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  1. I’m sorry but I would have to disagree I currently work at a place where we are reliant on shipping containers to send product over seas and I can confirm finding shipping containers and ports available to take the cargo is extremely difficult even now that covid is a vivid memory…… we are still finding it extremely difficult to obtain containers themselves.
  2. Sounds to me like they spent the whole day and night there……or the kid was under 5
  3. They are forecasting to hit 80% double vaxxed on the 8th December….. I will be patiently waiting on the border on the 9th with my negative pcr test ready to enter 😁😁😁
  4. Spot the difference 😂 should have taken the car out too 👍
  5. Thanks everyone I’m booked in for the night of the 18th 😁
  6. Opening 28th feb last day of summer 😂 I’ve cancelled 4 holidays to the Gold Coast since covid started …… so this time round I’ve booked in for December and purchased everything already….. I’ll make a hole in the border divider if I have too 😂
  7. other than covid is there any other things that are setting the construction back? is there a trident construction page?
  8. Now that the ST is coming along quite fast.... any signs of the train for the leviathan?
  9. Farewell buzz saw….. for what it’s worth I really liked the ride….. I don’t live in Queensland so getting up there to enjoy all the rides was always fun….. hopefully everything will be opened up for December so I don’t have to cancel our holiday for a 4th time 😁😁
  10. Waiting patiently for the first test run…. Look forward to whoever gets in first with the upload 😁
  11. Jags journeys just uploaded a short clip of steel taipan update shows the train moving back n and out of the station …… as well as all the new foliage and tracks
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