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  1. Wow what a shock to randomly pop by the site again and see this thread up in the top few threads in the gaming section. Just over five years since the first post in the thread on 13 Nov 2004. Wow. Where has the time gone?
  2. Thanks. I would have liked to have been able to complete another recreation ... I was especially disappointed that I was never able to finish Cedar Point when I was building it. Dreamworld though bigger than Movie World was easier to fit onto the RCT grid and so I was never able to decide on a way to get MW to work and so never got further than the entrance without giving up because I was unhappy with the look. Sea World probably fits onto the RCT grid better than the other two but since there are less rides etc, its gets a little bit boring spending hours fiddling with terrain heights to c
  3. That's quite good. Movie World is very difficult to get to work in RCT because of the grid which is why I could never finish it in RCT3. But from a distance you seem to have pulled it off so good luck with finishing it.
  4. This is really such a shame. And of all the things in the world to be killed by - gravel.
  5. I know what you are talking about - they had something in the pool beside the ship. I believe it was one of these: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/False_Killer_Whale
  6. From Official Site: Since I missed out on getting to the Halloween event I think I'll have to book some tickets for this and getting to see Batwing at night sounds good too.
  7. Was there today and the tower is almost finished. There are two pieces of tower left in the carpark and the structure currently is roughly the same height as Superman's tophat. It definately makes a good impact on the Movie World skyline and with the other two parts added this thing will dwarf Superman. Can't wait.
  8. Dreamworld is changing its options ... $185 for full year pass with entry to Whitewater World after 3pm during off-peak periods or alternatively the Max Action Saver for $145 for access to Dreamworld during off-peak periods. Still quite expensive as far as I'm concerned. From Max Action newsletter:
  9. Wow I didn't think I'd be seeing this thread again - but I can't believe how long ago it was that I made those parks. Its a shame that I don't have the time or patience anymore to be able to make them. As much as I'd like to get into playing it again, its unlikely I'll be able to finish any parks though I do start 3 very long and boring months of university holidays so who knows I may get into it again. Movieworld would be too difficult to build I think because of the restrictive grid. The RCT2 version worked out fine because there was no Superman Escape, but because of the angle that main
  10. Ok, before I go into an anti-media tirade let me first say that I like everyone else was completely shocked about his death. Despite the fact that he dealt with deadly animals every day of his life I suppose we subconsciously all asumed he was invincible. His death leaves a large hole in Australia and he certainly won't be forgotten. His efforts in the field of animal conservation are unmatched and likely there will never be anyone again who can bring animal welfare to the forefront of the human psyche. I think we will all definately miss his presence. Ok that's that said. I have however
  11. Thankyou. They really need to get Grant to do a few more ride specific things there, like doing one of the short segments giving a behind the scenes tour or something explaining how it works. When he was at Movie World for Superman Escape, every cross (I think) to him that morning was just him standing below the tophat just to lead up to when he finally rode it right at the end - they could have let him in behind the scenes to look at the themed section or something else at least. Still, at least they visit the themeparks regularly often - still, I certainly don't like being up that early i
  12. Yeah Grant was even pleased enough to be announcing an exclusive with Stephen Gregg - that Dreamworld is building a waterpark. Shock horror. Its not like that hasn't been known for months. If he was doing that at 8:00am and doing flowrider at 8:30am, can anyone tell me what he was doing at Dreamworld beforehand?
  13. NOTE: While not entirely related to this topic, I apologise for getting into a Movie World vs Dreamworld debate but I couldn't help myself. I couldn't possibly disagree with you more. Movie World is by far the more superior park in my opinion. I have been regularly visiting both parks over the previous year - at least once a month during Superman construction - and to distinguish the staff at Movie World as being so bad in comparison to Dreamworld is very wrong. Both parks would be quite even in terms of staff - the majority are very friendly and helpful and do their best to make sure gues
  14. See here for the article from news.com.au: http://www.finance.news.com.au/story/0,101...710-462,00.html From the article: 'Village said it would continue to partner with Warner Bros in theme parks in Australia now via a long-term licensing agreement.' So hopefully we'll continue to see things operating as normal at the parks. And its interesting to see they might be expanding the Warner Bros parks to Asia through the deal.
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