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    The maze that is taking over the shed where FDTD used to be is Leatherface (2017). As you're going up the lift hill on AA, Look to your right where the shed is and there is a sign that says Sawyer Farm out the front.
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    They need to take some ideas from the VRTP model. While they do have some things that are bang for your buck, id say VR have it down pat. -Their VIP tour isn't going to pull anyone in when it's $1200, minimum 2 people, and rather ambiguous. -They need to make WWW look like somewhere you want to go instead of just being the public pool for annual pass holders. Install Slideboarding, and a Masterblaster, theme the fuck out of it, and then advertise the thing like it's 1999. -Sort your shit out with Gold Rush. Will it still be Gold Rush? Will it not? get your shit together and just lay everything on the table Jamberoo style and let everyone know. -Stop removing things that don't matter, while leaving the things that do. IE, the train tunnel vs Blue Lagoon. -Find a way to get your own magic band like system, then litter the park with things to do. Disney have a POTC quest in one park, and Phineas and Ferb in another. -Work out what land you have available, where on that you can build, and then muster the cash and install something to (DC) rival DC Rivals. -Find something really cool for your "im too cool for that" crowd to do. Even if it is a VR escape room set inside the park or something. Dome screens are your friend.
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    *warning* Here comes an “out there” suggestion.... VTP clearly want as many people in the TG precinct of an evening as possible.. what about making DCR open from 5:30-9 on fri/sat nights? A bridge direct links TG to MW basically via what could be an entry to DCR. So main park entry is not open. They make it a Pay-per-ride of say $10 ($15 backwards) and obviously pass holders get free access. Could be packaged up to create a ‘combo’ with TG as well. Cost to the park would be 3 operators, a maintenance/tech and security”. They’d probably need to sell say 50-60 pay per rides as a break even, which they’d do in spades currently as TG has been having 2+ hour waits for a bay of an evening. “Ride DCR while you wait for you tee off” *told you it was out there, but I think it Could work...*
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    This satellite image was taken in May, and you can see what the area now looks like with the station and mine ride completely removed. You can also see that parts of the ride have been filled in.
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    Ok so I finally got around to editing the footage I got while at Adventure World earlier in the year. It's not the best on ride footage but deceant from a go pro.
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    I've never found a good travel agent and find I get better deals doing the work myself.
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    The entry could be that gate between DCR and GL....
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    Imagine this, it’s school holidays and you go to DW to find out that half of the Big 9 thrill rides aren’t operating. Crap Skeet what are you thinking. No need to imagine this because this was the reality of the past school holidays. Claw: DOWN. Buzzsaw: DOWN. Pandamonium: DOWN. Tower of Terror: DOWN. And don’t forget poor little Timmy who wanted to ride the Shrek’s Ogre-Go-Round because it was DOWN too. I’ve done it again I forgot about the water park. Supertubes Hydrocoaster: DOWN. The Little Rippers: DOWN. I would love a RMC as much as the next person but 1 ride isn’t going to save DW.
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    I don't want 2 MW's theme parks on the Gold Coast. It must be pulling someone if it's been running for years now. That ship sailed when WWW was canned as a park. WWW is nothing more than Blue Lagoon on steroids now. It's obvious it’s currently not Gold Rush. DW don’t have a plan so what do you want DW to say? Do not do this. Do not spend all of DW's money on a one trick pony while the rest of the park sucks. LOL, who's in the "I'm to cool crowd"
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    ^Calls Sunway. 😞 Wow, it really seems like a poisoned chalice for any self respecting CEO. Maybe if they get some experienced independent advice, they might get some help in getting the park back in shape.
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    Anyone know why DW changed this? Was it costing them money? It just seems like they’re giving a lot of people the chance not to renew their memberships. I thought most businesses operated like Readers’ Digest - once you subscribe they just keep debiting your account until you tell them otherwise.
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    The prices are dirt cheap for a whole year of unlimited access to all the attractions in the park. Far too cheap, actually.
