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  1. MacPark

    What's gone wrong with SkyVoyager?

    At this point its going to be cheaper and easier to make Skypoint one of the new "big rides" and create a park cue that leads to a bus that takes you to skypoint and back. Ardent would probably try this now I think about
  2. MacPark

    Dreamworld passes - Cheaper at the park.

    I just cant do Dreamworld now. Its depressing walking around what used to be a good park.
  3. MacPark

    Sea World to reveal $50m spend

    This coaster is going to look awesome across the broadwater from southport/labrador. Just as I was thinking the Gold Coast theme park industry was dead this happens. I am beyond excited for this.
  4. The lack of competition would be the biggest worry. Village would have no reason to invest in new attractions and as you said can charge what they like. Also besides what other people have stated here, Dreamworld make alot of money from overseas. They have a whole division that work just with the Asian market to bring in tour groups and market to Asia in general. Dreamworld do alot of tour groups from China and its a big part of the business.
  5. the best thing is their reply this week on trip advisor to someone complaining nothings open. Read this bit through your mind again.. "This maintenance is vital to keep rides safe and operational." That's the problem, half the rides aren't operational........ Its school holidays and nothings open!!!!
  6. MacPark

    WhiteWater World Needs Major Refurb

    wow that looks terrible. looks like they need to give it a good scrub haha
  7. MacPark

    Gold Coast show 2018

    wow free entry. I wonder what the thinking was behind this. I guess they must of had low attendance last year and are trying to get people back. Great move to the new locations
  8. MacPark

    Sea World Update - July 26

    god what has happened to our parks
  9. MacPark

    Wet & Wild buggy permanently closed?

    the seaworld monorail is literally in the sky providing views you cant see while on foot 🤪
  10. MacPark

    Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster refurb

    they should have gone with The Scrappy Doo Puppy Power Ride. Just sayin...
  11. wow an events space. Brilliant. Cant wait never have a reason to go their unless my company books a function there. They arent even trying with that post. Best to have just said Brock was finishing up and at least lead people on about what it might become. Now we know its an empty room that converts for events. haha Take away tower or terror for a sexy new events space. Take away wipeout for a crazy new events space. Make the lego store a day care. Seriously though, whats next? Make the cinema a low cost half arsed version of Disneys Soar'n... Oh wait ;)..
  12. MacPark

    Current Sea World Thoughts (2018)

    it really is that bad isnt it? lol I wanna email them asking what days the rides in the photos are open because I couldn't find them on my last trip. God what happened to all our theme parks... its depressing.
  13. MacPark

    Current Sea World Thoughts (2018)

    well besides the decade old photo of the park from the glory days that is STILL up haha
  14. MacPark

    Current Sea World Thoughts (2018)

    I dontr think they are trying to be a theme park now. All the current website site branding is "Sea World Marine Park" with a huge "Australia's #1 Marine Park" on the page
  15. Many of Dreamworld main team are still involved at the top. They have done nothing but alot of internal shuffling. Interestingly their COO is still in his position but due to it being less of a media face role its not been brought up. Looking that ardent have indeed sold the bowing alleys. the marina and the gyms at the moment the think with value is main event and skypoint. Skypoint is no huge cash cow but ticks along with a reasonable profit per year. They infact sold off the marinas and bowling to free up returns for investors after the incident. I wonder what the next option is? They wont sell main event. Its doing well and while I was working for the company their was talk of the American arm of the company wanting more control of ardent than they currently have with more Americans on the board and calling shots. I am amusing this still hold true.