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  1. XxMrYoshixX

    The Off Topic Topic

    Planning on going to be MW in late November, going to shave my head to get on Superman without any problems because I'm literally just short enough to ride it . Will just miss the re-opening of SDSC which is a shame, but I may be moving to the Gold Coast for university around February next year. If anyone happens to be around on the 28th of november, I'll be around. Don't plan on going to any other parks because Dreamworld is a hard pass and Sea World I'll wait till uni to return to when I get one of those unlimited entry year passes VRTP sell.
  2. XxMrYoshixX

    Luna Park Sydney's expansion

    I'm fine with LPS having relaxed regulations on temporary rides, but my 2c I'll give is that LPS should rethink the temporary rides strategy. They've spent plenty of money in the last 15 years on them and by now I wouldn't be surprised if the costs added up to a flat ride or two. There's a serious opportunity cost in spending money on temporary flat rides and LPS need to adopt a long term strategy for future survival that omits the temporary rides, they've only just gotten around to thinking long term 3-4 years ago. The money the park keeps spending on temporary flats should instead have been spent on replacing their 35+ year old World Expo veteran rides and building good quality flats, not crap imported from third-tier Italian manufacturers, and refurbishing their quickly aging Big Top facility that is the big money maker for the park (but has lost a lot of business after the ICC facility opened in Darling Harbour next door- but that discussion is for another time). 15 years of doing that over and over eventually adds up.
  3. XxMrYoshixX

    Luna Park Sydney's expansion

    Yes, the original ride was more than 30 years old and did break down a lot in its last years, but there are many Mack Music expresses of similar ages to Luna Park's example that are still running. The reason the original ride closed was because it boiled down to maintenance costs - it cost too much to repair a ride that broke down often, which could instead be spent on buying a cheap factory new example. Unfortunately the park didn't do much research before purchasing as it doesn't take a lot to realise that crappy Italian built rides aren't exactly all that reliable, they're not going to get 30 years out of it compared to the Mack model.
  4. XxMrYoshixX

    Thunder River Rapids Incident Coronial Inquest

    Someone revoke Ardent of their registration to operate amusement rides. It is very apparent they can't do this properly and are training staff poorly. The entire management of Dreamworld should have been sacked like what the banks did in the royal commission. There is a culture that exists in this company that favours cheaping out and cutting corners in guest safety to make more profit. What a bunch of grubs, the entire maintenance department at the park need to be jailed. This company needs to be shut down as soon as possible for the good of humanity.
  5. At least they have dates on when things are going to re-open, now the question is if they'll stick to that. Are they installing a new control system, repainting the track on Hot Wheels or what? Nobody knows, I definitely do hope in the six months it will be down that all of those things happen, but knowing Ardent it probably isn't the case and it is still going to run like complete crap when it reopens. Reopening dates for Buzzsaw or Tower of Terror is surprising. Considering how long those have been down, especially the former, I want Dreamworld to give a thorough refurb of the rides, including new control systems, new trains and/or repaints, but, again, it isn't likely to happen.
  6. I planned on buying tickets to DW to get on the Iride around opening day after I'm at schoolies, but I've instead gone and bought tickets for MW. No reason to go back there now that the Iride is all but confirmed to be delayed. DW shouldn't be messing around building an attraction that could turn itself around. Construction should have happened long before it actually started if they wanted to go for the prime position of the December/January school holidays. Now they don't have that market to work with, rather they have to go for Easter 2019 which is a much smaller period for the park. Again Ardent shows they can't get the little things right. They've spent enough money on the ride as it is yet they didn't even start building it to set themselves up for the busiest time of the year.
  7. Arrow loopers are like the coaster equivalent of an 80's corolla; they are known to be extremely reliable and run forever unless a park doesn't maintain it properly which Dreamworld has apparently done. A ride like Hot Wheels could easily run for 15 more years, but Dreamworld ends up shortening that by not maintaining it properly and letting the ride look like this: When they struggle to keep their rides looking anything other than appalling then we have problems here. This ride hasn't been repainted in 17 years. No other park I can think of has gone this long without repainting a ride. And if they struggle to maintain a type of coaster that every other park on the planet can do, then we're having problems here. Rides like 50 year old Arrow mine trains are being maintained by companies like Six Flags with barely any problems yet here we are with the second youngest Arrow looper being closed for over two months. Or, heaven forbid - keep a seven year old Maurer Skyloop closed down for nearly 6 months because of maintenance. And this crap doesn't happen just to Dreamworld. It also happened when they owned AMF Bowling back in the day, I work at an AMF centre as a technician, and I can tell you that Ardent cheaped out on maintenance there. When Timezone bought AMF earlier this year the safety standards hugely improved and checks became much more frequent. This company needs to be shut down or end up going the way of Dick Smith. What has come out of the inquest is telling of how appalling the safety standards of Ardent actually are, had TRRR's accident not woke them up the situation would probably be even more worse. And I still don't think they are getting it. I've said it a few times already, so apologies if I've repeated myself here, but I can't stand having this company run a Gold Coast icon like this into the ground like what Sunway did to Wonderland.
  8. When I rode Hot Wheels earlier this year, I honestly thought the coaster wasn't all that bad, sure it has bad transitions but it was better than when the old trains were running, Cyclone was god awful in those days. I personally think Hot Wheels should get replaced with a WWW expansion, perhaps a new slide tower or new pool complex, because the coaster is intertwined with WWW to the extent that it is difficult to make use of the land to build a direct replacement because of those slide complexes interacting with the coaster. When you take into account the land the coaster takes up which is occupied by WWW in some sort, there really isn't much land to build a new coaster on the site. If the replacement is a coaster I definitely agree that an RMC Raptor is a good choice, or a Gerstlauer Infinity coaster if they want something a little bit bigger. Right now though Hot Wheels isn't that massive of a priority and Dreamworld should rip out Tower of Terror, convert GD to Falcon's Fury gondolas and finish their planned lazy river & dark ride attractions before Hot Wheels goes.
  9. XxMrYoshixX

    Mt Druitt water works?

