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    Maybe they'll have their rides open.
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    Maybe unpopular opinion? not sure but I don't think the Castle does anything for SeaWorld and personally isn't nostalgic. Vikings was also pretty lame. Even as a kid I remembered I liked Dreamworlds better. I have no issue with them flattening the whole area and starting from scratch.
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    It would cost more to renovate most likely due to the insurance involved in an In House attraction, unless a manufacturer decides to take on the job and turn it into one of 'their' rides, which is super unlikely. That and the park has already announced the ride is permanently closed.
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    Does it really matter though?
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    Ride design is not intense, but the way it’s situated puts a lot of people off it. It is quite an intimidating looking ride, mostly because of the way guests view the ride.
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    I don't know when this icon was updated but they really need to change it. That isn't how gears work. Whats worse is they have an illustration of a correct layout next to the text No wonder they had issues with ToT and Wipeout...
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    Here's another shot that almost lines up perfectly with the others
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    9/11 is also their fault, oh and the collapse of Ansett
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    Your right. Without the interaction of Vikings, Burmuda, Train and Ski Lake the current setup of pathways makes zero sense.
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    Dreamworld ceased selling tickets immediately after closing. SkyPoint is back to selling tickets once again so I assume once we have a firm reopening date DW ticketing will also resume. VRTP have been good with their offer, extending it to existing pass holders even. It's smart as almost all the offers require an additional spend. Bring a friend to Carnival for free being the exception. Must redeem by July 15 with each offer having different expiry's/conditions.
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    @Naazon they have removed the maintenance link from the park information page. It’s now all under Ride information. They’ve probably just forgotten to remove it from else where on the website
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    Sea Crete were at Wet'n'Wild recently to repaint the concrete at the Giant Wave Pool.
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    This was me. Hated the pirate ship and Vikings ride's at Seaworld as a kid. Forced onto both of them. I was peddle boats kinda kid. In my early twenties, got into the engineering etc of roller coasters, but never wanted to ride them. Watched the POV videos etc. Mid 20's, my girlfriend (now wife) convinced me to go on Cyclone at Dreamworld during an early access day. Was very apprehensive, but went. Insisted on going straight around again!
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    There is more to a park than just roller coasters, Disney parks are a fine example of this. You can still go out and have a fun day without riding them. Sad to hear your first experience on one was a bad one. Out of curiosity is it just roller coasters or are rides like Wild West Falls also on your list of rides you won't do?
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    To be fair, the only coaster I've ever been on was the Beastie at Wonderland. I didn't want to go on it, and I hated it every second after the top of the lift hill. That was when Wonderland was almost new. I was like 10. It was 33 years ago. And even now the thought of being on a roller coaster makes me a little nauseated. And I Iurk here (mostly) every single weekday. It's my second stop after my news. I watch ride videos all the time, I subscribe to RC Youtube channels. I like the history, the engineering, the idea of roller coasters, just not the actual experience.
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    People are absolutely going to notice though. If half the rides are shut and you are leaving the park at lunch time because you’ve done everything, I think people will notice. I have been told that not all the rides are remaining closed for maintenance, but because they are complex and take time to get recommissioned. We may not see all rides open at the park until December holidays
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    Work was being done on DC Rivals today. Inspections being made on the Joker head, lift hill chain and brake systems
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    The lighting is also something you’d expect to see at any marina or waterside restaurant. Again pleasant enough. But nothing to brag about.
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    oh for fucks sake, just stop. You didn't even spell 'Cam' correctly and these are simply not funny. Find something else to do with your time. Try Porn Hub.
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    The whole area is an absolute mess. The bridge, (and the mess of paths in and around it), the back end of corkscrew (which leviathan won't entirely cover), the old chairlift area, and the castle, plus all the paths around it. I've included the monorail mid station in the area below, as by all accounts its days are numbered too. I think the biggest issue is that the main thoroughfare is a choked narrow pathway in and around Mid station, while there is a broad, massive path alongside Storm that effectively leads to nowhere. Sea World spent a lot of time developing the back of the park with amazing dolphin pools, redevelopment of the old water park and so on, And now the front end of the park is getting a little love, but this hole in the centre is in desperate need of redevelopment of some description. Keep the castle if you can make it viable, but don' t keep it running as a poor man's Roxy. Get rid of the Viking's splash pool, and level out the ground between chairlift station and storm, fix the paths around Jet Rescue and the bridge - there's so much to do, but sadly with the Atlantis development, this mess of an area is probably going to have to wait a bit longer to get the love and attention it deserves.
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    Fantastic video @Jay Jay The Jet Plane, gives a very good insight into what the parks are like with restrictions. 👍
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    If you going to call someone an Intellectual heavy hitter, spell your comical response correctly... *Government* When it comes to our knowing politicians and how bad they are at creating Tourism opportunities and treating the industry with contempt... I will run rings around you all day! Instead of trying to be funny, why not do something with your time and let us know your thoughts on the subject?
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