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  1. AllegroCrab

    The Off Topic Topic

    I wonder if they know it's a German ride 😃
  2. AllegroCrab

    Thunder River Rapids Incident Coronial Inquest

    Really goes to show how nothing ever really is a complete unforeseeable accident. Also how there's never only one cause for an accident.
  3. AllegroCrab

    Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster refurb in Nov/Dec 2017

    100% need practical effects alongside the screens and projections. There's a trend in parks nowadays of getting carried away with screens, it really should be avoided.
  4. AllegroCrab

    Falling Standards at Our Parks

    Can confirm. I work in a cafe where they let us eat the food, whenever we put chips and wedges on we almost subconsciously put a bit more in than necessary and snack on the rest. The boss is snacking away with us though.
  5. AllegroCrab

    Restraint movement during a ride

    Hahaha brilliant. The only way.
  6. AllegroCrab

    Restraint movement during a ride

    Why would the restraints tightening during the ride lead to catastrophic consequences? They definitely cannot loosen, but they seem to tighten. I've sat as far back as I can to avoid exactly what you've described, and the restraint just ends up pushing in further forwards on my thighs (which is much worse than it pushing down at the top of the thighs, it's like a pressure point).
  7. AllegroCrab

    What 10 Rides Do You Think Will Permanently Close First?

    Harsh, have you seen Lech coaster or the proposed hyper that could have been in place of Intamin's Hyperion at Energylandia? They're certainly catching up with modern coaster design.
  8. AllegroCrab

    Restraint movement during a ride

    The Mack restraints on DC Rivals are amazing as they allow for a tiny bit of movement, loosening or tightening, making them the most comfortable restraints I've ever used. I've seen this be mistaken multiple times by guests as the restraint not being locked properly.
  9. AllegroCrab

    WBMW parkitect

    Damn, looks really nice. Parkitect has a really nice aesthetic and I should probably pick it up.
  10. AllegroCrab

    What 10 Rides Do You Think Will Permanently Close First?

    Definitely think Wipeout and the Sea World monorail are on the way out, we'll see in the next few years though.
  11. I'm a poor uni student and I'm definitely not turned away by that pricing. It's like 1.5 shifts of my casual job for a year of theme parks. Of course I'm only paying for myself, but if you've got kids you're paying crazy money for things all the time, I'll only have to cross that bridge when I come to it .
  12. I'm no expert but surely issues with how the place looks come second to issues with the day to day running of the park, staff issues, and pricing. I really hope these problems are tackled because it really could be the park that determines the future of another theme park being viable Sydney, even just a cute little park like Chessington WoA in London or Adventure World in WA, just some sort of more modern alternative to Luna Park in a location that's friendlier for large expansions. I might just be a dreamer though and will never know what it's like to have a proper home park unless I end up outside of Sydney for whatever reason in the future.
  13. AllegroCrab

    Wicker Man - New Alton Towers Coaster

    Our based lad Shawn has done a vlog showing the amount of effort that towers put into the event. The actors and performers doing a great job, with extra lighting and smoke effects on show. this vlog shows the pre-show (SPOILERS), which looks incredible. As for the wicker man structure itself ('Big Bob' is what the towers staff call it), it looks beyond incredible at night, I'm actually lost for words. Very unlikely it'll run on full effects like this all the time, and a shame that night rides on this will only come around at a very exclusive time of the year. Merlin could perhaps do some passholder night ride sessions to make up for this.
  14. AllegroCrab

    Theme Parks vs Cruise Ships

    I don't see the absolute equivalence here. An annual pass to our parks costs only $200, or $180 for 2 weeks, so if you're going on a trip purely for a theme park it really can be quite cheap. I guess cruises do compete with parks as holiday choices, but in the same way cruises compete with EVERY other type of holiday you can think of in the same way. It's no surprise people are picking cruises more often these days, having done the Royal Carribbean South Pacific cruise myself, it's brilliant value for the hospitality you get from staff on board, seeing beautiful parts of the world every few days, as well as all of the on board entertainment, buffet breakfast every morning, restaurant dinner every night, the people you meet (and don't forget the plentiful excuses to drink). If you wanted to experience all of those things on the Gold Coast, you'd be paying quite a bit more, but if you're prioritising the parks over everything else, and make sacrifices in other areas, it'll end up being the cheaper holiday, it's a lot more complicated than just comparing the two holiday choices I think.
  15. AllegroCrab

    Wicker Man - New Alton Towers Coaster

    It's for clearance over the track below After seeing actual footage of this thing running, it seems to be whizzing through faster than I thought it would. There'll be some great airtime on that first airtime hill, and it does that classic alton towers thing where the ride uses the terrain to keep up its pace right until the end. Very excited to ride this now, can't wait for a POV.