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  1. I'm glad that it is in melbourne i enjoyed going there when we didn't go to any parks at all so. now it will be great and it is only a 40-60 minute plane ride from where I live to Melboure. So if this goes ahead I think I will be making a few more trips to Melbourne. Maybe even considering moving there in a four or five years. EDIT: Also it would be cool for them to put in a mine ride since the one at Dream World has gone adn i never got to ride it. They could theme it on diamond mines in africa. thats just what i want.
  2. 0mah

    Scooby-doo spooky coaster

    cool that would be interesting but i suppose they would rush you out before you could get a good look at anything.
  3. 0mah

    Hollywood Stuntdriver

    it may be a little useless but what else could they put there that would be useful besides food stalls. Any way I wish I could go to the last show as well but I will not be heading up to queensland until late 2009 so i will miss out on it. But at least i have seen it one time before it closed.
  4. Thank you for the update I can't wait to see what sort of track layout the coaster will have.
  5. 0mah

    Studio Tour

    Well I would be very interested in going through that. I think it would be a nice edition to make it feel more like hollywood a real movie set tour.
  6. 0mah

    Win a LIFETIME Pass?

    yeah we all ways buy online too. To bad that i am not going to be buying a ticket until next year
  7. 0mah

    Batwing operations

    acording to the website the only scheduled maintenance is for the lethal weapon and that is in May so unless some thing unscheduled comes up i reckon it should be open.
  8. yes all of what you say seems to be the best possible answer. now all we have to do is sit back and wait to see if you are right or not.
  9. 0mah

    White City, Sydney

    nice piece of history thanks for finding that Jobe
  10. yeah your not alone i didn't understand that much of that either. any way I hope they build a new coaster quickly so it will be there on my next trip in 2009.
  11. 0mah

    Main Street In for a Change...

    how could you not have much fun there? any way if it goes ahead it will still go there and just not make any notice of it. if what alot of the people are thinking are true it will only go over the shop/shrek 4d area and i don't spend alot of my time there so it won't worry me to much. but at the end of the day Warner Village own the park and they can do with it what they want and if a couple of people don't like it I don't think that Warner Village will care that much they will still be making money out of the park and if it begins to rain alot of people will stay around that area and buy things from the shops.
  12. 0mah

    Movie world Rumor

    oh yeah i never thought of that maybe they could put in a flying dutchman or a standing coaster something like that would be pretty cool.
  13. 0mah

    Movie world Rumor

    yeah i would go for that it would be a nice idea. do they own any land big enough near wild west falls i cant remember?
  14. That may have been them taking it apart who knows. but the thing i really hate is they closed it a little while before i went there so i never got to ride it.
  15. 0mah

    Movie world Rumor

    yeah that is what i was thinking but i hope it is much sooner than that