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  1. Paula

    Fun Fields - New Wave Pool 2018

    From the entrance, the land immediately begins to elevate getting increasingly steeper as you walk towards the Kraken & Gravity Wave. Great hill for great slides.
  2. Paula

    Fun Fields - New Wave Pool 2018

    Land elevation.
  3. Paula

    Jamberoo's Online Park Map Upgraded

    Jamberoo may have sent out a 'Thank You' email to their database.
  4. Thanks Mark. Hope you've been well.
  5. You're not going to Funfields!!! *shakes head*
  6. Paula

    Movie World's website

    Funfields has had a 'CHAT' function for almost 2 years HAHAHAHA ... and Movie Worlds website isn't even responsive so right now they'll be updating 2 websites to cover mobiles and tablets & desktops. The navigation is also very poor, experience poor, design poor, but overall it's a MONSTER of a job to re-design & re-build. So many things could go wrong especially with all the e-commerce sections, seo and migration issues. Leading up to summer would be a big risk to launch a new site. I imagine they would stage out a re-design and development in the shoulder period.
  7. Paula

    Funfields new attractions 2017/18

    Thanks for the mention Mark see you at the FF Opening on the 21st?
  8. Paula

    Movie World New Park Map

    Really poor map. My husband and I have done a lot of design work with parks in Victoria over the last 12 years, designing 3 different park maps over that time. They're not easy to create but this one doesn't communicate the park clearly or show off the rides very well. It looks like 'shed city'.
  9. Hi. I'm a newbie here but read Parkz quite regularly. I love puzzles so I un-jumbled the Dreamworld Billboard.