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    Yep going to add an excerpt and some photos you guys might enjoy. If you want to read the rest of my ramblings and swearing, you can go to that other place with the things.
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    WOW. I rode in the 4th row & all I can say is HOLY #%$! The Airtime, the speed, the first drop. Omg. This ride is WORLD CLASS!!! Here is my experience of the ride. - The lift hill is really fast & got me by surprise how fast it actually was - The first drop is amazing! Would definitely love to ride further back to see how intense it is in the back few rows - The first Airtime hill is awesome! Heaps of airtime (more than I was expecting) - The NIL is crazy & twisty. Also a good pop of airtime! - Stengel dive, probably one of the weakest parts of the ride but still good fun. - The Dive Turn was awesome, so intense! - S-Bend was super fast & the change of direction is awesome. (Similar to Jet Rescue) - The small airtime hill was good. Not a huge amount of airtime but still good! - Helix was super intense & you can definetly feel the G's!!! - The bunny hills got me by surprise, especially the first one!! I think the first bunny hill offers one of the most insane airtime moments I've ever experienced! Was going to go for a 2nd ride however the line was very long at this point & they were only running 1 train. This ride is absolutely incredible & is a great addition for Movieworld & Australia!! I honestly feel like this is one of the best roller coasters in the world. I'm not gonna say you have to ride this but ..YOU NEED TO RIDE THIS!!! To finish off here are a few photos I took on my phone.
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    This review and experience is purely based on the soft opening on 16 September 2017. (No photos as there's plenty of time for those later) Front Row: While the back row is great, and more on that later, nothing IMO will beat the experience of riding this hypercoaster in the front row. Not only do you get the unobstructed views of everything, but you get the full eye watering force of the wind in your face and a good look at the track and theming on the train. Rating: 10/10 - Would definitely do again given the chance. Backwards: 100% worth the money. The forces seem a decent amount stronger when riding backwards. It's $10 for a backwards seat. I spent $30 on day one. Would have been a lot more if there were more hours in the day. Going up the lift hill, and throughout a lot of the ride, the only thing holding you down is the OTSR. That's an incredible feeling I haven't experienced on anything other than a flying coaster before. Rating: 10/10 - Time to start saving. Theming: There's not much, which is as expected, but what's there is good. Much like the coaster itself, it's big and it's bold and bright. In saying that, it would have been nicer to see something similar to what's in the DC Villains area. For me, there was also a couple of things with the theming I didn't like. Firstly, and this is very little so doesn't detract from my overall opinion of the ride, the DC Rivals sign just to the left of the queue. The sign itself is nice and will make great photos, but whatever cleaning product they used on day one left it all covered in white streaks. They're going to need stainless steel cleaner or something less streaky. The other things I would have liked (which I have docked a couple of points for) would have been something on the ceiling of the station. Ideally that would be themed hero/villain mannequins hanging in fighting poses. If not that, even just a nice coloured ceiling. Just something other than a plain ceiling really. Finally, the positioning of the test seat. Why put it part way through the queue when you can almost guarantee for the next several months the queue will snake out long past the test seat and back towards the GL queue if not further. There's plenty of space back in the entry area/courtyard. Rating: 8/10 - It's almost there, but just missing that last little kick which would make it great, and the test chair is in a stupid spot. Load/Unload: Maybe it was because it was day 1 and everyone was really keen to be involved, but the loading and unloading procedures were some of the best I've seen at an Australian park. The next bunch of guests would be staged at the gates before the train made it back to the station, even when they were running two trains. Everyone was in and out very quickly and there was no waiting for the last ride to clear the station before opening the air gates. The item drop is well positioned and works well. I have high hopes of this procedure and speed staying for quite some time given that the ride will be popular for years and they'll want to push through as many people as they can so the lines don't get too long. I really hope we don't hit off season and see them drop back to 3 ride ops (1x Control, 2x platform). Rating: 10/10 - Let's hope it stays that way. Staff: Huge credit to the opening day crew. They were super friendly, happy and genuinely looked to be enjoying their jobs and excited to be working on the ride. They were always smiling and chatting with guests and they really helped add to the excitement and atmosphere of the opening. Rating: 10/10 - Excellent staff. Ride Experience: The ride just does not let up from start to finish. There's constant speed, thrills, airtime and excitement. You do get thrown around a decent amount, but the seats are comfy and there doesn't really seem to be any violent head banging or anything. The ride is incredibly smooth and silent. I've never been on a coaster this close to construction before so I don't know if this is fairly standard for coasters or if this is really something special. Will be interesting to see how it ages over the next few years. Rating: 10/10 - Would ride again. Overall: There is nothing in Australia that's going to beat this for a very long time, if ever. I can't personally see Dreamworld investing in anything that comes even close to this and it doesn't make sense for VRTP to invest in something this large to compete with themselves for a good decade or more. This is truly hands down the best coaster in Australia and in my opinion would rank very highly among the worlds' top coasters. Rating: 9.6/10 - I don't care if the math doesn't work. It's not a perfect score because of the theming and the test seat position. The ride itself though would get a 10/10. Personal Top 3: Tatsu (SFMM), Rivals (WBMW), Ghostrider (KBF). While Rivals is an excellent coaster, for me there's just something unique about flying coasters that can't be beaten.
