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    I thought I'd start a seperate forum for Leviathan specific construction updates, so that we can easily follow the coaster in one place. This was my first time seeing the vertical construction progress, so I took my big camera lens to the park to get some close up shot of the construction Overview: Close ups: Despite the coaster not yet reaching it max height, it can already be seen for a lot of different points across the park
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    some handrails and track support starting to go in. I’d zoom more but only got my phone
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    I finally took my big camera lens to the park today so I could go some close ups of Vortex now that it is complete and there are a few details we haven't yet noticed There is a sign on the right side of this wall (the one with the ride logo), most likely the rides name There are some thematic elements carved into the walls There are a couple fish and squid in the bottom left corner. And a bit of a closer look at the restraints I hope these Tvs play something in relation to the ride, rather than generic VRTP ads. But I think a mural or more thematic elements would have been much nicer for this large surface area. Technical stuff Hmmmmm I do really love these. I really hope they are covered up in some way once the whole area is complete The ride does seem to have some good bones and 'nice' thematic touches. But I really wish it had turned out how the original concept artwork showed. Less blue and more rock/stone work. That could have really made the queue area immersive.
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    If we are naming Australian icons associated with amusement parks, is there anything more iconic that Luna Park’s Sydney and Melbourne’s unique face entrances? I don’t think anything else is more recognised nationally or internationally than these 2 landmarks from each city. They certainly would be up there , in my estimation.
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    I'm just gonna send the crown out to be polished in time for @themagician's coronation. At this rate he's gonna have it by Christmas! Fountains don't reduce it @Rydah Hi
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    7 News Gold Coast. “not all rides will be open straight away” *insert stock footage of Wipeout* You Don't Say! 🤦🤦‍♀️
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    The wall to the left of the entrance has been painted
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    The arms have been removed from Doomsday and have been taken off site The work on the WWF entrance seems to be complete and they have rebuilt the cabin The Fun House is still closed and partition walls have been added. It isn't clear what they are there for No noticeable works happening on Sylvester’s Pounce’n’Bounce
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    Boots' Banana Boogie has returned Not much has changed on Jet Resue
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    Interestingly Tim Fisher is now at Cedar Fair and the they've introduced cheap passes which caused havoc at Cedar Point at the end of last season with over crowding. They're at the Q150 pass stage of the Tim Fisher cycle. You know what I think the biggest cost of the passes has been; it's made the parks not special. They used to be places you went once a year and it would be a huge event. Now it's a pop in for a couple hours on the way back from Brisbane. Thanks to the cheap prices, people treat the parks like their local trampoline center. I hope they stand by their word and keep the prices as high as possible for a bit. I wouldn't begrudge DW taking the discounted space in the market. One they need the advantage, and you could probably sustain 1 park on $99 passes, as opposed to sustaining 4 on $75 passes which Village were doing with the buy 3 get 1 free shit. Once they get their new coaster open, and if they get something else open the year after which should be on their list of things to do if they can afford it, up the price. It's all fairly simple really.
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    I think once upon a time that all of our parks were filled with real, genuine Australian can-do spirit and put passion and pride into doing big ideas on shoe-string budgets (and showing up the big players in the process.) There's that story of Lassiter's Mine costing 3 million and Disney Imagineering folks saying it would've costed 20 million. There's another similar story about Gum Tree Gully at Dreamworld. And then I think about rides like Bermuda Triangle and how cool the Pepper's Ghost effect was even as an adult and how so much of that ride would still hold up today. Same goes for Police Academy. Genuinely funny, really good stunts, brass-ring winning show. Same goes for Steam Trains. Super unique and a part of Australian history. Same goes for the Batman Ride - beautiful themed set pieces, awesome embark/disembark procedure into the simulator pods, totally mind-blowing stuff for kids. Really unique ideas executed well that are over-achievers in their own right. What happened? I think OH&S plays a part in some ways for sure, but as @joz eloquently painted the picture above, somehow all of our parks got into this epic death of creativity through a thousand cuts and two decades on it shows. Every park has big, obvious SBNO crap somewhere. Facades that have no place in the "themed land" they exist in. Unkempt gardens. Lacklustre theming. Just yikes all round. Take me back to an era where creatives created, not execs.
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    Holy Shit, the media didn't mention the tragedy. I am actually, genuinely shocked... mainly because the media are the worst! But then again, they did show rides that are no longer operating...
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    Link is broken, so here it is again https://www.facebook.com/840702249361798/posts/3250048885093777/?vh=e&extid=5VkmGnsl1CRSsYEn
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    @joz absolutely and they absolutely know more than me about dolphins. But if my general knowledge on the topic, that was the first thought that came to mind, and I’d like to think they considered all this before construction
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    Yeah SW know more than you about caring for dolphins. I mean even if you go with the perspective that SW are evil, and that it's all about money, then dolphins passing away early or being too stressed for interactive programs is bad for business. I agree the optics are bad, but it's just optics. SW simply aren't going to do something to jeopardize the health of its dolphins.
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    What was concerning to see is they have put dolphins back in the lagoon around Vortex. While the ride isn’t operating it’s okay, but I really hope they don’t keep them in there when the rides up and running. SW do great things for the marine world, but dolphins heavily rely on sound to communicate and manoeuvre, and Vortex will be producing a lot of sound. Will be a bit of a concerning decision if they’re kept in there
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    I don’t think there will be new trains because when it became Hot Wheels, it got new trains. I think it’s more that the train will get a new look to match the retheme
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    From an article in the GCB today about DWs opening this week.. “Construction of a new $32 million rollercoaster, reaching speeds of more than 100km/hr, will start next month with the attraction on track to open late next year.”
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    Mostly likely because they are waiting on a part to arrive from overseas
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    I would say the most iconic ride Australia has ever had was the Tower of Terror. It might of only had the world record because of a delay, but it is that it held that record is what is important. I think it is what put Australia on the map in terms of theme parks. DC Rivals might be too young to be called an icon, but it will definitely grow to become synonymous with the Australian theme park industry. I mean, one can argue it is already the star attraction.
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    To be fair Bermuda did a lot more than the gas line wrong with it. A lot of effects weren’t working too, but that’s because they were just left and never replaced. A major refurb of that ride would have been worth it
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