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    That's a lot of words to defend a ride that'll be closed pretty soon. 🙂
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    Are you basing your assessment of this ride on any in-depth mechanical, engineering, or maintenance experience from working at Movie World? Or are you just going off the fact that others have said it's nearing end of life? Or perhaps on the recent end of life closures for Sea Viper, Wipeout and Tower of Terror? Arkham Asylum opened in December 1995 - its currently 25 years old. There are 50 Vekoma SLC models listed in RCDB, (8 of which are relocations) First up - Sea Viper. Opened in December 1981, it closed in 2014. That's 33 years. If you're using this metric, we've still got the best part of the next decade to enjoy Arkham. Wipeout - the Waikiki Wave Super Flip (another vekoma, by the way) - only 7 in the world, and a very different ride system to a coaster. I believe the last two surviving models - Wipeout, and Huracan at Six Flags Mexico both closed in 2019, indicative that they had definitely reached end of life. Arkham does not necessarily fit that description at this time. Tower of Terror - by all accounts the ride system was end of life. Magic Mountain's Superman version received an upgrade to the launch system about a decade ago, and from what I understand, they're currently cannibalising ToT for any parts they can make use of, as Intamin doesn't support the ride system anymore (and why not, when its 23 years old, and has only two installations in the world). None of these points apply to the SLC. Of the 42 models in existence, only 2 are not operating - one in South Africa which stopped operations in May 2018, and one in Suzhou China, which stopped in October 2017. The most recent (new) installs appears to be Energylandia, opening in September 2015, and Sun World Danang in Vietnam which opened in January 2017. Along with the Boomerang, the SLC is one of the most prolific of Vekoma's coasters. Parts and equipment clearly will continue to be available so long as Vekoma continues to sell the model or variant to the market, so it will not suffer from the issues that Wipeout or ToT have. It will come down to when parts are no longer financially viable. The ride is still insanely popular, and so long as it remains popular, the park will continue to invest in parts and maintenance so long as it is financially viable to do so. I think it will probably come down to if the rolling stock \ hangers suffer issues as that would possibly be the most expensive cost to keep it running, but given they have parts available (due to the "purple" train cannibalisation), and likely more than 42 other train assemblies out there in the world, acquiring even those parts wouldn't necessarily be a deal breaker. It may very well turn out that there is an insurmountable issue in the future, but to be claiming its deteriorating rapidly is ridiculous (unless you have actual, tangible evidence to the contrary), especially when you compare to other ride models from Vekoma - such as our own Titan\Demon\Zoomerang (the boomerang from World expo, that moved to Wonderland Sydney, then Alabama, then India) that keeps on kicking despite being 7-8 years older, and being relocated 3 times
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    But for a 20 million investment they ultimately ended up with a worse attraction than it replaced which fatal story/theming flaws, less capacity and not as family friendly. So I say it’s not worth the money. You could plonk that same ride on an open pad and it would be just as good.
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    Found a few old mobile videos from a visit in 2006. Converting them from 3gp to MP4. My, ToT did get high up that Tower back in the earlier days. SOUND WARNING - it was a loud ride.. Not for reposting. 1119 DW ToT & Drop.mp4 1119 DE ToT.mp4 1119 DW ToT & Drop.mp4 1119 DW Reptar.mp4
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    So I went to Carnivale tonight, the second time I’ve ever been (the last being two years ago). Overall, it was a very enjoyable night and there seemed to be a lot of good improvements. There was plenty of street entertainment and performers the entire night throughout the park. It just didn’t stop and it was fantastic. Created a great atmosphere, especially with so many of them. The park was decorated well (nothing majorly different compared to two years ago), but there was some nice lighting across the park. I must say that I do really enjoy SW at night. The types of lighting that matches areas of the park, signage and attraction lighting and watching the creatures within Shark Bay when they’re most active is really enjoyable. Parking two years ago was a nightmare. Navigating your way through the carpark was horrible and it took over an hour to get out. This year however they had traffic control which made the process a lot easier. My advice would be to just not park in the SW carpark at all and park on the street. The traffic to get into the carpark at the start of the night was crazy, so unless you arrive really early, don’t park in there. Both entrances were open (but I would recommend going to the straight ahead one rather than the usual pass holder one, it seemed to be much quicker). Side note: The main entrance looked different above the ticket booths, so it seems like they are undergoing a refurbishment. As soon as we entered the park at 5:45, the party had already started with entertainment everywhere, but also a lot of people. The crowds were very very big and this lead to probably one of the biggest issues with the event. Because of SWs long design, navigating your way through the park, especially with the park through the new Atlantis now open yet, makes the main path very crowded. Crowds in and around the plaza were also crazy and this isn’t helped by the placement of the food stands. Because they are at the front, queues extend across the path and cause bottlenecking to occur. I think reorganising the placement of these would be helpful. The entertainment under the plaza was fantastic and constant. Really felt like a part under there. The food also all looked really good and there was some variety. Definitely not up to standard of variety of Carnivale back when it was at MW, but still some good choice. Obviously the main part of the event is now the Aquacolour Spectacular. This year the show has a story. The water effects weren’t as spectacular as last time, mostly because they weren’t as big or as many. But with lighting, fire, projection and even fireworks. I found it to be a really enjoyable show. Just watched out for the creepy baby and the PS2 graphics. The incorporation of dancers, a float and the story didn’t feel cheesy (unlike the Thunder Lake Show) and I thought really added to the event bringing it all together. My partner didn’t find the show as enjoyable because she felt the story wasn’t necessary and things didn’t flow as well. She preferred the much bigger and dramatic fountains and water effects. Also, you will get wet if you’re sat on the seating. There is an announcement before the show letting the audience know they may get wet, but I can assure you, you will definitely get wet. It is only a mist, but this is because the fountains are much closer to the shoreline this year. Overall I found the event to be an improvement on my last visit two years ago and I would recommend checking it out, especially if you haven’t been in a while.
