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  1. The restraint systems are easy if you read the instructions (at least on my rides), but the load time takes ages because not everyone gets it, and the checking was a lot more involved which wasn't an issue until you are standing at the end of the ride waiting for the load station to clear. I really enjoyed the experience on the ride itself, doing a loop while standing is a unique experience, but the load and unload ruins it a little for me.
  2. The first big announcement = The date of the big announcement The big announcement will be they are building the Big Camera to be on par with the Big Pineapple Although I do wonder if there is a new partnership? “..Sony Pictures’ larger global strategy to grow and expand location-based entertainment by utilizing its strong global film and TV brands,” said Jeffrey Godsick, head of LBE at Sony Pictures Entertainment from Blooloop If that were to bring Spiderman, Men In Black or other Sony' IP, that would be a huge boost.
  3. The total estimated cost of the project (including land and infrastructure) for the island and all the elements that were not Disney was 18.1 Billion according to the HK GOVT brief for the project: (It's a looooog read and really dull) https://www.legco.gov.hk/yr99-00/english/hc/papers/brief.pdf Disney put in a small fraction of the total development cost for the area meaning that the HK Govt had little they could 'subsidise' the building with. (especially given most of the 18 Billion was borrowed money according to the brief) PERHAPS Universal Singapore managed to get some Govt funds to subsidise their build? (I have no figures to back it up, I did look) but it is not unexpected for that to have happened given the the expected rise in tourism both local and international that a park of the caliber would draw. However, as @Brad2912 said above, all we have is speculation and ideas based on what we can find, and the experience of people in here, and I very much doubt that anyone with the knowledge as to exactly why it cost as much as it did will be giving that information in ANY forums as it would very likely breach their employment NDA.
  4. not quite expansions (yet) They are changing the approvals so they might be able to expand. currently the approvals are for retail OR hotel OR attractions, what they want it the area to approved/zoned for development of any of those options, so if they want to add a hotel, they can. or if they want to add in a retail area and new attractions, similar to Disney Quest, or a park expansion (which they hint at) They probably will expand at some point, but not necessarily soon https://disneylandforward.com/faq
  5. According to Insurance Business Mag the closure is due to the park not being able to secure public liability insurance at a reasonable rate. "Barra Fun Park owner Brent Stevenson said he spoke to many brokers, but insurers refused to offer coverage." https://closed.barrafunpark.com There is a petition there to help save the park from complete closure, the petition might help other businesses in a similar position as: "In December, small business ombudsman Kate Carnell called for government intervention in the “failing” public liability insurance market after losses sustained in the 2019 Black Summer bushfires forced many insurers to either raise their premiums to unaffordable levels or to stop selling coverage to small businesses altogether." (quote from Insurance Business Mag) Not a park I have ever been to, nor does it appear to be a park that would interest me, but that is not the point, a small park can deliver the best memories for some people, and can even be their gateway to many new parks. EDIT: The petition is actually a government petition and is available here: https://www.aph.gov.au/petition_list?id=EN2326
  6. not a waste, my wife would disagree, but as a fan of practical film effects and the film backdraft, that attraction was a highlight of my trip.
  7. Thanks for the pics/report Trackless rides might becoming more popular, but the Pooh ride is my second favourite of this type (behind Symbolica) and it is strides ahead of Ratatouille which relies far too much on screens for me) When you throw in Monster's inc, it is clear how this park is one of the best parks in the world. I am deeply Jealous of the Nightmare Before Christmas overlay
  8. I thought this name was boring and uninspired. But then I saw the themeing, and I love it, nice, bright, and like @Gazza said, the doors look like a seedy motel and I love seedy motels (one of the highlights of my US road trip was the seedy motel) everything about it screams 1980's, the pastels, the motel doors, the fonts, the star on the logo, im getting acid flashbacks now
  9. as soon as I can. maybe end of 2021 (although that is incredibly unlikely since we wont be seeing a vaccine until March in AU) so sometime early 2022 is a more realistic aim
  10. according to variety Posted on the 15th "An Australian federal court on Tuesday gave its approval for a takeover of Village Roadshow Limited by private investors after a year-long battle..... Following the court approval, share trading will end on Wednesday afternoon. The takeover is expected to be completed by Dec. 29" I know the initial talks/offers where reported, but now it looks done and dusted... if I have just missed the update on this site, please close/delete/merge as needed.
  11. First a slashing at Thorpe Park: A man has been seriously injured in a stabbing at Thorpe Park following an altercation between two groups. The man in his 20s was slashed in his stomach on a footbridge near the exit of the resort in Surrey shortly before 17:00 BST. According to Ride Rater, someone has been charged with attempted murder over the incident and in a move that will surprise no-one, they have beefed up security. The prevalence of knife violence is apparently on the increase Second a fire at Blackpool has destroyed one of the rides on the pier The Waltzer was destroyed (wikipedia) and a video of the Blackpool ride in action and some great animation on the title text. Thankfully it appears no-one was injured at Blackpool as it was early in the day.
  12. Just wait until the Frog from the film is revealed in the second season of the Mandalorian to be 'the child' and now we have another Star Wars ride... hoooray
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