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    I noticed today that part of the reason why the ice cream parlour roof was removed was so they can fix the mess in the photo above. Good job DW Here’s a look at progress I noticed a lot of footer markings along the path to the DW, so I’m thinking this path will be widened or moved into the fenced off area
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    New nightmare for Dreamworld after girl, 8, ‘badly injured’ A family trip to Dreamworld has become a nightmare after an 8-year-old girl allegedly suffered horrific internal injuries on a water slide. Dreamworld faces another massive lawsuit after an 8-year-old girl allegedly suffered horrific genital injuries on a water slide. The girl’s furious family has called in lawyers over the incident nine days ago which they say turned the water ‘red with blood’ and left her seriously injured in hospital needing two operations. They allege the theme park failed to warn of the dangers and botched its response, with lengthy delays in calling an ambulance and the first-aid room left unattended. The girl’s mother, a nurse, broke down yesterday as she recounted the incident at Dreamworld’s sister park WhiteWater World on November 22. The Logan woman, who wants to be known only as Sarah, said she and her family were visiting the parks after recently buying an annual pass. Her daughter was riding the Fully6 slide with her siblings when she emerged from the water bleeding and crying in pain. “She was just standing on the concrete, blood everywhere. I didn’t know where it was coming from, I was freaking out,” Sarah said. “The blood was just pouring out of her … she was crying ‘Mum, am I gonna die?’” Sarah said no staff were on hand to help, even as her daughter left bloody footprints as they made their way to first-aid. She claims a young male staffer pointed her to the first-aid room ‘and just walked off’. Sarah said the first-aid room was unattended, and with no phone to call the number on the door, she sent her 12-year-old daughter to ‘go and find someone’. She said the floor was ‘full of blood’ and she told a female staffer who arrived to call an ambulance. But Sarah claims the employee only rang the first-aid officer, who suggested the young girl was having her period. “I said, ‘she’s 8 years’ old … this is not her period,” Sarah said. “She’s crying, in pain, bleeding everywhere. They didn’t take it seriously.” Sarah said an ambulance finally arrived about an hour after the incident, and her daughter was taken to Logan Hospital where she underwent emergency surgery for a severe vaginal tear. Her recovery will take eight weeks and she cannot go back to school this year. “The doctors don’t know what long-term effects this could have on her,” Sarah said. Fully6 riders were told only to cross their legs and arms but there was no warning about the potential dangers of wearing swimsuits on the slide, Sarah said. She said the first-aid officer who rang to check on her daughter told her the park was short-staffed and security had not advised that it was an emergency. Sarah said she only took her family to Dreamworld because she believed safety problems that led to the 2016 Thunder River Rapids disaster, in which four tourists died, had been fixed. She has called in major litigation firm Shine Lawyers, which handled millions of dollars in successful compensation claims for the Thunder River Rapids tragedy, to investigate more potential legal action against Dreamworld. “I don’t care about the money … I just never want anyone else to go through this,” she said. Shine Lawyers solicitor Bree Smith said: “An 8-year-old girl has severe internal injuries from a slide at White Water World that she was permitted to ride. This cannot be happening.” “We simply couldn’t believe the extent of this young girl’s injuries when she had done everything requested of her before going down the slide,” Ms Smith said. “This water slide has a powerful water force and the only instruction given to the young girl was to ‘keep your arms and legs crossed.’ “In the wake of the damning inquest findings against Dreamworld, it is distressing to also hear how our client was treated when trying to get medical attention for her bleeding daughter.” A Dreamworld spokesman said the park had self-reported the incident to WorkSafe Queensland and was conducting its own investigation. In September, Dreamworld parent Ardent Leisure was fined $3.6 million after pleading guilty to workplace health and safety charges over the Thunder River Rapids ride catastrophe. https://www.couriermail.com.au/news/queensland/new-nightmare-for-dreamworld-after-girl-8-badly-injured/news-story/d1bcd3bd27bd671b52b0d9090a896dea my immediate thoughts are obviously with the girl, but I can’t comprehend the “no one around” comment. There is a staffer permanently at the bottom of the Fully 6 slides. If the water was red with blood and she was walking blood all over the place, I fail to see how that could be missed by multiple staff. Even the spotter/supervisor up on the tower surely would have noticed
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    @Jobeis 100% right on the money. The venues at LPS have kept the park going strong. Cash flow before covid was insane. Don't forget also LPS has hosted some pretty big events like the MTV music awards and a few major Australian music concerts (Aussie bands) One reason to LPS success as a venue operator is thanks to Metro Edgley. They used to run a theatre in the Sydney CBD (Metro) and I believe at one point had an interest in the Hordern Pavillion out at Moorepark (near Fox studio). When the Big Top was being touted it straight away was sold as an entertainment venue. Initially was meant to house Cirque du Soleil for a while or other major circus-style shows. That quickly changed and became a concert venue for bands if the Hordern Pavillion was occupied. Crystal Palace got its internals changed (it is much bigger than most could think) and is aimed at corporate functions or its big-ticket seller weddings. I get its not a fully dedicated amusement park to some. At least tho its got a source of income to help keep it viable. Covid really has been unfair to LPS this year. Both aspects of its business have been greatly affected. Yet they announce $30 million dollars of improvements and new rides without government assistance. That's resilience for you. Without functions, LPS wouldn't be in the position it is now. A position where it been able to completely reinvent the park with the 2021 year approaching.