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    Worry not @Brad2912 the Holidays will be over again soon and things will start going back to normal😁
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    So had a great time at the second AW nights the weather was a lot warmer then last week and the park during the day was full with all car parks full. Was fun watching them try and removing 5,000 guests and then letting another 2,000 or so in within half an hour. Was great to watch. The event itself is growing year on year and it just has that nice laid back chilled feeling prefect to have a beer and relax.
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    Use the second half of the scooby queue building as they did previously, permitting twice the number of guests to queue in the air conditioning, instead of forcing patrons to queue outside in the heat, in queue lines created by fricking MASKING TAPE. Whatever the other side of the queue building is being used for, it clearly isn't being used during operating hours, since the other projector is still showing the scooby doo movie. All the queue poles are removable relatively easily, as i've seen many guests pull them out of the ground while queueing, and whatever event type sets they have should be able to be removed in between events.
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    And I would much rather JR over Storm. JR is one of the best coasters on the GC
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    Standard 'Storm is closed during summer, they are morons' rant.
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    I think the attraction was a decent choice (Once upon a time, everyone wanted a water coaster at SW remember), but the theming concept is just so weird. Like a collection of nautical stuff outside because a cyclone has hit a port, fair enough, bit inside, is it meant to be a ships interior, or inside a warehouse or what? Also, it seemed like they were so intent to re-use the bermuda building that they basically lost what should have been a major social media selling point. Everyone who goes to MW takes a photo of WWF splashing down, or at Universal of Jurassic Park splashing down. These are very popular rides, and storm should have had the same impact. But instead the Splashdown is hidden inside, so it looks like a generic roller coaster, and it's quite difficult to sell the idea of the water coaster. If i may pose a second question @Dano46610 , would people like it more if it was just done like the one at Djurs https://rcdb.com/9377.htm#p=35031
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    Just wanted to share some photos of the night. As always, great to catch up with @Tim Dasco and the others. We saw Black Widow go down, but it was back shortly afterwards. We walked on to Inferno and Abyss. Abyss had to be stopped after our ride as some people had dropped some glow sticks on the track and on top of me as we headed up the lift hill(that’s why the shot of the station has the show building lights on). Some of us ate at the food trucks again and nothing disappointed. We rode Rail Rider and had a quiet cider around close at 11pm. There was a bigger crowd than before, but still very chill.
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    But for a 12 million dollar coaster it’s not a bad coaster for the price tag. The main issue was the additional 8 million to remove BT and earth works.
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    Buy or renew your Annual Pass between 28 November 2019 and 2 February 2020 and you'll automatically be entered into the draw to win Dreamworld's BIGGEST Prize Pack, valued at over $18,000! Our BIGGEST Prize Pack will include: Annual passes for 5 consecutive years for 4 people 1 x ExperienceOz Hot Air Balloon Flight for 2 people 1 x $200 Lego© Gift Pack 1 x $300 Quiksilver Gift Pack 1 x $100 Dreamworld Merchandise Pack BIG Bonuses PLUS, all of the following benefits for one year: Up to 4 x Ride Express tickets in one day for 12 visits, 6 Cabana ‘treehouse’ hires and 6 flowrider rides 20 one-day passes into the park on the winner’s birthday 4 x SkyPoint dinners for 4 people to the value of $50pp at each visit, and 1 x Sunrise SkyPoint climb for 4 people (age limit 13) ALL of our Dreamworld animal experiences $100 in games tokens, free reserved seating and popcorn at all Dreamworld shows offering the VIP experience, VIP parking for 1 x year and 1 x free caddy hire per visit 1 x invitation to be one of the first to ride the new coaster if within the first year, free rollercoaster gondola access for 5 rides if open within the first year Free access to all Dreamworld night events A table of 10 for the ‘Very Dreamy Christmas Party’ event, Dec 2020
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    Buy a SV shirt and you get the Dreamworld Sky Voyager globe bottle for half price 7.50. Buy anything SV and get a free cup. Thought I’d let everyone know.
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    Hagrid's Magical JetSki adventure?
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    While I do agree that space will be ripe for the next major development at the park, and hopefully when they do, they'll incorporate pathways from WWF to Superman via scooby into the mix, but I disagree with the hate for SLCs. Sure, they have a reputation, but Arkham is by all accounts one of the better SLCs out there, especially with the newer train \ restraints. I do hope the old girl still has some life left. The park can't afford another major just yet, and losing Arkham will leave a large hole in the park's lineup.
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    I've never seen the outdoor queue for scooby used until this peak season. I know it has in the past, but you knew it was a really busy day for it to be outside. Now that half the queue building is segmented off for events, it seems to be used far more regularly. Honestly, how hard would it be to lift a few queue poles and set up some tables that they need to leave that side of the queue building closed permanently? it's stupid for what is arguably one of the most popular rides for all demographics in the park.
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    Also forgot to add they hand out a map and cardboard glasses, which I thought was a nice touch. and here’s a look at the Aquacolour Spectacular set up
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    That’s the plan if all works out financially. Decision will be made around March/April. looking around late sept/early oct for 3 weeks in LA/San Fran/San Diego & then a week in Hawaii on the way back
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    August, 2007. Fog at all entrances to the sound stage. Sound Warning! Loud Video. Not for re-posting. 0827 Superman.mp4
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    See I walk into Sea World and see an absolute mess of a construction site for an uninspired ride that 100% should never have been built in that location.
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