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    Just had my first go on the ride and let me tell you it is literally the best ride I have ever been on It was in front row as well and I was lucky to be the chosen 10 to go on the ride as well
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    Have been at the park since 9am. Got my first ride on rivals at around 3pm after it opened. 4th ride of the day. Also finished up on the very last ride of the day in the front row about 5:20pm or so. There's not even words that can describe the coaster. Back is worth the money through.
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    WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW Just had my first ride on it, and it was incredible. Exceeded my expectations. The air time, the forces, the speed. Wow. What a coaster it is. World class. Not a dull moment throughout, and the surprise airtime for longer than you expect is awesome. What a weird feeling the NIL provides. And the close calls as you move throughout the track is awesome. Wait for about 45 minutes in single rider queue, while normal queue was about the same time. Loading and unloading was very efficient. Well done MW. Now for an update: The road has reopened, and finishing touches being made throughout the area And the poles for the shading have now been installed, just the sails to go
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    Nearmpa update from August 28 And here is a photoshopped, higher quality image of the whole area
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    WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW As you can see, the cranes are already dismantled, and are living the carpark right now.
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    I finally decided to head home after being around since 6:30pm, watching them install the 3 remaining support beams. The head touched down on top around 11:15pm. Was hoping to stick around until the head had been attached and lit up for the first time to see it all working and complete. I left around 2:30am when they seemed to be having issues with(or just generally taking a long time) to attach the back left hand side support to the head itself with multiple trips to the ground and back. And also back and forth between each end of the support itself. I was going stick around until 3am at the latest to see it all lit up but when they still hadn't moved to connect the right hand side support I decided to call it a night knowing they wouldn't be done by 3am. I'll have some photos(If I have any better ones than I have already shared. They are horrible. I know.) I will share later tonight. Been a long 8 hours. 😴
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    Here's a video I cobbled together in iMovie of the various angles I got video of on Sunday.
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    I know this is not a video but I really enjoyed the Bermuda Triangle so thought i would post the on ride photo you could buy. At a guess i would say this is around 1995-96. Yes i am the one going crazy for the camera, not sure why we do bizarre things when we we're young. If you zoom in on the photo it gives you all the ride stats you need to know.
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    Okay so here are some non phone images as promised but probably still horrible and equally as out of focus.
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    @CamBrown That stuff was on the lift hill. Final light test before they lifted it up.
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    Credit to Themeparks_on_the_gc for allowing me to share this You can see as well the gap in the billboard has been fixed
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    Seeing this unanimous and overwhelming praise is so heartwarming. This is the kind of emotion and excitement which explains why I'm so deeply interested in rollercoasters. I truly hope to make my way across the world to ride it someday <3
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    Since the ride is no longer under construction, this topic has now finished. It's been a pleasure spending the last 215 pages (including deleted posts) with you!
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    Want to ask if it's operating today? This is the place... no guarantees you'll get an answer though. If you are at Movie World and can report that it's running, delayed, temporarily closed, how long the queue is or if it's one or two train operation then please share... even if no one asks.
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    Just a quick one... this is a SOFT open guys... don't go running down there tomorrow on the assumption that "it most likely will be open" to avoid disappointment. Go as if it's most likely closed and you MIGHT get a surprise.
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    Whoever took those drone shots is a fucking idiot.
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    Staff of Movie World are riding the hypercoaster tonight. I think this is a very strong indication that their going to soft open tommorow.
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    Once the mountain is gone they are going to put a koala enclosure within the ride's footprint.
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    Green Lantern would have been a much better example, just saying...
