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  1. Just seen their Movie World vlog and was glad to see they enjoyed the park. I've met Shawn briefly a couple of times after moving to the UK, and Australia was on his bucket list years ago. Happy for them to finally be able to get out there.
  2. I can't say I was surprised by this news, and out of all the parks of course it was Thorpe. The deep cultural issues in this country have gone too far. I can at least somewhat empathise with the idea of carrying a knife walking in the streets, especially when people exist who take a knife to Surrey on their day out to an amusement park. Violent criminals just won't heed the warnings will they? And now there's such a breakdown of trust in society that it naturally breeds more knife carrying. Insane that now we will again be subject to such stringent searches just to enter a blokdy park for a family friendly day out.
  3. It will be underwhelming compared to Rivals, but this is the proper, lengthy, full circuit coaster I've been dreaming of Dreamworld getting (and spamming about on these forums) since I was a child just learning about roller coasters playing RCT3. If they'd had done this 5 years ago the ride would have completely blown everyone away, but they've missed the boat on that one. I'm willing to ignore that it's a clone of one of Mack's older rides because it's a step in the right direction towards revitalising the park. Who knows? It could even be run faster than the original and be a more intense experience. We need more of this in the coming years though, we'll grow used to this ride very quickly and we'll be asking for more.
  4. Could be an S&S or maybe even a Vekoma. Lech Coaster was only 4.36M Euros, keeping in mind that it's an internal European project and how cheap construction costs would be in Poland compared to here. Just a thought though.
  5. This popped up as an email notification on my phone and I thought it was real, only to click through to the website to see who posted it. The correction afterwards is a pathetic attemot to save your arse after the inevitable criticism you first got. Can we please just not?
  6. I can't help but echo these sentiments. In terms of how well they have utilized the mediums, the 'next gen' screens and animations stand out as poorer quality than the original 3D set pieces and animatronics. The drop down monster actually gave me a jump scare as it has been so long since riding with effects that I forgot it was there, but that pitiful attempt at a scare at the end was just pathetic and out of place, I doubt it'd even scare small children that much. If you don't have the budget to get the new tech done properly, you could have better spent your money improving the original effects. I can imagine with the money wasted on the screens they could have added extra lighting to spice up the original set pieces and scares in the haunted house section. They could have improved the smoke and lasers in the wild mouse section, maybe even still adding the cool lighting effects that we now have in that section. I think going for a 'next generation' approach when in reality you only have the money for a bit of a refurbishment was a bad idea. It's not just smartarse enthusiasts who pick up on this stuff either. Most of the GP have an understanding of what makes good and bad animation quality through movies and video games. They also know a lot less about the challenges involved in making theme park attractions and won't take it into account when they evaluate their enjoyment of the experience. A friend of mine can attest to that, he was more disappointed with the screens than I was.
  7. I appreciate the ambition with that part, but the distance to the monsters didnt feel right at all, and at one point they're just clipping through the car. Hopefully they can fix that part up.
  8. Pretty big fan of making it more expensive on busy days. The value of the pass goes up when the queues are longer so you'll just see more people buying fast tracks, and this will make the queues even longer as fast trackers are cutting in front. You need to balance it out somehow so that you don't piss off the regular ticketholder too much.
  9. I've heard the noise, it was more of a scrubbing noise than grinding.
  10. The wait for Superman and Rivals is more likely to be a bit shorter at the night events because they're more likely to run 2 trains. Last Wednesday Superman was walk on all night as it wasnt that packed, but Rivals was only running 1 train so was still a 30-40 minute wait. Green Lantern was walk on every day I went last week.
  11. I'm guessing they estimate how many people will redeem their free tickets for each night, and how many who go during the day will get tickets to extend their day into the night, then set the 'sold out' level accordingly. You don't want to piss off your passholders by not allowing them their free entry.
  12. It may be in technical rehearsal, but can they really improve the screens that much? I just hope there'll be more effects in the disco room and the animatronics and lighting will be brought back to their original standard.
  13. Screens and animations were cringeworthy. Lights werent working on most of the original animatronics. Pretty dissapointing.
  14. Front gate told me its operating, hopefully its at least as good as the original effects.
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