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  1. Are you serious, is that the location of the ride judging from the near map photo. It's so close to the highway, for sure in its initial 6months of opening as it towers less than 100m from the highway. It will cause accidents as people slow to look at it. the land located near (lethal weapon) and Wild west doesn't look super important, maybe those buildings can go and they can fit some things in there. PLease note I am a casual enthusiast
  2. So in this format there would be a color bar such as Red For superman escape covering most of April, and another ride such as wild west Blue. The two different color bars are easily identifiable and visually it can be worked out easily what days all attractions run, otherwise try visit the maintenance page now and work out the best time to visit....many schedules overlap.
  3. It's really cute watching you guys get excited at these early stages... ...now show me more pictures
  4. It's been nearly 10 years since I last visited the strip of Australian parks. Sometimes I remember about this forum and log in for my yearly lurk to find out the gossip of up coming attractions. I noticed Movie world Web page has the whole year of scheduled maintenance listed, but just in text form. I was wondering If there is/ I should make/You should make a color coded calendar info graphic that would have each month listed in a grid of maintenance for each theme park, so guests can work out a time to visit where all attractions are running. This calendar Could be sticky pasted on the top of the forums or main page. Something like this
  5. Yeah I missed the sesame street dark coaster, they should get a magic show in that theater
  6. Friend lives in singapore, advertised in the news paper is re opening tomorrow
  7. We also did the 400m flying fox, which you had to buy as a bundle with a 4d log film and the fox, for $50 it was weak. I'd pay low 20's for the flying fox and skip the movie alltogether. The indoor sky diving at iFLY was awesome, but excluding the brief and the fun of watching others the price you actually pay for yourself to fly in the wind tunnel is almost ONE DOLLAR A SECOND.
  8. WOW, it's that time again where I remember about those forums i used to read ten years ago, unfortunately since logging in today it seems much of my post history and trips reports have been lost, possibly due to forum upgrades through the years. It's to be noted that whatever I am about to write is exclusively for here, and I may return to read it as a diary in the future so I hope it is not lost. USS is my second international theme park the first being holiday park in germany. I had been staying in singapore for a week as a holiday before spending a few nights on sentosa, and of course a full day at USS would be in order. This review is for Thursday the 7th of May. The night before and the first night on the island, I walked down to the globe and gate to boost my excitement. The epic motion picture score in the background builds the atmosphere lingering the area. I also took advantage for this quiet time to pose 1 on 1 with the spinning globe before snapping out the canon 100d for more artsy gate shots. Prior to the trip I had also done considerable research on trip advisor, google, and emailing the park wondering if anything would be closed for maintenance, as there was no obvious info on the website unlike australian parks where info of closure is posted months in advance. I of course knew the BSG was not functional and looking on google maps and the size of the park wondering if you can really fill a whole day there. The next morning we arranged to meet prior to opening time at the gate. I had a feeling they would open the gates early if queues were building, however there were maybe a few hundred people before gates were open at 9,45am. We wandered along main street to the central point and worked anticlockwise taking a few selfies here and there.. I specifically left the DSLR at home and traded it for a sony point and shoot which stays in my pocket on all rides. I note that all retail shops are operational but think the educated park goer would only ever purchase items before heading home rather than holding it all day. Transformers seemed to be the first major stop in our anti clockwise adventure. I note the Insanely long queue area and estimate waits at 90 minutes if full. But for now at 10am it's 5 minutes. I own the first recent movie on dvd and really enjoyed it but I know little about the franchise. I would say the technology behind the ride is pretty amazing, I was fooled to feel like I was falling towards the end of the ride, but with all the hype I was a little underwhelmed and I’d rate it 7/10. We only rode it once more later in the day to a 15 minute queue, the 2nd ride I tried to observe the track layout and technology a little more but i really have no idea on the track layout. I did notice wearing the glasses creates a almost perfect letterbox of vision to only the screen/projections, the frame of the glasses blocking the roof. Exit through $$$ and we are back heading anti clockwise. Photos were taken of BSG. It looks ready to go in a way, clear signage and nothing covered up, Empty trains were spotted several times during the day, possible testing?, Also located close by was a standard spinning cha cha type ride, with its own theming, skipped it because it's super common. One of the buildings at the base of BSG looked like it could have a graviton in it due to the shape