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  1. Well they're ready to roll... Showers this morning possibly delayed the erection but now it's windy as hell down here. Could be a bit too much blow for the erection
  2. Just drove past and there's a large crane on site about to setup.
  3. Dreamworld grass fire today

    It was a small non threatening fire right out the back behind the maintenance sheds. It was closer to the sports building than DW.
  4. I wouldn't think Dreamworld would want to publicly remind everyone of the accident, therefore possibly restarting the whole reduction in attendance again just when people are starting to get over it.
  5. From the highway it looks about level with the bat tower. As I was leaving the big mumma crane was getting ready to lift up another section of track. They was still a big team of guys working on the top section on the ground.
  6. The Off Topic Topic

    Does anyone know how to search for roadworks plans around Gold Coast? Similar to searching the Gold Coast pdonline for building plans and applications...but for roadworks? cheers
  7. ah poo... must have missed it lol
  8. I knew it lol. No matter what angle it didn't look like it'd join up properly.
  9. I see that but from the front of the park it looks like the track is in the way and thought maybe this is why they haven't joined it up yet.
  10. This support has been hangin like this for a while now... Anyone else see that the top one looks like it won't line up with the ground support? Would this require new parts to be fabricated or concrete piles moved?
  11. The Off Topic Topic

    It's Topgolf. You can see the curve in the main slab.
  12. The Off Topic Topic

    Way off topic here... Does anyone know if there are other forums similar to this that follow other construction and planning? Like progress and information about the westfield coomera development and the like?
  13. I've heard a few guys say building started in this spot because Mack told them to, but, I'm willing to put money on this section turning into a giant billboard for the new coaster once it's done... Especially after seeing the view from @Adrian86 's photo
  14. Obviously it's ladder access for something, could be for the coaster... Might be just part of the theming instead of an exposed ladder.