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  1. HussRainbow87

    Ardent Poaches New Dreamworld COO

    Ah i thought that was him that I met while working at AALARA
  2. HussRainbow87

    The New Atlantis - Construction Updates

    But give a damn good ride, gotta say the original boat is more exciting than the double sided suspended
  3. HussRainbow87

    The New Atlantis - Construction Updates

    im excited to see some HUSS parts arriving in the near future! our first Top Spin, it's made my year honestly!
  4. HussRainbow87

    Sea World to reveal $50m spend

    I pray that Seaworld has done their research and have opted for a Suspended HUSS Top Spin, honestly they put the Wipeout to shame, until you try one, trust me on this (and I’m not saying it just cos it’s HUSS) they’re incredible machines, and far more enjoyable than Wipeout. There’s a reason why soo many exist in the world!
  5. HussRainbow87

    Traveling fairs!

    I think in the beginning it was probably operated at full speed for too long. I think with a mix of full speed and moderate, it gives a more enjoyable ride when you get those quick bursts of full speed without it making you sick. I think now, from what I saw at Sydney it doesn't go full speed at all during a cycle. Same goes with the Beast, too much spinning and you get people coming off sick and generally looking like it was torture, just gotta find that balance to make it enjoyable without making you sick and wanting you to ride again!
  6. HussRainbow87

    Traveling fairs!

    Glad you enjoyed your ride mate, I watched how the XXL's were operated in Europe and wanted to give similar rides, I think the excessive spinning just makes it a bit sickening! Great Waltzer video, wish it operated as fast as it did when it first arrived in Melbourne!
  7. HussRainbow87

    New and very different attractions

    Symbolica at Efteling, probably one of the best dark rides i've ever experienced. Incredible!
  8. HussRainbow87

    Wipeout Removal

    Transformation underway.... Theyll probably delay the opening for this exciting new area too!
  9. HussRainbow87

    Luna Park Sydney's expansion

    Interesting to see the SBF Tango Train is proving to be a nightmare... MACK through and through for a good Musik Express! It's like buying an Ali Baba over a Rainbow
  10. HussRainbow87

    Luna Park Sydney's expansion

    Might have to get the Beast crew down to show them how its done, can unload/reload 20 people in under a minute! haha
  11. HussRainbow87

    Adventure World MI4 - 2019

    True, and some European fairs are the perfect example of well maintained attractions. There are many around the 30 year mark that look and run better than even some park rides!
  12. HussRainbow87

    Adventure World MI4 - 2019

    I'm still yet to experience a Shot 'N' Drop, and its a shame that they didn't keep the original artwork on it, but I hear theyre a fun tower, im not a fan of drop towers, couldn't bring myself to ride the Funtime 80m Hangover Tower, but i'm all for a Shot N Drop. The S&S Shots are a good time!
  13. HussRainbow87

    Luna Park Sydney's expansion

    You’d be surprised. I’ve seen some HUSS rides in horrible conditions been brought back to look brand new. Yes it’s about money at the end of the day, but these rides can be brought back to running better than some new attractions that are around today.
  14. HussRainbow87

    Adventure World MI4 - 2019

    This Huss Break Dance is celebrating 31 years this year. Also celebrating 31 years this year is the Huss Circus Circus, refurbished completely in 2018. Yes as people know I’m a massive Huss fanboy, these things are built stronger than any ride on the market today. It’s simple really, you put money and care into a machine then it’s going to have a lifespan exceeding 30 years. Our Huss Ranger has been running since 1988, and is still operational, as is Wittingslows Huss Pirate which is from the 70s. I was moreso commenting on the fact that they kept the boat and used it as theming, whereas it probably could have been sold to another park to be refurbed and worked again.
  15. HussRainbow87

    Luna Park Sydney's expansion

    We just need this here, and ill be happy, although the almost 9-minute ride did almost make me pass away haha