but its probably a gift shop with UFO theming. Next approaching was the lavishly themed mummy precinct. I did love the movies at being 10-12 at the time was quite scary to watch. Amusing how people struggle to read signs and that no bag or loose items can be taken on the ride, 2-3 staff all day here pointing the sheep towards the free lockers. Again a maze of dark corridors to reach the station, 5 minute wait one station side operating. This is possibly the best themed ride I have ever been on, nothing compares to the first time for a ride like this better than the SDSC even in consideration of 10 year technology gap. The launch up the hill was exciting following the fast section, staff enthusiastically clap you to the station however less so as the day progresses. I rode a further 6 times later in the day, with zero waits and empty trains after 5pm. My favourite ride. Next up was Jurassic park River rapids, about a 20 minute wait quite early in the day, was keen to polish it off incase of afternoon storm and closure. Just the usual rapid ride really, rode only once, got one leg quite wet. Sometime soon came Shrek 4D. the pre show was a little long and i have a feeling it could be the same show I’ve seen at movieworld back in 2007. Always good to head into shows like this to escape the heat, exit through gift shop that is shared by other attractions. Singapore Spend consume spend. Heading back to Jurassic park for the canopy flyer and lunch. 5 minute Line the ride is very quickly over, but nice to feel the wind on your legs. Food and drink is not as expensive as australia, Water under $3 and singapore chicken rice about $12, better than a greasy burger. A little later headed to the waterworld show, a movie which I watched over and over as a 10year old on VHS, show was about half full, Sat in the wet zone and enjoyed the pre show bantering and crowd warm ups, as for the show, the plane was the most exciting part. 7/10 There are lots of young Families here today with kids, the fixed track car ride near mummy a 30 minute wait. Now we are filling in the gaps, the donkey show was next, this was a little surprising. Again beautiful airconditioning inside, the show started off a few light laughs, and seemed scripted, the live actor appearing to speak between the gaps of a pre recorded donkey, however then donkey started accurately pointing out countries and clothing of member of the audience, and then my friend was chosen to go to the front, his questions, name and things all said by donkey, in a perfect Eddie murphy voice. I don’t know how they did it! Next we were heading to the new Puss in boots ride, but it had just broken down, we never make it back again to try it, even after later spotting it in operation again from a distance. I later watched on ride footage and decided that will do. Next it was a hop skip and jump to the small coaster by the water, descent first drop time and with views to match I reached for my camera but was told not to. Rode once only similar to road runner coaster at MW. Next we finished the circle with the slow boat ride, before heading for a milkshake at the american diner, then sesame street happens to be beginning so off we went. More AIR CON BLISS in a nice theatre but the show is really only for kids. Since we were all kiddled out we didn’t try the other Kid show next door but did stop for Lights Camera Action. I was expecting something like the old soundstage at Movieworld. The attraction itself might be outdated since I feel everything would be Done in green screen, but there were a few surprises and the water out of the building looked amazing. We headed home at around 6,30pm. After some basic Merchandise, I have an Idea,I like to see a theme park, for One week, Drop the prices for Onride photos from say $20 to $7, and see if you can actually make more money through volume of sales rather than x30 mark up. It was a great day and Time went fast, I just reckon they need two more big adult rides but they are tight for space.
  9. Disappointed that the publicity images give the illusion that it s a vertical loop when in fact it looks like 55degrees for the videos i watched on youtube, with the manufacturers name in the search field. Of course I knew nothing about this style of slide until my monthly visit to parkz.
  10. never heard such seaworld incident, can you post any media link?
  11. I was justing being silly... ..for my monthly post.
  12. you could say its true because there will be a new coaster at some stage even if its 4 years
  13. lol, well 3 time its ****ed in a year, get rid of it! at least they got the height right,
  14. why cant they just give melbourne what it wants, a 100million dollar themepark
  15. Its amazing, I forget about this site, then revisit it to find out dreamworld has a new coaster ect ect. anyhow I Was watching youtube videos of the top thrill dragster rollback, and wondered if out much smaller superman escape has done the same thing?
  16. Why do all the parks compete with each other? Don;t most people who go on holidays on the goldcoast do all the themeparks anyhow? and maybe local residents have a annual pass to one or two of the parks...
  17. Hi, thanks for moving the stuff, I kinda joined here long ago but havent posted for a while infact 2 days before i left for the trip, I visited here and found that the batwing had been made!!! Didn't go to WWW, well cos like we had a single blast past, but im sure it cant be too great really, well that coaster slide would have been intresting though.
