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  1. troll under the coaster

    European theme parks to visit

    I know have a new favourite insult... thank you sooo much for this
  2. troll under the coaster

    European theme parks to visit

    I 100% agree with this.. I love Symbolica, I had the opportunity to ride that a couple of times with no-one else on the ride at all. It also has so many other awesome rides, I love Droomvlucht and Vogel Rock (it is a shame that Bob is no more). If you go... save some euro coins for the Donkey.....
  3. troll under the coaster

    Disneyland / California Adventure / Universal

    It is expensive, but the VIP ticket for Universal is worth looking at. You get breakfast, VIP front of line access to all rides and attractions for the entire day. While on the tour, the guide will hold your bags etc to prevent you needing to use the lockers, you also get lunch and a VIP tour of the backlot, which is a bit longer than the standard but, the bus is airconditioned, and you do get to get out and walk around some of the set areas (we got to walk around the little europe and war of the worlds sets. I recommend booking an early morning our time. even if you book a later one the VIP pass is valid beforehand. we used it to sneak a ride on Harry Potter before the tour started.
  4. troll under the coaster

    West coast V East coast theme parks in USA

    I 100% agree with this, the hotel is a bit dated, but the service is amazing and the location just a 1 min walk from the tourist section of Hollywood Blvd is wonderfully central for doing LA. This is my go to hotel in LA. If you are doing Disney, I recommend staying out near it. The last trip we stayed at the Super 8 near main gate (pretty sure that is what they referred to it as). Comfortable, not expensive (don't bother with the breakfast it really isn't worth the fight for a table) and only a few minutes walk to the parks & the Disney shopping area (plus a Denny's nearby if you are after, cheap, quick, 24hr food) They can also organise a shuttle drop off & pick up for universal. (we used the service to change to a hotel near universal) I have done both coasts, and love the Orlando area parks, but if you are watching the $$ stick with the west coast, you will get more time for your dollars since you wont have to fly across the country & as other posters have said there are a lot of other attractions not too far away from LA. As for hiring a car in LA, can't say, never done it, but I was not convinced I would be fine driving in the LA traffic. I have driven from Vegas to Orlando and in many countries around the world, but still not confident on driving in LA. If you (or your kids) are really into movies/tv, do the WB studio tour. Whatever you decide, plan ahead, and read up on tips and tricks for Fastpass, etc. (those alone could be a post that goes on for months). But mostly, have fun
  5. troll under the coaster

    Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster refurb

    I guess my post doesn't read quite how I meant it. I meant it more as an idea/wish rather than a suggestion of what they are doing.
  6. troll under the coaster

    Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster refurb

    This got me thinking if the new Scooby coaster will be Scooby meets Batman. Convert the entry area into the Batcave, then the rests is a mission/chase? See this trailer for Scooby-Doo! & Batman: The Brave and the Bold. It is a very kid friendly Batman, would allow them to keep a kids ride that fits in with all the surrounding DC theming... and combines Batman & Scooby Doo! What more could you want in a ride?! And the merchandise sells itself, Scooby dressed as Batman.... (I need to go lie down now, got over excited)
  7. troll under the coaster

    Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster refurb

    That's an interesting idea if it is true, mostly interesting because the movie is quite old now I really thought they would go for something newer and potentially cheaper. I am hoping that this is for the queue area something to take the themeing of the ride to the next level... remove the fountain and have the psychotic table of killer food in the middle, have the robots all around.... and the rest of the ride writes itself I am a Scooby apologist so i'm happy either way, any excuse to watch Scooby Doo...
  8. troll under the coaster

