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  1. Sure did enjoy setting up the ride, all that was left to do was finish washing the deck and adding some extra lighting etc before opening. Was disappointing to the day the least.
  2. Currently travelling the North Run with 'The Beast', we have two shows left before we go into Brisbane for EKKA, GC Show and then back home for Melbourne Show (if COVID doesn't intervene), who knows what will happen before the end of 2021. There's a difference between setting the ride up and packing it as opposed to a major inspection. Yearly major inspections are carried out on the XXL with crack testing etc done to major bearings and pins with the addition of new sets of bolts.
  3. Totally agree. Their stuff isn’t the nicest designed.
  4. Depends really, I can only really say for the Beast as it works the most out of any of the XXL’s worldwide. When I travelled with it in 2019, we finished the year on 23 (approx 46 setups/pack ups combined) jobs. Pretty impressive to say the least for a 3 trailer ride. The current fair we’re at in Epping (Melb) has been exceptionally popular and the public have really gotten behind it. Looks like most country shows will be back this year, so I’m guessing these “state fairs” will probably come to an end eventually. Interesting to see SBF possibly taking the manufacturing for
  5. From what it seems, is that it will be used as an attraction at specific locations for extended periods, Funtime are touring the ride and will be taking care of operations. There has been talk about a showmen being possibly involved but at the moment that’s just speculation. I think if there is a showmen involved in some way, it will most likely be put forward for the Capital Shows. At least Royal Easter for sure.
  6. Do we know who's manufacturing this ride? Not that it matters seeing as Funtime are one-upping them with an 80 metre on the way! (Which is soo exciting! They're stunning machines and great fun to ride!)
  7. Not too sure, but they’ve actually been redesigned. As you can see in the image, Talocan has those large shoulder pieces, I think I remember them being comfortable but the ones on Vortex are great. The original Top Spins have different ones again and have the bar as a secondary. HUSS Park Attractions aren’t exactly the original HUSS Maschinenfabrik, after the insolvency, the company today basically just used the HUSS name, the build quality is still on par, but they’ll never make a travelling ride again. I don’t even think they offer parts for Break Dance’s anymore, not 100% but they did su
  8. Agreed. And more flips please, and more locked fast loops, oh and actual fountains haha
  9. Yeah was disappointing that there were no proper jets.... fountain interaction with these rides is what make them that more fun!
  10. Just got off the first ride to the public, can confirm it is the same cycle we have seen in videos. Fountains don’t rise. the flips are insanely fun, I have forgotten how big these Huss rides actually are when I haven’t seen them in a while. I think the cycle is fine for opening as they’ll want to get through as many as possible. just needs more upside down moments and full speed loops because the thing can hammer when they get going. all in all, the area is cool! Glad I got to be one of the first.
  11. Hopefully a soft opening in the coming days, I’m back to Melbourne on Thursday and it would be a nice way to end 7 months up here!
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