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    It does sound like a decent idea. I'm not against it at all. I'm not sure passholders should be free access - (I assume you mean VIP \ Onepass \ Membership \ Whatever its called now?) primarily because like most night events you'd see a lot of passholders taking advantage without Village making any money off them. I'm not sure the math figures out though. Just as a comparison - 16 years ago, Wonderland would hire it's rides as part of night corporate events, and the price charged ranged from $500-600 for flats, and I think somewhere between $900 and $1200 for the big coasters and Space Probe... (that's per hour) Rivals would run with at least 3 operators, plus you'd need someone taking money - whereas in the wonderland days most everything was set up to run with a single operator. In 2013, I was quoted $1800 for Sea Viper for an hour (with one operator)... so let's assume Rivals comes in at $2500 per hour just for shits and giggles... I've found it difficult to locate either a complete cycle time, or a PPH figure, so I've spitballed a little... 10 Rows x 2 for 20 pax per ride, and add 1 to average out the sometimes full sometimes empty backwards row - so 21 pax. Assuming a 5 minute turnaround (12 cycles per hour) we're looking at a 252 per hour capacity. $10 per ride, assuming every seat is full on every ride for the full hour, and you've got yourself a profit of $20. Add another $60 for the additional charge on backwards seats - and that's without giving freebies to passholders! Hardly worth it - especially since you'd need to add additional gate security, and security to prevent people sneaking into other parts of the park. I feel like you need to double the current costings to really make it worthwhile... Don't get me wrong I don't mean to shit on the idea - I think its a fantastic cross promotion which (TBH) they were stupid not to do from day one... - I just think the costings need to be adjusted a little more - and then - is it worth it? would people pay $20 to ride something they can ride for free when they visit fright nights \ white Christmas? Oh wow really? Did you think Brad meant they'd walk you through the ride envelope?
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    Another night event, or possibly an additional charge experience to ride Rivals at night????
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    I share similar sentiments. I've only been on one 'travel agent organised' holiday in my life, and whilst the package put together was nice and it was good to have so many things organised and you just provided a voucher on the day (which also let you budget things better as most things were already paid for), at the end of the day, every other trip I've ever done, I've been able to plan things myself and get them far cheaper than anything a travel agent has offered me - which then offset any sweeteners or incentives they could offer like free breakfast (in some cases, I've rung the hotel and asked if they would comp it because that's what the competitor was offering, and they just did, so hardly a TA exclusive deal). I don't want to start a TA bashing discussion - and clearly one or more respondents are favourable to travel agents, or possibly are travel agents - so let me make it clear, there are benefits to using an agent - those are usually convenience, budgeting in advance to do the things you want to do, and not having to stress or worry about the details. However, and this is just for me and my own opinion, if your primary concern is cost, then you can save more by doing your own legwork - especially since most travel agents work on a commission - so at the very least you can save that much, if not more. I will usually contact 1 or 2 agents when I'm planning a trip, and ask them to put together a few quotes for options on what they'd recommend. Invariably, I can get closer to what I'm looking for, for a cheaper price. The day a travel agent can offer a better deal than I can get myself, i'll book with them - but as I said - I've only been on one in my life (and I wasn't the one paying the bill).
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    I 100% agree with this, the hotel is a bit dated, but the service is amazing and the location just a 1 min walk from the tourist section of Hollywood Blvd is wonderfully central for doing LA. This is my go to hotel in LA. If you are doing Disney, I recommend staying out near it. The last trip we stayed at the Super 8 near main gate (pretty sure that is what they referred to it as). Comfortable, not expensive (don't bother with the breakfast it really isn't worth the fight for a table) and only a few minutes walk to the parks & the Disney shopping area (plus a Denny's nearby if you are after, cheap, quick, 24hr food) They can also organise a shuttle drop off & pick up for universal. (we used the service to change to a hotel near universal) I have done both coasts, and love the Orlando area parks, but if you are watching the $$ stick with the west coast, you will get more time for your dollars since you wont have to fly across the country & as other posters have said there are a lot of other attractions not too far away from LA. As for hiring a car in LA, can't say, never done it, but I was not convinced I would be fine driving in the LA traffic. I have driven from Vegas to Orlando and in many countries around the world, but still not confident on driving in LA. If you (or your kids) are really into movies/tv, do the WB studio tour. Whatever you decide, plan ahead, and read up on tips and tricks for Fastpass, etc. (those alone could be a post that goes on for months). But mostly, have fun
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    There are rumours going around about 5 mazes this year. We already know 3 and have heard the 4th is going to be an original concept. Can't say anything for sure about the 4th maze or if there will be a 5th until the announcements start.
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    Hi, My family (2 kids, 2 Adults) went on a West Coast holiday a year back. Not everyone in the family is a die-hard themepark lover so we had a pretty decent mix. This was our Itinerary... 1. Hollywood (Six Flags Magic Mountain) 2. Hollywood (Bus tour, Sign and Universal Studios) 3. Hollywood (Santa Monica Pier) 4. Hollywood (Warner Bros. tour and drive to Anaheim) 5. Anaheim (Wallmart 😂 and Disneyland day 1) 6. Anaheim (Disneyland day 2) 7. Anaheim (DCA day 3) 8. Anaheim (DCA and Disneyland Day 4) 9. Anaheim (Legoland) 10. Anaheim to Vegas (drive, calico town, the strip) 11. Vegas (walked around) 12. Vegas (Elvis renewing of vowels and stratosphere tower) 13. Vegas to Grand Canyon 14. Grand Canyon to Vegas 15. Vegas to San Fran 16. San Fran (Bike Ride over the golden gate bridge) 17. San Fran (Alcatraz) 18. San Fran (The Piers and other touristy stuff) 19. San Fran to home. Highly recommend staying at the Magic Castle Hotel in Hollywood and the Hotel Zypher in San Fran if those were locations you were looking at going to. San fran is one of the most amazing cities I've been to, you could head over to California's Great America and SF Discovery Kingdom while you're there but San Fran was incredible without that. I hope that helped a bit, if you have other questions send me a message
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    Thanks for all the information everyone😙, it really does help. Thinking just for the savings might stick to west coast and put the $$ I've saved into fast passes or Vip experience.
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    I don't hate the batman crossover idea - the ride is right next to Gotham City Hall after all. I'd just hate for it to degrade into some cheap spinoff without the recognition. I'm happy to stick with the original film as the theme of the ride - I just hope they do something different with the queueline video...
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    The connection is they can now use the theme parks as clickbait. They have no soul.
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    It's really great that you took the time to waste a ride manufactures time to get info that was already obvious. Your point is the stupid one. Given you can get an original spec Arrow train made right now from the original manufacturer (even if it's changed hands 3 times!) the fact a ride model is no longer produced has NOTHING to do with original manufacturer support and parts. Movie World just had White Water West (who bought Hopkins) work with them on changes to Wild West Falls, another ride where even the manufacturer doesn't exist any more. As for the X Car stuff only being listed as Specials on their website. Any manufacturer will happily make you something that no longer produce for the right price! Your efforts to shoot down people on this forum and make them look dumb is actually only serving to expose you as the ignorant one 'my stupid friend'.
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    Caught 'Carnival Fever' at Cannington, yesterday. It's on for three days at the Showgrounds there, just along from Carousel, one of the biggest shopping centres in Perth. Was stuck in traffic, when I saw the Star Flyer go up. Parking wasn't a problem and I'd already picked up a heavily discounted ticket($16) on Scoopon a couple of days before. It's great that it was one price entry, which included all of the rides (some of which normally reside at Hillary's) for all of the day. There was also a low budget WWE-style wrestling match, Honda quad bike desiplay team as well as face painting and a petting zoo. Lots of families were there enjoying some of the sunniest weather we've had in weeks.
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    Here is a wide range of updates for all those who keep asking (Just focusing on new elements of parks) AW - Goliath (Augst 13) Funfields (October 15) Gumbuya World (October 10) DW - Havent focused on anything specifically because no visible changes (September 16) MW - DC Rivals (August 28) Top Golf (August 28) SW - Castaway Reef (August 28)
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