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    In this new ad for the One Pass, there’s a sneak peak of the SDSC disco room. If that’s what it will be like, that is awesome 🙌🏻
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    Angus Hutchins Former Ardent Safety Manager No longer working at the park. Mr Hutchins states that when he started in the company, there was only 1 safety system in place to keep track of all safety related documents. Me Hutchins states that historical safety data wasn’t uploaded to safety systems, only new safety data would go into the database. Mr Hutchins only became aware of the 2001 incident on TRR when his solicitor showed him the incident report, in late 2017. Mr Hutchins states that annual holistic maintenance was thrown between the safety and maintenance departments as both departments thought the other was in charge of it. JAK an external auditing company was then approached to complete this maintenance. Mr Hutchins states that there was a lot confusion about which departments were responsible for what. Departments would often assume other departments would be in charge of something that they weren’t. Mr Hutchins mentioned that when Bob Tan (head of engineering) came into his role, he often wouldn’t be questioned when he made decisions as he was known as the “yoda” of that role. Also, in regards to Dreamworld and the documents issue. It was requested during the last hearing that those documents be provided well before this hearing started after the delays caused with the last hearing. DW ignored that and submitted all the documents at the very last minute again. Mr Hutchins was well aware of the issue where Dreamworld safety teams were working reactively no proactively and were heavily under resourced. Mr Hutchins had brought it to the attention of previous CEO’s including Craig Davidson. Mr Davidson agreed with Mr Hutchins but no extra resources were provided. After the incident, 4 new staff members were brought in to help with the workload in that role. After Mr Tan finished his role within the park, all of his duties were handed to the safety department. Mr Tan’s duties included registering, inspecting and paying for the registration of plant equipment. Prior to this, Mr Tan undertook all plant inspections and registrations. After Mr Tan finished at the park, Chris Deaves then started looking for a replacement for that role, it took months before the role was filled. Mr Hutchins states that it took so long to find a replacement as they were looking for a suitably qualified and insured engineer. Mr Hutchins was aware that the ride was not registered from January 2016 until the incident in August 2016 but allowed the ride to continue to operate. Mr Hutchins believed that the systems in place would take care of maintenance instead of sending out a maintenance staff member to check what maintenance was needed.
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    You only have to look at Shanghai Pirates to see what’s next... the use of various technical effect mediums to enhance a physical ride experience. Universal are pushing the limits of technology and honestly the results suck! There is nothing immersive about being parked in front of a projection with 3D glasses no matter how clever. An amazing automated, animatronic experience in a practical set will always be far superior to any techno gadgetry. The technological development is in the delivery of audiences through that environment and the realism and reliability of those ‘sets’ IMO
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    Wipeout experienced problems all day before 4 maintenace people came to work on it. New signage RIP is still untouched These slides are still in terrible condition Sky Voyager Update This kids ride is back together after being deconstructed TOT 2 Test Run
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    There’s actually a Sally ride (Tutankhamun) that unlocks a hidden ride path depending on score so it is completely doable and a very cool idea.
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    Heres a slightly better mock up of my idea, obviously the right side would have to be done as well to keep it symmetrical. I don’t it would cost too much to implement and I think it makes a big difference.
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    Both of you have thoughts which are wrong, however you are welcome to continue to be wrong. Have a blissful day!
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    Noticed a new TV commercial this afternoon advertising the Village Roadshow Passes which mentioned a new Aquaman Exhibition coming to Movie World in December. I wonder if it will be a studio soundstage tour, similar to the Narnia exhibition, or whether it will be housed somewhere in the park itself. from the website: Dive into the underwater world of Aquaman this December! Go behind the scenes of the block buster motion picture then explore amazingly crafted set pieces and beautifully elaborate props that brought the film to life! The Aquaman Exhibition is coming soon exclusively to Warner Bros. Movie World for the very first time.
