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  1. Early decision and announcement? They gave less than 10 days notice!!
  2. So they will no longer sell tickets to EPCOT at Walt Disney World? Or any of the multi-park tickets for Walt Disney World? They also have captive dolphins!
  3. It’s at the front next to the stars cafe, where the Shrek meet and greet used to be years back.
  4. This is the level of effort put into the Tom and Jerry meet and greet area. 😂😂
  5. You do realise that the “original” 1990 IT was a 2 part TV miniseries. It was not a cinema release, it was literally a 2 part TV show. However it was extremely successful and has a huge cult following, though many people don’t realise that the “original” has 2 parts. So yes you can call it a franchise, especially with the cinematic “remakes” being released.
  6. Using the snow globe as an up charge makes sense. For each group the globe has to be deflated for people step in, then it has to be re-inflated for the photo. It’s a slow process that would cause huge lines if it was a free photo-op. They had the same thing at Eat Street over Christmas, the snow globe cost $5 for up to 6 people to enter for photos.
  7. Stills from some drone footage over the BB house remains.
  8. The video on Sea Worlds website has some POV of the new coaster.
  9. I know it’s not a theme park, but any chance of getting a Nearmap update of Taronga Zoo in Sydney and Dubbo? I’d like to see the progress of the new African savannah precinct in Sydney and the Lion pridelands in Dubbo. My uni finally changed the Nearmap password 3 years after I graduated and I can’t get on through them anymore 😂
  10. If it was worth selling for someone else to use then it would be worth keeping open at Dreamworld. Obviously it’s just too old to be kept viable, so they will just sell the scrap metal.
  11. They have names on the stars around the fountain at the entrance, but that’s it.
  12. Jason Momoa’s handprints and signature in a concrete block (Chinese Theater style) have been recently added to the Aquaman Exhibition.
  13. I’ve saw this ad months ago as well online and TV here in Brisbane. It’s the TV commercial that I first noticed the kids are dressed as the members of the Mystery Inc gang.
  14. I think he meant why would Dreamword pay someone to ruin a nice looking building and turn it into the ugly mess it is today. Dreamworld don’t pay someone to take the photos 😂.
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