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  1. It’s sorta trending that way. “Sorry kids, pools are too deep and dangerous - here’s a water pistol” 😂
  2. So I’ve not witnessed it myself but I’ve been told by my children that the wave pool has been “filled in” at the deep end. I find it hard to believe without being in the pool myself but it would make sense with those pics posted.
  3. I Like the videos, for some people who have no idea how a coaster is built they're perfect. Yeh the videos aren't trophy winners but it's good to see Dreamworld putting effort in.
  4. It has crossed my mind that it looks very messy at the front with the new taipan and a fading buzzsaw. But seriously, losing another ride... There's gonna be nothing left lol
  5. In my honest personal opinion it seemed like Natalie just wanted a to get on a plane and do the rounds then bag the shit out of DW just cause she was there reporting the incident when it happened. I can’t stop thinking they just wanted to put nails in the coffins of all the theme parks in Australia. After all the COVID crap and parks losing money, they’re all finally back on their feet and investing serious money, all for it to be potentially hurt by this rubbish negativity. That mole should be ashamed of herself. Go back to the morning show mate, you’re not 60 minutes material.
  6. Wasn’t an accident, yeh that got me going too. Yes, it was an accident, specifically an accident as a result of not following instructions.
  7. Come at me, I don’t care. But the housos and the slide incident part has me fuming. She’s out for a quick pay out and that’s it. Her daughter clearly didn’t follow the instructions which put her in danger of possible injury. Really shitty negative segment if you ask me.
  8. Sadly, Dreamworlds “recovery” might take another hit soon. Just as things are looking up, channel 7 is about to air a special about “dangerous” coasters featuring the accident at Dreamworld. Insert face palm here.
  9. It will def need to settle after it’s filled. I’m beginning to think maybe they’ll take out the Blue lagoon too, maybe that whole section of land is being prepared for a future attraction?
  10. Steady stream of trucks coming in with fill this morning.
  11. Really? Fuckwit? Are you a child? and I’ll await my stupid prize... You guys need to take a fkn chill pill. You know nothing about me or what I do.
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