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  1. troll under the coaster

    Splash mountain retheme

    Just wait until the Frog from the film is revealed in the second season of the Mandalorian to be 'the child' and now we have another Star Wars ride... hoooray
  2. troll under the coaster

    Federal Government and our Parks!

    My opinion, There could be more than the Fed Govt and State Govt spat over borders. With the borders closed interstate and international, you would be looking at a max of 1/3 park attendance. Now then when you take into account that a lot of that third wont turn up to the parks because they aren't close enough to them, or they don't have the money to go. So most of the attendance is likely (again my opinion) to be annual passholders, so no purchasing of tickets, and likely less/minimal in-park expenditure. Without a re-opened border to NSW and VIC (which account for just over 14 million of the 26 million people) the Fed Govt probably doesn't see the fiscal benefits to the state since the businesses tangential to the themeparks (hotels, restaurants and so on) are unlikely to see a boost to their numbers because (again my opinion) that the locals won't need these services where as those from more regional QLD, and interstate would. Nationally there would be no boost since interstate transport (and again the businesses tangential to them) wont see a boost either. Of course this is just my opinion I have been wrong before and felt like I needed to say it was my opinion just one more time, since I didn't use it enough already
  3. troll under the coaster

    North American Trip - Advice

    something to consider is how much you're into movies. If that is important for you then Universal LA is a must and the WB studio tour. If you do Universal LA, I recommend the VIP tour. It is pricey, but you get unlimited fast pass from the moment you get the pass (regardless of when your tour starts) and there is a better version of the studio tour as well. plus breakfast, lunch and someone to watch your bags while you ride and watch your kids if they can't/wont go on the ride. If you do Orlando, I recommend car rental and stay offsite. I know there are benefits to staying on site for both parks, but off site can be a lot cheaper, cover the cost of car rental and parking and a bit more as well. My best suggestion is decide what you want, what type of rides/attractions you want? do you give ____ about Disney/Universal and their IP? What else do you want to do? When you've got that, you can add in the parks (or more parks) around that.
  4. Maybe they are going to use both snake related names... call the track the steel taipan and the cars hiss-steria... then you can ride the Hiss-treria on the steel taipan. Or more likely an idea that doesn't suck
  5. troll under the coaster

    Current State of Sea World

    an act of god?
  6. troll under the coaster

    MACK Rides - New Concepts: The Rocking Boat & Power Loop

    The rocking boat is something I really really want to ride
  7. troll under the coaster

    Orphan Rocker On-Ride Footage

    This would have been a great ride in the 80's and 80's me would have loved it. Truthfully 2010's me would have been excited, but now that it's 2020, i'm old and bitter 😎 Thanks @iwerks for the post, and the reminder of how bad 80's fashion was.
  8. troll under the coaster

    Rise of the Resistance Opening

    For those wondering about the blaster holes and the lightsaber in the ceiling... this might be the answer TLDR: a patent filed a while ago that makes a solid wall turn transparent. Which could mean that there is a box around the lightsaber area that is disguised so you can't see it clearly and when it goes clear, you get what you see in the vid (animatronics and projection mapping) and the same for the blaster fire Copied from the article: A display system for transforming sunlit and other brightly lit surfaces while being observed by viewers or an audience. The display system includes an optical element switchable between first and second operating states, and the optical element includes a pane that is opaque in the first operating state and transparent in the second operating state.
  9. troll under the coaster

    First park you visited outside Australia?

    Barry's Amusements Northern Ireland
  10. troll under the coaster

    European theme parks to visit

    I know have a new favourite insult... thank you sooo much for this
  11. troll under the coaster

    European theme parks to visit

    I 100% agree with this.. I love Symbolica, I had the opportunity to ride that a couple of times with no-one else on the ride at all. It also has so many other awesome rides, I love Droomvlucht and Vogel Rock (it is a shame that Bob is no more). If you go... save some euro coins for the Donkey.....
  12. troll under the coaster

    Disneyland / California Adventure / Universal

    It is expensive, but the VIP ticket for Universal is worth looking at. You get breakfast, VIP front of line access to all rides and attractions for the entire day. While on the tour, the guide will hold your bags etc to prevent you needing to use the lockers, you also get lunch and a VIP tour of the backlot, which is a bit longer than the standard but, the bus is airconditioned, and you do get to get out and walk around some of the set areas (we got to walk around the little europe and war of the worlds sets. I recommend booking an early morning our time. even if you book a later one the VIP pass is valid beforehand. we used it to sneak a ride on Harry Potter before the tour started.
  13. troll under the coaster

    West coast V East coast theme parks in USA

    I 100% agree with this, the hotel is a bit dated, but the service is amazing and the location just a 1 min walk from the tourist section of Hollywood Blvd is wonderfully central for doing LA. This is my go to hotel in LA. If you are doing Disney, I recommend staying out near it. The last trip we stayed at the Super 8 near main gate (pretty sure that is what they referred to it as). Comfortable, not expensive (don't bother with the breakfast it really isn't worth the fight for a table) and only a few minutes walk to the parks & the Disney shopping area (plus a Denny's nearby if you are after, cheap, quick, 24hr food) They can also organise a shuttle drop off & pick up for universal. (we used the service to change to a hotel near universal) I have done both coasts, and love the Orlando area parks, but if you are watching the $$ stick with the west coast, you will get more time for your dollars since you wont have to fly across the country & as other posters have said there are a lot of other attractions not too far away from LA. As for hiring a car in LA, can't say, never done it, but I was not convinced I would be fine driving in the LA traffic. I have driven from Vegas to Orlando and in many countries around the world, but still not confident on driving in LA. If you (or your kids) are really into movies/tv, do the WB studio tour. Whatever you decide, plan ahead, and read up on tips and tricks for Fastpass, etc. (those alone could be a post that goes on for months). But mostly, have fun
  14. troll under the coaster

    Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster refurb

    I guess my post doesn't read quite how I meant it. I meant it more as an idea/wish rather than a suggestion of what they are doing.
  15. troll under the coaster

    Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster refurb

    This got me thinking if the new Scooby coaster will be Scooby meets Batman. Convert the entry area into the Batcave, then the rests is a mission/chase? See this trailer for Scooby-Doo! & Batman: The Brave and the Bold. It is a very kid friendly Batman, would allow them to keep a kids ride that fits in with all the surrounding DC theming... and combines Batman & Scooby Doo! What more could you want in a ride?! And the merchandise sells itself, Scooby dressed as Batman.... (I need to go lie down now, got over excited)