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    Technology timeline: Before 1000's - Cinema (Began as Chinese 'trotting horse lamps' and over time, evolved to the cinema we know today) 1910's - 3D 1940's - Hologram (Began in usage of electron microscopes) 1960's - Virtual reality & projection mapping 1970's - IMAX 1980's - 4D (This includes 7D) Most 'new' theme park technology has been around for a while - they've just improved over time or gone through different periods of popularity. The ones between 1960 & 1990 were all introduced to the world in a theme park or it's predecessors. The ones prior to 1960 weren't originally created for theme parks or their predecessors but were later introduced in theme parks. Based on what I wrote above, it seems likely that most future theme park technology will be introduced in a theme park-like environment first anyway. But in terms of what could change theme parks next, this article released this month in IAAPA's Funworld Magazine, details future technological changes in theme parks (such as projection mapping, which is gaining attention with Australian theme park enthusiasts due to it's introduction in Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster: Next Generation). The article focuses on 3 technologies: Unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) - 1840's (Began as incendiary balloons but over time, evolved to the 'drones' we know today) Projection mapping - 1960's Fireworks - 800's (Also very likely had it's debut in a predecessor of theme parks) Probably the most 'new' implementation of technology in the article is the use of unmanned aerial vehicles in Puy du Fou's Cinéscénie: Unmanned aerial vehicles have already been used for entertainment in Australia but not in theme parks (yet) except for marketing purposes: You can imagine a show similar to the one above at night time theme park experiences such as Park After Dark or Carnivale but using the Cinéscénie example, imagine the possibilities of unmanned aerial vehicles at night-time theme park events such as Fright Nights & White Christmas! It would utilize the theme park's airspace for more than just fireworks and flying foxes. For a DC Comics/MW example, imagine the night the Bat-signal appears seemingly above Arkham Asylum: Shock Therapy for the 1st time.
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    Next level ride idea - that likely only Disney could pull off. Mine cart/wild mouse style ride, crossed with a Midway Mania style interactive shooter that has altered sequences and ride courses based on outcomes. Ie. Using SDSC as a base layout for illustration purposes. Cart would go through the initial section with a few stops for theme relevant interactive shooting elements. Based on the score received to this point determines which level you move up to in the elevator - there would be 2 completely different track courses and experiences based on your score to that point, You could even have a third level and track which requires a “perfect” score to reach. Almost like a “choose your own adventure” ride. Ultimate in interactivity, would encourage repeat riding like no other ride has in the past.
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    The SDA Christmas Party was held at Movie World last night. I had a friend there, she sent me this photo from inside.
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    IT’S OFFICAL https://seaworld.com.au/attractions/rides-and-precincts/sky-flyer Coming this December and 33 metres tall. And it’s simply called SkyFlyer
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    In other news, something @pushbutton may consider to relocate to New South Wales... (one can hope) https://sydneysentinel.com/2017/04/11/sydney-light-rail-to-be-demolished-monorail-to-return/ Plans for a 500km monorail...
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    That'd be a 'spire'. It's sad to see that tree go - i'm pretty sure that was an original planting, and was one of the last ones around the park. I hope the only reason for removal was that it was diseased \ dangerous \ causing structural problems. if its been removed for aesthetics, or to throw in a fast pass booth or something i'd be pissed.
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    Looks silly. Hopefully whatever replaces it looks good.
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    You don't normally remove a tree for the fun of it, especially one that big. A fair bit of money to do that, it was probably dying or causing structural damage.
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    It's set up inside the old loony toons stage show, sound stage. I'm assuming the entrance will either be in the Doomsday Precinct or down closer to WWF where the regular entrance is when it's used as a maze for FN.
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    I was at the SDA party last night, I can't tell you how tempted I was to jump the temporary barrier. There was even a table there to launch myself over it.
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    I think they need to decide if they want to be fully immersive like Universal attractions are, or if they want to hold onto the Movie Studio identity and let it look like a sound stage.
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    Which is literally the nicest thing that can be said about it; it's at least something. I'll also say the 120cm height requirement is reasonable too, but yeah placement is horrible it's uninspired, cheap, and to be honest, just lazy.
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    err.... you're on a movie set?
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    They need to do something because the tree did hide a very unattractive wall.
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