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    Storm and JR also now have 1 hour free locker hire
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    An application has been lodged to change the final heights of Typhoon 360 Ride and Crazy Mouse Coaster. Within this application we now know when the rides will be shipped to Australia. At the time of making the original Material Change of Use development application, the actual rides had not been ordered, so ‘typical’ heights were provided, based on the information at hand at the time. Since then, specific rides have been purchased. The Typhoon 360 will be shipped from Italy by mid April 2018. The Crazy Mouse is being manufactured and will be ready for shipping by the end of June 2018. As a result, the specifications of each particular ride are now known and there are slight differences to the heights approved by the MCU, as set out in the table below. For anybody interested on the new heights please see table. Name Approved height Proposed Height Difference Typhoon 360 (area 1) standing – 27.0m operational – 33.5m standing – 26.7m operational – 33.8m -0.3m (lower) +0.3m (higher) Crazy Mouse Coaster (area 2) 17m 15m -2.0m (lower) Heights in relationship to each other. Typhoon 360 (standing) - 26.7 RH + 36.3m SL = 63.0m AHD Typhoon 360 (operational) - 33.8 RH + 36.3m SL = 70.1m AHD Crazy Mouse Coaster - 15.0 RH + 36.5 SL = 51.5m AHD
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    Paultons is a fabulous park indeed, I know the team there pretty well. If AW can emulate what Paultons have done they will be in a great place. Biscuit +Shaw Thing had a very enjoyable visit/meeting with the team at AW this week.
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    and for the serious answer, i'd suggest fibreglass (like most train shells) with a metal skeleton.
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    I'd have thought lower attendance during the week of the games would've been pretty well offset by studio hire for last 6 months and/or being gifted a whole new Sound Stage that they didn't have to pay for. The reality is you are going to take a hit when trying to readjust the market. It's a pity that Village Roadshow is in a mess because that affects massively how much they can ride it out. I've said about pricing that they should have kept the lower price point except added block out dates in addition to the price hikes as part of the ween people off the cheap tickets process. The weather is beyond their control, but that happens. The big story to me is they've lowered the SW one day admission ticket. That park's failure is 100% their fault. Oh but they have a plan, they're going to relocate the ride from another neglected vrtp property to it which will apparently help somehow?
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    I think you missed the point. GC2018 went from April 4-15. No part of the Commonwealth Games was in the 3rd quarter (which is January to March)... so there is no way to say the actual games impacted their third quarter.
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    The park will officially open July 25. There are 29 rides and attractions, and all are now listed on the parks website. And the entire list of characters roaming around the parks areas is available, and there is certainly a lot of them. https://www.wbworldabudhabi.com/en General Admission is 230AED, about $80 Annual Pass is 695AED, about $240
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    But it gets to the point where it becomes overboard, and everything is in bubble wrap and things become less fun or annoying. Most of the changes made at DW already have made some of their rides more annoying than they are worth. So hopefully this stream of in house changes stops. Yes people died, but im sure the chances of something this major ever happening again is very very unlikely. There is being safe and secure, and then there is just being stupid.
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    Why would they think children over 10 understand stoppages when whole media outlets still can't get their heads around a stoppage.
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    Things to note from today: -Wasn’t the busiest in park today due to being a colder day, warmed up throughout the day and Waterslides began to gain a queue -Abyss testing until around 10:30am, seeming as if the trains where struggling to make it over the overbanked turn following immalmen loop after main drop -New grass laid next to exit of Goliath, fenced off with temporary boundary, making it difficult to jump back in line after getting off -Inferno running it’s usual cycle today, 3 shots~ 1 drop
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    He’s probably referring to: ”If we're going to say that "if every ride has a theme, whether or not it fits with the ride next to it, then that makes it a theme park" then i'd like for you to visit the Sydney Royal Easter Show, one of the finest theme parks that New South Wales has to offer.” 1.I think he’s just venting. 2.We know you can’t get offended. 😜
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    I don't think the attractions I tried were using StarVR - had very limited time so I couldn't try everything. PVRK This indoor theme park replaced Sega Republic in Dubai Mall (which I didn't know much of - I knew there was some kind of park but didn't have much desire to visit). From the few pictures I've seen of its former self since, they look to have kept a couple of rides but totally revamped everything else... and what a brilliant job they've done. We sort of stumbled upon PVRK after walking past KidZania. The entry is incredibly impressive - it's a giant floor to ceiling curved LED wall with a top-down animation of Dubai. Physical 3D models of the buildings pop out of the screen which make for a really effective, almost imposing upside down view of the city. Quick video of it below, along with a few others in the post - forgive me for the vertical format and shoddy recording, didn't really have a trip report in mind at the time haha The park itself is split over two levels and is big - you could easily spend a half day here. Unfortunately we only had an hour spare before dinner so we decided to scope the park out and choose 2 attractions (approx $15 each). For a "VR park" I wasn't expecting much in the way of theming, but each attraction has it's own stunning themed area. I can't explain how much this adds to the overall experience of VR. The only thing that's stopping it from being super immersive is the staff - would be great if they were in costume (and even acted the part a little), but instead they're surprisingly disinterested for a park that's only been open for a few weeks. Right in the middle of the park is a huge upside-down model of Burj Khalifa. The majority of the ceiling inside also has the top-down view of Dubai, but this looks to be projected so isn't as impressive as the entry. First up was Dubai Drone, the Gerstlauer spinner they kept for the revamp. The majority of the coaster is hidden inside. There was around 20 people in queue but, as with any coaster with VR, it crawled. 3 cars were running but ops were stacking for lengthy periods. The coaster itself is fun - surprisingly punchy layout and not as disorientating as I thought. The VR is ok but it was stuttering a lot. I'm not totally convinced on the effectiveness of fast motion paired with VR... Arkham still remains the best iteration of it though. Here's a lights on POV of the coaster when it was known as Sonic Spingear Payday: The VR Heist was up next. Up until this experience I was really sceptical about VR and the hype surrounding it... everything I tried lacked immersion and focus seemed to be a big unavoidable issue (for me at least). The attraction is set in a bank and is actually very well done - attendants greet you behind teller counters and then lead you to one of 9 vaults. Everyone gets their own vault. I think the headset was a HTC Vive - there were a number of sensors and the room was fairly big, allowing for a decent amount of space to move around and not feel too restricted. Once the headset is on you're placed into a very intuitive tutorial while waiting for other players to join. The game itself was very, very fun. Essentially you break into a bank, shoot cops and load bags of cash into a van. The sensors allow you to move a few steps but any further and you need to press a button with the controller in the direction you want to "teleport" to. Regardless this strangely felt like a natural way to move around in the space of the game and quickly became insanely immersive. The whole experience lasts around 15 minutes. PVRK is a seriously solid attraction in Dubai and is a must visit - even if you only have an hour spare. Ferrari World up next.
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    Great day in the park, today. Beautiful weather in the early to mid twenties. AW was quite empty, which is surprising because it’s the start of the school holidays and there’s only two weeks left in the season. No wait for most rides, except for the Grand Prix, which was up to about half an hour. Kraken was a walk on. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves, including some kid who had climbed up a tree near rail rider. Someone else managed to get a mat from the slides into the big pool. Geniuses!
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    Not that many care but Abyss has always had a restriction on being over 8 years old to rides Abyss.
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    I say good on them for things being fixed so quickly after they break. I've seen other parks leave temp fixes and dirt around for months if not years. And I think to say they fixed it because it was mentioned here is probably giving ourselves too much credit.
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    ONE of the Gold Coast’s most popular tourist attractions will move into the heart of the Gold coast in a plan to revamp the Glitter Strip The Gold Coast Slingshot will move from Cypress Ave in northern Surfers Paradise to Cavill Ave. The facility is a relocation of the existing‘Slingshot’ attraction currently located at 6 Palm Avenue, Surfers Paradise. Whilst a relocation of the use, the ‘Slingshot’ ride will be a brand new structure. The ‘Vomatron’ which is currently co-located with the Slingshot at 6 Palm Avenue, will not be relocated to the new premises. The subject site was chosen for the rides relocation because of its position in the centre of the City’s tourist heart, and corresponding suitability with respect to its accessibility to the visitor market and compatibility with the areas active, vibrant and ‘loud’ atmosphere. The new Sling Shot Gold Coast will operate between 10.00am to 10.00pm Sunday to Thursday; and 10.00am to 12.00am Friday to Saturday. The application was approved on the 11 of April for the new Sling Shot location.
