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    ...number one right after money! ...where we've been forced to do so! ...and we're gonna make you click an analytics link just to find out its the same date as everything else! ...by providing them with letters they can give to Centrelink ... of course, this won't be a major cost to the business, since the majority of our stood down staff are employed on a casual basis and have no leave entitlements whatsoever! ...to push them to allow us to open as soon as we can, and preferably sooner than the other guys. by remaining open to anyone potentially infectious, so we can show them our posters of how to wash your hands. ..thank goodness!!! (Although there was that one guy that had us worried for a bit...) ...mainly because we had to find a way to use the word 'unprecedented' in a sentence, so thanks for letting us do that! ...and will continue to offer them bribes until we reopen. *If you don't have a sense of humor, you probably shouldn't read this. For those who enjoy the laugh, you're welcome. For those who are morally outraged or offended, try to find something you can laugh at. it will make you feel better.
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    https://lunapark.com.au/ So it looks like Luna Park has made a few changes. The speedy beetle spinning coaster was initially installed on the Metropolis site, but now occupies the site of the old dragon wagon powered coaster, which has been removed. The power surge has taken over the metropolis site. Also on the power surge is one of those joke "happy swing" rides. And the old location of the power surge has been taken by a star flyer called Supernova. A couple of other kiddy flats have been added, a small ferris wheel to complement their existing small ferris wheel, plus one of those camaro themed rockin tug style rides.
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    You say that’s for a laugh, but you know there’s a bit of truth to it..
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    Well I mean technically yes - it's south from Melbourne CBD - but I guess which direction is up to your perspective, isn't it?
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    LOL....Luna Park Melbourne has a direction?
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    Ooops, Im embarrassed now, blame it on me being OS at the time. Ah well, the aerial image sums up how the park has been configured. Guess we have a good sense of the direction the park is going now.....
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    Looking at this picture @Jobe forgive me if I am wrong but aren't those Perspex coverings around the carriages?
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    Is that Dreamworld's Play School Wheel of Death? 😛
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    Mickey - I respect you mate, but just like your superannuation fund advice, you've missed the mark again (although, a lot of this stuff is info heavy - which is typical of government guff of this type). Folks - there's a lot of rumor, half-truths, and opinions out there. Make sure you get your info from reputable sources - sites that end in ".gov.au" or in the case of the virus - 'who.int". (And also, there's now an app for that). In this case, this is the treasury fact sheet for the Job Keeper payment. Points from the fact sheet to note: The business has to show at least a 30% downturn in business, or 50% if their turnover is over $1Billion (Either way village hits this easily due to the shutdown) the worker must have been engaged as at 1 March (ie: "on the payroll") and they have to continue to be engaged - which includes workers if they were subsequently 'stood down' and\or 're-hired'. The worker is an eligible employee if they were full time, part time, or casual employed on a regular basis for longer than 12 months as at 1 March. The worker has to be over 16, be an Australian citizen, or hold a permanent visa or special category (new zealand) visa, and not be receiving the job keeper payment from another employer. Also - regardless of how many hours the person worked, they receive the full $1500 per fortnight (before tax). If you're a casual 17 year old who has worked at the park selling popcorn since you were 15, doing 1 shift per week for 5 hours - you will get $1500 per fortnight under this scheme (provided you're a citizen or relevant visa holder). If you normally got paid more than that, what you get depends on if you continue to work or were stood down (theres some examples at the bottom of the fact sheet). All of the information I have provided here is based entirely on publicly accessible information on the treasury website. So to all those folks who are out of work - keep an eye out (or ask your boss) whether they are applying for the job keeper payment system, and what this means for you. I did not know that! I know several parks and other tourism based organisations that have large casual workforce, so i'm rather surprised that Village isn't the same.
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    Looks like you can film Fully Six from outside the boundary... Just a reminder that Movie World's Carpark (and dreamworld's too for that matter) is NOT "public land". The entire Oxenford lot is one single parcel, and is private property. Same again for the privately owned land of Wet N Wild. Worth mentioning that the darker green area at the top of the lot is high voltage powerlines, and wet n wild has them too. Annnnnd.... that rules out fully six, and the public land outside oxenford, and this is why you will only see drone footage done in this area by professionals. I think you need to look a bit harder.
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    Actually, Taft offered their stake in all parks to Paramount as part of the sale. Paramount cherrypicked and elected not to take on Australia's Wonderland because of the distance and difficulty in managing the park remotely. It was nothing to do with whether they had a minority stake or otherwise - they could still have sold that stake. I'm impressed! Yes, you're pretty much right. I'm not 100% on whether Demon was a Taft project or a paramount one - although i'm leaning towards it being Taft due to the lead time. As for investment into the park, and the second-hand nature of many of the parks attractions, I think we'd have seen Paramount \ Cedar rotate some rides around (Six Flags style) and we'd have seen some newer attractions move around a bit. I think if Paramount had been willing to take the park on, it would still be standing today, most likely under the cedar fair brand..
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    Because that's what totally closed the park.
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    I've got to be honest and say I don't know. The fact sheets they've got out there is all i'm working off. In my personal experience, since they don't define it, that means it is either: a commonly used term in workplace law already defined elsewhere based off of the ordinary dictionary meaning of the word loosely defined and therefore subject to discretion without limiting the authority to specifics. I had a quick look around and the fair work commission has a definition, and that's probably where the buck stops: (My emphasis) There are several other legal or .gov.au authorities on the definition and they all seem to be fairly similar. My personal opinion on it is that the line i've bolded above is the crux of it. Regular doesn't mean frequent or often, just a recurring pattern, so "on the books for a year" would broadly tick the box, provided shifts were offered periodically suiting the worker's availability (which could even extend to "only during school holidays" if the employer found that arrangement workable), and that worker accepted the offered shifts regularly enough (which doesn't mean they had to accept every shift either). If you were still "engaged" (or, "on the books") as a casual simply on the basis that you hadn't resigned and they hadn't terminated you, but you weren't offered or considered for shifts, and you never asked or made yourself available to be rostered, then you arguably aren't employed on a 'regular basis' as there is no recurring pattern of availability or shifts offered. Thats what it seems like, in my opinion anyway.
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    Yeah I think that was me. First pictures I saw of the Play School Wheel were full perspex (which would have only been the one side where it actually is) which I translated to the whole cabin being fully enclosed with it. I've since been corrected however.
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    And don't forget the Studios at Oxenford, anyone that sees a drone anywhere near that place is going to have some goons out to visit you real quick to find out what you're doing. The studios do not mess around when it comes to Drones.
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    You'll need to read the whole thing. Will paste here for the third time: "if a ride-op spots a drone near a ride like say Rivals, they're going to stop the ride and notify security out of abundance of caution for safety." By all means, contact the parks for permission first.
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    Hi @Flynn_Smith, Here are the CASA Regulations. Dreamworld / White Water World * As long as you launch from public land you are able to fly the drone over dreamworld. * No higher than 150ft or 45m * If recreational and no license you must have the UAV within eye sight. * Dreamworld Tower is classified as a local landmark and you must keep a 500m radius around it. Movie World * As long as you launch from public land you are able to fly the drone over Movieworld. * No higher than 150ft or 45m * If recreational and no license you must have the UAV within eye sight. * Movieworld borders a no fly zone so be careful where you fly! Wet'n'Wild * As long as you launch from public land you are able to fly the drone over Wet'n'Wild. * No higher than 150ft or 45m * If recreational and no license you must have the UAV within eye sight. * VFR aircraft operate within the airspace so you also need to be on the lookout and give aircraft right of way. SeaWorld * Personally I would not fly there * The app has not been updated since the new heli port was built * Below is the VTC Chart for pilots which gives most a clear indication if you know how to read it. * In other words, DO NOT FLY THERE!!! In regards to when the parks are operating, you must keep 150m away from the operational equipment (i.e. the rides).
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    The land between entertainment drive and the physical track of rivals is only just bigger than 30 metres. I believe the CASA regulations require the drone to be at least 30 metres away from other persons. Theres no practical way you could be within that guideline in that space given the public footpath and roadway along that edge. The simplest answer is exactly what Slick said above, but if its really that important to you - contact the parks to seek permission.
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    Interesting trip report on Universal Studios Singapore and the current measures undertaken at the park.
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    Really liking the white personally
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    I would expect all construction projects other than Vortex being pushed back another year. This includes the coaster at DW too... If either of these companies have the money left to build them after all of this.
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    Cheers for picking up the typo. of course, I meant April 14th, which is also what the date in the link gave...
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    The time has finally come: these photos found on Facebook by Matthew Kajganic (credit to him)
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