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  1. I'd hate to shameless plug but this is another video on Wonderland that might be relevant to the discussion. Defunctland is one of my favourite Youtube content creators to watch and delivers his content in a informative, concise and well produced manner that is hard to beat
  2. Yikes, that animation looks terrible. It looks just as bad as the Arkham Asylum VR. And the 'projection mapping' on the mirror scene looks very poorly made. For something claimed to be 'next generation' this looks like late 2000's animation. Hopefully when I experience for myself the 'updates' arent as bad as they are seen on video...
  3. I was also there today, when I walked past a couple of props were on the site. One was a giant pair of legs, there was another smaller prop on site. The aquaman graphic is also quite large.
  4. I think what they are referring to in this case is that the ride is based off the Vekoma Suspended Family coaster track and vehicle design, rather than the Arrow-based coathanger track they have used for every other SLC they have built. The ride experience will be likely similar to the Cylon side of Battlestar Galactica at Universal Singapore.
  5. Hydrus is a Gerstlauer Eurofighter 320+ model, albeit a modified version without the extra helix added to the end in order to fit on a pier. The dimensions of this model, at 60m x 38m, even when removing the helix is far too large for any of the big spaces the park has. That is why I specifically ruled it out because it is physically impossible to fit it in.
  6. Good news. On the whole this sounds completely reasonable. Hopefully this ends the 20 year dispute between the Park and the neighbours, for now. Maybe if the management want to get creative, move a couple of the kids rides to Lavender Green and use the freed up space in Maloney's Corner to add another ride. Surely they all must be less than 16m height. As to any coaster suggestions, the big two land spaces everyone thinks of is the one in Maloney's Corner adjacent to Coney Island which usually houses temporary rides every summer, and the site which is currently occupied by Tumble Bug. I've done a bit of research and the Tumble Bug space, seen below is 37 x 25 m. The Maloney's Corner spot is a bit larger at 31m x 41m. These two individual spaces are not that large, as many people know, but they are the largest plots of land available in the park. For coasters in these spaces I'm going to assume LPS buys something off the shelf rather than going custom for the sake of cutting costs. A few rides here are instantly ruled out because they are too tall for the 120 ft height requirement. Those include a GaleForce clone, an El Loco or a Maurer SkyLoop. Not that anyone wanted either of those anyway. Further a few coasters are also ruled out because it is physically impossible to fit them in the space. Those rides are Infinity Coasters, El Locos, RMC Raptors, Zamperla Thunderbolts and most Eurofighters unless LPS can come up with a custom layout of their own. So that rules out a Hydrus clone as its space is too long for any open space in the park. That leaves us with just a few coasters that can physically fit the space. Those are SC1000 and SC2000 Spinning coasters from Maurer (the SC2000 will only barely fit into either space) and the smallest off the shelf layout of Gerstlauer Bobsled Coaster (which also barely fits and will need to be cut down slightly). Maybe if LPS gives Maurer a call they could sort them out with a little X-Car like Drayton Manor's G-Force. This is a video of an SC2000 in action (bear in mind LPS have considered this coaster at least once too) The best fit IMO is the SC2000. I'm not a fan of spinning coasters but if LPS are interested in building another one they need to build something that is a step up from Wild Mouse. Considering how there is so little space available I'd argue an SC2000 is locked for the next LPS coaster. However to get better bang for their buck LPS should definitely go with something custom. Alternatively LPS could retrofit the Big Top to have a flat roof rather than the curved circus-style one it has now. I can see that building being due for a refit in 10 years or so because the concert facility doesn't make as much money for the park as it once used to. If in the unlikely event that happened, that opens the door to practically any option under the sun that is under 36m in height...
  7. If Dreamworld are closing HWSW for 6 months there better be a repaint somewhere down the pipeline and a cleanup of the theming, or a new control system is being installed. Surely it doesnt take that long to do some maintenance to a run of the mill Arrow looper. Purely speculative thinking but maybe with the closure of the Peter Brock garage the naming rights deal with Hot Wheels may be running out and the park has to remove the Hot Wheels branding. It wasn't stated as to how long the naming rights would go for but I'd figure it would be for the same time as the lease for the Brock stuff.
  8. Summer holidays opening? So early December? No chance that is happening unless Dreamworld don't mess around during construction. I don't see this ride opening until January at the very earliest.
  9. A woodie would be an excellent fit for Sea World but it is just a case of 'wait and see', as already mentioned SW has advertised attractions that were never built. Building such a ride would be unique to Australia and a Gold Coast first. Because Sea World is a family oriented park I could see them building a Kentucky Flyer or Oscar's Wacky Taxi style woodie. Something which is in between Spongebob and Storm. However we'll have to see the scale of the Star Flyer first before I make further comment on where the park might go with a new coaster.
  10. Lo and behold, Ardent are repainting rides for once! While we're at it, can Ardent repaint Buzzsaw and Hot Wheels? The paints on those - especially the latter - could arguably be considered in worse shape than the slides.
  11. Planning on going to be MW in late November, going to shave my head to get on Superman without any problems because I'm literally just short enough to ride it . Will just miss the re-opening of SDSC which is a shame, but I may be moving to the Gold Coast for university around February next year. If anyone happens to be around on the 28th of november, I'll be around. Don't plan on going to any other parks because Dreamworld is a hard pass and Sea World I'll wait till uni to return to when I get one of those unlimited entry year passes VRTP sell.
  12. I'm fine with LPS having relaxed regulations on temporary rides, but my 2c I'll give is that LPS should rethink the temporary rides strategy. They've spent plenty of money in the last 15 years on them and by now I wouldn't be surprised if the costs added up to a flat ride or two. There's a serious opportunity cost in spending money on temporary flat rides and LPS need to adopt a long term strategy for future survival that omits the temporary rides, they've only just gotten around to thinking long term 3-4 years ago. The money the park keeps spending on temporary flats should instead have been spent on replacing their 35+ year old World Expo veteran rides and building good quality flats, not crap imported from third-tier Italian manufacturers, and refurbishing their quickly aging Big Top facility that is the big money maker for the park (but has lost a lot of business after the ICC facility opened in Darling Harbour next door- but that discussion is for another time). 15 years of doing that over and over eventually adds up.
  13. Yes, the original ride was more than 30 years old and did break down a lot in its last years, but there are many Mack Music expresses of similar ages to Luna Park's example that are still running. The reason the original ride closed was because it boiled down to maintenance costs - it cost too much to repair a ride that broke down often, which could instead be spent on buying a cheap factory new example. Unfortunately the park didn't do much research before purchasing as it doesn't take a lot to realise that crappy Italian built rides aren't exactly all that reliable, they're not going to get 30 years out of it compared to the Mack model.
  14. Someone revoke Ardent of their registration to operate amusement rides. It is very apparent they can't do this properly and are training staff poorly. The entire management of Dreamworld should have been sacked like what the banks did in the royal commission. There is a culture that exists in this company that favours cheaping out and cutting corners in guest safety to make more profit. What a bunch of grubs, the entire maintenance department at the park need to be jailed. This company needs to be shut down as soon as possible for the good of humanity.
  15. At least they have dates on when things are going to re-open, now the question is if they'll stick to that. Are they installing a new control system, repainting the track on Hot Wheels or what? Nobody knows, I definitely do hope in the six months it will be down that all of those things happen, but knowing Ardent it probably isn't the case and it is still going to run like complete crap when it reopens. Reopening dates for Buzzsaw or Tower of Terror is surprising. Considering how long those have been down, especially the former, I want Dreamworld to give a thorough refurb of the rides, including new control systems, new trains and/or repaints, but, again, it isn't likely to happen.
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