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    It wouldn't surprise me if Stage 1 the water park, became stage 3. Two good points to mention with this project are ACTVENTURE own the land and all council approvals have been finalised. ACTVENTURE is already two more steps ahead of Wonderland 2.0. On a side note, how far is it from the car park to the water park? I would hate to drag little Jonny back to the car after a long day at the park.
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    Rumours have been flying around for years, the grapevine says still on the cards. Still I don't know as many grapes as I used to so pinch of salt lol
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    Did I miss something @joz? Surfrider relocating to SW?
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    Didn't realise this until now but Jamberoo's smartphone applications for iOS & Android were also updated in January to include the Virtual Tour feature & some other small improvements. Also, Sydney Weekender visited Jamberoo in early April. They captured pretty good footage from inside The Perfect Storm (from 01:01 to 01:34) with the lighting effects (themed to lightning) seen very clearly:
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    Probably well overdue considering the park's attraction line-up is sorely lacking. I mean - animal attractions are certainly an integral part of the park, but most people visit for rides. especially locals. it also brings the day passes in line with the one pass too - effectively if you want to visit each of them just once, it still works out cheaper to buy the annual.
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    But the games didn't even impact their third quarter. And March is always wet on the Gold Coast. Let's go back to what they changed, their pricing? Is that really still successful? They've just launched some discounts to it? And here's their update: Renewal rates are not going to be great unless they roll out some discounted VIP passes, so yeah, expect to get slaughtered on some of the expected revenue in May and June.
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    Just arrived back from a trip to the UAE so I thought I’d share my thoughts on a couple of parks, plus a brand new and what looks to be mostly unreported on park that pleasantly surprised. I've embedded a couple of POVs from YouTube (not mine) for context. Choosing a park to visit in Dubai was difficult - Ferrari World was locked and loaded for Abu Dhabi but, after sightseeing, we only had time for one in Dubai. I did a lot of research on IMG Worlds of Adventure vs Motiongate - both had a pretty equal list of pros and cons. IMG had a good collection of rides (the standout being Velociraptor, a Blue Fire clone) BUT I’d heard that the enclosed environment created a lot of noise and reminded more of a beautified carnival than a theme park. Motiongate on the other hand had a very unique collection in a setting similar to Universal - a powered suspended Mack coaster, Gerstlauer Infinity and a Mack launch similar to Star Trek amongst a number of flats and trackless dark rides. So, Motiongate it was... Motiongate Dubai The park was almost 50km out from the center of Dubai and is only really accessible by car. Taxis are cheap but you’ll still need to factor in ~$30 each way when visiting. The entryway is big and impressive. Desert turns to roads lined with lush greenery with palm trees leading up to the entry. The dropoff point is at the front of an area called Riverland - essentially their version of Universal’s City Walk that connects the four parks in the complex Motiongate is part of. There’s a pretty lengthy walk through Riverland to get to Motiongate (later discovered there’s a tram you can take) but it is beautiful. The area is very well done but is let down by a lack of general atmosphere. It was a quiet day so I’m not entirely sure if it’s the norm, but there was no music or street entertainment. Such a brilliantly themed area would benefit hugely by some complimenting music and a few roving entertainers. The shops/restaurants were sort of just “there”. After around 15 minutes we reached the entry plaza for Motiongate - it’s impressive. The park begins with a relatively small and short Main Street area with the standard gift shops. This then leads to a fountain which branches off to four lands - Lionsgate, Dreamworks, Columbia Pictures and Smurf’s Village. We started off with Lionsgate, so far only home to one of their IP’s being The Hunger Games. There are two rides, Panem Aerial Tour (simulator) and Capitol Bullet Train (Mack launch). The sim was first up... 10 mins was posted for the queue but it ended up being around 25. Inside the queue looked short but it was painfully slow - little did we know that this would set the tone for the day. The ride itself was average. The sim movements are very smooth but I feel this is detrimental to the ride’s story. The flight turns violent and fast paced so the vision doesn’t match the system’s movement. It doesn’t really go anywhere and has a pretty anticlimactic ending. If you were to visit on a busy day this would definitely be one to skip. Capitol Bullet Train was next which thankfully was a walk on, although I wouldn’t have minded a wait because