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  1. I don't understand all the fuss about greying out. It does not mean going unconscious. You just lose some vision for a bit, akin to when you stand up too quickly after lying down for a while. I also don't understand why everyone's so concerned when we have another ride in the same park that is known to induce grey outs in Superman Escape. It's different for different people, I'm sure some will laugh at me when I say people grey out on Superman but if I relax my muscles when riding I usually grey out a bit on the first turn after the top hat, I'd say at worst I lose 1/2 to 3/4 of my vision, at best I just get a few black spots. If I take steps to avoid it, it doesn't happen (ie. squeezing my legs, tensing up my neck/face a bit etc.)
  2. My work is fine, I accept that I need to deal with difficult people because it would be the same anywhere else in retail. And now that things have become completely irrelevant I think it's time for me to stop.
  3. You could start with the comments on any public facebook post or youtube video and end with /pol/ on 4chan. You really do need to step into the real world.
  4. ???? I'd write down domestic issues, cancer, sexual problems, substance addiction problems etc. down as sensitive topics. Not sure what your problem is with people on a forum such as this wanting to know what is accurate information or what is inaccurate information.
  5. No one is saying the NL2 creation was bad. It was just rich for them to claim that it was "90% Accurate" when all they had to guess the layout from are the footings. We can see from what's been built so far that they got things wrong, which is completely understandable. It was a fantastic representation of what the coaster will be like in general, and seeing the video really did get me excited for the coaster because it just shows you the real scale of this project. You don't need to be an engineer to use your brain and think about what you've written before you post. Any community is going to have drama, and unfortunately it does get personal sometimes. In other forums I've been the target of it and I should also admit that been guilty of it. Frankly, this is probably the most civilised place I frequent, I don't see any toxic "kill yourself" spam and personal attacks are a real rarity. News flash, the world is pretty big and it's also pretty bad. Even if this is the most toxic internet community you're a part of, I find it hard to believe this is the nastiest community you're part of in the entire world. Have you been to school? Worked in a workplace?
  6. Kind of in order: Nemesis (Still can't believe I haven't ridden this as I go to the UK far more often than any other country) Expedition GeForce Any Intamin Mega Lite Fury 325 El Toro The Voyage Lightning Rod Maverick Movie World Hyper Helix at Liseberg
  7. Push is getting excited about coasters? Nice. Best coaster I've been on is Shambhala at PortAventura. Seems the general consensus is that it's the best B&M Hyper, hopefully it hasn't spoiled any future hypers I ride, I reckon MW's one will be different enough a ride experience to make things interesting. It has a massive first drop (78m) followed by a hill that gives you ~6 seconds of floater air. Lost count of how many times I rode but I reckon it was approaching 40 rides in just 3 days. The single rider queue was my best friend.
  8. What makes you so sure? The connections on the roll on flash look very similar (as they do for most rolls on any coaster, with the angled connection on either side. Personally I think a hill is the safest option, but a well shaped roll could be amazing at that point after the twists, think maverick's defunct heartline roll.
  9. As with everything, depends how big the loop is.
  10. Fair play to @docoaster who managed to guess the top down layout of what's been built so far very well. Glad the real ride is a lot lower though.
  11. @GoGoBoy I've greyed out on Superman, I don't see what your problem is. Also remember i305 is 100ft taller than this coaster will be and its first turn must be the longest sustained Gs on any coaster. I doubt anyone will be greying out much on this. @Santa07 He's the guy who made the force vectoring plugin for NL1 called FVD. He served an internship at Mack thanks to this and ended up getting a job there. I know this through spending time on the nolimits exchange forums and seeing this story unfold. I don't know whether he has a degree or not, but I don't see why you need to have an engineering degree to design coasters, you'd be working with a team of people with all different areas of expertise. This guy is clearly skilled at more than just making coasters, I wouldn't be surprised if he has a degree in engineering/computer science/software etc.
  12. That photo is my favourite of this coaster so far. Looks like you'll be flipped over into the turnaround while weightless. The guy (or one of the people at least) who designed this thing is actually an active user in the NoLimits community and I've had a bit of a chat with him about this ride, he really did keep his mouth shut about it but it's just great to see that Mack has hired someone who tuned their skills just making coasters at home and sharing them online. The best looking coasters I see are virtual ones made by enthusiasts, and it's great to see that the people in this community are getting the chance to have a go at the real thing. I'll be sure to let him know whether it sucks or not!
  13. It's a custom layout, there are going to be some unique elements instead of just copying/pasting bits from flash.
  14. Surprised how many people don't really like the B&M box track. I think it's absolutely iconic. The sound the B&M track makes is incredible as well. You can hear a B&M's deep roar from the other side of the park.
  15. I didn't know the rules were so strict as to what can and can't be posted. It's a coaster of similar length and height built for a similar reason. Of course the actual ride is going to be more similar to Mack's other hyper but there's only one of them in the world to compare to. I put it up a length comparison, as that's what we were talking about, not a layout comparison. Just trying to showcase the actual scale of this thing being built. Goliath has a ride time of over 2 minutes if you include the lift hill. The Mack will likely traverse its layout faster but it just gives you more of an idea of how massive this thing is.