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  1. Isn't that the truth So many ideas, so little time.
  2. @jjuttp Meh, it depends what you're doing with the car. Land Cruisers drive slow over really rough terrain, these buggies go fast over slightly rough terrain. You wouldn't want it to be too soft because you'd have trouble handling it at speed.
  3. Parkz News

    Some opinions are just more correct than others
  4. I almost spat out my drink. Yes, and Superman is just a launch, over a hill, around a corner, over another hill, around another corner, over another hill, around another corner and into the brake run. Hills and turns are what roller coasters do. Trust me, hypers and their 'numerous hills' are absolutely incredible and you seriously can't knock it until you ride one. Not every new ride has to be innovative or different, especially when you have such a tried and true formula in the hypercoaster. I can't believe we're even having this debate on a forum about theme parks, this is some GP level shit.
  5. Just to bring another perspective into this. As someone who is an avid soccer fan, I get the same feelings that I get when I see articles sensationalising nothing events at the parks as I get when I see articles sensationalising nothing events at the football. There might even be some people on here who believe that soccer crowds are rampant with violence, and that soccer games are not a safe place to take your kids. 2 or 3 troublemakers having a fight which is quickly resolved by security with no serious injuries in a stadium of tens of thousands who are just there to watch the game is enough to make headline news depicting soccer games around the country as war zones. Harmless acts like standing, jumping, swearing or chanting light-hearted slurs at opposition fans are written about in articles like they're serious problems. Add to this that incidents of similar nature that occur at other codes of football do not get the same kind of coverage. A pitch invader at the Big Bash was celebrated by the media as a 'hilarious' display, versus a few pitch invaders who were celebrating a goal at the football, who weren't even interrupting play and made their way back to the stands when told by security, were shamed as a blight on Australian sport. My faith in journalism has been completely shattered, whenever there's a news story about something I actually know about it is more often than not filled to the brim with sensationalism, bias, and innaccuracy. I'm perpetually worried that news stories about things I'm not knowledgeable about have swayed my views subconciously.
  6. Accomodation has been dead cheap in Winter. I'm living like a king. It's a hard question because they are two very different parks. What I will say is that Shambhala is one of the best coasters in the world, it's almost worth the price of admission on its own. Paris Disney is, well, Disney. It was an immersive and magical experience. The Ratatouille ride has the smell of bread as you go through the kitchen ffs. I think, being me, that I'd go with PortAventura. Best case scenario is you can experience both though. I reccomend that one.
  7. ??? I don't know which SurfRider you've been on, but SurfRider (along with AA, Giant Drop, and BuzzSaw) is one of the few rides in the country that still freaks me out enough to have to hold on at times.
  8. Yeah that's what I think, people will pay for convenience of entrance/exit, I reckon most don't care about shaded parking.
  9. I seriously don't understand why people in such a niche community as this think they can say things that are clearly rubbish, and upon being called out for their rubbish, instead of owning up or simply shutting up, they continue to defend themselves with yet even more rubbish. No one's buying it, and even if they did you gain nothing out of it because in the end you are still spewing rubbish. We seriously don't need your shit here.
  10. In typical me fashion, I'll be judging based on the ride alone, not taking into account capacity and reliability and all that meaningless bollocks. For me, Wipeout is out of the question. Off ride, it looks pretty crazy and disorientating, but honestly on ride, it kinda just shakes you backwards and forwards and side to side a lot, isn't really forceful at all, doesn't go upside down enough, and lacks any fun moments of airtime. I haven't ridden Doomsday, but I can pretty safely say it wiuldn't be my favourite out of this list. The only question for me about Doomsday is whether I'd place it above or below Wipeout, I really can't say without riding it. The Claw is the one I'd much rather ride at Dreamworld. It's forceful at the bottom, with incredible airtime at the top. It's such a graceful ride and nothing quite beats the moments when you're right at the top of the swing and verging on being upside down while weightless. It's truly the best flat ride on the Gold Coast. Now, onto SurfRider. This ride is properly intense. The faster spinning feels out of control, the short turnaround at the base is forceful, and the airtime is brilliant. The moments when you're reaching the top sideways and get weightlessness as you rotate around at the very maximum facing upwards are the best. I think this is a tremendously underappreciated ride, and I strongly recommend for anyone who hasn't ridden it because of queues or any reason to ride it next time, you've really been missing out. So SurfRider gets my vote, mainly because it has the force and the airtime of The Claw, but the faster spinning makes it less graceful and more intense for me. It's a properly brilliant ride, plus, it counts as a credit, even more reason to give it a ride.
  11. This is Australia, surely people are used to entering boiling hot cars on summer's days. There'd be much more market for the free parking in the sun surely, unless the paid parking was more convenient for exiting or closer to the park.
  12. I park in a pretty terrible multi level car park every weekday. Still haven't been run over yet. I don't see how they're any more dangerous than any other place where you have big metal cages moving around constantly.
  13. That was the same with me, so I ran away by myself on a train for the weekend, it was well worth it.
  14. @Jamberoo Fan Ah yeah I forgot about Arkham, shows how much attention I've been paying on my holiday.
  15. I think I've decided that I'm going to stick with making single coasters or dark rides in this game. In part due to the limitations of my machine, but mostly due to the amount of time I have (or lack thereof) to make things. I'll often start things and then never finish them, so I reckon I'll keep my projects small. Keen to get playing once I get back from the UK.