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    Park guests are all "but will it open later today?"
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    She will be back.
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    Nothing else has worked so it's time to play the distraction card. In a couple of years these newly highly trained staff will be unemployed.
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    Tim and I were at Adventure World, today. It was relatively busy as the forecast was in the low to mid 30s. The Kraken time board was reporting waits of 20 minutes and it was fairly close to the mark. Wait times for Abyss and Inferno were around 5 minutes. The queues for the waterslides were quite long, so we spent a bit of time in the pool and on some sun lounges. The animal area was quiet, although it does look like they’ve split the kangaroo mob in two, with the females and joeys in one half, so they can get them used to hand feeding. The only thing that really bugged me, today, was that the bar area was closed and we couldn’t eat up there, which meant there was limited seating for lunch. Otherwise Perth had perfect water park weather all weekend. I passed Kalamunda Water Park on Saturday and they seemed to be doing quite well too.
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    I’ve heard that the first subject covered at the Training Academy is how to print, laminate and display “attraction closed” signs
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    Head chopper anyone?
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    Hopefully it's just a quick removal of the ride rather than the whole area, would be nice for them to reuse the wave, shack/station and old surfboards that went missing a while back in the seating area. If you're not going to give us anything new then a reminder of what once was is better than nothing
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    You guys are being a little harsh. This is perhaps the first sign of the park even attempting to be proactive and implement something thats probably going to be recommended in the coroners findings, well before the state government bangs their drum about training standards. If it means the staff actually get a proper orientation and theres some form of competency based training thats actually delivered and signed off on, then it can only be a good thing.
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    Good to see them adding new seats.
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    What are you talking about? Pushback is his porn star name.
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    As much as i'm team HUSS TOP SPIN, this is still hard to see... Soo glad they spent all that money not long ago on new bearings etc. I'm literally done with that place, it's a never again for me unfortunately, nothing there for me to want to visit, and as much as I didn't rate the Wipeout as a ride, it was incredibly iconic, and fun to watch.. and the sounds from those engines will be missed :-(
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    Nothing paint can't fix. Sorry wrong sign.
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    I found this pretty funny, I’m sure it is somewhat frequent but I haven’t been to dreamworld in years. The GD ride cycle after mine has been stuck for 10 minutes so far. Engineers just rocked up, wonder how long this lone bloke will be up there. I’m honestly very jealous, I love these unique ride experiences. Update: it’s been 15 minutes. How many engineers does it take to get this lone bloke down, 6 so far. Update 2: after 20 minutes was Very slowly lowered down
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    If Ardent want to sue - they will be putting their reputation on trial. They're going to lose. As for suing enthusiasts for sharing memes on a niche board that they didn't even see the value in investing in - who would have seen it to have damaged their brand?
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    So, they've previously engaged a trainer and used a room onsite. They've now installed a sign over that room, rounded up some staff (in very cheap, thin shirts) and done a media release. Must have employed a former political media adviser.
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    Rocky Hollow log ride closed till further notice...
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    This looks to be at the train station no?
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    I have stress fractures at the moment and have a moon boot. All DW needed was 2 big moon boots aka over the top bracing...hahahaha
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    So will the Chill out zone open first or Sky Voyager ?
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