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  1. Well done, guys. It's great to see a properly executed RCT3 project that will end up in something being produced. Perhaps you could post some progress shots every few days or week or something?
  2. Let us know what they say. Thanks!
  3. OH MY GOD... I remember that! I wondered why I had that storyline in my head... just couldn't remember where I saw it. It was cheesy but being that age I lapped it up eagerly enough.
  4. Continuing the adult theme. this blooper from X Factor tonight:
  5. No I haven't
  6. The new skull indeed looks great, hopefully the queue area gets some nice touchups. The first time I won, it was the question about who you'd like to ride with and why. I said Mr Bean so I could watch the contortions of his rubbery face but that he'd probably just fall asleep like he did on the rollercoaster.
  7. Hey

    Welcome, Rick. Well you picked a great place to visit and it sounds like your itinerary will be quite memorable. Was in London a couple of years ago & absolutely fell in love with the place. Had been there when I was 13 on a school UK/Italy trip but the second time left it for dead since I actually have freedom to go do whatever without having tyrannical supervision Took in Cabaret & Lord of the Rings in the West End and did some other tourist things. Highlight was Thorpe Park and those 5 coasters are the only ones I've done in Europe. Do miss Stealth, Colossus & Nemesis Inferno... even Flying Fish! (Heads, shoulders, knees & toes, knees & toes!) X:\ No Way Out was just as confusing as I'd heard though!
  8. Okay, so my hair gets all tangled and frizzy when it grows out. So, recently I had my hair cut shorter but still only scissor-cut. But I want to go further! Considering something like this: SAMPLE: SAMPLE, DIFFERENT ANGLE: What do you think? I've had my hair both short and shaved before, here are some pics: Shaved: Buzzed: Would appreciate suggestions on what attachment lengths to go for, if you don't think I should go for the style in that guy's pics. I just want something short, no fuss and good for the running & fight training I'm going to be doing.
  9. Thanks Daniel.
  10. Has anyone here ever written out / know of where I can find the script to the Shrek 4D preshow (including what the attraction attendant says)? Some little Shrek fans I know want their dad to perform it for them. I'm on a USB prepaid stick so don't want to suck through my credit by viewing the preshow YouTube.
  11. but HEY! we have the Harry Potter shop. What more could we want? Maybe MW could at least add a stall out the front of it with their own Butterbeer and perhaps some Pumpkin Pasties and/or Cauldron Cakes. They could prepare it in the bakery kitchen.
  12. ^ It's actually surfing jargon for the interior of a wave. The park uses an Australian beach culture theme so it works.
  13. Link was only going up for the next 24 hours, so grab it now, but Crowded House's new single Saturday Sun is available for legal download. Grab it here: The full album is out June 11.
  14. Learning how to operate ferris wheels & avoid accidents... There's An App For That! iRides: Ferris Wheel ($2.49, 1.3MB)
  15. I'd just wrap a towel around me going between the slides. When queuing in the towers, I can put up with being a little cold sometimes if it means having a heap of re-rides & not being lucky to get one or two goes on each. Most of the time it's not going to be THAT bad. You can always wear a rashie or t-shirt to help stay warmer too. But back to the lazy river -- I don't mind if it's something that isn't run all year but if it's heated, then they could always rotate staff between other slides to compensate. Once you're in the water, you're used to the temperature anyway... and if you get cold floating on top, just get in the middle of the tube and kick yourself around...