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    Really? If Dreamworld were to build one of these, we would all be appropriately impressed. It’s not DC Rivals but it looks like a damn fine coaster that would go a long way to restoring Dreamworld’s reputation as a thrill destination. I for one , would certainly welcome it and I suspect I wouldn’t be alone in that feeling.
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    And here is the first official POV video for anyone that is interested. The ride is now officially open. World's tallest inversion (197 feet) 220 ft lift hill (are we calling this one a Hyper?) 9 inversions - the most in North America Top Speed of 75mph (120kph) S&S have purchased Vekoma. Steel Curtain and Maxx Force are the first two major custom designs they've introduced. Should an Australian park look at getting a new S&S design?
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    One of our parks has gone for a "new" S&S design in the past so I am not sure our parks will go for one based on the history of that. Maybe they'd consider something from the Vekoma side of things.
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    Here is a link to an article on the SMH website that shows rare photos of Sydney's former amusement parks such as Wonderland , Manly Fun Pier, White City, Mt Druitt Waterworks and many more. If your like me and love the history of Australian theme parks then this is a blast. The link doesnt appear to be behind a paywall and the article will not copy with all the photos. Enjoy. https://www.smh.com.au/national/nsw/sydneys-forgotten-theme-parks-20190713-h1g6y1.html?utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook&fbclid=IwAR1bZMqiBgLgYborCoBHRvIEZTGBVv-oXM03INXq44KqrIZZLKrb40HaIrg#Echobox=1562994604 Also, if any of you haven't seen this book or don't have a copy, then check out the Australian Coaster Club Facebook page where you can get copies of The Story of Australian Roller Coasters available for $20 plus P & H ( Thats a bargain!!) I can attest to this being a great read and it has very accurate info and some very rare photos indeed!! It is very thorough in its examination of the story of Roller Coasters in Australia. It is perhaps the only book I know of that focuses solely on Australian coasters and its history and is a must have for any enthusiast! Australian Coaster Club January 14 · Have some copies of our book, The Story of Australian Roller Coasters available. The Story of Australian Roller Coasters looks at the history of Roller Coasters in Australia, New Zealand and around the world. Including many from the 19th Century. Includes many great photos. Anyone who would like copy ($20.00plus P&H) message us and only happy to sell you a copy. Australian Coaster Club Travel Company
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    Schnitzel is what you order when you can't afford a parmagania.
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    This looks fricken awesome and those first 2 loops... Wow! Absolutely, @Jobe something like this would be a most welcome addition to DW - surely even they could do a better job at the themeing/landscaping than Kennywood.
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    It's just better quality food. Quite honestly the quality of even the burgers and fries at the existing outlets is poor. Also, I don't know what makes you think I'd complain if it took 30 minutes for my meal to be served (which I've never experienced at Schnitz) but personally I value the quality of my food more than the speed of service. I guess you just jumped to another wild and pointless conclusion, for no reason, based on nothing, as usual. I know good value and good quality dining is possible at theme parks because I've experienced it. Just not in Australia.
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    @Tim Dasco and I returned to the park, today. We had been planning a visit, but the park did a construction update on Friday showing the slide tower had gone vertical. Other changes we noticed included: a new season pass holder entryway, the doors have changed location on the Iguana Cafe and a fence has been removed around the back of the park which actually allows us better vision of the construction(that was nice). They have a Lego Hunt on at the moment, and we discovered zero bricks. The park was empty when we arrived there just after 10 and was quite busy by lunchtime.
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    Total project, rounded up with marketing launch costs/management time costs factored in. Everything bar the kitchen sink pretty much.
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    Mcdonalds is not a restaurant. You can get that without building a new restaurant. Adding some cheaper options to an existing outlet menu like $10.00 for a schnitzel & chips makes more sense than your idea. All you are doing is adding more outlay to MW.
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    honustly im disappointed because as a child I loved going on the splash out with my family never and it was one of many of the first rides there my antsy remembers when she first went there and the newest thing was the slide and she said she loved it and she still dose to this day she is going to be so sad to find out this news. When I found out I actually cried because it's am awsome ride in my opinion I state we should leave it how it is we all hate wating ik long lines for things true ?? Everyone can agree with me on that and building something like this will just attract more people and it's damaging our environment more than all the chlorine that's already in that ground area. And not to meantion it's a wage of money like what is it 7 MILLION dollars we would get more ppl coming to us and coining to our grounds if we out the money to good use such as helping the poor or the ones in need. The people who are loosing loved ones. Overall I think it's a bad idea.
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    I'm basically famous now.
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    Here’s the first construction update since it’s announcement: There was some activity happening on the eastern side of the land, with some large machinery a lot of shipping containers on site All the trees have now been removed from the land where The Vortex will be and the creatures will be removed very soon. Sky Flyer is closed for maintenance, so the entire COTD area is closed off With JR also closed right now for maintenance, access through this area of the park is restricted, but I’m thinking (based off the concept artwork), we will see this bridge finally go and the pathway issues in this area resolved
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    Isn't @Gazza literally doing that right now?
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    It's the sort of food outlet I believe would work well in a theme park. I have a feeling that a silver service a la carte restaurant might not be quite what most guests at Movie World are looking for. Again though, I might be wrong. If I am then I hope people enjoy their lobsters and champagne after watching the "stuntless show" and riding the no-scooby not so spooky coaster.
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    Oh, you've toured the facilities? And you're familiar with commercial kitchens, and how they're set up, and run? Why on earth do you think they use the stars kitchen, if they have these wonderful facilities at AOS? I've worked in large scale hotels with banquets departments, and usually, there is one large kitchen for all the bulk mise en plus and pre-cooking. Event spaces usually transport the already prepared food in bulk, and it is either reheated or kept warm, and then plated en masse. While i've not personally toured AOS back of house kitchen facilities, and can only go from what i've been told, I don't believe AOS can stand on it's own without the stars kitchen, unless additional facilities are added. What about food for Ricks? should they close Ricks when the kitchen staff are preparing food for functions? Honestly you've no clue, do you? How you ever managed a business is beyond me.
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    On a very slightly different note, I've been thinking lately that the building at the front of Movie World (was Stars Bar, and more recently a discount merchandise shop) would be fantastic if they lease it to a good quality, reasonably priced restaurant franchise. One of my favorites which I think would be very popular with guests is Schnitz (a good range of schnitzels with chips or salad). Something like that would actually persuade me to have lunch at the park quite often. I'm sure I'm not the only one! Currently the dining options are limited and not all that tempting when compared to what's available outside the park. The building is sitting there unused, so what's to lose by giving this a shot?
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    The whole kids area needs to be replaced. For such a great theme park its such a shit area.
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    Honestly - it's over 20 years old (i think it went in mid-late 90's?) - it's definitely getting on in years - and good riddance if it closes - leg room for adults accompanying kids is limited!
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    A--Lexi-B Superman Lockers have been FOC for some time now, just sayin😋
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    To be honest, that's a better look there, than in a turn of the century main street.
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    At least wait until they add the theming.
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    Not helping my decision to renew my pass by today.
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    We must be thinking of different rides Push, AA’s theming is not movie like nor an immersive experience. The park had many better themed and immersive rides than it.
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