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    So I’m going to answer the question with a product I’d actually like to see in the park and that is proper dining... Australia has some of the best food in the world and yet our parks are terrible. All our major parks should have real dining options where you can sit at a table and eat a meal. Not the slap dash efforts that are currently on offer. People visit parks in the US just to at and for no other reason. Sea World used to have an a la carte restaurant with broadwater views. They half ran it and eventually turned it into ultimately jellyfish. A restaurant like that should be able to stand on its own, open for lunch every day and dinner in the evenings with a spectacular menu. So yeah for me a big lift in food would be top of the list. It’s also a revenue stream. Id also say another product I’d like is entertainment that’s actually good but that’s too long of a post than I have the energy for.
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    The BRO has been reopened Triple Vortex has reopened and was not painted. Temple of Huey has scaffolding around it. The RIP has reopened TOT is off the map in park. The only painting that can be seen so far on The Little Rippers. Trolls is still being deconstructed. The Log Ride is going to be closed until next year. No progress has been made at the site of the new rollercoaster. Poles have gone up along the path connecting Tiger Island and Kids World. The Shaded Seating Area is underway.
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    All it takes is for a toddler to scurry off onto the concrete when mums back is turned for a second to recieve some pretty serious burns. Wnw obviously aware of the risk with sprinklers spraying on some of the paths. Definitely a liability issue. Thanks Gazza. God forbid someone has a different opinion on these forums. Ill take my 'lazy' and 'stupid' ass back to lurker mode again haha.
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    Coming late to the party but I'm really excited about Leviathan. The Gravity Group delivers very decent woodies with lots of airtime (quantity-wise at least) and great pacing. Great to see Australian parks picking up the pace, and it seems Sea World will have a good 1-2 combo with Jet Rescue
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    ^Yup, there appeared to be one local dead set against them. Visited the park late, this afternoon. The slide tower is looking great. The grass is looking green and there appears to be pool fencing at the bottom. There are rafts on the wave slide. Apparently, the staff have had their go on the new slides and loved them. There’s a large cabana being erected nearby too. There were plenty of people enjoying splash island as today’s temperature closed in on 40 degrees C. On a side note, the cafe has gone Pepsi postmix.
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    Few pics from today. no signage at all now nothing to say opening December or summer. Only sandy shores is closed while we are building the vortex attraction
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    Nah you're supposed to keep it sparse with rides in inappropriate far flung places, and the rides should have really abstract themes.
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    Mixture of sources here, including AW and the old Boans workers' family Facebook page that no longer exists. They had a family day BEFORE the park opened.
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    New build Trident will be Sky Flyer 52m tall
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    Not sure if anyone has seen this new concept coaster from S&S Sansei called Axis but it looks like an incredible and unique ride for mine!! Check out the video below for the prototype in action. Here is a POV video And here is an interview with Amusement today on the new Axis coaster. This Axis coaster concept looks quite good- what are everyone's thoughts on this? Is this something you would like to see in one of our parks? How long do you think it will be before a park somewhere in the world will install one? Does this concept excite you as an enthusiast? Its great to see that companies are still willing to push the boundaries of coaster design and still being able to come up with something new and unique.
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    MW finally added in a pedestrian crossing through the whole car park
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    I really can’t wait for this blue one to be painted, it was definitely there to be the worst in the park
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    Awesome update and it’s so great to see so much happening across the park. And it’s great to see they are going the extra mile with the personalised A frame
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    Hopefully it'll just be like whitewater mountain - get to the top and then split off to the one you want to ride - it's not like Green Room and Wedgie where very different groups are the target - they're all fairly similar, and most people are going to want to ride each one so it should even things out - people will just line up behind whichever queue is the shortest.
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    If the ground is hot enough to burn you, it's a clearly serious issue that cannot be ignored. It's like if the ground was made out of legos. Sure you should wear shoes but the ground shouldn't be made out of legos.
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    A lawsuit?? That is the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard on here since Push disappeared! there is no grounds for a lawsuit if you choose to remove your shoes and then walk on scorching hot concrete. That’s not a liability or safety issue, it’s a stupidity issue. 99% of people at WnW have thongs, they’re just too lazy to put them on to walk around. Take thongs yourself next time, just like me and my family and countless people did yesterday and you’ll have no problems.
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    Seeing that has made me really excited for the track to be taken out. I forgot how much I hated the placement of ToT
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    No need to BEE concerned, they won’t sting!
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    Now this is how you do a 'modern' take on an Atlantis themed land. https://www.themeparks-eu.com/news/full-details-of-aqualantis-at-energylandia-in-2020
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    Was at wnw today and at the risk of repeating a previously stated 'upgrade', the walkways throughout the park are hot as hell. Just in the short time frame we were there today I heard three other groups complain about the concrete and how hot it was. Wnw had a few sprinklers directed in areas to try and break it up, but seriously... by 1030 this morning there were already people having to run to get off the burning footpaths. I hate to think how bad it gets later in the day. Also, has calpyso always only opened at 12? It was such a busy day today and a massive group waiting to get to the lazy river.
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    https://www.communitynews.com.au/the-advocate/business/perths-outback-splash-in-countdown-to-open-waterslides/ Interesting as the original master plan didn't have a swimming pool, but had a lazy river. Note that the owner didn't state a wave pool
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    Yeah, I wasn't suggesting a switchback setup like whitewater mountain, I realise there isn't enough space for that - but the throughput of this, and the fact that they're all "body slides" should mean if one "queue" is longer, people will naturally gravitate towards the shorter queues (except maybe the 'speed' slides which are a bit daunting for some) - so even just a short rail - 1-2 metres, just to provide delineation between each slide, there should be enough space for that - the platform appears to be about 5 metres long (front to back) and about 12 metres wide... Even a painted line on the floor could work...
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    Great to see so much work going on + it makes sense to close and fix the log ride now, while making WWW look so shiny and attractive. Will help take the sting out of it being closed.
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    The width of the installed stairs tells you the answers you're seeking @Flynn_Smith.
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    2020 should be a great and very transformative year for this park
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