    Fairly off-topic but related to this park, but I wasn't aware the old waterworks on Manly Cove was related to the Mt Druitt one (as alluded to in the commercial), that one still operates today more than 20 years after the Mt Druitt one shut its doors, renamed to "Manly Surf n Slide" and still has all the old slides, except one which got demolished after some kid broke their arm on it. That little park has always interested me, used to go there a lot when I was younger and it is interesting that they cram so much into a little space. (they are planning to demolish everything and build some proslide slides in a few years tho) Those quirky old water parks were built in a bygone era - in the late 70's-early 80's when health and safety regulations in theme parks weren't exactly a big thing and primitive, unique, yet fairly dodgy water slides that were built in-house were the only waterslides (you can see them on the water mountain slides at Adventure World), no Proslide or Whitewater West in those days. Yet those dodgy water slides have an odd charm to them that will likely never be matched by giant Tornados, Aqualoops or bowl slides. Strangely enough, for some reason, the Mt Druitt waterpark's cousin up north has survived Wonderland, Luna Park's 3 times it reopened and Wet N Wild, still making money today even though those waterslides are staring down the barrel of being almost 40 years old.
  10. XxMrYoshixX

    Tower of Terror ongoing/indefinite closure (Dreamworld)

    Not when I went there earlier this year in peak season, I got on in 15 minutes and the line was about as long as Hot Wheels. Giant Drop had longer queues that day. Before then TRRR and RHLR used to get longer queues.
  11. XxMrYoshixX

    Tower of Terror ongoing/indefinite closure (Dreamworld)

    I definitely agree TOT needs to go, it's a pretty crappy ride these days, especially when compared to its cousin at Six Flags, but Dreamworld need to build a major coaster to directly replace it. I don't think Dreamworld are ready to get rid of the ride at this stage and I wouldn't be surprised if they kept it for a few more years while planning for a major thrill ride as a replacement attraction. When you discount Wipeout, TOT is easily the next ride at Dreamworld to get the axe. Ridership is low, the ride is basically falling apart, and the thing gives an unbearable deafening screech when you stand less than 50 metres from it. (maybe they can get S&S to build a new track to replace the original and make the launch system air launch, but I'd much rather open up the space entirely) Correct me if I'm wrong, but we haven't seen an Intamin tower be converted to a new gondola yet, or them offering that conversion. I haven't seen Falcon's Fury in person but wouldn't the tower widths and structures be so different it wouldn't allow a conversion, and if Dreamworld were to do that, they'd have to implode the Dreamworld Tower and replace it with another structure?
  12. The building definitely is out of place for Main Street, but it actually looks pretty good standing out on its own despite it screaming Westfield to me. It will look very strange when the park has the Disneyland-style gift shop buildings, Dough Bros and the main entrance, but next to all of those is a futuristic building that looks like something that would be built in Darling Harbour. Also, I wonder what the 'multimillion dollar adventure river ride' will entail exactly. The word 'river' makes me want to believe WWW is getting a lazy river but I seriously doubt that is going to happen. Although there is plenty of spare land that DW have to work with.
  13. XxMrYoshixX

    USA Group Tour 2019 - Putting Feelers Out

    You still open for interested people? I'm out of school next year and haven't been to anywhere in America outside of Orlando before, I'm in a position to afford such a trip and I'm likely to defer my uni course anyway. If I don't defer, I'll only be in a position to go to Tour A (new semester starts on 23rd july so I have to be back home then), unless I can arrange to possibly leave early from Cincinnati after Kings Island because CP & KI are bucket list parks for me.
  14. If Ardent don't do something with Dreamworld quickly enough, I can see the park closing its doors by the end of the decade. Even with the Flying Theatre to open later this year, the problem with Dreamworld is its dependence on old thrill rides to bring the crowds in, and the "Nostalgia" brought with these rides, which is practically nonexistent. Dreamworld isn't Disney or LPS. They've rebranded Tower of Terror as some sort of "space simulator" now which I don't get. This complacency has been a problem for at least the last 7-8 years. As they say, 'complacency is a disease'. Rebuilding from an accident that has diminished your reputation is best responded to by making capex spending, not literally sitting there and doing absolutely nothing as they have done in the last 18 months. It's been nearly two years since the TRRR incident happened. You can't blame that for low crowd numbers anymore. What you can blame is inept management that have struggled to bring guests back to the park, particularly in the teen market where Dreamworld are vast outmatched by all the other parks. MW has three great coasters. Dreamworld have none, Tower of Terror could have been one but the park in true Ardent fashion decided to cheap out on maintenance. It's an absolute shame that Ardent is only waking up to the signs now by building the Flying Theatre and promising a dark ride that I'm not even sure will be even built. But the damage has already been done. The fissures are starting to show now. The only way that Dreamworld can ever possibly bounce back is if Ardent sell it.
  15. XxMrYoshixX

    What 10 Rides Do You Think Will Permanently Close First?

    Yes, I have experienced Arkham with both types of restraints. The new restraints are painful on legs and pass on the roughness onto your lower half. My legs were beat up hard by those restraints.