the queue is amazing. The weird thing is the theming stops completely once you’re out on the track. It begins with a slow roll onto the transfer which then slides you over to the launch track. A countdown plays which would have been good if it wasn’t for the lacklustre launch. You sort of just roll forward for a few seconds until the LSM’s engage, even after which they don’t offer much of a kick, only sending the train a quarter way up the loop. You then pass through the launch track again (this time the LSMs properly kick in) and send you up the spike, then through the loop and the rest of the course. It’s a decent layout with a good pop of air on one of the hills but nothing stellar. Following this we headed over to Dreamworks, a massive enclosed building that is split into four mini-lands - Shrek, Kungfu Panda, How to Train Your Dragon and Madagascar, branching out from a breathtaking Dreamworks themed fountain that stopped us in our tracks whenever we walked past. Shrek was up first and we were blown away. Obviously being enclosed it’s constantly “night” - it’s beautifully lit and really immersive. We headed over to Shrek’s Merry Fairy Tale Journey, one of a few trackless dark rides in the park and the longest at around 8 minutes. It basically tells the full story of Shrek in “puppet style”. All the animatronics have visible strings and are basic however there are some great transitions between scenes and is a very good ride overall. What I really liked is that the ride ended with a scene where you’re transported back from the tale with a few “proper” animatronics - sort of felt like a statement from the park to remind that they’re more than capable of creating real animatronics. I don’t think the trackless system was necessary however as there are only really 2 alternate paths the cars take. At this point I had a great feeling about the park, the good was outweighing the bad. There was some areas that reminded me of Universal and some even matching Disney quality... Shrek lead into Madagascar so that was next. Again, another well done area. This was home to Mad Pursuit, a Gerstlauer Infinity with a 35 min wait posted. Seemed excessive for a very quiet day but we decided to wait anyway. Unfortunately this was the start of the park showing it’s uglier side. The queue was a decent length but still only looked 1/4 full with all switchbacks empty. The queue was crawling. I initially put it down to potentially a single car running but was confused when the station came into view (50 minutes later), along with the revelation that 3 cars were running. In addition to insanely inefficient SLOW operations (cars stacking for up to 2 minutes?), priority was always given to anyone in the Q Fast queue. If there was enough to fill a car from Q Fast, no one would be taken from the regular queue. We saw multiple people reriding without any issue while the normal queue stopped moving, sometimes for up to 15 minutes. A mind boggling way to manage a priority queuing system and a great way to annoy regular guests. 70 minutes later we were on. Really punchy launch with a wicked turn immediately following. The rest of the layout was good but the theming was lacking, you fly through a few static cut outs in near darkness. Missed opportunity here I feel. I’d heard great things about Dragon Gliders but refrained from watching any POVs or reviews in detail, so I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. The ride system I wasn’t familiar with either. This had a 60 min wait time but thankfully only ended up being around 30 - the train never stops in the station, similar to HP Forbidden Journey, so it definitely keeps ops on their toes and loading trains quick. There’s an illuminated line that, if the train passes without all restraints locked, will stop the train in the station. This happened a couple of times but was resolved within 20 seconds. The queue again is stunning, perfectly lit with some cool effects. The ride is by far and away the best in the park. There are multiple scenes with impressive animatronics that the cars stop in front of, each car rotating to view the scene. Eventually you come out of the show building and coast (at decent speed) above the How to Train Your Dragon area. It ends with a fantastic spiral back into the station as you circle around the final animatronic scene. There are a few rides that have left me seriously impressed (namely Gringotts and Forbidden Journey), this is one of them. It’s the one ride they’ve nailed from start to finish and is 100% world class. Motiongate is worth the visit for this alone. The main attraction in Kungfu Panda is Unstoppable Awesomeness which we skipped - again another line that didn’t move so we ran out of patience. By the time we came out of Dreamworks the sun was setting, so it was through Smurf’s Village - a very well themed kids area with a roller skater - and onto Columbia Pictures. A big castle with cool forced perspective dominates the area which houses Hotel Transylvania, another trackless dark ride. Very poor ride that meanders in and out of a bunch of rooms that do a bunch of nothing. It could be greatly improved if the rooms were hidden with doors, but instead you just crawl around and end up hearing the audio from each room repeating over and over. Ghostbusters next