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    I think before it opens they are likely to install another piece or two. I'd expect that to be all though.
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    Well here's my update, and some new things we hadn't noticed yet. Along with the completed turn around point, new supports are going up, which appear will twist under and then back of the track. Some supports further down are installed, as well as some down the narrow run (around the lift hill area) and near the brake run. Very tightly twisted track has arrived. More stair pieces have arrived. And there are also some very thick columns.
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    Thank you for giving me the chance to talk about the cooperation with VRTP! I really enjoyed creating the simulation and I hope you all enjoyed watching the trailer. And sorry for not giving you any updates on my simulation, but you may now understand why I was not able to do so.
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    Here is what my updated simulation looks like. The first two screenshots show the recent status of construction. The last three screenshots show how the track will match the supports already in place.
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    Some of the new track and other parts that has arrived The camelback The drop Other parts of the track and station progress The signage out the front of the park: And a look at the logos lit up
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    Your update for the 10th of June 2017. (and probably my largest so far) Comparison Photo 1 (Stengel/Inclined-Dive Loop): Non-Inverted Loop is becoming more and more visible with each passing week. Comparison Photo 2 (Non-Inverted Loop/Pretzel Helix): They positioned the construction vehicles in the worst possible places. So here's an alternate angle on the loop. Lift Hill: Green Lantern = Current Lift Hill Height Storage Lot: In-Park: In park shots will be so much easier once Lantern has reopened. Footbridge: Other Shots:
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    I used my NoLimits "park" to recreat the exact track and footings that are already in place so i can give you differently angled views on what we have so far. I also added a the parts of the layout that are now obvious from track and footings. In my opinion the dive turn around is set as the following element. As the previous element still a vertical loop would fit perfectly with the foundations (not in the screenshots yet).
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    A very large portion (something like a third) of the Movie World carpark is now being fenced off.
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    Ok first drop being placed at moment more containers have arrived looks like rest of lift hill and maybe transfer track return run seems to be completed so just lift hill and rest of first drop to be installed lots of work happening at station area
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    Quick up date airtime hill done major elements done now just for lift hill and first drop Start of lift hill on site
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    She's a beauty!!! 😍😍😍
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    Would love to be those guys up in the cherry picker right now
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    Here is the loop with the supports in place. Looks incredible!
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    Lift hill construction has begun. Tonnes of supports in the area, and workmen preparing footers around the area. All cranes are now in carpark, with no more pieces installed for the loop. EDIT: And here's a few more pictures
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    I have absolutely no idea why Theme Park Girl, whose contributions I and I'm sure many others value greatly, has been attacked in this thread, including seemingly by members of the Parkz crew. It's just bizarre. Please don't stop contributing TPG! I also find it strange that there is an attempt to bring down and fault the user that created that great mock-up video of the coaster. It certainly gave a sense of the scale, regardless of whether individual elements were 100% correct. Are people envious about this or something? Thanks to everyone who is updating the thread regularly with pics. It's nice that barely a day goes by without new photos. This is going to be one well covered coaster, as it should be! Movie World might not be interested in marketing it, but it's certainly getting plenty of attention on Parkz.
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    More pieces in place. These were from earlier today during the Parkchat viewers meet, so there may be a few familiar faces (or figures lol) in them. Sorry if there's any double ups from the last lot shared by @themagician, it's hard to keep track of what's been covered and what hasn't. But yeah. Enjoy guys πŸ‘ Still waiting for a support to be installed here lol: The brake run at the station: Looking amazing from a distance ❀️
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    There is going to be a new kid on the block, opening around Mid November. Great to be involved.
