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    Winterfest is Coming 29 June - 21 July Skate into the coolest place this winter. Dreamworld will be touched with a snowfall of wonder as the first EVER Winterfest toboggans into Australia’s biggest theme park between Saturday 29 June – Sunday 21 July. Pull up your winter woollies and get ready for the best winter experience on the Gold Coast! Visit bit.ly/2vVxKoE for more information
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    Alright, i'll take the (de)bait. Please - enlighten us as to your thoughts on why DC Rivals doesn't qualify for the title of "one of the best in the world". I will *cringe* refer to the only current enthusiast authority on coasters since the demise of Mitch Hawkers poll... and refer to *gulp* the TPR 2018 Coaster poll, recently published. https://themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=76791&fbclid=IwAR3FFH-aSL85TzOPD00EBP-q0Kpv-svFo8o218Hl1n0GFEKfFnq9X_dGzuc Scoring in the top 20, in a world of amazing coasters overseas, combined with the fact that TPR tends to be heavily weighted towards the USA, I think stands on it's own as a great indication of where it sits. Ben's own words on where DCR stands, and how massive the task is that Dreamworld have to compete with it is also a great indication. If you exclude the wooden coasters from the poll, DCR actually makes it into the top 10 of steel coasters in the world: Note also that the weighting given to the 'steel' poll resulted in preferences ranking slightly differently (its explained better in the TPR thread) - but you'll note in the overall ranking that the Mega-Lite ranking in the overall thread falls below DCR, while in the steel-only poll, it ranks above it - yet DCR still came in the top 10. I will admit, my international exposure to coasters is limited to the USA west coast, Hong Kong and Singapore, so my personal opinion is limited - but coaster junkies and credit whores alike all score DCR highly... so i'm really keen to hear (read) what your reasoning is to cast doubt on what is, in my opinion, an amazing, world class coaster.
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    "Dreamworld launches its inaugural Winterfest celebration". It's not really inaugural if DW has done it before. I'm still waiting on Mr Osborne to bring something new to the table because as far as I can see, new CEO same old DW. "Australia’s BIGGEST theme park" Always makes me chuckle when I see this.
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    New thrill rides: six ways Dreamworld can win back fans Dreamworld have said there will be two major ride announcements this year. Ben Roache from OurWorlds gives his ideas for how the theme park can win back fans with world-class thrill rides. The six ideas Ben suggests combine both short term and long term solutions all centre around Dreamworld becoming competitive once again. Click here to continue reading
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    It's been a while since any rumours or news relating to the Entertainment Precinct and this is what I’ve found out to date. On the 28 February 2017, the Council issued a decision notice agreeing to apply a superseded planning scheme to the carrying out of assessable development that is, exempt development (now ‘accepted) The decision made by the Council relates to a proposed Tourist Facility (Theme Park Associated Restaurant and Dining Precinct). WHERE VILLAGE IS AT: Village is now seeking to extend the approval until 9 February 2027 and the request for extension is based on the following grounds. 1. Turbulence in the local and national theme park sector has resulted in delay or reconsideration of future developments occurring within the Theme Park. The six year extension is considered necessary in order to provide the applicant with enough time to monitor the theme park market recovery and to progress the detailed design and construction of the development. 2. Village lodged a development application seeking approval for an overflow car parking facility on land located at 12 Michigan Drive. An appeal in the Planning and Environment Court was lodged against the deemed refusal of this development application. 3. Village worked with the Council to negotiate an appropriate outcome that allows for the delivery of the necessary overflow car park to support ongoing theme park operations. 4. The appeal was finalised and a development permit for the overflow car park facility granted March 2019. The uncertainty created by these protracted negotiations associated with the approval of the proposed overflow car parking facility has meant the Village has been unable to progress the theme park hotel and associated restaurant and dining precinct. Given the overflow car parking facility was recently approved, Village can recommence its internal business case and delivery considerations associated with the theme park hotel and associated restaurant and dining precinct. The work was placed on hold whilst the overflow car park matter was resolve, a substantial extension to the current period is required, to allow for the internal business case and funding to be progress, detailed design, construction and ultimately commencement of the use. WHAT'S IN THE ENTERTAINMENT PRECINCT: The development involves: A 9-storey theme park hotel with a total of 398 suites, with a total building height of 32 metres. The hotel includes the following guest services and facilities: Ground Level: Reception, lobby, administration office, business centre, bar, function centre, café, kitchen, kids club, amenities, gym and hotel back of house facilities; Level 1: Ramp access and elevated walkway providing guest connection to the adjoining restaurant and dining precinct building and theme park entrance; Levels 1 to 8: Common lounge area on each level for indoor guest recreation; and Extensive outdoor swimming facilities, outdoor guest recreation areas and feature landscaping plantings. A 3-storey restaurant and dining precinct building incorporating a ground level café and upper level restaurant/dining room. Guest access to the restaurant and dining precinct is provided via an elevated walkway above the proposed porte-cochere, which will provide a prominent architectural feature. As I noted already Village are conducting an internal business case so what I have listed could change and probably will but it does give you an idea of the size of the precinct.
