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  1. Hi there folks! I'm wondering if anyone knows where I can find the footage shown in the queue for the Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster ride at Movie World? The title of the footage is actualy "Scooby Doo: Unmasking the Mystery" but I can't seem to find any digital copy's of the footage online. The footage shown during the queue doesn't seem to be on the DVD the Roller Caster is based off of, so i've come to this lovely forum for aid! Any help would be much appreciated
  2. Hi all! My parents used to visit Movie World and the other Gold Coast parks in the 90's a lot. Every time we visit they usually point out things that have changed around the parks, they often told me there were once performers, as in people, on then "Wild Wild West" ride, is this true? What did Wild West Falls used to look like in it's heyday? I'd love to see some pictures! Any other early pictures / videos of Movie world in the parks heyday would be great too!
  3. lessofkess

    Tours of parks in Google Streetview

    Seaworld in Florida has street view i believe, the same goes fro Universal in Florida
  4. lessofkess

    Sea World and Killer Whales

    Wow, i never realised Scooter the dolphin was so old! O^O
  5. lessofkess

    Rocky Hollow Flume Dinosoaurs?

    Sorry for the confusion all! And thankyou you for all the incites into how the park used to be! What at I meant was, why was there a random Triceritops in the tunnel portion of the Log Flume? Does anyone know, was it apart of an old attraction, or randomly there for no reason whatsoever? Again, sorry for the confusion!
  6. lessofkess

    Rocky Hollow Flume Dinosoaurs?

    Oh no, I was referring to the Rocky hollow area, there's a triceratops located in one of the tunnel portions of the ride, I always wondered what was going on there? But thanks for the incite into TRR anyway
  7. Hi all! So, I wasn't around during the openings of allot of the classic rides at Dreamworld such as Rocky Hollow, and Eureka Moutain (in which I've never see active), however I still have quite a spark of interest around the original themeing and function of rides and such. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what Rocky Hollow was actually like when it was fully functioning? Were the dinosaurs that still reside in the ride today actually apart if it when it first opened? And finally, why is Rocky hollow so separate from the Town of Gold rush? I would have imagined it be better suited to that area. Thanks all!
  8. lessofkess

    Imagine soundtrack?

    Hello everyone! I sure that this question has been asked before, but, would anyone know where I can find a copy of the soundtrack from the old Sea World Dolphin Show "Imagine"? The soundtrack brings back loads of great memories from the park and all my adventures there, it means a lot to me for some reason. I would absolutely kill to have a copy of the soundtrack for nostalgia, and listening to! Can an anyone help me?
  9. lessofkess

    Sea World update news??

    Hi all! I'm just wondering if there has been any new news resurfacing of an attraction Seaworld advertised when they first opened the Storm Coaster? The poster (Right) was of jungle animals, like Gorillas, and hippopotamus, i thought that the attraction would be that of a Jungle Adventure type of thing. Like the jungle Cruise at Disney perhaps? Seaworld is working on a massive refurbishment at the moment, with the addition of Creatures Of The Deep and the Nickelodeon Land refurbishment, however I still haven't heard any news of this attraction that was set for 2014. What do you guys think?