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    1. General Public - no benefits/early access for passholders (as of right now) 2. You enter the queue to the left of the large rival fight scene, go around to the right and you reach the queue split (there is a test seat here) - General Admission goes off to the left through all of the scenes while Fast Track, Reverse Seating and Single Riders go off to the right. 3. Yes, all but one of the comic book scenes are visible from the Fast Track/Single/Backwards queue area. 4. There is some very 'typical' fight-style music playing in the queue and station. (I don't know how else to explain it) 5. Hope not 6. Dispatches are somewhat typical for our parks. Not the fastest but they're certainly not slow either. (Staff on today were amazing-interacting with guests, just generally excited) 7. Can't answer this for sure but I am sure Mack officials will be on standby for the next few weeks until the ride is fully worn in. 8. Just at the queue entrance. Can't miss it -they've got a bright fuschia sign for it and a few staff there. (however I'm sure this will be moved to the Photo/Video/Fast Track booth at the front during offpeak) 9. I'm sure they could've designed some large 360 degree interactive for the queue, however, with the current scenes there's no way they could comfortably fit something in without it looking out of place or like an afterthought. 10. Not me, already ridden it 6 times --- Row 10, Left seat (direction of travel) is easily the best seat on the ride; and Rivals beats out Twisted Colossus taking top spot as my favourite coaster. -- To answer some other questions: Currently only running one train. Backwards seating is $10 and operates on a return-time system. Loose item storage is available at the load platform [Enough space for small items like coins up to a fairly large backpack]
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    And because why not, Here's a shot of the train with some very happy guests going up
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    To me it still feels like they are aiming for a soft opening tomorrow 🤔 The reason I think it will soft open tomorrow is because they have just worked all through the night to get the joker head up. If the plans was to soft open on Saturday, you would think that yesterday they made the decision to stay on site & wait for the best time to lift it up, rather than risk it & try to do it today. The only other reason why I think they lifted it up last night was because they only had the cranes booked in to use it on Thursday & they had to be somewhere else by today.
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    Been at MW for the last 4 hours. Got kicked out even though we were fine where we were after talking to other staff. Best photos I've been able to get unfortunately and phone is about to die. Joker head is vertical and has been for the past 45mins but no sign of movement yet.
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    With the mountain being removed, it will be interesting how the track looks. I never got to go on the ride, so to be able to see it all exposed should be cool
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    @Reanimated35 I'm not going to MW today. I'm at work today. Will provide updates throughout the day.
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    Which park should a want to be man visit???????????????? MOVIE WORLD DREAMWORLD
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    good now they have one of the worlds best roller coasters lets now focus the future to a worlds best family friendly attraction like a new looney tunes river ride REPLACEMENT
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    Rivals Better than sex and last longer too.
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    DW had too many open and operating rides so they had to close Vintage Cars again. Can't have too many of their rides running at once, that might cost money.
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    I thought I'd revive this thread as the topic has become relevant again. The opening of the incredible DC Rivals HyperCoaster is imminent and I have just one question: WHERE IS THE MARKETING AND WHY HASN'T MOVIE WORLD UPGRADED THEIR MAIN WEBSITE? I used all caps to express how horrified I am. It makes no sense to me that Parkz is marketing this ride better than the park itself. When I visit these forums I am instantly hit with a full main page graphic promo for DC Rivals, which is the way it should be, but when I visit Movie World's tired and dated website there is almost nothing. Certainly nothing that fits a ride of this magnitude. The attraction should be a whole page takeover, similar to Parkz. American theme parks make sure you know a new attraction is opening, even when it is relatively minor. I know MW invested in a separate DC Rivals website, but no one would even have known it existed if it hadn't been for the user who discovered it on these forums. I know they created a TVC for the ride, but it barely shows the magnitude of the coaster itself. And where is the TVC playing? Just to GC locals? The whole of Australia needs to be made aware this major new attraction exists, or MW won't see the justified bump in attendance. People need to know it's there! Step up, Movie World. You've built potentially the best ride this country has seen but people need to know about it.
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    They didn't and they're breaking a shit ton of CASA regs in the process. Dumb crap like this gives guys like me who follow the rules a bad name.
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    We've got the first precinct, I'm so excited for this one!
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    The head is now atop the coaster but unfortunately we don't have any photos to share. This is one amazing theming element!
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    If the crane is being set up, that should mean any day now we'll see movie world's biggest erection getting head.
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    Im still counting on a wooden giga dive coaster themed to dippin' dots. Would be a fantastic investment, and please many of the members in the Parkz community.
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