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  1. Are you serious, is that the location of the ride judging from the near map photo. It's so close to the highway, for sure in its initial 6months of opening as it towers less than 100m from the highway. It will cause accidents as people slow to look at it. the land located near (lethal weapon) and Wild west doesn't look super important, maybe those buildings can go and they can fit some things in there. PLease note I am a casual enthusiast
  2. So in this format there would be a color bar such as Red For superman escape covering most of April, and another ride such as wild west Blue. The two different color bars are easily identifiable and visually it can be worked out easily what days all attractions run, otherwise try visit the maintenance page now and work out the best time to visit....many schedules overlap.
  3. It's really cute watching you guys get excited at these early stages... ...now show me more pictures
  4. It's been nearly 10 years since I last visited the strip of Australian parks. Sometimes I remember about this forum and log in for my yearly lurk to find out the gossip of up coming attractions. I noticed Movie world Web page has the whole year of scheduled maintenance listed, but just in text form. I was wondering If there is/ I should make/You should make a color coded calendar info graphic that would have each month listed in a grid of maintenance for each theme park, so guests can work out a time to visit where all attractions are running. This calendar Could be sticky pasted on the t
  5. Yeah I missed the sesame street dark coaster, they should get a magic show in that theater
  6. Friend lives in singapore, advertised in the news paper is re opening tomorrow
  7. We also did the 400m flying fox, which you had to buy as a bundle with a 4d log film and the fox, for $50 it was weak. I'd pay low 20's for the flying fox and skip the movie alltogether. The indoor sky diving at iFLY was awesome, but excluding the brief and the fun of watching others the price you actually pay for yourself to fly in the wind tunnel is almost ONE DOLLAR A SECOND.
  8. WOW, it's that time again where I remember about those forums i used to read ten years ago, unfortunately since logging in today it seems much of my post history and trips reports have been lost, possibly due to forum upgrades through the years. It's to be noted that whatever I am about to write is exclusively for here, and I may return to read it as a diary in the future so I hope it is not lost. USS is my second international theme park the first being holiday park in germany. I had been staying in singapore for a week as a holiday before spending a few nights on sentosa, and of course a
  9. Disappointed that the publicity images give the illusion that it s a vertical loop when in fact it looks like 55degrees for the videos i watched on youtube, with the manufacturers name in the search field. Of course I knew nothing about this style of slide until my monthly visit to parkz.
  10. never heard such seaworld incident, can you post any media link?
  11. I was justing being silly... ..for my monthly post.
  12. you could say its true because there will be a new coaster at some stage even if its 4 years
  13. lol, well 3 time its ****ed in a year, get rid of it! at least they got the height right,
  14. why cant they just give melbourne what it wants, a 100million dollar themepark
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