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    @YLFATEEKS here ya go... And this is all you'll get out of me today, I have to head off now ? Hopefully it's more than enough to give you guys a good idea on whats happening atm ☺️
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    Yeah there are two types of people who like animals. There are the people who are passionate about animal welfare and become vets, biologists, trainers, park rangers. There are people who spend a lifetime getting to know animals inside and out and do everything they can to protect them and raise awareness about actual environmental issues. Then, there are people like this, who make placards and protest what the other lot are doing. They only make one claim in their article, that because they do 'demeaning tricks' they are healthy enough to be released. Yeah, fit for release has to do with their survival prospects, not how fast they can swim. It has to do with life skills and natural instinct. Most of the animals at Sea World were captive born, they have no experience with the wild. Those that weren't born at Sea World are either rescues (and hot tip, if they think they'll survive in the wild they release them. That's a parks an wildlife decision too not a Sea World decision) and those that were wild born are now so old that they're past the life expectancy for wild Dolphins. It's worth noting that not all the dolphins at Sea World are used in shows, in fact the vast majority are not. Dolphins also when they get older, they do 'retire' from shows and get to live a leisurely life. Also worth noting is that they arent asked to work harder than wild dolphins who have to hunt their food. If Sea World had dolphins and didn't get them to exercise in feeding sessions THAT would be cruel. Finally, doing things for an audience isn't cruel because there is an audience. You ask your dog to sit at dinner time before you feed them? It wouldn't be cruel if people payed to watch your dog sit when you asked it now would it? There's nothing inherently wrong with getting an animal being asked to perform behaviours for a crowd. So yeah, straight up lies and ignorance what these people are spouting, and they should be ashamed of themselves for their conduct.
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    Photo upload complete! Here are some better quality shots of today's action: The crew were just finishing zip tying this to the fence as I drove in: Here's a shot nobody has seen before... heaps of track laid out in the carpark! But what colour is it? Took a few coaster-nerd close-ups to capture some of the details. On the right hand side, you'll note piece number 50. More on this later: Random close-up Mack crates that escaped the spray-cans: What would appear to be station footings were on a flatbed this morning. By lunchtime, the truck had moved into the station area: Station area footings already in place: Track pieces getting a light sanding to the joins: Another random footing picture - i took this because it was interesting that it seems like the numbering system didn't quite match up at some point... Over the far corner, near the highway: Halfway down MW driveway - these pieces all seem to line up perfectly for an incline. Looking at the footings around it, it would appear to be the entry into a loop: Its hard to make out, the the tallest footing in the above picture looks almost identical to that in this picture of the loop on Flash (the one where the two cranes cross over near the ground (to the right of the guy in the foreground)): The first piece is lifted from the storage area to be taken into the ride envelope: And the lucky winner is....Track piece number 49: At this point, the dogman notices something about the track - the connection points have small nodules (if it was made of wood i'd call it a dowel - to make a dowel joint) at one end of the track piece. Just as they are about to set the piece down, they pull back and swing the piece 180 degrees, to put the nodules at the opposite end. It was hard to hear them over the machinery, but by the sounds of things, these nodules all need to point in the same direction: And it's in, and ready to be lifted into place: Remember track piece number 50? From the third photo in this post? TADA! That's all I had time for today. I daresay that more pieces will make it in there this afternoon. Overheard: This was repeated by several people at different places around the site. Fairly confident someone dropping by tomorrow might capture that moment! Grain of salt time. He wasn't in a dippin' dots uniform, but I was a bit surprised given everything has been kept so hush hush that this sort of info would get shared at random through a construction fence. The two loops business is especially dubious, but the way he described what he called the 'second' loop, sounded more like an overbanked curve. The then went on to call out an element as a 'third loop' which sounded more like a helix. Thats all from me - much as I would like to, I won't be down tomorrow - so anyone who hasn't been down yet, head down tomorrow and park right near the driveway entrance for a good chance to see the first pieces lifted into place...
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    Okay, so you guys really don't leave much to cover; but here are my two weekly comparison shots. (Photo's taken around 11am this morning) Now that the final segment of the Inclined Dive Loop has been completed, only the higher peaks of the ride will make this shot different. (I mean, obviously, though, right.)
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