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  1. Bryville

    Fright Nights 2018

    This years Fright Nights map!!
  2. Bryville

    New Kids Ride for Movie World

    The looney tune train ride is in extended maintenance and it doesn't have an end date so could this be going here?? Or is it to small for this ride??
  3. according to the theme part social networks Facebook page its becoming a photo booth as well,
  4. i think rac2703 means the indoor section of the Bermuda triangle
  5. thanks to trill zone internationals facebook page
  6. i think that the channel might be for the flume ride, as by looking at the pictures it looks like it joins up to the lift hill
  7. Bryville

    Seal Harbour @ Sea World

    does anyone have photos of what the construction of seal harbour looks like at this point in time???
  8. did anyone notice if they have updated the signage you walk under to get to JL and batwing or does it still say the Batman Adventure ride 2 still?. i went at the start of the holidays and it still stated that it was batman
  9. this photo was just uploaded by thrill zone international @ dreamworld.
  10. Bryville

    New 4D Movie at Movieworld

    the new movie is ice age 4
  11. just wondering why is the looney tunes river ride no longer on the movie world maintenance page?????
  12. Bryville

    [Movieworld] Photo requests

    the batman ride replacement, if you can inside the building, the outside etc
  13. Movie Worlds facebook page just released this photo, of Arkham Asylum: Shock Therapys themeing so far
  14. Bryville

    Parkz Creative Challenge Leader Board

    MikeMac's Warner Bros. Magic & Adventure Land.