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  1. Clearly you haven’t ridden a legit HUSS Top Spin…. The original travelling models in Germany and the Top Spin Fresh in France are some of the greatest machines ever built. Having ridden Talocan a few times and the travelling models, it’s safe to say that they’re outstanding rides. Fight me on it. I don’t care.
  2. They’re already spending the money, they could have gone for a Zierer at least. Best of the best when it comes to a Wave Swinger. Their custom theming on some of their park models is incredible.
  3. The Beast is at Fountain Gate until the end of February, then Moomba and then Sydney Royal Easter Show. Same with the Crazy Coaster.
  4. Yes. It’s the only coaster there. KMG XXL is The Beast….
  5. Ahh something I’m well versed in, working with log books and application processes. This info is spot on. Design reg, plant reg…
  6. Fair enough, but our regulations wouldn’t be much different. An amusement device is an amusement device. Regardless of travelling or park. It was more so a comment on how there’s isn’t too much difference in regards to how states regulate the use of amusement devices.
  7. Everything you just stated applies to us. Our logbooks include all of those documents.
  8. Wouldn’t exactly say that, we operate and maintain our rides the exact same way in all four states that we visit. Checks and audits are fairly similar also.
  9. The Crazy Spinning Coaster is at our carnival in Apollo Bay, we close 28 January, with both the Beast and Crazy Coaster opening the following week in Narre Warren.
  10. And having visited Movie Park this year, it was interesting to see how similar the parks are! Obviously Movie Park is a lot bigger and they’ve got some better attractions.
  11. Usually they would close earlier than the gate closure time. We usually have to do that with The Beast at Sydney to get through everyone before closing. The ride is essentially closed to new riders joining the queue and then we ride the line until the show closes.
  12. Don't see how safety would be an issue when a Sky Flyer is a simple attraction to load correctly when full, ours runs on an Auto program, obviously when busy and we're against closing times we have to cut down cycles, but other than that, you're getting around 3 minutes for a normal cycle, and trust me, that's more than enough. There's nothing to get away with, the ride is being operated and loaded as per the manufacturers instructions. Safety is never compromised. I think its pretty standard that the parks have more steps when it comes to loading, its just how they operate overall. When a control panel is telling you the ride is safe and ready to operate, you operate the ride, it doesn't mean anything is being compromised. That statement isn't really fair when I operate our machines with care and I'm strict when it comes to loading also. We do, but the EKKA and other shows also understand that when it is insanely busy and you have a hard closing time, you need to get through people, that's just how it is unfortunately.
  13. We can probably do 4 cycles in about 10 minutes on ours, with a full ride of 24 people....
  14. I realise that, most flat cycles are very tame here in Australia, but look at Pandamonium and even Wipeout had elaborate cycles that showed the rides full potential, it could be ever so tweaked to really show off what a great machine it is, but I have a feeling it will still be running that program in ten years 😭
  15. You’d have a more thrilling ride on a Ferris wheel than Vortex. Congratulations to Sea World for the worlds worst operated Top Spin ☺️
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