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  1. Sorry if it has already been posted, but based on the 'choose your own ride' idea and the space available, could it be one of these?
  2. How come Movie World stopped doing the 1:00pm - 6:30pm hours on ANZAC Day? (Don't quote me on the closing time) I have great memories of a visit a few years back. Getting to ride everything with no queue in the dark sure beat the lines at their special events.
  3. Various lift hill e-stops because some idiot pulled a camera/ipod from his/her pockets. The Claw wouldn't align correctly, restraints wouldn't open. We had to ride three times in a row before we could get off. I threw up. Same goes for Space Roller at the EKKA. Wouldn't lower, went again. Did not throw up. I don't think it was a break down, but I remember being on Thunder River Rapids waiting for the lift with what I assumed was the entire collection of rafts.
  4. Strangely, the MyFun website is down. Is the animation worth watching?
  5. Eww they included a sky coaster in the new plan. :/
  6. So why couldn't they replace it with some kind of wooden 'pool fence' with the pointed tops? Dammit Movie World :/
  7. Pardon my slowness, but they've put a fence on the wavepool? *cries* No more quick dips on scorching days this summer when traversing the park.
  8. Wonder if it still runs horribly. If I wasn't supposed to post it, my apologies. (And here's hoping I haven't modified it) Dreamworld_by_matty_o_911.zip
  9. Just wanted to mention that. Bit of a shame if they can't decide where to draw the line. I haven't made the trip up yet, but I'll be making an effort this year. Did they end up opening at the advertised times or slightly earlier?
  10. loved the article, reminds me of bygone times, Roller-coaster.com.au or OzCoaster perhaps?
  11. After spending several hours at Wet'N'Wild yesterday I was reminded how the parks try to grab money at every opportunity... Little did I expect to be asked an exorbitant amount for a Picnic chocolate bar on leaving the park. The vending machine read $320.00 to be exact! Upon attempting other similar items I got the same result, in frustration I tried for some mixed lollies and a Time Out began to release only to get caught. After some gentle persuasion it finally fell down, along with a Picnic that some other unfortunate tourist never got to eat.
  12. Whatever happened to the supposed 50ft robot Michael with laser eyes?
  13. It's sad to see the Twister go although I won't miss the Speed-coaster as much. It's a real shame about the Terror Canyons and I don't know anyone that said they preferred Black Hole over it. (Apart from possibly the shorter line) Fingers crossed they fill the space with more modern enclosed slides and get the vegetation back to its old standard.
  14. ^Wow, my eyes were falling out of my head but I swear I was sober... Seems Firefox's spell check isn't turned on. :| (Aussie Dictionary installed, all good now) Fair point I guess, it just comes across as slightly unprofessional.
  15. Yeah the site's nice but I couldn't help but cringe when I saw the MTV ad at VMAX today, even if it was in 3D... And they show two trains super-imposed on the Cyclone! Their YouTube channel doesn't have any specific ride videos either, kinda cheap if they're just favouriting other people's.
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