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  1. There was a guy sitting in the backwards row on that first day of testing:
  2. Nice pics @crowd That first drop looks insane so far!
  3. Here is the loop with the supports in place. Looks incredible!
  4. So the official colour according to the livestream is Fuchsia!
  5. @Brad2912 Is that last picture of the final brake run? Looks like a nice bit of airtime leading into it.
  6. They wouldn't let us take hats into the queue. Considering how unprotected the queue line is from the sun I thought it was a bit rough.
  7. I really wish our Aussie coasters would incorporate front-row queue lines. I noticed when I was in USA that many of their rides has a separate front queue. Always thought it would be a good idea here too.
  8. Longest would be Manta at Sea World Orlando, 2 hour wait not long after its grand opening. In Australia I've waited for superman on a public holiday for 1.5 hours. Not really that long but when they're only running one train it takes forever to move through the queue. Shortest would be heaps of walk-ons, Superman, Scooby, Batwing, WWF, TOTII, Claw, Buzzsaw, Cyclone, Jet Rescue ETC ETC ETC I love quiet weekdays, and the early entry at DW
  9. I'm a little confused as to where the ride exits then..? In regards to theming: at least they painted it the right colour!
  10. Do we know that this is the entrance? Makes more sense to be the exit ramp, with the entrance on the side with the stairs. I'm assuming we will see lots of switchbacks put in place around the lead up to those stairs...
  11. I'm interested to know what the piece is called too. From memory, it seems to rise up and up in pitch and never stop. I think that illusion is called a "shepherd tone".
  12. Ah I see, Beto Carrero is the name of the park… Damn his body flies through the air! Glad to hear he is without serious injury. Thanks for the other video
  13. I'm not sure where this is, but it looks like some sort of theme park. Can anyone shed some light on it? It's a pretty nasty looking crash.
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