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  1. Have you ever done a ride with your eyes shut? It's pretty terrifying.
  2. I wouldn't be surprised if it's a soft opening in September. Likely they deliberately overstated the opening by pushing it to October just so people like you can show up in October and not be disappointed.
  3. Being the tallest coaster doesn't count if you only use half the track.
  4. I think I've decided that if it's an upcharge (which it should be) I'll ride it backwards as a one-off, then ride it forwards every other time.
  5. I'm expecting MW's operations to be slow enough anyway that it makes no difference. I know how illogical my argument against the back row is, it's an argument of feelings not thoughts.
  6. @xRazzBerryx The hill will definitely be higher than the loop, but I'm guessing it won't be much higher if they're going for real ejector air. The air at the top of the loop will probably have to be more floater. If I have to put a number to it, if the loop is 40m tall then then maybe the hill will be about 45. S U S T A I N E D E J E C T O R
  7. Maybe it's just my reddit elitism, but why are we downvoting someone just because we don't agree with them? Save it for when people post incoherent garbage, not well spoken opinion. I don't agree with getting rid of the refill station, but it's a good point that soft drink is actually pretty bad for your health, it's a valid concern. I'm not really in the know as I usually only buy soft drink at parks, but what alternatives do MW offer (besides water).
  8. I agree with mostly everything, but the things you mention for all those other rides are not gimmicks, they're fundamental parts of the ride. Making an entire ride and then turning one row of seats backwards is a gimmick. It's probably just the coaster nerd inside of me who's resistant to change and having a pointless whinge, but it really feels wrong having a coaster that looks so brilliant by itself trying so hard to make itself look better. Bitch you already perfect <3
  9. I'm about done with this forum. Is this a place where theme park enthusiasts meet or.... ?
  10. I've always thought those 'cardboard' cutout themes are just a bit lame, I mean, the only place you see it is at six flags. If the queue and station are well themed there'll be little reason to have much more. If it's a choice between having no theme at all past the station or having the half assed cutout theming, I'd take no theme. The difference between the quality theming at the station and the filler theming throughout the layout would be jarring. The Joker's face at the top should look really cool when lit up at night. Especially alongside the Green Lantern display. The Movie World skyline is going to be incredible. @Ryande16 on your screenshot: The GP really don't know how good this is going to be haha. @Rollercoaster_Lover Better than Fury 325? I'm not sure that's likely, but you're right, most enthusiasts overseas I've talked to look at this coaster as the best new coaster this year. If we thought Superman Escape was a World Class implementation in 2005, well we've got another thing coming here.
  11. There's only two seats, no one's being forced to ride backwards. The people who actually end up riding backwards will know what they're in for and they'll be there willingly.
  12. DC Rivals Hypercoaster is a terrible name. Any backwards seat on a coaster of this scale is a gimmick, whether it's one row or an entire train, but I'll give it a go, it'll be properly intense. I like the look of the layout towards the end, lots of hills after one another.
  13. 10/10 thread.
  14. Grrr I hate this argument. The theme itself is from the past, so it doesn't matter one bit that the ride is somewhat dated. It's supposed to be a creepy old hotel from 1939. The original ride system was tailor made for the theme and story, and it is probably the best ride/experience combination I've ever ridden. The most recent installation of the ride was in 2007, that's only 10 years ago, where Disney thought the ride experience was still of a high enough quality to be put in as a brand new attraction at one of their parks. The Twilight Zone is still a well known name amongst 'the youth of today' because of the rides at Disney parks. They're attractions that carry themselves, where the ride experience matches the theme perfectly. A good ride doesn't have to have a successful movie series behind it to get people through the gates to ride it. And ride themes that are relying on a franchise to get people through the gates will not last. This has to have been Disney's worst idea ever.
  15. Hopefully a few more airtime moments back to back just before that. There's something awesome about seeing the supports for such a massive coaster as this emerging over the tops of such unmistakably Australian flora.