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  1. I'm still guessing that it was quite a freak accident, which in hindsight is easily possible to now see the reasons for. As @Levithian said, "Procedures or operations too that fostered an environment where something like this could happen" is the most likely way to classify this. This still doesn't mean that nobody should be held accountable, it's just unfortunately understandable as to why such a unique incident would slip through the assumedly minuscule cracks of safety procedures and standards during the design and construction process. I'd bet my parents' house without their knowledge on such an incident never occurring again on any rapids ride with a conveyor lift thanks to this one incident.
  2. I think this is a case where people need to stop criticising the media for reporting facts. We all know they can be shocking a lot of the time with sensationalised reporting of non-incidents, but they don't have to sensationalise this incident, and they don't. 4 people died and we're lucky it wasn't 2 more. You can't just blindly defend Dreamworld as a lover of parks, if they're found to be guilty through a proper process then I have no qualms supporting legal action against them.
  3. Gumbaya coaster?

    I wouldn't expect anything massive at all for the coaster. Surely the biggest thing would be about the size of a eurofighter. Would be pleasantly surprised if it's even that big. Still a very exciting development. I'm not in the 'nothing to see here' camp, how many parks outside of China have opened with a massive coaster?
  4. Dreamworld - 2017 "exciting" "experiences"

    I really think that Dreamworld kinda has to go back to the drawing board as a park, there are signs that perhaps this is what they're already doing behind the scenes. Put simply, they're not going to be able to be anywhere close to rivaling Movie World in terms of thrills for quite some time and will have to focus on something different to get people through the gates for the time being. It does seem like something they're doing, which gives me hope. (Keep in mind a lot of this is my own opinion on what makes rides fun/thrilling, so of course there's going to be subjectivity here.) It's not just now because of DC Rivals that Dreamworld are behind on thrills, their lineup was inferior long before this. The only rides that stood above MW equivalents are the Claw and the Giant drop. Now don't get me wrong, I absolutely love these rides, but if I was given the choice between those two and MW's best thrill rides in Superman/Arkham, I'd have picked MW every time, maybe even just for Superman alone. Although I will admit that I'm probably more scared on Buzzsaw than any other coaster in the country, it doesn't deliver on the fun side of things even when compared to something like Green Lantern. TOT is just not that good, maybe if the park was empty and I could get lots of repeat rides I'd have a good time with it, but whenever I've ridden it has been a long wait for a slow launch to put me halfway up a tower with a bit of floater air that I could get over and over again on the claw at the other side of the park which rarely has that long of a queue. Wipeout looks way more intimidating off ride than it feels on ride. There's not any real forces involved with it, it just lurches you backwards and forwards and sideways a bit, and sometimes you flip upside down. I could go on and on for every other ride but I'll save you the trauma. Now that DC Rivals is here it has pretty much cemented my position on this, and with dreamworld as they are at the moment they're not going to be able to compete in the thrills market. I really want dreamworld to be successful, and I'm happy to be quite patient with them. But they're not going to be able to survive as a legitimate rival to MW forever unless they step up their thrill ride game some time in the future. I totally get that the right thing for them to do now is go back to their roots as a park and get that all fixed before they can build anything massive. Also, for the love of God, if they didn't spend the last decade building one trick pony cheap ride installments they'd probably have been able to build something incredible. I think once dreamworld starts to enter the rides market again they should really actually think about what they're building instead of seemingly picking any random pre built rides and placing them wherever there's empty space. It's like they're playing RCT career mode, and just picking whatever cheap flat rides will only just get them to reach the scenario goals, instead of actually being imaginative and building something truly unique to dreamworld.
  5. Even for people who've been overseas, surely this'd easily be a top 10 for lots of enthusiasts. It's gotten all the Americans on the internet jealous for once, a very welcome change of events.
  6. @GoGoBoy Yeah absolutely. I don't know too many people who know of its existence outside of people who live in Brisbane/GC and enthusiasts. I have faith the ride will just speak for itself and in a few years everyone will have had a friend who's ridden it and raved about it, but the initial marketing has been pretty much nonexistent.
  7. @Glubbo That pic is my favourite. The Australian GP are not ready for this ride. I can imagine a lot of people so far actually won't know what hit them after that first drop.
  8. Movie World New Park Map

    I think enough has been said already about how shit the map is so I don't need to butt in there. What I will say is that I like how they've represented the rides realistically on this, but everything else about it actually being usable as a map is terrible. There's a pretty standard way that every other park I've seen does this and that's for a good reason.
  9. What I'd really love to see is a good high mounted POV from row 10. We've had that genius who went through all the effort and risk of sneaking his phone on just to film in portrait, and whilst the quality was bad and the act of recording was irresponsible, it looked abosultely incredible seeing the whole rest of the train twisting in front of him. So @Slick I guess if you do get the chance to stick a camera on the ride properly, that'd be an awesome point of view which I doubt we'll ever get a good POV of otherwise.
  10. Movie World isn't a Six Flags or Cedar fair park. The current coaster lineup is now world class, probably just behind the most well known parks worldwide, Movie World does not need another coaster for a while now. My priority now for MW is getting scooby doo and WWF back to their best. Those can be the two best themed rides in the country.
  11. DC Rivals HyperCoaster - new trailer/TVC

    Imo the coaster should just be called 'DC Rivals'. If they have to put the HyperCoaster at the end, it should be two words, 'DC Rivals Hyper Coaster'.
  12. Does the data start to de-synchronise from the video about halfway through or is it just me? Either way, the ~-1 at the loop gets me excited .
  13. Asking if you're nuts is not an insult, it's just an expression because your opinion is just inconceivable to me.
  14. Happy to be proven wrong, but wouldn't the main purpose of these trims be to reduce long term maintenance costs? I find it hard to believe that a park/manufacturer would slow down their ride (ie make it less thrilling) just so they can 'perfect' the forces to what it was designed as. Of course unless you want a hill to be perfect floater ie B&M.