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  1. Really? Fuckwit? Are you a child? and I’ll await my stupid prize... You guys need to take a fkn chill pill. You know nothing about me or what I do.
  2. Got a shot of the rocky themeing. Looks like there will be some half decent decorations!
  3. Wow I really do need glasses. I was there last week and didn’t even notice it 🤣
  4. Quick pop in today and noticed this excavator inside the tower fence. Gonna be doing some demo I reckon.
  5. Some more footage of progress. Lots of foundations are in. Might see vertical progress shortly?
  6. So I pulled the pin and did some drone footage of the build. Once again, still learning editing etc bla bla lol. Note: For the drone sherrifs that'll come after me, I was flying above trees where no one was and I could see the drone the whole time...
  7. It's where @franky mentioned, Empire Industrial Estate Yatala. Google maps hasn't been updated either, the area is pretty new.
  8. I was out for a drive yesterday and stumbled across more of the Taipan. Got the drone out and did a quick video, nothing exciting, first video I've ever uploaded so go easy lol. It's an industrial yard out the back of Yatala.
  9. Rain won't be easing anytime soon, gonna be pretty average experience for guests to waddling through mud to that seating area. Unless pathways of some sort are part of the plan.
  10. The part that bugs me is the "blood everywhere" and "blood was pouring out of her". If this happened around a week ago and we're only hearing about it now, that's odd. Between all my local fb pages from Pac pines to Ormeau, not one mention of anything. What I'm saying is, you'd think if there was such a huge amount of blood and screaming then someone local would have seen it or mentioned it. You know, "did anyone see that girl bleeding at WWW today??". But nothing. Like you've all said, the evidence will be in the cctv footage but the whole thing seems a bit "blown up".
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