  18. Ok, well I'm going to write my combined trip reports for all the parks in this thread, and post the same thread across the other themepark boards that I went to, since it saves writing 4 seperate trip reports, or the whole thing split in 4. Monday- 12th Feb Arrive and movie world. (early morning flight) Tuesday- 13th Feb Rained all day, Wednesday- 14 Feb Sea world Thursday- 15 Feb Dreamworld Friday- 16 Feb Wet n wild ( heavy afternoon rain) Monday 19th Feb- Movie world Tuesday 20th Feb Dreamworld Wednesday 21st Feb Movieworld (evening flight home) Ok this is my second trip to the coast, the first one being with my mum in 2003 and this one being with a long term friend matthew. The last time I visited the parks was during peak in which you would wait 50 or so minutes for anyride, after 10.30am. So I'm 19 now and I wanted to come back off peak, with my own money I could do everything how I had dreamed of. After leaving Melbourne at 6,50am we arrived at the hotel at around 9,30am, with having no sleep at all, so at this point i had been awake about 22 hours. We were exited, and after buying our unlimited bus pass headed to movie world. Movieworld I can remember first stepping into this park, and how excited I was, MW by far has the best atmosphere than any other park in australia, when you hear the movie theme music play as you step in, it still feels awsome. Naturally we gazed at the beauty of the batwing and superman which I knew was closed for maitnence and we would visit it next week. However we were still stepping forward up main street because I couldn't wait to show my friend the scooby coaster, since he has not been since about the year 2000. Of course it was good as I remember. AFter a few scooby rides we headed to willd west and after 2 of them caught the the stunt show. The preshow entertainment is still as funny as ever, seeing how people react who have not seen the show before. Next up we did some bat towers and in a seperate visit faithfully spent about 6 dollars on superman locker hire during the 2 days I went. We had about 10 rides of the superman coaster. Batwing The ques for this ride in all my visits never exceeded the first two que lines. I think it is a great jump on jump off ride with good hourly capacity. All up we did this maybe 10 or more times. The hang time on the top is truely great and so is the view, during which I discovered to my shock horror the main street buildings were fake. The sound the air thing makes from the ground is very cool also. ScoobydooAs good as I remember, usually the que was less than 15 minutes. After going on it many times possibly 10 me and my friend would scream like girls on every bend in the laser show area. it was funny lol. IN my last visit just yesterday The operater was sending empty cars on the track and shortly after the flood lights came on announcing that the ride was closing for a short time. We waited and it re opened only to send about 8 people along. ten they annoucned everyone exit through the fire doors, OK so we did, came back after a quick wild west ride and it opened again, we got on first and went through the track, everything seemed miss timed. The ride was not running correctly, after exiting we went to ride again immediatly however only to be standing on the platform again and the flood lights came on again ( I have a photo) but this time the operaters pushed STOP which caused people to be stuck in the laser show. AFter we were hastfully rushed out the lethal weapon fire exit we saw people comming down the fire strairs from the turntable area of the ride. I was dissapointed since we really badly wanted to get stuck in the ride. It would be fun. Wild westStill a top ride with the best themeing and wetness, we rode never more than 2 times in a row to avoid getting fully wet but more than 10 times in total. If the ques are bad I dont ride at that time, so I never waited more than 5 minutes. Batman2was okay, but I only wanted to do it once, the show seemed different to what I remember. Shrek 4dGreat show and effects, deffinetly enjoyable for all ages, the preshow is a bit boring. Lethal weaponThe monday I did it twice i think and it was as smooth as I remember how ever the next monday and wednesday the blue train was on and it seemed way more rough, at one stage there were no ques but we never waited more than 15 minutes. And that really hot ride attendant was there too, she is so fine! Superman escapeWe had about 10 rides, front and back and inbetween, after spending maybe 6 dollars on lockers. The tip with this is to ride during 12.30 -2pm when everyone is having lunch or in the stunt show, we had maybe 5 rides in a hour, The front is good, but the back of any coaster is allways faster since the front pulls the back. Quite enjoyable, fast and the take off is great. On the way home from the first monday it rained very heavily and did so for 24 hours. We got as wet as you would from jumping in a pool. after getting pizza for diner it was bed at 9pm after being awake for about 35 hours. The next day we played monopoly watched cable tv, went to Infinity, purchased food and cooked diner. Seaworld Seaworld was good, but I wanted to do the more boring parks early on ! The Sea World eye was very nice, and air-conditioned, shark bay was excellent, I like. hi 5 ! Queue times were very good, the corkscrew was operating with no queue much of the day. The triangle is well over 10 years old but still has effects that live up to today’s standards, the pre ride experience gets boring, though funny how