    U.S Trip Advice

    I went to the US last year, and did the same trip. TLDR version: Onsite hotels are great, but offsite isn't too bad either. Ask hotels about shuttle between theme-parks Rent a car in orlando plan your day as best you can (at the very least plan the 'must do' rides) ----- Stayed at a motel near Disney Anaheim, a short walk form the front gate. The accommodation wasn't 5 star, but they did have a pool (and a crap breakfast). Then got a shuttle from the Motel to another hotel near universal (the shuttle went to universal, but the driver very nicely dropped us at the hotel, also walking distance to the hotel (although the hill was a killer and I don't recommend the walk). As for Orlando, we staid at a hotel about 10 minutes drive from Universal and a bit longer (really can't remember but not too bad) from Disney, and just just drove and parked. We had no problems at all with parking etc. As a previous poster suggested get the guides, and plan the big attractions, when we hit Disney Orlando, we went straight to Frozen at open, about a 40 minute wait, by the time we left the ride, it was up to 90 minutes and when we looped back later it was hovering at two hours. This was in march ish... I have done some of them in September-October previously and found the crowds pretty similar. It will be almost impossible to avoid a long queue/crowd, so be prepared to wait for the more popular rides/attractions The VIP tour of Universal in LA is fantastic, and I loved it, but it is very pricey. The food (breakfast & lunch) is excellent though, and unlimited fast pass, free water, no need to pay for a locker (the guide will watch your bags, and your kids if they can't/wont go on the ride), the extra stops on the the backlot tour and the air-conditioned bus are all great reasons. I will also suggest, if they are waiting for a show to go in (we had a 20 minute wait before the doors opened) maybe look at using that time to go on another ride, or look at something nearby, we took the time to go on the Simpsons ride and still made it back for the show. there are pros and cons to all the parks, but that is true with every park everywhere, if you only do LA you will want to do Orlando and vice versa (been there). My ultimate suggestion, is pick what's important, eg: is anyone in your crew a huge Harry Potter fan? or Frozen? or huge fans of the Cars movies? or a lover of films? and use this to inform your decision. The first time I went I really wanted to do the Jaws ride, so had to go to Orlando for Universal (and loved it). If you go to Islands of Adventure, spend some $$ on the water canons near ripsaw falls, aim for the people that are un-prepared, you will laugh, people near you will laugh and join in, and the people on the rafts will laugh (they always did with us) when they get soaked by a water spray after they thought they were home and dry [insert evil laugh]
  9. troll under the coaster

    Theme Parks in Europe

    From a winter trip a few years ago, most of the parks were closed in Jan onwards (some had christmas openings). Efteling and Disney were the only ones open. Having said that, I really enjoyed Efteling (especially the open bonfires in the communal areas) and Disney is something I always enjoy. Efteling only had 1 ride closed when I was there (sadly) and the toboggan ride is dependent on the weather on the day but they did have an ice-skating rink set up.
  10. troll under the coaster

    The Off Topic Topic

    How could this not fit in at movieworld... Contact is a Warners film.... make it circular do no themeing (just to bore everyone for the wait) then tell them the ride is broken and you will have the film perfectly re-created a total waste of time....
  11. troll under the coaster

    Roller Coaster Crash at Alton Towers

    Sad news.... One more person from the crash has had their leg amputated. After 7 surgeries to save her leg, they have had to amputate.
  12. troll under the coaster

    10 y.o. dies at SFMM

    I read this the other day when she was just unconscious and had been airlifted. I hoped for a full recovery. Now, I hope her last memories were happy and her passing painless.
  13. troll under the coaster

    Plus Size Friendly?

    Being 'significant' myself, the best option I can say is try it and see. Scooby is not friendly to tall people (legs become an issue,)or larger people so if there is a long queue, come back later, or ask the op on the door if you can jump ahead, see if you fit and then re-join the queue. At dreamworld be wary of wipeout the last time i went on it i burst a small blood vessel in my eye. The first time I went on it 8 times with no problems, a few years and a few kilos later a different story. The plane ride at dreamworld (no idea what it is called at the moment...) some of the planes are slightly bigger than others... aim for the back row... I had a few issues getting in that row, but i got on... the middle row was not possible. I sincerely hope he comes across and you both have a great time
  14. troll under the coaster

    Movie World speculation and dreaming - 2015 edition

    This is a dream for a re-theme for the Wild west area WB = HBO = Game of Thrones. so re-theme the area to be a medieval village, and then use the maverick stage (re-themed) to be a trial by sword, dragon battle. Don't like the chances, but it could be great if done right. it would be a spectacle, it would be something not DC superhero, and opes it up to rides as well as shows.
  15. troll under the coaster

    What makes a ride a "classic"?

    i think a classic is a truly personal thing. In my opinion, a classic is a ride that has lasting effect on you that doesn't diminish over time. For me the Lethal Weapon is a classic ride. (I am sure many here would disagree and it is far from the best coaster I have ever been on...not even the best at movie world) But i have fantastic memories of that ride from the day it opened and i still enjoy the ride every time i ride it and if it were to close i would be sad at the loss. But it has to have that lasting effect... the rides you get truly excited to go on again and again, the rides you are upset when you are there and they are closed.