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    Constantly - like the winterfest thing that doesn't start until the 29th of June? ABC Kids Month went from May 6th and ends on June 6th Cosentino was from April 6-21. What did they do before Cosentino? Village also has many things going that they don't advertise a lot - Like chinese new year at Movie World - but you're right - they aren't introducing new, limited time entertainment every 6 weeks or so - because when they introduce something new - it tends to stick around for a year or more...Like sky flyer, thunder lake, creatures of the deep, WnW Buggy. I will join you in congratulating Dreamworld for trying to fill the void left by the loss of an entire themed land, one of the gold coast's best flat rides, four lives, and the delayed opening of what was supposed to be their saviour. But I don't agree that it in any way puts them on par or better than what VRTP are doing. There's a reason why MW hasn't had much in the way of entertainment filler lately...
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    There was a time where folks thought you couldn't attach drop rides to Superman: Escape from Krypton or Kingda Ka but here we are. Thing is with rides is no two are alike and as such all of the engineers rightfully treat every project as unique which i'm sure Intamin would do with our tower. Even Vekoma Boomerangs are all different - different fabricators, different land, different builders, local environment, weather conditions, different local laws and regulations mean there's enough variables at play that realistically nothing is off the shelf in the same way buying a car in a car lot is. I have no doubt Intamin would come out and assess the feasibility of a retrofit first before making a call. Towers like Dreamworld's are based off Von Roll's original rough design and have a lifespan of sixty years plus as an observation tower, but i'm pretty confident the Tower of Terror's force over time has done considerable wear and tear to the tower.
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    Great video and a great list of rides!! There is so much sense and logic here that we can all hope that someone with any pull at Ardent or Dreamworld watches this video and takes note. Unfortunately the Manager's at Dreamworld lately have only been having a very big pull- at the public's expense. The replacement ride for the Wipeout is the one that's the most puzzling for mine. As Slick effortlessly showed, the Zamperla off the shelf option would have been the easiest fix for the park and would have replaced the Wipeout with an improved , newer like for like ride that the public WOULD have appreciated. If a small park like Luna Park Sydney can replace an aging , popular ride like the Tango Train with another almost identical attraction , keep public sentiment and goodwill, then why the hell cant a large themepark with far more resources like Dreamworld do the same thing?? Its positively inane and really highlights the lack of foresight and experience in running a theme park that the current level of Dreamworld management obviously lack. Having ridden Manta at Seaworld Orlando I can positively say that a B & M flyer would be a brilliant addition to Dreamworld but as Slick pointed out ,highly unlikely due to the cost. Would be awesome to see one winding around Dreamworld though! I think one of the Intamin coasters mentioned would be too similar to MovieWorld's offering , as good as they are. The Vekoma options look excellent but an RMC Raptor would be the best choice for Dreamworld , IMHO. They would be an Australian first, would be clearly definable as being unique and by all accounts, a great ride. Most importantly, however, they would not be horrendously expensive and should be well in the realms of possibility for Dreamworld to afford. Does anyone know the difference in prices for an RMC Hybrid versus an RMC Raptor? Also has anyone on the pages actually ridden a Raptor? I would like to hear first hand of the ride experience!
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    Whilst not a fan of TPR, it did come in at #9 for steel coasters in the world for their Mitch Hawker equivalent poll. UPDATE: @AlexB and I posted at the same time and also have the same disdain for TPR. Good times. Appreciate @Richard letting me guest write - so now you know my top 6, what's yours?
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    I'm curious as to where this would sit - the description above mentions an elevated link to the park entry.
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    I prefer quality over quantity. At best in my opinion Cosentino, ABC Kids Month and winterfest are mediocre compared to fright nights, white Christmas and Carnivale. However the biggest difference and advantage Dreamworld has with their (current) events is they are free with minimal up-charges, extras and upgrades. *Lols last time I went to fright nights I spent over $150 and that was not including the entry ticket
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    You know, apart from Fright Nights, White Christmas, Carnivale....
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    Who needs rollercoasters when you have ice-skating and a snow globe?
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    I really liked Ben’s video because it’s a plan and offers the park a two step process on how to get back on track. I think Australian parks should still go for that middle ground of attractions that would appeal to most and allow plenty of re-rides. Some rides are just too tall or intimidating for some. Water rides like Bermuda Triangle or Looney Tunes were great because they had theming and some moderate thrills. A lot of recent park extensions, like in Dollywood or Hollywood Studios, offer popular family attractions that have theming and mild thrills. Coaster-wise it’d be great to see Dreamworld get something that makes the most of its landscape. Could you imagine something like Light Water Valley’s The Ultimate going through the landscape?
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    But if it's been well maintained.... hmm, probably no point continuing that line of thinking is there?
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    “To have the best rollercoaster, you don’t have to have the tallest or fastest”..... You just have to have pure imagination 😂😂
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    Coaster bot just put a video out about DCR.
