’s weight and could be better you said “brilliant” “amazing” and “Disney quality” You affirmed those comments by prefacing the by saying you are a self proclaimed expert on the mater. Is the sound adequate? Maybe. But that’s far from what you described.
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    They haven't said "rooms" though have they? wasn't the wording "17 scenes" ?
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    Ha!! Didn’t realise they were gone???? Honestly did anyone on these boards ever watch them regularly? I watched a couple of episodes and the one that did it for me was when they asked for serious questions from their “viewers’ and they treated serious questions with absolute contempt. I lost all respect for them at that point. Their efforts to be taken seriously as a theme park chat show just fell so short. Terrible IMHO. No mourning here if they are truly gone!!
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    Thank you for the constant updates sir All of the slides are looking fantastic and greater than ever Hydrocoaster and RIP are looking the most fresh and loving their colour scheme I look forward to BRO, Temple and Rippers repaint
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    This update was too short for it's own thread.
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    Some very passionate people indeed exist within the industry who hold really good positions. I don't think however we can duplicate exactly how things are done overseas for example. While a great model to go off we are a little more laid back here. The smaller parks always seem to be a lot better purply because they are either family run or don't answer to as many investors. The industry is currently in a growth period here in Australia. But it will take a while to get a decent talent pool of passionate people onboard.
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    The map has been released on the FN website. Looks like A Grave Death will be where the UTT exclusive tour was last year. Nightmares down towards the front of Main Street. Baby Face Killers where sci fear was. Hell Born at the fountain and dead west needs no explanation. It seems the UTT meeting point is over in the dead west precinct next to the western backdrop. Maybe something similar to 2017s exclusive tour?
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    ...and I thought I was the only one getting that special treatment!
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    It's a Fabbri Spinning Mouse, similar to TPA's Crazy Coaster, except slightly different layout and instead of unlocking halfway through the layout, it stays spinning the whole time. Dunno what other shows it's gonna do, as no-one is really sure of the owners, but I assume it'll do more regional shows rather than capitals, as that position has already been filled by the Crazy Coaster. Should do well though and I wish the owners the best of luck! From what I've seen, coasters always do really well at most shows, so definitely a good investment for the long term.
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    In your last photo I feel there was a sign advertising the pizza and pasta portion of the buffet. Has anyone been there yet to report what the new offering is like? If only ParkChat Live was still around, we could have had a full hour episode review!
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    You do realise that the “original” 1990 IT was a 2 part TV miniseries. It was not a cinema release, it was literally a 2 part TV show. However it was extremely successful and has a huge cult following, though many people don’t realise that the “original” has 2 parts. So yes you can call it a franchise, especially with the cinematic “remakes” being released.
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    It's a @Tim Dasco and @Zanstabar conspiracy!
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    I’m looking forward to checking out ‘My Movie 74’ on YouTube It better be worth the rental price I paid for
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    Good to see a positive reception to the Vortex.
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