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    It's a shame that the current norm for Australian theme parks when talking about something that is less than positive is to just go hush-hush. Village is guilty of doing the exact same thing after they demolished the interior of Scooby Doo and a large number of guests were left confused and frustrated. When I visited in the peak season last year, I don't think I saw anybody come off that attraction looking satisfied. Our theme parks need more transparency. They're worried that they'll be giving us ammunition to attack the parks, but all we want to know is what on earth is going on. Radio silence isn't an option in this day and age.
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    Where's Sky Voyager? Dreamworld's biggest ride in 20 years is nowhere to be seen It has been heralded as a major component of Dreamworld's turnaround strategy. But with 2018 behind us and the peak holiday season drawing to a close, there's still no Sky Voyager. Click here to continue reading
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    Today I was at my church and helped cleaning out our vacation care room. While we were going through old files we found a box with paperwork all the back from 1995-2000. As we went through I found these wonderland tickets I asked if I could take them and here they are.
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    If you would like you can go through old topics and see me confirming shockwave would be a disko coaster even though people called me a liar, god go back to the roller-coaster.net.au confirming MDMC was an Intamin. Shit go way back before WWW I was at blue lagoon and announced the rumoured plans for 3 different parks in the early 2000's. I am not a dylan or an Andrew H I have a proven rep here and you cannsee that in past posts from www worker and www worker 2.0. So please take your thumb out your arse and stop being such a dick. I said expect soft openings next week aka this week that post was made January 5th go back too your camera.
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    I believe it is commonly known as "Dreamworld"
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    No one has ridden, it’s not been signed off by WPHS yet.
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    Show looks great thanks for sharing!! Now why can't they get Scooby looking half this good?
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    The positioning of the Flying Carousel has been confirmed by Brad Loxley, the Senior Amusement Park Manager, and that is on he old Flying saucer site. Of course, that was well over 12 months ago but I dont think that plans have changed in that period of time. In reality, I dont think you could get a better site than this for this type of ride- the elevated position of the ride will give it an extra thrill factor as the ride rotates and swings out across the Midway. Will look fabulous!! In other news Brad Loxley, the aforementioned senior rides manager at Luna Park, has left the park to take up a position in Vietnam's Sun World. This is a huge loss for the park as Brad had worked at the park for well over 20 years and is well respected in the industry. I had managed to strike up an excellent relationship with Brad over the years and conversed on quite a number of subjects relating to the park, he was nothing but a consummate professional and his love for Luna Park was great to see. Luna Park is now looking for a senior Manager to fill his shoes!!! Anyone on these pages care to apply?? https://www.ausleisure.com.au/news/brad-loxley-to-depart-luna-park-sydney-after-20-years-to-join-vietnams-sun-world Its great to see an Australian do extremely well in the industry!! Good luck Brad, we wish you all the best from the forums here at Parkz.
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    Got to ride today, while its not soarin it's the best thing to happen to DW for a long time.
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    The wait to get in... F30D68AE-5677-43F8-AA73-52C5206D5CB9.MOV And they’re open...
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    A reminder of what the food options used to be once upon a time - Seafood Boil-Up Seafood Chowder Cobb Meat or Seafood Po Boys Gumbo Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Jalepenos BBQ Chicken Wings Orleans Dog Pulled Pork Roll Slow Cooked Ribs Jambalaya Buffalo Chicken Wings Millionaire's Bacon Key Lime/Pecan Pie
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    Summed up beautifully in one pic how half arsed this all is. Old MW parade float randomly placed in a garden bed, with an A Frame still up advertising when the dolphin shows were on during the day.
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    Visited on Friday, same event as last year essentially. Food remains poor in comparison to Movie World's. Have to agree that Aqua-colour remains the highlight, but not worth visiting without inclusion in the One Pass. ,
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    I rode last Friday, no fog no lasers at all. Took a friend on it for the first time since the refurb... and well, he just laughed at the piss poor attempt in the warehouse and the animation...
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    I don't think @Www worker 3.0 has ever led us too far astray in the past, I believe that they've ridden it. As to the soft opening, they've got you there. But things get delayed too.
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    Why not just wait till you really can ride it, and then post your thoughts on the experience? Surely that's a lot more worthwhile than making stuff up isn't it?
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    Disappointing. Not sure why they are struggling with something as simple as Lasers (or lack thereof)
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    Closed due to a water pump issue -
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    I think this where the Flying Carousel is actually supposed to go.
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    If you want to discuss the specific maintenance of a particular attraction, feel free to start a new topic.
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    Expedition Themepark recently did a local episode.
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    Just to clarify this point, which has been reported as a major bone of contention by the said North Sydney Councillor, Ian Mutton. Ride installs under the new legisaltion on Lavender Green are NOT going to be permitted. The only way that Luna Park can change this is to go through the normal DA process and have any addition or change to this area subject to the findings and auspices of said process. That would mean that any resident objection would be met and listened to. This is detailed in the DPE public information e-mail that was sent as part of the annoucement of the changes pertaining to Luna Park, as outlined below. Looking forward to the construction of the new Flying Carousel- perhaps @19Michael96 will be able to keep us regularly updated as to the ride installs progress from when it begins? Very positive times for LPS- cannot wait to see what they have in store for us- of which I am reliably told will be of an excellent quality. For now this month brings visits for me to Luna Park Melbourne, Fun Fields and Adventure Park. Looking forward to doing some trip reports and photos of these Victorian parks not often mentioned on these boards.
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    For those curious - there's a rebuttal piece going up today that debunks a lot of the activist's misconceptions.
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