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    Since we're on the topic of Sea World, I actually got engaged there on Saturday! I did it as part of the snorkeling experience and had a bunch of the staff helping me out. They were super helpful and organised most of the logistics for me (getting a sign in the water, having the ring delivered in the pool, etc). Here's a sneaky picture of when everything was going down and she caught on to what was happening. I'm happy to chuck the full story and my planning up on here if anyone is interested.
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    Don’t worry, this is just one of many cycles built into the Wipeout. When it had it’s last refurb back in 2014, I was there during the first initial testing phase. This is the first and exact same cycle they tested on for days to wear the motors in and to manually test the arms and docking the gondola. Once they are satisfied with the motors capabilities and the way the gondola stops etc they will begin to change the cycle to more intense ones, I believe there are 5-7 cycles built into the ride. If you notice in this video, when it stops ready to do the double backflip, the left arm did not position itself correctly and was too high, therefore the double backflip didnt happen and the gearboxes didnt like it and failed to complete the double backflip with some groaning noises. Then at the very end the left arm did not stop where it was suppose too and went too far out and had to be manually positioned to the home position. With a new ride operating system, motors, gearboxes and many other parts it will take time for the system and parts to wear themselves in again and lots of testing. Keep an eye on the ride, cycles will change to more intense ones when they feel it is ready to handle the pressure, same as last time Feel free to speak to one of the engineers or mechanics floating around, they are always happy to discuss and tell you what’s going on.
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    Managed to get footage of the ride testing Does appear that the ride has new ride cycle in place (must say though, pretty disappointed in seeing that the ride doesn’t go upside down that much, hell looking at the footage again, I don’t even think it goes upside down) Apologies for them pesky fingers getting in the way!
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    Commission a reputable ride manufacturer to modify the existing boats? Commission all new boats? Rebuild sections of the course deemed troublesome? Replace the entire ride with a modern flume? The option that they settled on isn't just cheap and noticeably DIY, but also something that no other theme park has done.
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    Quick updates for now Just missed Wipeout doing a test run, seems to be running with no problems which is great to see Kevil is open till 21st and it’s hours are 10:30-5pm Checking on RHLR and PSFW now Main Route to Giant Drop/Corrobee/RHLR appears to be down but you can still access it? There we go pathway blocked down the stairs next to RHLR Work appears to be carried out on the flume channel near the lift hill on RHLR (didn’t get any good pics of this happening) PSFW
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    Just FYI the target market is the parents of really little kids, not the kids themselves.
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    @CaptainLazerGuns I'm glad my partner doesn't read this site. You make me look bad.
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    Disneyland don't always double fence. Temporary fence with doors and no signage. Same doors painted yellow from inside the site. Today
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    RHLR still doesn’t have lap bars.. this change has nothing to do with lap bars... Last time I checked having a roof doesn’t secure you inside the boat... that tells you this change has been made to somehow mitigate a rollover causing submergance of guests in the water. The chances of a rollover occurring on a log ride, therefore requiring a mitigating redundancy, is clearly illustrated by the complete lack of this feature in any other log ride in the world.
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    Rivals - it's not hype. It is that good. It's about the best fun I've had with pants on.
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    I believe the only way for Dreamworld to beat movieworld is to build the biggest and best roller coaster in Australia to knock Dc rivals away. It would be the third in the world. A Rocky Mountain construction, single rail coaster would be amazing, however the cost to build it would be massive.
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    That's awesome man! Congrats. Good on you.
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    How many DW projects are currently on the go? 5 How many projects did DW have ready for Christmas holidays? 0 Can somebody show me where in the history of DW a new ride or attraction has opened in Jan/Feb period. Something stinks at DW at the moment and it’s not the Koala droppings.
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    Can confirm from DW that the Wipeout has reopened
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    Wipeout has reopened! (according to the website anyway)
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    I think the biggest difference is Australian vs American Construction Law. Australia probably has some policies that say that you clearly need to state it's construction, etc.
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    Cheers @Adventures With JWorld - you da real MVP. I'm going to be blindly optimistic and hope it's not a real cycle they're going to have when it's open to guests, because if so, the lack of iconic Wipeout moments (the opposite twisting arms into an inversion & and the locked inversion into a free-spin) and just in general not going upside down at all will disappoint guests as much as Scooby's lack of theming does. This is an iconic super-flip model, not doing inversions just plain defeats the purpose of having it round (for those unaware of its history, I highly recommend this Park Vault article for more information.) If this is the best it can do with its retrofit, it should've been bulldozed.
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    Geezzzzz some of those noises add another factor of weirdness to this ride!!!!
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    I'll just leave this here.... Thoughts?