and - you guessed it - is trackless, albeit a shooter. Without question the park’s poorest attraction, the guns are flimsy, effects and interactivity bad, sound and animation average. Waste of space and time. By this point The Green Hornet (Gerstlauer Bobsled) had a queue of 40 minutes and Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs (river rapids) 75 minutes, which was absurd as the park was extremely quiet. We decided to try our luck with Zombieland Blast Off - a S&S double shot - but that too, somehow, had a 40 minute wait. Overall the park is good, it is so close to being great but is really let down by some of the worst ops I’ve seen in any park, along with some average rides (outside of Dreamworks) that look to be the victim of cost cutting. Visiting off-peak seems to have more cons than pros, there is virtually no street entertainment, rides are cut to using minimal cars, staff inefficient (and clearly bored) and shops/restaurants close. Clearly they want to compete on an international level and be at the Universal/Disney standard, but silly things like the above mean they won’t get there. On the other hand you have the stellar Dreamworks area that is so good it could be its own separate gate, but it’s frustrating going from a world class attraction like How to Train Your Dragon to garbage like Ghostbusters. PVRK, a new VR theme park in Dubai is up next...
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    On the bright side, atleast Wild West Falls.. I mean Abyss, isn’t closed for a whole year whilst they do some minor maintenance such as removing some spider webs. Agreed. Best cobweb theming I’ve seen at a so-called “fun fair”.
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    Don’t hold me to it as I didn’t see it first hand but was told in Park yesterday that these “free” guests can upgrade to an annual pass for $40 in the park.. Also wondering why so many people had grey DW hats on... they are free when you buy or renew a pass
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    I would say they look pretty real.
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    Do keep in mind creative works put up and made fake spider webs.
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    Right now they need people through the gate. Who cares if the tickets are virtually free - nobody through the gate is the same financial outcome. At least with people inside the park they have a chance to make some money off of food and beverage, merchandise, photos and premium experiences (tigers \ koalas \ flowrider etc). I'm happy for them to give away the gate at the moment to get people in and prevent the park looking like a ghost town. If the park looks busy, it encourages more people to plan a visit. Whatever the eventual outcome of ownership is, right now they need to keep people coming in the door.
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    Don't see why anyone would want to buy a DW annual pass at this time...wait 10yrs or so and hopefully, they''ll decide they want to try again and have some truly decent attractions! Good start would be to actually make an effort with the Log Ride!
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    Damn I don't think I've seen any other video of the original main lift and when we get one it's so bloody awful we may as well not have!
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    Fun fact: @Richard filmed that with a potato.
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    Change your google and Facebook advertising ID, then switch them to private. Stops those ads being targeted to you, if you've ever wondered how "they know" what you are into.
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    Seems the majority of the world disagrees. I’ve seen the trailer and it looks like typical teenage d-grade rubbish. Wanna see a good horror movie - see A Quiet Place.
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    Ok apologies if my point wasn't explained well... You can be nostalgic for something and have fond memories of it, sure, we are all different so that's natural. What I more meant is when people manifest that into "we demand this is brought back" ala this dragon coaster, Dreamworld Mine Ride, etc..
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    Spiders are naturally occurring and would be present in Druidic times. I think the web adds to the effect . Its a pretty impressive web!
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    I did notice that last time I went, next time I go I shall see if it's been fixed properly. It seemed like it had just snapped off and was a temporary fix. Hopfully it's better now.
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    Yeah but Six Flags has rides and attractions you would want to experience with your friends.
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    Um, The Druid height sign guy is held together with roof rack elastic ropes! So Disney! " Beware the power of the "Abys..mal."
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    Bring a friend for free is a bit Six Flags isn't it?
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    DW’s move away from a discount model has come to fruition, they have now moved into a free entry model...
