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  1. The magnitude of forces will be exactly the same, just the direction may change. The vertical positive/negative would be exactly the same as if you were sitting forwards. The lateral forces will switch sides because your left becomes the train's right, and the forwards/backwards forces will switch direction because your forwards is the train's backwards.
  2. They could just be smart and not put their hands up at that part until they've done pull throughs.
  3. Steel Vengeance looks insane. It seems to go on forever. I guess that's what happens when you use all of the energy you get from a 200ft drop instead of going into the brakes at 70km/h.
  4. I was thinking back row. Sustained airtime a lot of the way down a twisted 200ft drop. Absolutely insane.
  5. I don't want to get my hopes up too much, but that looks like one of the best drops in the world.
  6. The supports there right now might look ugly, but once the entire thing is built, everyone will be looking at the top of the drop and that joker face, not the mess of supports halfway down.
  7. Well there's no NDT involved in the inspection process. Quite shocked at the amount of people (here and elsewhere) who are labeling this an unpreventable incident. If this sort of failure was unpreventable we'd be seeing planes falling out of the sky due to fatigue failures all the time, however we don't, because NDT methods are implemented as standard in that industry to detect the signs of fatigue way before a failure like this will ever happen. Just because we're not experts doesn't mean we're inherently wrong. You don't need to be an engineer to understand a lot of this stuff. Anyone who's ever played around with a paperclip knows if you bend the metal back and forward enough times it'll snap. NDT is the way of detecting the signs of fatigue that are not visible. If fatigue ends up being the main factor (it seems very, very likely at this point) then it'd be madness for NDT not to be introduced as standard for inspections from the results of investigations into this incident.
  8. The difference here is that people are trying to find the actual cause of this incident. I had no qualms with media being critical of the industry after the TRRR incident, these things simply should not happen. My only gripe was when journalists and news outlets had no interest in reporting relevant facts or trying to get to the bottom of the situation, who were instead just fanning the flames, bringing up every unrelated past incident at any theme park to get clicks on their news story. That's not what's happening here, people are genuinely trying to get the facts out of this situation. Why should we be trying to defend the industry when someone went on a ride to enjoy themselves, but didn't return home that night? There is no defence for that. We have to be critical here, don't just defend it blindly because you love the industry, if anything you should be more critical if you love the industry.
  9. Adventure World 2017- 'MI3' Ride

    Surprised to hear that some are disappointed with this. A swing like this isn't a spin and spew, they are floater airtime machines. The Claw is the best flat ride I've ever ridden.
  10. Marathon on Coasters?

    The single rider queue for Shambhala saw me ride it about 40 times in one weekend.
  11. Backwards row - DC Rivals HyperCoaster

    Have you ever done a ride with your eyes shut? It's pretty terrifying.
  12. I wouldn't be surprised if it's a soft opening in September. Likely they deliberately overstated the opening by pushing it to October just so people like you can show up in October and not be disappointed.
  13. Backwards row - DC Rivals HyperCoaster

    Being the tallest coaster doesn't count if you only use half the track.
  14. Backwards row - DC Rivals HyperCoaster

    I think I've decided that if it's an upcharge (which it should be) I'll ride it backwards as a one-off, then ride it forwards every other time.
  15. Backwards row - DC Rivals HyperCoaster

    I'm expecting MW's operations to be slow enough anyway that it makes no difference. I know how illogical my argument against the back row is, it's an argument of feelings not thoughts.