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  1. Old video footage of our Aussie theme parks in 80's/90's

    Have a handful of old videos from Sega World to dump here, I'm making a long doco on the park I'll upload here in the next few months.
  2. I'm glad DC Rivals is open now. I'm likely flying up to MW in December, but at the moment that isn't locked in. Can't wait to ride this thing!
  3. Japan rollercoasters

    Add Fuji-Q Highland and Yomiuriland to the list; Dodonpa, Eejanaika, Takabisha and Bandit are great rides from what I've heard.
  4. RCT3 WB MovieWorld. Starting where I left off

    Yeah those two. Thanks mate
  5. RCT3 WB MovieWorld. Starting where I left off

    Nice job, but having played RCT3 for many years and considering you are taking this project from the CS side, I have something I think you could improve on 1. For the logo on the Green Lantern, instead of using a billboard there is a CS piece of the Green Lantern logo in the "Comic Book Heroes" set. However, you can't find this set anymore; but I will attach the file for the CS set later. It will come in handy.
  6. Are coaster enthusiasts being frowned upon?

    I mean, MW did introduce the Backstage tour in 2017 and when Mark managed Adventure World he personally joined these forums and took feedback from people on these forums and resolved the problems that people here raised. The top execs at most of our parks also lurk around these forums. There is slightly more interaction between the parks and the Parkz users as of 2017, but we don't get as much as the US; simply because we are a tiny community when compared to the US which is noticeably much larger. The American Coaster Enthusiasts, for one, has over 5,000 members; by comparison there are only about 100 regular posters on this board, however that number has grown in recent years. We're not getting ERT events any time soon; not until our community grows large enough to warrant such things. For starters, VRTP should stop their tradition of closing rides for maintenance and subsequently shutting them down permanently. They are the only theme park company that closes rides in this manner; and they have already proven they can close rides permanently ahead of time with Batman Adventure, so why don't they do this to any future attractions as well. They've closed Bermuda, Vikings, Corkscrew and Looney Tunes in this manner. I don't want to see another ride fall to this trap.
  7. Luna Park Sydney's expansion

    I have brought this sale to the forum's attention a few times. Like what HussRainbow said, a showman was interested in the ride but pulled out at the last minute, going back up on Rides4u in the following days. It is now likely to remain at the park for the forseeable future until it gets sold again or has its date with the scrapper.
  8. I couldn't take the bait, after all they are spending heaps of money on two enormous projects; Topgolf and DC Rivals. I wouldn't be surprised they are selling the land to pay back the debts that those two attractions have racked up.
  9. Definitely this video very recently uploaded by TPR takes the cake. I had the great honour of riding both sides. Both were fantastic coasters. It'll be a year since I've ridden this coaster during my trip to Orlando. If only public outcry could do for Dragon Challenge what it did for Whizzer at Six Flags Great America... RIP 1999-2017
  10. Luna Park Sydney's expansion

    I'm sorry about that, jumping to conclusions and calling BS on something I couldn't understand. Up until a year ago, I was falsely diagnosed with autism (I'm 17 now), and as a result of that I've gotten to know countless autistic kids who are just like Matthew. This kid has got heaps to learn - maybe one day he will join the forums when he's a bit older to share information with us old folks! I'd love to meet this guy in person, he sounds like a great kid.
  11. Down comes Sea World Water Park

    VRTP will never buy anything from S&S again after what happened to Green Lantern. And if SW was to replace Vikings, I'd much prefer them to get a good flat there, then build a coaster on where Sea Viper and the pirate ship used to be. I wouldn't mind something between the Spongebob coaster and Jet Rescue, like a Mack powered inverted coaster, or a Vekoma SFC (or they could go bigger and install a Mack Powersplash coaster, or a Big Dipper like Lost Gravity). IMO Storm should remain the largest ride at Sea World, unlike MW, Sea World is marketed as a park for families, and should remain that way in the long term.
  12. Possible New Rides for Dreamworld?

    We're not getting a B&M coaster in Australia anytime soon. Period.
  13. Luna Park Sydney's expansion

    Sounds like complete bullshit. The Wildcat is a 40+ year old ride, no longer in production. It would be a massive step backwards for any park, let alone LPS, to buy an old ride like a Schwarzkopf Wildcat. The only ride that has actually been confirmed is the flying carousel. While I'd like to see another Big Dipper, it won't happen because of how little space they have to work with.
  14. Six Flags Announcement Day

    I'm glad Six Flags isn't installing too many of a single ride type that they did in previous years, five super loops in 2015 or 2016, and three Free spins in 2017 (try say that five times fast). But I don't really like Six Flags overusing names on different rides. I can't count how many rides are called "Harley Quinn Spinsanity" or "The Joker" at Six Flags parks now, because there are probably more of them than there are Batman clones called "Batman: The Ride". I get that Six Flags is notorious for cloning rides, but come on. Looks like one of Six Flags' bigger seasons in terms of investment. 2018 looks to be a great year for the industry (at least over in the States that is)
  15. Six Flags Announcement Day

    Aware of that mate, I refer to all rides of that type as gyro swings. Having been to parks with both, they look pretty similar to one another.