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    So adventure World have added a special $5 season pass upgrade to their website. You must buy online for this to work. Seems like a great idea to encourage season pass sales with only a month left.
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    Idk what to call AW, but here's wat I think of the grass. It helps like bloody crazy any day 30^c+. Everyone at AW walks around barefoot (you can't wear shoes on a slide etc). If I wanna go from the abyss to Kahuna, I can do so barefoot without getting 3rd degree foot burns. And where there isn't grass, like the walk up to inferno/Kraken, there is shade. Most families don't go on water attractions, put on shoes dry, take off shoes (process repeats). It's branded as an all round park, so these 'unthemed wastes of picnic space' is intelligent, and so they don't get sued (unless your an upcoming talent being an idiot on kraken🙃)
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    The website uses a lot of my photography (with notable exceptions to rides they've sinced added more themeing to e.g. Rampage, which only goes to suggest further that is a theme park) which is the very source you use to ironically justify being a giant douche in suggesting you haven't used my photography to form said ironic opinion. If I used satellite imagery from my keyboard warrior armchair instead of going to experience these places first hand, Dreamworld would be called "tree-world" and Wonderland Sydney would be called "no one cares because it's been gone for over a decade."
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    But by inviting people who have never been there to judge it is pretty bizarre. How can you judge the quality of the different themed music zones from a satellite? How can you judge the dedication to service from the team members from a photo? How can you judge the quality of food if you've never eaten there? I think what surprises a lot of people is that AW got it's act together several years ago and people are only now starting to figure that out.
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    Mini Trip Report & Update A belated trip report and photo update from my trip to Aussie World on 31st December. First of all, I expected the place to be busy, but was pleasantly surprised to see the carpark half empty considering it was a long weekend. Obviously, the park was expecting more of a crowd too, as every ride advertised to be open was, with it’s own ride op (most rides run fine here with one) and, as a result, all (except The Plunge, which was about a 5 minute wait) were pretty much a walk-on. On entry to the park, about 11:30, we were promptly and friendly helped to process our passes which we’d received as a gift from my Sister. She’d found an online deal giving a family of 4 unlimited entry to the park until the 31st of March for $145 (through RACQ, I believe). The registration process was quick and they let us head straight into the park and suggested we come back in a couple of hours to collect our pass. My eldest son was a huge fan of the Imaginarium on our last visit, so we headed there first. There was a short wait, due to its low capacity, but most of the rooms and effects were working well (a couple minor things like a monitor not working in the ‘elevator’ detracted a bit) and some of the rooms are pretty impressive. RIP Wildmouse Before I get to the new additions to the park I will cover the most noticeable omission from the park, the much loved wooden wild mouse that was the park’s major drawcard until recently. As has been posted already, the Wildmouse site is now a very flat and desolate looking patch of dirt. The only thing more devastating to a coaster enthusiast than seeing the site bare, is looking directly behind it to discover the whole coaster unceremoniously dumped in a heap. A little solace can be taken from the fact that the coaster lives on as theming next to the new Mayhem Maze (more on that shortly)... and as a poke-stop (it’s sad that I even checked, I know). Bombora This latest addition is a mini drop tower. Think the Sylvester & Tweety one at MW with the addition of it spinning around a pole (& allowing parents to ride) and you’ve got the general idea. Despite being my eldest’s favourite at MW he didn’t want to ride it (although he was a bit timid and stand-offish the whole visit), but it looked only a little more thrilling than that kiddies offering. Having said that, it looks to me like a great ride to go on with younger kids (the accompanied height being 100cm). A 'giant' surfboard completes the surf theme... Beaut Little Toot Toots On my last visit to the park I couldn’t help but notice the ride with perhaps the worst capacity I’ve ever seen at a park. The Tin Lid Trolleys were only ever meant to be a ride for toddlers, but it consisted of two tiny mine carts which each seated one child, and both ran on their own track, meaning a 2 kids per cycle capacity. Aussie World have clearly recognised that their growing popularity no longer allows for rides with such low through-put and have added the ‘Beaut Little Toot Toots’. While still being suitable for the smallest of guests, this new train ride allows parents to ride with their kids, which depending on your tolerance to