that hot chick walks in the video that you watch, sure to keep some peoples attention. The flume ride we did many times. Also 2 particular staff members from Sea World stood out upon another staff at any park we visited. They were Rebecca who was operating the corkscrew in the morning and afternoon, who was very polite, and Richard who was running afternoon shows in the 4d cinema. He went out of his way to try and assist with my friends enquiries making a number of phone calls to see if My friend could see the projection room since he is a projectionist he was interested in it, unfortunately one of the supervisors came out and did the whole insurance talk thing. Dreamworld THE first time we went was kinda busy, 2 or 3 ride cycles wait on the claw and wipe out and 40 minutes on giant drop, for some reason tuesday was quiet, almost all claw and wipeout rides were on instantly. Giant drop was 15 minute wait, with only the west side operating. Cyclone We only did this once on the first day, it doesn't do anything for me anymore, the walk to the ride and back off it makes riding again not worthy. Wipeout Excelent ride, One I had not been on before, I remeber saying "is that it" till it changed gear and you start moving in all crazy directions on the first time. We did this possibly 15 times over both days and it is lots of fun, sit at any end for the most movement. Pity They cant have the water features on due to drought I guess. Tower of terror Only did it twice, the take off is still good, but it doesn't seem to make it up the tower how it used to, however i was told the front seat makes the ride alot better. The claw The first time was great, couldn't believe how fast it went when you were facing forward, great ride but wears off after 10 times. Nightmares Don't listen to what they say, this temperary attraction about the size of a 25 meter pool is great. In a big air conditioned tent the magic happens. We did the freezer about 10 times. The first time I lead the group, didn't even get lost, not scared but suprised, it was fun, reading some other parts of these forums, its just a series of fences a few mirrors a smoke machine and about 6 actors not lots of lights, just a few strobes lights maybe 3 and thats it. We did it many more times because its fun watching others react, another time we went with some girls who were a bit younger, and they screamed and held us so tightly I couldn't stop laughing. I also lost my wallet and sunglasses in there, but the actor gave it to me at the end and the glasses they found and I came back later. I also took a photo in there, and he said no cameras lol, the creep spoke! We also spoke to the attendant outside and he said how the actors regulary get punched and kicked. and people had been kicked out of the whole dreamworld. The other half of it, the 3d one was good too, I didn't scream or anything as I was on full alert, however the light tunnel illusion and the "mirror" part with the actor is the most cool. I think for most of you, nightmares would be better than you expect. Giant drop West side. Still the only ride that gives me the maximum feeling everytime, it's the best ride but I was so scared the first time I did it in 2003, couldn't believe how it kept going up and up. we did it over 10 times. On thursday we did in 3 times in the last 10 minutes the park was open straight on and off. Wet n wild When I last visited I was with my mum which was boring because I was allways put with random people on slides. Also everyone is so hot here its intimidating! The whole place isn't my sort of thing, but much fun was had, on the speed slide where we got as high as the second last peice of the slide before falling backwards again, The black hole was good as it had a high water temperature probably because its painted black, we did this many many times, especially after 4pm when it was raining it was straight on straight off. The highspeed slides were good but i was expecting that feeling you got on the now defunct double screamer, the feeling of falling fast or hang time. The tornado was intresting, probably the most fun was had here, we did it maybe 7 times. All ques on the day avaraged 10 or so minutes and it was about 26degrees and cloudly. On the weekend We visitied the thrillpark thing in surfers and did the vomitron, and the 5 dollar dodgem cars. The dudes were cool as, 5 bux each got us about half a hour in the cars! that night we walked around the night life around cavill, standing there was 10 minutes we saw 2 fights, when your walking it felt as though you couldn't look at people because they smash you. but I felt safe, and I had many drinks anyhow. The girls that dress up to go out were so damn fine! other things we did on the holiday is eat chinese food and went to a few restaurants ect. I might post some pictures soon depending that im allowed to legally post, I should imagine people would be intrested in seeing, scooby doo flood lights and nightmares. Feel free to ask me anything,
  19. I also watched it, could have been a better show. Coverage of universal studios was good, that tour looked fun as. MW was dissapointing, i think SM was built thought i saw it in opening shot. Coverage of knotts was good, luna park sydney. WTf 6/10
  20. Theme park special on tv tonight 7.30pm tonight on great outdoors Check your local guides
  21. NOw that the advertising for the ride is quite public now, eg tv and cinema, why are they not using footage of the actual coaster in the ad?
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