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    Not many people realise just how important the functions and corporate venues are to Luna Park's revenue streams but there are actually 12 options with varying capacity and flexibility. These function centres make up a large chunk of the parks overall revenue and allow the park to be not reliant on just one resource ( amusement park) for earnings. Without these , the park would be in a far less stable position than it is in and even though these corporate and private functions have taken a battering due to COVID, they remain a core service alongside and in conjunction with the amusement park side of the business. And of course, who wouldnt want to have their wedding reception in a 85 year old amusement park with the Sydney Harbour Bridge as a backdrop or host a corporate event where your entire company can own an amusement park for a day? The 12 corporate and functions venues that are on offer at Luna Park are as follows: Of course the installation of these function centres has come at the cost of the one thing that Luna Park did not have a lot of- and that is space. When the park opened in 1995 with the Arrow Big Dipper coaster as the signature attraction the park boasted 18 rides and attractions but only a small offering of function centres- namely the Crystal Palace and a smaller venue next to the Dodgem's building under the Wild Mouse called Popcorn Hall. They also had a larger exhibition space under the then Big Dipper that was utilised for travelling exhibitions but this space was touted as being saved for a return of a River Caves attraction at the time. Fast forward to 2020, and we see much of the space of the old Big Dipper being consumed by the Big Top Venue, unashamedly the largest function centre with the biggest capacity of close to 3,000 people. Add into the mix the Deck function centre at the front of the park plus the carpark entrance, lifts, gift shop and ticketing centre, and you can see how much room was eaten up from 2004 for viable attractions. True the addition of Maloney's corner gave the park valuable space to work with and it is this area that the bulk of the 2021 expansion will be focused on. Once it is complete, the park will now offer 19 rides and attractions-one more than in 1995- with significantly less footprint to do so than in that year. This brings back balance to the park and lets the amusement side of the business now reach an equal standing with the coporate and events offerings- something that has been severely unequal since reopening in 2004. Once the new expansion opens, and hopefully COVID becomes less of a concern with vaccines available, both cash flows for the park will achieve a synergynistic relationship with more people visiting the park for the amusment park and the new rides achieveing greater public and international consciousness, allowing for greater demand for its function and corporate offerings. This will allow the park to both thrive and survive for decades to come and is the business model that makes the most sense for the 85 year old Sydney icon. The future is so, so bright for Luna Park.
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    here is the instagram post for steel taipan and a slightly more detailed description on the website
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    Can confirm that the Round Up, Power Surge, Rockin Tug and Body Rock will be at Luna Park for the school holidays until they close the park for the start of the renovations on January 27th 2021. Was hopeful that the Hurricane might make an appearance as well but unfortunately that is not the case.
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    Swimsuits are dangerous, I guess WWW is now a nudest park?
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    And just like that....the last of LPS's Huss rides have been dismantled and now completely gone. RIP Spider!! These rides have now entered into Luna Park history and whilst we lament their loss, we know that over the next 12 months, there is so much to look forward to for the park. Hopefully over the next 12 months, we see the return , in conjunction with the Big Dipper name, other names from Luna Parks historical past! Ride names such as The Wild Cat, The Whirler, The Whip, The Hey Dey as well as the retainment of the Tumblebug , The Spider and the Flying Saucer should all be considered if they are ride appropriate. This would be another great nod to Luna Park's history and would also give some continuity whilst ushering in the new age. Bring on 2021!! To be honest, I dont think Big Dipper is meant to be pitched as a "RMC killer" I think its just being seen as simply an alternative. To be really fair, I think it is actually the perfect coaster for the park. They do not need a high intensity , over the top thrill machine. Big Dipper will still deliver on thrills for sure, but without having the shadow of being a hugely intensive ride hanging over it. The fact that it is Australia's FIRST rail coaster will sit it in good stead for a good amount of time- and unless MW adds in a RMC Raptor as their Arkham replacement, I cannot see any other park in Australia emulating them in the short to medium term. The POV and the simulation I think do not properly convey the sense of speed within each element and I surmise that this coaster, whilst short on ride duration and height, will still pack a sizeable punch. Definitely looking forward to riding it, and judging by the international attention that the announcement has garnered, it appears so are many other people, in and outside of Australia!
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    it is an unfortunate side effect of the modern generation that kids are learning from online media sources - many of which are american and therefore americanisms are permeating other western culture. My four year old has in the past picked up on american words for things - like 'diaper' for example, which we needed to correct. But i'm sure this will instead just be fobbed off as an auto-correct error or dictionary on his phone... something else kids have these days.
