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  1. XxMrYoshixX

    Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster refurb in Nov/Dec 2017

    What made Scooby Doo such a great ride was how it felt like you were part of the whole experience. The animatronics (most specifically Scooby Doo) in the ride looked very close to how they appeared in the movie, the sets looked very similar to the film etc. The theming was, when it was new, world class and on pace with what Disney was doing at the time. I really hope VRTP does not pull off a Universal with this refurbishment and go with the screens only route. Practical effects and physical animatronics look far better even if their upkeep costs are more expensive (ie. original King Kong ride at Universal Florida and the new King Kong ride at Islands of Adventure). Putting screens all throughout the ride makes it look cheap and half-assed irrespective if original footage was shot for the ride or not. Obviously with the renovation they need to and should use some things like projection mapping, but use it sparingly, making the ride 100% screens like Universal does more harm than good.
  2. XxMrYoshixX

    Luna Park Sydney's expansion

    Haven't been down to LPS in years, but I may come in on the way to town if I choose to go to Vivid next week. Park is free admission anyway, don't know why I give the park a check up more often. Heard nothing of the chairswing though - it was supposed to open in April/May from what I've been told, but I'll check it out in a couple weeks and see what's up with it. Instead they are continuing with partnering up with showmen and adding temporary attractions, the way they have done it for nearly 15 years. Borderline infuriating - this park upgrade plan was supposed to start years and years ago - at this rate it'll be another year before LPS add another ride, meaning that they continue to prop up aging rides. For instance, Ranger, Tumblebug and Spider all have clocked up nearly 30 years of continuous operation, even if I grew up with these rides and are the only rides of their type in this country, they need to be retired or sold to a showman. Whether or not this has anything to do with the longstanding neighbours situation and how they dodged a bullet with the drop tower they built is beyond me, but is probably the reason why this plan to rejuvenate the park has happened at such a slow pace. And if it is, management should be aware that as long as they have a DA approved, they can build whatever they please, without fear the neighbours will sue or attempt to stop park operation, plenty of protection from that has been given over the years.
  3. XxMrYoshixX

    Tops Myer Centre Brisbane Dragon Coaster

    I doubt that LPM operates the original coaster. Unlike that model the track appearance on the Tops model is substantially more different than the LPM one... look at the trusses on the track of the Tops coaster - and the lack of them on the LPM version. Also the supports on both coasters are different, on the Tops model the supports are attached onto the building, whereas on LPM's model the supports are a big giant web of steel supports that do not in any way resemble the supports of either of the Myer Centre coasters.
  4. Hey @Mark Shaw, it's good to hear you know that our Wet N Wild down here needs improvements and have reached out to VRTP about it. Haven't been there this season, but last season I did. Terrible looking place despite being only four years old at the time and having a huge quantity of water slides. Place looked far inferior to Jamberoo and was in many respects. Lockers were a must and had exorbitant prices. Park was empty, everything was faded... reminded me of Dreamworld pre-2014 bar the crowds. It's sad the state the park is in. Reminds me of what I've heard of Sunway era Wonderland and Sega World in its final months. As a local, I hope the park doesn't go the way of those two - I really hope that. But the many problems VRTP aren't fixing or are blatantly ignoring make me think otherwise.
  5. XxMrYoshixX

    Wicker Man - New Alton Towers Coaster

    That coaster looks like it will be one hell of a night ride. Who wouldn't want to ride a coaster that goes through a giant burning statue at night time? Even if the stats on the coaster aren't anything to boast about, the coaster looks very promising.
  6. XxMrYoshixX

    Something new from Wonderland History

    In a few words, a property developer, Ammar Khan, has been working for well over a decade trying to build a new park using the Wonderland name. His company first announced the plans for "Sydney's Wonderland" way back in 2013. He's got funding - $1 billion of it - but have yet to obtain land - which is why it hasn't got off the ground at this point in time, almost five years after it was first announced.
  7. XxMrYoshixX