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    Might be an unpopular opinion? but I love ToT smashing through and making a stupidly loud sound. Yeah the thrills are moderate, but GD doesn't make the sound required for such a landmark. ToT in my opinion needs to be saved and kept. The Queue entrance for ToT should also have an amazing rollercoaster across from it, both with digital queue time signs to even out the lines since ToT has a pretty bad throughput. side note im kinda drunk so if this makes no sense, sorry.
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    DREAMWORLD staff have taken their first rides on the long-awaited Sky Voyager as the world-class gondola sits ready to launch for paying guests — although when that will happen is up in the air. The ride is yet to be granted registration from the State Government, whose tough new laws on amusement park rides came into effect this week. While Sky Voyager is fully operational, the park is still working on the internal training, testing and procedures required to commission it. CEO John Osborne said the park was working with the regulator to have Sky Voyager registered, but would ensure the process was not rushed. “I suppose in the eyes of our guests and people watching from the outside, it has been delayed,” he said. “I think the expectation that it could open around Christmas was a bit ambitious. “Clearly we’re making sure, as we always would, that every i is dotted and every t is crossed, so we’re going to the absolute nth degree to make sure that all of the training, commissioning and work required to open the ride is a new benchmark for the industry.” A spokesman for Workplace Health and Safety Queensland said it received a design registration application for a new ride from Dreamworld on November 7 last year. The department said it was awaiting additional safety information, including a compliance check of components used in the ride, before it would issue the registration. Mr Osborne has himself, as part of the commissioning process, ridden Sky Voyager so many times he’s lost count – and is certain it will be a turning point for Dreamworld. “When you’re sitting on it, you feel as though you’re flying. It’s meant to be skydivers diving out of a plane and you go from landscape to landscape and lots of little thrills happen while you’re doing that,” he said. “It stops with a really spectacular finale which I’ll have to let everybody see when they get there. “When I’ve been on it, I literally forget about what’s going on in the rest of my day and for me that’s actually unusual from a personality point of view and with what I’m doing these days.” Six months ago, John Osborne took on arguably the toughest turnaround in Australia, taking the reins of the battered Gold Coast icon, which has struggled to regain trust and visitors since the fatal failure of the Thunder River Rapids ride in 2016. Coroner James McDougall is expected to hand down recommendations after his inquest into the deaths of Kate Goodchild, her brother Luke Dorsett and his partner Roozi Araghi, and Cindy Low in coming months. “We’ve undertaken to implement all the findings, in conjunction with Workplace Health and Safety Queensland and the theme park industry, and I just think that will be a really important next step for everybody,” Mr Osborne said of the inquest. Ardent Leisure logged a $21.8 million loss for the first six months of the financial year as costs from the tragedy continued. However, the company said it expected to return to positive cash flow in the next 12 months. Mr Osborne said a focus and investment in safety and guest experience was bringing back the visitors and also benefiting the park’s 1000 local staff. An injection of funds from parent group Ardent Leisure, which secured a $225 million refinance deal, will allow the park to make two major announcements before the end of the year. “We’re scouring the world for the best manufacturers of thrill rides,” Mr Osborne said. “What I can say is that the next big announcement will be of a world-class thrill ride. “We’re looking at all of the options at the moment to land the best one.” Beyond the next thrill rides, Mr Osborne is looking decades ahead. The former casino boss is not ruling out a flutter in the gaming sector for the Coomera site. “I think anything in the entertainment and leisure area is on the agenda but at the moment I think we’re way off being ready to do anything like that,” he said. “ Five to 10 years from now, I see this site being the potential to be an absolutely world-class leisure precinct that includes a theme park with a lot of new and innovative rides, attractions and waterslides, a bigger and better animal display, hotel or accommodation that’s shorter-term in nature – either on our site or adjacent to our site. “If you look at the development of theme parks around the world, they’ve moved into that space where they’ve become all-encompassing leisure precincts with all of that stuff in it as opposed to just theme park rides or a waterpark or a zoo. “I think the time is right in Australia for someone to have a crack at that and if it’s going to be anybody, it should be us.” ———————————————— Scouring the globe for the best manufacturers shouldn’t be needed. There’s only a few of them if what you want is world class. He speaks like buying a coaster is like buying a bed for your hotel rooms, put the order in and they arrive in a week. If they haven’t even ordered something yet we’ll be waiting years
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    Another visit to Outback Splash, today. It was 30 degree weather with moderate crowds enjoying a splash on the slides. The large inflatable slide has been moved from the back right of the water playgrounds to the back left. It seems that the ground works are going in close to the previous position, close to the work sheds nearby. The most surprising news is that the emus have moved in with the kangaroos and the whole back half of their paddock has gone. It has been expanded to include more of the pine tree area near the hedge maze. It seems they’re getting ready for the construction of their brand new entrance way. Despite its very Aussie theming, I think it will make the place feel more like a theme park. Exciting times...
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    Next time an Indian bloke from Microsoft calls my house to thankfully inform me of the many viruses infecting my computer that he somehow knows about from 16,000km away, and requests by bank details in order to resolve this terrible issue, these shall be the details I provide...
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    That Inferno ride has to be the greatest piece of shit ever.
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