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    Sounds like a bit of a mystery... maybe a job for...
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    This is the same Ardent spin that hasn't changed since Ardent purchased DW. "We are going to squeeze every cent out of DW and give very little back” I feel sorry for Craig because I believe if he was given the cash he could turn DW into something great but currently Ardent expect him to perform miracles. I wish Ardent would sell DW to somebody who was interested in theme parks and stop treating it as a cash cow.
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    Dreamworld CEO talks current challenges, improvements and resurrecting the Mine Ride Craig Davidson talks to Parkz about Dreamworld's current situation and their ambitious plans to breathe life into several classic attractions. Click here to continue reading
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    Dreamworld CEO discusses simulator attraction, future roller coasters and competing with Village Roadshow In the second part of our chat with Dreamworld CEO Craig Davidson, we talk a new simulator attraction for the park's cinema, his thoughts on DC Rivals HyperCoaster and how the park hopes to compete. Click here to continue reading
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    Update on that “amazing” temporary attraction Good to see the fencing has changed to Dreamworld’s current marketing campaign UPDATE: Markings for this Ferris wheel have been completed Will check on RHLR soon
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    I agree and I believe history, sometime in the future will show that as something of a nasty pimple on the surface of commercial common sense. Like CEO's that earn 20 times more than the next level below? No one person can make that much difference, ever, except Branson perhaps.
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    What is so amusing about all this; For years and years the GP have been begging DW to bring back the Mine ride based on a notion of how good it was. Management today seem almost as misguided as the legions of fans in bringing this thing back. The GP (especially in Australia) are hardly experts in theme parks - even DW themselves can run a better Park! Bringing back the Mine Ride using the existing system is a complete waste of money and if it will take another year to open it is bound to disappoint those who wanted it back so badly. The cost involved in this project would include structural reinforcements, track detailing work, new cars, PLC, safety, braking and all other OCC systems BEFORE they begin to inclose and God forbid, attempt to theme it.. All this would have to be comparable to buying a replacement outright so why the fuck are they making this so hard and really what are they actually going to save?? All this just shows what complete and utter tight arses Ardent really are.
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    "Strange things have been happening in the park, A Volcano has suddenly appeared"
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    Craig’s comments in the interview where he says unless the engineering assessment shows the ride will last another 10 years or they won’t proceed, for me, is the nail in the coffin for the ride. That would put it at what, 41 years old in a decade. I wouldn’t go on it now, let alone in another 10 years
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    ^Please, please, please let it be a flying theatre attraction! Basically Soarin' over Australia. Perfect fit for Dreamworld and the old cinema location.
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    I would probably agree. Most of what you raise is about scale, however. Corporate shareholder-driven leisure business is a flawed model in my view when it comes to high-end experiential businesses and most struggle over a long time frame. ouch.
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    Time for the Vekoma and MACK Rides interviews Both companies enjoy a steady momentum, and it's great to hear from senior professionals some explanations!
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    I think Australians tend to not care about theming because we never get any of it anyway. I'd say we have 6 well themed rides and 4 of them are in the same park when it comes to the GC. If we had more cohesive and immersive theming, then maybe people would care more.
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    The fountain does not mean “you cant share your thoughts”. But either way that was a mistake and I am deeply sorry to cause any inconvenience. I will pass on your question to my management team for review. Kind regards Jake from Themeparkaddict.
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    If it’s part of a realignment and focus on their brand, then who cares?? 2 theme parks - 1 gate - 1 social media account not a terribly hard concept to wrap your head around
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    When it comes to water parks, I dont think theming throughout is essential, but definitely a perk to have for individual rides. But when you look at some of the parks in the US, in particular, Volcano Bay; that water park looks incredible and the theme it has seems to really add to the overall experience and feel of the park. For me, WnW, despite not having a theme, the built up vegetation of the park really adds to it and makes it feel like a nice and relaxing place.
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    This is actually a terrible idea from a marketing standpoint as it means now they will not be able to market the annual pass or tickets as including two theme parks which means it no longer appeals to the under informed general consumers sense of value for money
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    I hope no kid tries to sneak a widdle through the fence.
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    I’ve heard it will be Paw Patrol
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    Theres actually 5 scenes cut from the High Country Legends show, 2 entire characters/leads and several other sections shortened to accomodate The Salute to the Light Horse in the High Country special show. The circus scene that features in both was also highly modified. So there is quite a bit different in them.
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    Yay more closed things at Sea World
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    Sorry, didn't realise this at first. Can't believe I overlooked it. Clearly MW isn't giving the same copy and paste answer, because everyone else has asked about refurbishment! Your friend on the other hand wanted to enquire about refurnishing! That's a horse of a different colour!