    Something new from Wonderland History

    So apparently Wonderland History has teamed up with Artisans Park out in Bathurst to display some of the Bush Beast and Beastie's trains permanently. They currently only have one car on display at the moment but they intend to display a full set as seen by one of the pictures where there are at least three carriages are out there. Exciting news that these relics of Wonderland can now be seen in the public eye once again despite being required to travel all the way out to Bathurst to see them.
  8. For the majority of us on the eastern side of Australia, one thing to note is that Adventure World has never stopped expanding, the park has always kept building rides. They built Rampage, Black Widow, Shotgun, the Aqua Racer and the original kids area all within the space of 7 years. You can argue that this expansion period is bigger than what the park has done while Mark was CEO. I expect Adventure World to take a small "ad-break" after MI4 and slow down on spending (such as when they built the "Kids Splash Zone", took out Turbo Mountain and put in Inferno between 2007 and 2010) for 3-5 years, perhaps add a few family attractions in that time, before going back to big thrill rides. It is impressive how Sicerich is able to fund two enormous expansions back-to-back and I wonder what we will see in the future. Also, in regards to a possible replacement for Inferno, I'll take a Larson drop tower anyday over an Intamin one. From my experience I find Giant Drop fairly forceless and Hair Raiser very terrifying despite the latter being less than half the height of the former. Obviously there is low capacity with this type of drop tower but considering how Adventure World's attendance is nowhere near as large as parks on the Gold Coast (the last time I went to the park was just after Kraken was built so it may have changed since then) I don't see capacity being such an issue at a park like Adventure World. If you're going for capacity, an S&S combo tower does the job.
  9. XxMrYoshixX

    Adventure World MI4 - 2019

    A lazy river being considered a 'maximum impact' attraction is a bit of a stretch to be honest. Rather have something like a Boomerango, a watercoaster or an Aqualoop complex. Maybe even an Australian first slide like a Proslide FlyingSaucer. They should be going up and fixing Abyss for next season though. That ride was quite rough the last time I rode it.
  10. XxMrYoshixX

    The Off Topic Topic

    I read this article not long ago on how Fred Grubb of RMC will be installing a Raptor into his backyard for his grandkids. Lucky things they are. http://www.cdapress.com/local_news/20180123/best_grandpa_ever
  11. XxMrYoshixX

    The Off Topic Topic

    The problem is that you can't get rid of the pain on SLC's. Instead, the question lies, as to where can you move the pain. Should it be in the head or in the legs? Regardless of what restraints the ride has, something will get beaten up on an SLC. On Kumbak restraints, not only your legs get crushed, but the coaster's jerky transitions beat your legs up rather than your head. Original Vekoma restraints have the infamous headbanging common to many SLC's. The only way to solve this coaster is to get rid of it. It needs to be ripped down in the next decade and be replaced with something far better. I can already start to smell the ride being on its last legs now.
  12. XxMrYoshixX

    The Off Topic Topic

    No way. Raptors fit in a park like Adventure World, not a theme park which has long lines on a regular basis.
  13. XxMrYoshixX

    The Off Topic Topic

    Popped into Movie World yesterday, and DC Rivals definitely lived up to the hype. But I rode Arkham Asylum yesterday as well - man it is not looking good. The coaster is unbearably rough, especially on the legs, and beats your lower half up a shitload. The restraints are so uncomfortable on the legs now it feels like your legs have been cut off. Is surprisingly worse than Cyclone back when it had the original Arrow trains. Like most Arrows and Vekomas, the ride experience has deteriorated. Anyone else find AA unbearably rough when they rode it in the last few weeks? IMO the next capex project should be replacing AA.
  14. XxMrYoshixX

    Play School Wheel announced - Dreamworld

    Here is a few photos of the attraction in construction phase that I took on my visit to Dreamworld today. This ride has gone up very quickly, and appears to be not that far away from opening. There is some theming and a nice shade cover that has been built around the ride too: The ride was covered up with this fence. It fits the area nicely but looks kind of cheap considering how I can easily see over the fencing:
  15. XxMrYoshixX

    New Mad Mouse for Luna Park Sydney?

    THANK GOD WE ARE GETTING A NEW COASTER FINALLY Even if it isn't a Eurofighter, and spinning coasters are not my cup of tea. Good choice for a small park like LPS. Have been ripe for a new coaster for well over a decade now. If this happens I will be there on opening day to ride the coaster. I kind of hope that the coaster gets normal sit-down trains as opposed to spinning trains but that is probably wishful thinking. I've never really been a fan of spinning coasters. But that being said the ones I have been on are all Reverchon or chinese ones so my opinion will probably change. I know @Jobe would be very happy with this one. I vividly recall him saying the park needed one of these. On the topic of the old Wild Mouse, that ride is heritage listed by the NSW government. It is not going anywhere anytime soon.