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    Dreamworld has already made it pretty clear that their intention, at least in the short to medium term, is not to compete with Movieworld on thrills and coasters. They are focusing on the family and experienced market. With Ardent’s long term involvement with DW far from certain, they won’t be dropping $40m+ on a coaster
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    You clearly don’t have kids @themeparkaddict and hopefully you’ve got more between your ears before you do... a small kids flat ride is not installed to have a massive impact on your attendance. It’s to offer a further attraction to a key demographic in the park, a demographic that DW well and truly offers more for than MW. It’s focusing on its strengths, that is its family/young kids offering - that is smart business. to say a ride is a waste of money because the target demographic is under “parental authority” laughs in the face of the majority of Disneyland
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    I'm a Dreamworld fan, but didn't really disagree with anything, it is what it is. Wipeout - yes it's working, but still nothing particularly positive to say about it. Ferris Wheel - admittedly lame, not really anything else you can say about it. Logride - still waiting, questionable looking logs - all true. But, there are still tigers!
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    Negative, negative, negative.... hey look over there, tigers!
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    Flynn wasn't accusing you of having someone else's opinion but was wanting to know why that's your opinion
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    It had been a very long time since I had visited Aussie World (20+ years!) so I decided to check out their Ride the Night event last night. In the way of rides, I knew it couldn’t compete with anything on the GC, but there were a couple of good attractions on offer. Gates opened at 5:45pm and I took that opportunity to walk around the park until the rides started at 6pm. I was surprised at how colourful the park was. Yes I’d seen their advertising and web-site but the park looked - and felt - really fresh and vibrant. It also still had some of that ‘carnival/funfair’ feel as there was different music playing at every turn - though the fact there was a local radio station set up there for the night might also have something to do with it. From 6pm I took on the Redback, Bug Run (counts as a coaster right?), Mayhem Maze, Space Shaker, The Wasp, Voyage Simulator, Mozzie Musta and Professor Bogglesworth’s Illusionarium. Dark Rebel and Ballroom Blitz were closed and they had to close The Plunge as it stopped while going up the lift hill and they had to evacuate the riders off of it. The Ferris Wheel ended up closing early too because of the storm. The staff all came across friendly and laid-back - although the ride operators seemed very young. There was some live entertainment during the night - a dj, dancing, fire twirling, plus fireworks at 9pm. There were a couple of staff members roving the park offering glow-in-the-dark body paint as well as one covered in glow-in-the-dark wrist bands that he gave out to guests during the night. Highlights of the night for me were the Illusionarium as well as the Mayhem Maze. The only way I can describe the Illusionarium is a maze of optical illusions and it was really good and a decent length. The Mayhem Maze was also surprisingly good in that the actors gave good frights!! If it was longer, it could give anything at MW’s Fright Nights a run for its money (IMO). Overall, what the park delivered on the night (and for a mere $25.50) it smashed my expectations. Not a park I could spend a lot of time in but perhaps that will change with what Aussie World has in plan for its future.
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    I was at Aussie World tonight for their ‘Ride the Night’. Took this photo while I was there - It was placed in between the go karts and The Wasp.
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    Well, if the 'audit people' said they had to do it like this, then Wild West Falls would have cages too. So would Aussie World's Log Ride.
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    I truly don't believe the show was amazing. The company SW engaged to do the show had all the tools and none of the knowhow of what makes a great show. When I walked through the gates and cast my eyes across the lakes and saw the setup spread across the lake, it got me generally excited to see the show. After seeing the show, I describe the show as random. 1. The show had no depth to it. 2. The song selection was poor. 3. The lights didn’t line up with the music 4. The lasers were underutilised. The water fountains didn’t do anything. The transitions between the songs were strange. The finale was more let’s chuck extra random stuff together to make it feel bigger still without using the lasers, lights, and water effects to their full potential. In the world we live in everybody gets a trophy for trying.
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    So made it to Carnivale tonight, I enjoyed it. I thought overall it was a vast improvement on last year due to the Aqua Colour light show. Not having seen vivid in Sydney or any such water show before - I thought it was amazing. Hopefully they build on that base for 2019 and make some changes to the food offerings which remained the same to last year. Certainly glad I found the secret to getting out of the car park easily - not parking in it. I parked in Phillip Park carpark literally opposite SW. We left our seats at the conclusion of Aquacolour at 8:45pm, and I was already merging onto the M1 from Smith St by 9:02pm. Given the “carpark full” signs were up by 6:15 - I imagine there are some poor souls still trying to get out...
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    Regrading towards if DW needs to build a roller coaster to compete with Rivals.. I personally think that DW going through the family market at the moment is a great idea imo Personally as much some people would like to see some friendly competition between DW and MW with thrills. I don’t want to see DW following MW’s shoes, I would like to see DW be diverse with their offering/attractions as possible than what MW have been in recent years as MW doesn’t appear to be showing strong interest with the family market atm. Sure, people these days are always looking for the biggest thrills but I feel like with the success that Rivals has brought, I think it’s safe to say we don’t really need to see any “major thrill ride” for maybe 5-10 years I personally think the I-Ride theatre will be a success for the park, the concept of it is fantastic and I strongly believe if they continue to build attractions that can appeal to everyone like this then my faith in the park will be skyrocketing through the roof.
