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  1. Channel 9 Melbourne are still reporting Buzzsaw derailed and killed 4 people. God I hate the Media sometimes
  2. Sorry if anyone has mentioned it before but I can't see why it couldn't use space in the current car park because they are building a new car park across the road that to me looks bigger than the current car park
  3. Interesting https://frightnights.com.au/box-office/after-party/select-date.aspx
  4. I go into these things expecting to be let down and boy was tonight a let down. I only got 2 good scares out of all 4 mazes (Wyrmwood and Dusk till Dawn). Conjuring was very short, It really needed to be in one of the sheds behind west. During staff changes you would see 3 of the same character walking through the park to get to their maze. "Rise of the dead" was a huge let down as this was my favourite memory from last year. I'll defiantly be back though as I bought a season pass and also want to experience UTT, the panic rooms and the VR thingy. The first night of all movie world events are
  5. During the Fright Nights opener they use what i'm 98% sure are called percussion pots which is essentially just a loud bang that is classified as pyro. Thats why the time is stated as 6pm (the time of the opener) and not 6-10 Video: https://youtu.be/EuK-ISwJHaY?t=2m25s
  6. Season passes are now online https://frightnights.com.au/box-office/admission/season-pass.aspx
  7. I got one. To me it seems to just be a UTT with a screening on the Conjuring 2.
  8. I asked the lady in the shop and she said you can use fast photo for doomsday so who knows.
  9. That what i heard but I also heard Wyrmwood was in the show stage. Could be wrong though. Also am i the only one who thought the Day of the Dead precinct picture looks like a spongebob time card?
  10. If you look closely on the sign about fast track the $65 unlimited pack will come with 1 vr ride once fully operational.
  11. I'm going to say the Containers are defiantly the panic rooms. There is aircon is all of the containers so it would defiantly be something that people go into
  12. Found this on Instagram. I've heard it's a staff/media launch next Saturday
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