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    Also, I don't see how it's the fault of DW? They followed manufactures guidelines, they advised the girl of what position to be in while riding. It sounds like her swimsuit (possibly way too thin?) got dragged up with the force of her going down the slide. Essentially causing an extreme wedgie. Also assuming the girl had no pre-existing conditions that the family were aware of. I once had a staff member almost yell at me because I didn't get out off the fully 6 splashdown area fast enough due to me putting my underwear back where they belong. No staff members around and no one noticing the blood seems a little exaggerated though. It will be interesting to see what comes of this and if any further details come out. I do find it funny that Shine, the ambulance chasing extraordinaire, Laywers have been called in for this case too.
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    the work experience kid who did the terrible 3d map has graduated so now nobody knows how to change it.
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    JR moved from the 6th to the 13th
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    Steel Taipan: Dreamworld's forthcoming roller coaster gets a name as construction moves forward With Dreamworld finally formally announcing the name of Steel Taipan, their upcoming launch coaster, Parkz checks in on progress on the ride, as well as other happenings at Dreamworld. Click here to continue reading
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    Seriously. Think about it. Where are they going to put ANY temporary rides once the new refurbishment is finished?? The temporary rides were just additions for the school holidays as they had the room to do so. Now that Maloney's Corner is a fully fleshed out area and with the addition of Big Dipper 3.0 , there will not be any need for extra rides. The Sydney Harbour Highline is just a project in development and a proposal at this stage- NOTHING has been green lit or signed off. Even if it were so, they would NEVER gift Luna Park any more land from the sidings- they will be in existence for quite a while. Also the recent failed attempt by Luna Park to have a DA for the Lavender Green and the subsequent opposition from residents has put paid to any further expansion by the park down this route. The only way moving forward for LPS to have temporary rides of any sort is to source land/ room within their current boundarys. There are only really 2 options for mine- the grassed area on top of the car park has a significant space that could be utilised for smaller attractions but the problem remains that this must be connected back to the Midway somehow. A solution to this is certainly feasible with a bit of vision. Lastly, during holiday periods, they could utilise the Big Top as an all weather site to base temporary attractions- they did set up rides inside a few years ago to test this concept. This could also work and could be the site of a holiday walkthrough attraction if they desired. This entirely depends on the amount of use and bookings that the Big Top is experiencing, of course. Its a major revenue stream for the park and they would not decrease its use as a function centre for temporary rides.
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    Um yeah.......DC Rivals IS a Mack coaster ........... In saying that, you have to look at where the $32 million is going to go. Yes its a lot of money to spend on one coaster but I am guessing that the theming and associated works is all included in this price. This is a coaster that definitely does NOT want to be a bare bone construction- if you look at the original Blue Fire mega coaster at Europa Park the theming on this coaster is world class. If we get half of this level of theming for Steel Taipan, then it WILL become the most heavily themed coaster in the country. The corollary of this of course is that $30 million will ALSO buy you this: 1-Intamin Hot Racer 2-Gerstlauer Family Shuttle 3-L&T Mini Coaster 4-Samba Balloon 5-Zamperla Discovery Revolution. 6-Midi Ferris Wheel 7-Crazy Submarine 8-Bounce Around 9-Jumpin Tower 16 The concept of value becomes a little subjective when you start this sort of comparison. Yeah sure 6 of these 9 rides are kiddie rides but lets not forget that included in this list are a Gerstlauer Family shuttle coaster, a Zamperla Discovery Revolution and of course the signature Intamin Hot Racer single rail dual launched coaster. Luna Park are getting all of these attractions for the same price as Dreamworld's one. Now its hardly apples for apples in terms of attractions but it is when you start looking at relative spend and you have to wonder what the reaction would have been if Dreamworld had announced they were adding the attraction list that LPS is adding for the same amount. Looking at it, it appears that LPS has spent their $30 million well and got very good bang for their buck. In saying that, I think that Steel Taipan will be a GREAT addition to Dreamworld and that it will be a great shot in the arm for them in leading the park back to positive public consciousness. It simply is the coaster they need at this very point in time.
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    Bla bla... it’s so good unlike others they got all their rides opened on time for their reopening rather than rio people off for constant delays and lack of rides running... something something
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    Meanwhile back at Arkham. It's pretty obvious nothing is happening anytime soon. Super odd. I know others have voiced this but why do VRTP love letting attraction SBNO. I understand you need to conduct cost evaluations and that but it is super odd. Vikings, Mach 5, Arkham all sitting (not Mach 5 anymore!) for ages while people try to figure out what to do. I am going to say it also. If DW did this pitchforks come out and the town gets ready to burn them to the ground. Management has known Arkhams age was catching up. It is not a great look at ANY park to leave things SBNO for ages. I really hope they have a future long term idea for this area of the park tho. I am sure they do. But they need to get a hurry on and try to figure out what that plan is.
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    Heck yeah I have been waiting for this to reopen I hope the borders between Sydney and Queensland don't close again because I am planning on going up for an entire week and a half in january
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