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  1. Since everyone has been commenting on Batwing's themeing, I've set up a poll just to let people vote. For the chit-chat about Batwing post in: Batwing Experiences. Well I'm one of the people who think that the themeing is not good enough. However, that's just one person. (not that it counts ) CoasterBoy6
  2. ^: I think it could be turned into a 3-D movie also. It could take over the Planet SOS at Seaworld. The movie could even be 4-D, since SW has already got the 4-D affects built into the castle thearter. And also, because it's an Australian movie and was made in Australia, SW could work with the makers to create a short 15 - 20min film that has 3-D technology in it. I think this would be a great new attraction for SW. What do you guys think??? P.S: I'm actually suprised that Australians made this film. I thought somebody like Dreamworks or Disney Pixar were teaming up with Warner Bros. to mak
  3. Yeh, I saw these slides in the Herald Sun a couple of weeks ago. They look really fun. But, unfortunately, I don't have that money and that space to keep one!! Anyway, good find bluman. CoasterBoy6
  4. Infinity was absoulutely the best experience ever!!! Some bits really interesting like the mirror room, were the exit door is a mirror it-self!! And, the room with all the red laser lights, mirrors and crazy hanging things that dangle from the roof that make you feel like your walking past dead bodies!! Anyway, crazy experience, check it out!! Next year should be going to Space Walker. And I was reading the brocher and saw that you can choose which activity you do along the way. Is this true? Cause when I went to Infinity, It's just a simple one-way walk way. Oh, and I've been to Putt-Putt.
  5. Thanks Tony, but i don't think my uncle's got that channel? Hey, how is the website going? And I promise I'll sign up when the site opens up fully (or when I finish school this year!). Anyway, thanks for the heads up. What a Bummer!! CoasterBoy6
  6. Augh Guys, got a problem! I rang up my uncle last night and asked him if he could tape it, but it isn't on! Monday the 13th of November at 11:00pm - this is right, isn't it? (or is it in the morning)? Oh quick question, Dreamworld Rulz, do you have Optus? If so what time is the doco on? I'm asking you cause ya live in Melbourne and I do to. Mabey because nev lives in Sydney (nev was the one who started this topic) they are different? Oh, and what is the show actually called? If someone could please post up a reply to any of those questions than that would be great!! P.S: This is my 101 po
  7. Oh, are you serious!! . This is just stupid. Another walk-thru attraction like Tomb Raider. I really hope this thing is absoulutely the best haunted house/dark-ride or else! Dreamworld has fallen to an all time low with this attraction. Really, I hope your right GoGoBoy about how good they are. And I also hope they leave it open as a full-time attraction (providing there is enough people visiting the ride). Anyway, another "recreational attraction" is not what Dreamworld needs. It's new flaties or new coasters, Dreamworld should know that by now. When will Dreamworld get it through their TH
  8. I agree Richard. If ya going to do something with a massive storyline and themeing, you either: 1. Do a really good job of it. OR 2. Don't do it at all! And as for the Dog themeing element, Dreamworld needs to scrap it know PLEASE!! It's only waisting space on the website. CoasterBoy6
  9. I really hope they don't take it down for good. Really, one of my first coasters. And yes, I was s*&@!#g myself, I was only 7. Espescially when we got to the top of the lift hill, thought we were going to do a massive drop, but the train took a gentle left! Lol Anyway, what ever this problem is, I'm sure Dreamworld will fix it. As Richard said, it's probably just cracking in the track. CoasterBoy6
  10. Just a short question, I'll probably sound blonde ! But, where is this attraction going? Is it taking over the ghost train ride at the Draculars Resturant in Broadbeach, or is it going to be placed in that small haunted house thing that is already in Surfers Paradise? Anyway, the haunted house sounds fantastic. I'll be sure to give it a visit next year! Oh, and when do you think it will open? I'm hopeing end of August, start of September. P.S: has anybody been in that small haunted house thingy in Surfers, I've always wondered what was in there? CoasterBoy6
  11. Wow!, small world isn't it Dreamworld Rulz. No, I don't go to Highpoint much, But I go to Watergardens (I live closer to it). Oh, and lisalia, thanks for that (good find!!). CoasterBoy6
  12. Yeh, Dreamworld Rulz. I live next to Caroline Springs, but unfortunately Gazza, I don't have a 1m wide plasma screen and I don't have a really cool speaker system . Pfft, who cares about copyright laws these days. Everyone, i mean everyone, burns DVD's today. That's breaking copyright, isn't it. CoasterBoy6
  13. I would love to watch them on Youtube! It's just that the particular area that I live in has problems with getting broadband. And the only way to get it is to go Wireles (costs about $40 month for 200mb!!!!) or get a satelite. Oh, and the dial-up coverage is crap as well. Well, it's basically even slower than normal dial-up (AND THAT'S SLOW). I just don't have the patience to wait for something to load for hours and then not being able to save it to my computer. Oh, and I don't live in the country. I live about 20mins from Melbourne, it's just the stupid area that I'm in!!!!! Anyway, now you
  14. Thanks for the heads up guys. But, unfortunately, I don't have cable and I can't be bothered to watch it on YouTube. However, this is the really good part!! , my uncle has cable and could probably tape it for me. Anyway, it should be really good. I loved the doco on Kingda Ka that the Discovery Channel showed a while ago, so this should be as good, or, even better than the KK doco. And, thanks again! CoasterBoy6
  15. This is just something I came across when reading the RACV booklet for attraction ticketing (The prices are very up-to-date, some only sarting from dec 1st). Anyway, the World Pass is basically the same as WVTP's Summer Pass, right?(They both include entry to two parks). In the RACV booklet it says, for a family (2 adults, 2 children), the Sunmmer Pass is $330 for entry to two Warner Village Theme Parks (has to be used in 3 days). However for a World Pass, for 2 adults & 2 children, it costs $317. This includes entry to a dry & water park plus you can use it until 14 days after going t
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