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    While I did leave it open I guess with my background of photography and whatnot people would've assumed the context was the imagery itself. In saying that, they're not the only options, and putting a weird cage roof thing is not the only option either.
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    Even with your broad marketing experience Ben, I doubt you will be able to help them out on this one.
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    Good read! The log flume additions are extremely confusing to me. I'll need to ride it or see them operating with it to see what they're honestly trying to do. I feel the human element will be the real test of these frames as I can see teenagers swinging on them and using them to do stupid tricks. Also the pinching is going to be a hot topic of one star review mum's on TripAdvisor...
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    Should be renamed “Play School Wheel Discussion”
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    You could say the same about Marilyn, Gatsby, Willy Wonka and maybe even the old styled costume of Catwomen. Just because they don’t appeal to kids, doesn’t mean they won’t appeal to adults or remember and know how iconic these characters are
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    ^Nikki would be the best person to really thank, not me
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    It's pretty much this. I remember seeing construction zones backstage for the Frozen Ever After ride at EPCOT when I worked there. I didn't see what signs they had up exactly because I never had to go past that area (I could see them from the area I had to walk through to get to my break room), but I do recall seeing some signs on the fence that was at the entrance to the construction zone. All the access points will be from some backstage area.
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    Health and safety laws require that people on or near construction sites are warned of all hazardous activities taking place. Before any construction work begins, builders must ensure that an adequate number of general safety signs, depending on the size and complexity of the job site, are erected at the workplace. A work health and safety (WHS) management plan is also required. According to current health and safety laws, before work begins the builder (i.e. the principal contractor) must prepare a WHS management plan for any workplace where the value of construction work exceeds $250,000. These are Queensland laws and all states differ. Apparently, us Queenslanders need to be told a construction site can be dangerous.
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    Because ABC Kids world isn’t about family rides, it’s about toddler/kids rides (ie 2-10). MDMC doesn’t suit this demographic at all. The “BIG 9” doesn’t have to exclude family rides. Whilst MDMC wouldn’t be considered a thrill ride to me, it would be a an older child/young teenager
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    Here's a query in regards to all the "DANGER CONSTRUCTION SITE" signs - I might be wrong but when it comes to say Disney building things in their theme parks, there isn't these signs littered on the fences. What's the difference here?
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    That's re-assuring. Here's hoping you're on the money (especially with a name like @WipeoutDreamworldFan no less, hah.)
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    GD has had that 4 day maintenance period there was months now, even before the issues with the west side
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    I was just thinking, If the Vikings revenges replacement was going to be huge wouldn't of the starting Deconstructing the ride by now?? Its scheduled opening date is next year and nothings happens yet so...
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    I’m really hoping the event is called Park After Dark Cageworld All the rides have cages all installed for one night
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    Construction has resummed
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    Look I think the Aqua show is disappointing however it's a first try. I remember the first try at White Christmas. Now if they can expand on that proof of concept and creating something truely unique and spectacular next year it will no doubt be very impressive. You have to start somewhere. The food though they need to nail. The first 3 years it was 💯 amazing! You could not fault it. I would buy a ticket just for the opportunity to buy food. Last year was utterly shit (only words I have) and whilst better doesn't sound like they just went ''make it the same as Movie World." This is no place for ego and 'let them have a try at their own thing.' Simply get the MW chefs responsible for the amazing original implementation to bring that to Sea World. The company stopped that insane Tim Fisher crap of splitting the properties up a while back now so bring that amazing food back to the table literally.
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    Had the best year ever for Roller Coaster riding and Credits!! These were probably my favourite coaster experiences- but hard to choose!! When you go on a trip with 32 coasters to ride its a VERY good year!! 1) Mako ( Seaworld Orlando) So far the best coaster I have ridden period. Its an airtime monster. Brilliant and when I was there a walk on!! 2) Montu ( Busch Gardens Tampa) Best invert that I have experienced. Forceful and yet smooth- loved re-riding this coaster 3) Expedition Everest ( Disney's Animal Kingdom) The best that Disney has to offer. Brilliant theming and a great coaster from none other than Vekoma!! 4) Rock "N Roller Coaster ( Disney's Hollywood Studios) Excellent indoor launched coaster had quite a few surprises! 5) Space Mountain ( Walt Disney World) Great ride despite its age- really enjoyed this one and the rare behind seating of the trains 6) Cheetah Hunt ( Busch Gardens Tampa) Best family /thrill coaster we rode. Absolute joy to ride 7) Shiekra ( Busch Gardens Tampa) My first dive coaster and what a brilliant experience!!! 8) Manta ( Seaworld Orlando) First flying coaster and what a beauty!!! B& M goodness and delivers great forces! 9) Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts ( Universal Studios Orlando) The themeing on this is incredible and is what gets it on my list!! 10) Cobra's Curse ( Busch Gardens Tampa) Packed a punch well above its weight, very enjoyable family thrill coaster had a number of surprises!! Brilliant!!
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