incredibly loud farm animal noises, may be a positive or a negative. Mayhem Maze I wasn’t sure what to expect from this brand new attraction (had only opened on the 28th December as a permanent part of the park’s attraction roster). I was glad that a local park had decided to add a full-time walk-through scare attraction, but was a little anxious as to what they would’ve managed to pull of for a park of this sizes budget. Now, I must say straight up, I haven’t been through a lot of horror / fright nights style mazes, other than Fright Nights about 5 years ago (give or take) and USH House of Horrors in 2008, but I am not the most easily firghtened, or impressed park-goer, but here goes. The building is themed to a 50’s era, abandoned, fairground-style attraction with ‘funland’ a-blazoned across the front and an overall (not so) fun house look and feel. The backstory is displayed on a couple of signs on approach to the steps, as well as a number of signs warning that the attraction isn’t suitable for younger children. There was also a large sign detailing how the attraction included live actors who would tailor the experience to suit the audience, and therefore give ‘smaller frights’ where appropriate. Despite this assurance and my 8 year old considering going through (I’m bloody glad he didn’t), I decided to go through myself first. I walked, alone, up the stairs and along a thin boardwalk, the sort I have traversed many a time to enter a fun factory or similar type of attraction. When I reached the door there was nobody there, I tried to open it, but nobody came out to meet me. I stood there awkwardly alone for a little while before a group came up the queue behind me. Good, at least I’ll have company, I thought. The newcomers to the line asked me, had I tried the door? Is there anyone in there? Shortly afterwards, an attractive attendant in a 50s inspired costume peered through the door and asked how many in my party. Just me, I replied, at which she took me through into the lobby, where she briefed me on the usual walk-through rules: Don’t touch or try to fight the actors (I didn’t realise I looked like a fighter) and I’ll be fine; Follow the white lines painted on the floor and I’ll find my way out; Don’t burst out of the Emergency Exit (advice not heeded by the group behind me); and if you become too overwhelmed or disorientated, raise your hand and someone will assist you (the same goes for the illusionarium, and they will also stop most of the rides if you raise your hand, a feature that is appreciated when trying to warm kids up to larger thrills). So, the very first thing I have to make mention of is just how dark it is in there. Coming in from a particularly hot and glarey day, I found it extremely hard to see where I was going, and felt lost and disorientated on a number of occasions. I won’t talk about the specifics of the maze to avoid spoilers for those who get to visit, but I will say the main scare actor is an evil clown, and he is menacing and gruesome. Slowly making my way through the maze there were plenty of occasions where a strobe or flash would reveal that the clown was right up in my face, or right over my shoulder. Several other times he worked as a diversion, leering on one side, while another scare actor, one of his victims, would burst out behind you, or even under your feet, screaming for you to run away. Overall, the set design seemed pretty high quality, with each scene revealing just how depraved this sicko clown actually is. The maze was typically quite tight and continuously wound back against itself, providing plenty of scare opportunities for the scare actors. I found it a bit difficult to determine how many were actually in there (I’m guessing 2 plus the beehived greeter, but it felt like more) and to their credit, they got a fair few jumps out of me during the experience. I think it is a really well put together, little scare attraction, and I hope it gets the patronage, and love, it deserves. It was certainly quiet on the day I went, being at the northern-most extremity of the park, behind the Ballroom Blitz, and given the park still attracts mostly families with kids under 12 or so. Once the additional flat thrill ride replaces the Octopus (and the crazy mouse replaces our beloved wild mouse) this year, there should be enough to keep teens amused as well. I can honestly say Mayhem Maze should have them shrieking! Overall The rest of the park is looking good, the mini golf seems to have been done up and is attractively landscaped. The staff were mostly all fairly friendly (except for that damn clown!) and the park was clean and tidy. The shed area is also looking good and is being utilised a lot more for concerts and functions, but during the day serves as a nice cool place to escape the heat and have a cold beer. The back of The Pub was looking shabby, but given it is only a few weeks away from it’s major refurbishment and expansion that is understandable. Work will commence after their Australia Day festivities if you want one last look at the iconic red Ettamogah Pub. I’m looking forward to seeing the park’s growth over the next couple of years and really think it will be a great option for families with kids of any age by this time next year.
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