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    The 2nd Wipeout arm has been installed
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    Hi there have been reading these forums for a really long time but I have only have had the courage to start posting. I think this will be a great precinct for kids but I don't think this is the right spot being in an area populated by thrill rides.
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    Seems like the new kids precinct will be themed to Trolls. As stated in the parkz article - "Their first new addition in this space is an area under construction in the far corner of Dreamworld's Ocean Parade area. "I can tell you it will be a precinct aimed at little kids. It'll be a really cool activation of one of their brands. "The attraction is yet another that relies on licensed brands, which Mr Davidson believes is a key strategy for Dreamworld. "Ultimately licensing and simulation I think is a really good place for us to be in the short term."
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    So, having read this now there's a couple of observations on my part; If the conscious decision has been to take a hit on the presentation of the park while attendance is down; what would the conscious decision have been had the events at TRR not transpired? Many restuarants when trade is down go into what I would term a 'death spiral' whereby they cut back on staff numbers and/or food quality to reduce operating costs until trade improves, but that trade never improves because poor service and food exacerbate the operating conditions. I would wonder whether Dreamworld is in the same condition - trade is down because of consumer confidence; so the strategy is to present a park that looks tired and unpolished? Yeah, I'm confused. The Mine Ride is something that has been talked about in earnest since 2015 - but somehow we don't yet know the state of the structure of the ride, nor what sort of lifespan or ROI it might offer? Sorry, that just doesn't sound reasonable. I keep hearing all of this "part of our history" talk at Dreamworld and am starting to wonder what the heck is going on. So far we have talked about the Mine Ride (1988), Log Ride (1981), Wipeout (1993) explicitly. Are we operating a museum or a theme park here? The 'Big 9' are now HWSW (1995), Buzzsaw (2011), MDMC (2007), Pandamonium (2012), Tail Spin (2014), The Claw (2004), The Giant Drop (1998), TOTII (1997), Wipeout (1993). Average year? 2003. How about we stop worrying about the history for just a moment and wonder about the future? What do we want it to look like? I doubt five years from now anybody is going to be heralding the resurrection of the Mine Ride (and little else since that time) as what's set the park up for success for the next decade. It's great that they will be looking at fixing up a mess of pathways and removing SBNO infrastructure - but what good is that when areas of the park are crying out for basics like lightbulbs and paint?
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    Why suddenly cameras are not good enough for the LogRide? Every other flume ride in the world can sort it out and not have a problem, why can’t DW? Even though the tunnels have been a dog’s breakfast for a long time, DW has once again gone the cheapest option. This is not the DW people want! Spend some bloody money and sort out the mess you have created. You cannot fix this with a bandaid.
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    Even if you can save it why the hell would you @pushbutton? The ride was crap. After the TTR incident DW shouldn't be staying away from thrill rides they should stay away from in-house rides.
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    DW keep going and remove this outdated pile of rubble that you want to call a coaster. DW should've bulldozed it instead of wasting their money.
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    Food for thought, If the move away from thrills rides is indeed due to the negative stigma they may bring due to the accident, let’s remember TRR was a family ride..
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    Think it is safe to say the cable will be hidden tomorrow
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    “Incredible at building temporary attractions!” Now that’s a slogan... So does that make them temporarily incredible?
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    Tree is now complete and more decorations have appeared throughout
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    Theme parks are supposed to be themed (the clue's in the name)! Generally speaking though, most waterparks I've seen aren't particularly heavily themed.
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    Soarin is NOTHING like a hokey ass 7D cinema regardless of scale and the seats actually move less. In true Disney style they looked at the footage, seating position, movement, smells, temperature and musical score as one cohesive experience and created a truely unique and breathtaking attraction. There is zero chance Dreamworld will get ANYTHING like Soarin.
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    I wouldn't mind if they went full on virtual reality like the old VR-1 at Sega World. After all, the technology has improved leaps and bounds since then and Dreamworld could have a one of a kind ride if it was executed properly. The Australian theme makes me feel concerned, because I get the feeling Ardent will half-ass it and use little more than drone footage, cheap out on the simulator mechanism, and call it a day. If they want to go the simulator route, it is imperative that Ardent take a look at what Disney and Universal are doing and see how they can replicate them within their budget. I'm looking at rides like Iron Man, Minion Mayhem, Simpsons, Star Tours, heck even the old BTTF ride Universal used to have. If Dreamworld's simulator is done very well, they could have a serious winner on their hands, and potentially even put them onto the world stage.
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    Potato! Thanks for the photo confirmation - but do you reckon you could have waited another 60 seconds until you were actually standing in front of the ride?
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    Hahahahahahahahaha. This is DW we are talking about PUSH who currently have the niche of self-destructing.
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    Oh man! That looks so terrible! 😢 They’ll be forgiven if the upgrade is worthwhile.
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