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  1. ShadowXL

    The Off Topic Topic

    The reverse car has been gone for a quite a while now and seeming it wasn't there during school holidays I don't think it will be coming back. Bowser flame worked in the 1:50pm show today.
  2. ShadowXL

    Journey to the Center of the Earth OPEN!

    They seemed to have more trouble making sure people were putting them in the boxes by the exit as they continually yelled out to put them in the boxes as the crowd was leaving. I guess with people being able to fold them, they are easier to hide...
  3. ShadowXL

    Journey to the Center of the Earth OPEN!

    That's them. I would have liked to have seen a facade on top of Roxy Theater, like the Shrek 4d logo and the Marvin the Martian rocket when that was there.
  4. Journey to the Centre of the Earth 4D is now open, interestingly with a few new caution A-Frame signs out the front. This movie definitely throws you around a lot more then the previous Shrek movie (hence the caution signs out the front), and uses the water spray feature a lot more also. The movie seems to just be a 20 min narrated version of the actual Journey to the Centre of the Earth movie but was enjoyable (I haven't seen the full length cinema version so this might have impacted on my enjoyment.) They also use new Real 3D glasses - the same ones you get when you see a Disney 3D movie at the cinemas. The pre-show room theme is no where near as extensive as the previous Shrek movie, which is a disappointment. There are basically three pockets of theming in the corners of the room (which are nicely done, and well lit, but I would have liked to have seen this continue around the room and on the walls) and a projector screen for the pre-show movie. The back wall is painted but the front wall is just black. Its nice to see a new attraction at Warner Bros. Movie World and was definitely enjoyable so go down and see it, the only disappointment was with the limited theming in the pre-show room compared to what was previously there. I have attached a picture of the front and a dodgy picture I took on my phone of one of the corners of theming.
  5. ShadowXL

    Halloween Fright Nights 2010

    The purpose of Halloween events tho shouldn't be to ride the rides that you can ride any day you go to the park, it should be to experience all the exclusive attractions the night has to offer. I'm guessing the main reason the rides close at 9pm would be council noise restrictions.
  6. Did they get the idea off the movie Grown Ups? What kind of safety regulation problems will be experienced with a ride like this?
  7. MW images not working?
  8. Found this on youtube:
  9. Any chance of anyone filming it over the next month?
  10. Just found this under employment on the myfun website. Interestingly it states Movie World as the park not Paradise Country.
  11. ShadowXL

    new stunt show a real let down!

    That car isn't like that because of an accident. They use one during the Batman street show, they might use them at events aswell maybe?
  12. ShadowXL

    Ocean Rescue

    Its a shame to see a 4d movie replaced by a standard movie.
  13. ShadowXL

    Movie World Changes

    The block out date is on the printed card they receive, so they really have no excuse.
  14. ShadowXL

    WVTP Changes

    I believe you can buy it at the gate, but you cannot upgrade your one day ticket to one.
  15. ShadowXL

    Sea World ski stars sunk by pirates

    It seems that this company have already done a pirate show with jetskis and diving. Do you think its possible that it will just be a re-carnation of that show. I just found this picture on the website: