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  1. well said,,,,,lol, but i did forget moto coaster, but i guess that just shows its not up there.
  2. The extended looks so much better and looks to be a queit decent ride..... the only full circuit coaster that is adult like is Cyclone which in comparsion to parks around the world is an utter embarresment for there only full circuit coaster. Its your 30th birthday!!!
  3. Im praying its not just the sky loop.....please have some extended coaster afterwards.... Is this not your birthday coaster!!! especialy if movieworld are getting another coaster. Ive said it b4, why cant you wow us again just like in 97 with TOT then again with DROP. Someone earlier posted if we cant get something huge for there big birthday, what hope would we have for the future seeing as weve had nothing huge cost $$ wise since TOT/drop.
  4. Why is it in 1997 dreamworld spend 16mil on tower of terror, yet 2011 there 30th year plus no rides since moto coaster, and they are spending only 7mil? Y cant we have something Big to say hey LOOK at us, like everyone did when TOT was first opended in 97 world record holder then followed by Giant drop! also world record holder. Comon DW we love ya
  5. Is it just me..or are we not getting a looping slide. just because it may have a curve going under another slide it certainly dosnet have the loopage like whitewater wests versions, as thers actually starts looping from the bottom like a loop would(if you get what i mean.) and travel upwards around it...even tho theres is on an a slight angle. However www appears to just take a sharp bend and dips under the hydrocoaster. But will be a fast fun slide anyway.... but dont think it really loops. hello all anyway, havent posted in forever. and was there last monday, constrution/ground work had begun,,, digging under hydrocoaster but thats all as of last monday..but alot could have happend since then.
  6. Hey guys, off to LA once again, this time for HALLOWEEN TIME. looking forward to Disneyland: ghost galaxy overlay on space mountain, Haunted Mansion holiday, and the new Halloween Screams fireworks!!! Also loking at doing one of the haunt nights, either knotts/magic mountain/ or universal. Of course all those parks will be visited also during the day time keep u all posted.
  7. hey guys, havent posted in ages..anyways, the dreamworld website is advertising annual passes for $115, and if bought online you get $20 merchandise gift voucher. Dreamworld have never discounted there annual passes like this b4........seems a good buy:) *they shoulda done the $99 lol to copy* Anyways thats all i got.
  8. It was called warrego water park, I went there years ago. It dose have the twister and it also has a terror canyon type ride, which was pretty good. It used the hill terrain instead of a tower.
  9. No worries gazza, i was mainly just asking so richard can have them on here, and not have other sites have them too. Ill upload some more today.
  10. heres some of my pics, I am so excited how they turned out, thanks to some tips from Norm from micechat. ill upload some more tomoz. (richard, is there anyway u can stop them from being lifted from the site and being used elsewhere? I wasnt sure, but it appears they can be right clicked and saved, and i dont have any idea how to watermark them, but you can and use them for your site.)
  11. Gazza, I do think the 3D addition to toy story mania is what makes it a great ride. The only negative is more time playing the individual games would be great. I dont know if u are aware but as you hit targets and such, you get air blown at u (when popping balloons) and some water (spray/mist)effects too from what I recall. While you are traveling from game to game your ride vechile spins you quite quickly around the bends to its next room, which is quite fun also. Your pull gun is also pressure sensitvie, so when u pull ur string back fast it allows u to shoot at the higher/further away targets. (it is really a great game) something maybe MW could have , very re-rideable. But Disney has the rights to the technology to my knowledge.
  12. Well guys got back from LA tuesday, was a great trip. It was very hot especially in the last week i was there. First off, simpsons ride at universal studios was great, i reccomend it! heaps better than BTF. Knotts berry farms pony express on the other hand was not good. I think the moto coaster at DW is better, and thats saying something. Play parade at DCA was back to its full parade..(bugs life floats etc.) by the end of the trip, as i know since the accident they have only had a small bugs float with just flick and ata. Toy story mania is great, if you like buzz astro blaster, youll love toy story mania. i was lucky i rode it on the friday and saturday b4 its grand opening on the tuesday 17th. I met at the sunday mice chat meet on my first sunday there, had lunch with the gang and spent the next 7 hrs with them, so that was good. Subs were good, i oly rode them twice, and that was at 11-50pm every night, cause the line was crazy from morn till night, lol. The new dream home in inoventions building had an annual pass preview for a day, just b4 i left, but still did not open to public b4 i left to come back home. Ive taken some good photos, especially night time pics and fireworks pics, thanks to (fishbulb from micechat, he helped me with some of my settings in my cam to take the night time shots, somr turned out fantastic!. Also made my first trip to sea world, beautiful park, very well presented and maintaied, 10/10 for apperance. i would say it is one of the niceset parks you could walk around. Well thats all i have for now, ill upload some pics shortly...and questions feel free to ask. P.s. I didnt end up going to six flags this time round, so no X2
  13. 3 weeks to go:) wooooooo hooooooooooo! New rides to go on for my 5th trip.....knotts- pony express, universal- simpsons, DCA-midway mania ,Disneyland- Nemo subs (was a mth too early last time I went.)and last,six flags- X2. Ill also be making my first visit to Seaworld this time out.
  14. Im positive i still have a video around the house that has the thunderbolt in action, coming down the first drop,screaching and all, and the thunder/roar kinda noise it used to make as it went through the two loops! ill dig it up for you. Will also have alot of extremeworld stuff on it...from the first time they did it years and years ago.
  15. Sorry for late reply ninja. Answer to your question is yes, it includes taxes. Im pretty sure thre is another deal right now for around $1700 including taxes with free 7 day car hire flyin Air NZ. Not sure on the dates of travel. I think it may be april-june. Air china and Eva Air should also have cheap flights available. A site i founf some hot fares on was there was a flight on ther with hawian airlines for $930 plus tax to LA,,,,so woould been$1300, that was for a february depart. I got my flight with flight centre.