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  1. Just came across this video, about what was behind Wonderland closing (although everyone in this group probably knows it was because of Sunways mismanagement and blaming everyone but themselves for the closure). It also mentions a proposed new park opening in 2022 at https://odysseyparksandresorts.com/2017/11/07/worlds-of-wonder-sydney-in-iaapas-funworld/, which we've probably all heard of before, but this time with an opening date of 2022. Although that was two years ago so who knows what their plans are now.
  2. Disney have it right when it comes to family rides, and why I would pick something like the Wild Wild West log flume ride over Tower of Terror any day. or, better yet, Disney should just buy Dreamworld and convert it into Disneyland Australia. Dreamworld was originally based off of Disneyland anyway so it wouldn't be that hard of a stretch. OK, that may be wishful thinking but a guy can dream can't he?
  3. Now on to another water ride called Timberwolf Falls. The closest thing to it is probably the Wild Wild West at Movie World, except without all the theming. Pretty much the ride is a giant circle, consisting of a steep ascent, then a 180 degree turn before a steep fall. The boarding station. I'm somewhere in the back there. Credit for these photo's goes to my wife, who was too scared to come on it with me. And here comes the drop. As you can see from everyone standing on the bridge, the people on the ride aren't the only ones to get wet! And now for what I think is the longest wooden rollercoaster in the northern hemisphere, if not the world: The Mighty Canadian Minebuster. Something we sorely need here again in Australia. Don't really remember much about this one, except it was a really long ride, and my back and butt hurt after riding it. Don't let the name of this ride fool you. The Peanut's Ghoster Coaster is their version of our Beastie that we had in Australia's Wonderland. It certainly didn't feel like a kids ride while I was on it, thats for sure! I just wish I'd gotten more pictures of it than just the sign... Saving the best wooden coaster for last, the Wild Beast. Canada's version of our Bush Beast from Australia's Wonderland. Quite possible the best out of all the wooden coasters at the park, you really felt like you're like was in danger from riding it. Well not really, but you get the idea. The entrance to the ride, with what is apparently a sculpture of a wild beast out the front of it. A couple of the other roller coasters had sculptures similar to this one near the entrances to their ride. The first lift hill from a distance, with another ride in the foreground. Unfortunately the only other photo I have of the ride; I didn't really feel safe taking my expensive camera on with me to get anything better! Some signs from other roller coasters I went on: The last ride I went on for the day, and one of the best. Made to look like the backlot of a film studio, the theming, turns and drops on this ride were world class! I didn't think this one was that good, winding through the inside of the mountain which is the centrepiece to the park. Not really a lot of dips or sharp turns, just two laps around a relatively fast, dark circuit. Another angle of The Bat (our Demon) with a better view of the loop. Didn't get a chance to ride this one :-( Some more shots of coasters and signs that I didn't get a chance to try out. There are around 11 or so coasters in the park, all with queue of around 1-2 hours each. Try getting through all that in one day! I think this one was called The Leviathan, one of the tallest coasters in the northern hemisphere. Really wanted to go on this one, but just ran out of time. Also, heights kinda freak me out. Told you there were more sculptures around the park! This one's some sort of dragon... Help me! Help me! OK thats enough for tonight. I've got a few more of other rides, if you want to see more let me know and i'll upload them as soon as I can.
  4. Alright cool, It'll probably take me a while to upload them all so I'll do it all in batches. I have to run them through photoshop first so compress them for the web so it might take me a couple of days. Here are some I took of White Water Canyon, similar to Australia's Wonderland Snowy River Rampage. To be honest this ride was really disappointing, with no big dips or anything; just a few rapids (of course!) and some water pistols on the banks where people walking past could squirt the occupants of the passing rafts. Even the version at Dreamworld is better! The sign at the entrance to the ride. Rolling away from the loading station, like donuts on a carousel. Two angles of the main turn in the ride where it starts to head back towards the station. From here people walking past (like we were) could grab the water pistols arranged on the side (not pictured) and shoot the occupants of the boats. The guns are coin operated though, which explained why nobody was using them. Probably would have made this already boring ride a bit more exciting.
  5. I remember during a trip to Canada and the US in 2011 I started taking photo's at Canada's Wonderland with the intention of uploading them here for people to see. I think by the the time I got to Disneyland and Universal Studios in LA though I was just taking random pictures of anything and everything with no real thought where they might end up. Are these the kind of photo's people here would like, and is this the right thread to post that kind of stuff? Here's an example of some of the photos I took: Can't remember the name of this one, but its similar to Magilla Gorilla's Flotila at Australia's Wonderland, with The Bat and rainbow arch in the background Rainbow arch to Snoopy's Land, similar to the rainbow arch to Hanna-Barbera Land in Australia's Wonderland. Entrance to The Bat with lift hills in the background, similar to The Demon from Australia's Wonderland Plenty more where that came from, so if you want me to upload more let me know. Should I create a separate thread for each park or put them in here? I don't want to upload photo's of park's people have seen too much of before.
  6. How much land does Dreamworld actually own? I noticed on Google Earth there looks to be enough land beside the big brother house (urgh!) to fit another park the size of DW there; does anyone know if they own all that?
  7. For some reason that video makes me want to play Rollercoaster Tycoon again.
  8. we should organise a parkz meetup on opening day whenever this park opens
  9. considering i work for dick smith i don't think i'll be able to boycott them any time soon :-P and you guys are right it would be increasingly hard to boycott an entire corporation that just seems to be buying up everything they can possibly get their hands on ... woolworths have apparently even bought the Ettamogah Pub franchise recently ... also JB Hi-Fi i think is owned by Macquarie Bank, Dick Smith isn't even owned by the Coles or Myer groups so i don't see where u got the idea that i would be boycotting them by boycotting DSE, and the powerhouses are no longer called powerhouses since the format changed, their now Dick Smith Large. O I didn't expect to be taken so seriously about the boycotting thing, but thanks for the passionate and long winded replies!
  10. Apparently the new head office of Dick Smith (or just their distribution centre, I can't remember) is moving from Chullora to Eastern Creek. In short, its going to be smack bang right next to LG on wonderland drive, taking up more space that used to be where sydney's best theme park used to be. I've already boycotted LG products because of this (not that that was hard, since they make crap anyway) and it looks like i'll be boycotting Dick Smith now as well. I guess that's progress for you.
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