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  1. I’m sorry but I would have to disagree I currently work at a place where we are reliant on shipping containers to send product over seas and I can confirm finding shipping containers and ports available to take the cargo is extremely difficult even now that covid is a vivid memory…… we are still finding it extremely difficult to obtain containers themselves.
  2. Sounds to me like they spent the whole day and night there……or the kid was under 5
  3. They are forecasting to hit 80% double vaxxed on the 8th December….. I will be patiently waiting on the border on the 9th with my negative pcr test ready to enter 😁😁😁
  4. Spot the difference 😂 should have taken the car out too 👍
  5. Thanks everyone I’m booked in for the night of the 18th 😁
  6. Opening 28th feb last day of summer 😂 I’ve cancelled 4 holidays to the Gold Coast since covid started …… so this time round I’ve booked in for December and purchased everything already….. I’ll make a hole in the border divider if I have too 😂
  7. other than covid is there any other things that are setting the construction back? is there a trident construction page?
  8. Now that the ST is coming along quite fast.... any signs of the train for the leviathan?
  9. Farewell buzz saw….. for what it’s worth I really liked the ride….. I don’t live in Queensland so getting up there to enjoy all the rides was always fun….. hopefully everything will be opened up for December so I don’t have to cancel our holiday for a 4th time 😁😁
  10. Waiting patiently for the first test run…. Look forward to whoever gets in first with the upload 😁
  11. Jags journeys just uploaded a short clip of steel taipan update shows the train moving back n and out of the station …… as well as all the new foliage and tracks
  12. Always one bad apple that spoils the bunch I reckon the fine for her and her tradie partner should have been a lot more …….
  13. Wow that is a delay…… majority of people at work…..500+ have had both of their Pfizer vaccines already Won’t happen “I was being and still being optimistic” and yes I understand this is the new normal for a while 😁
  14. I’ve booked from the 4th to the 21st so should be sweet by then hopefully majority of the population will be vaccinated and getting somewhat back to normal 😁
  15. Thanks I noticed this for last year can anyone verify it’s usually about the same time every year…. Give or take a few days just want to book some leave in
  16. Hi guys sorry if there is already a thread with this but just wondering when white Christmas is at movie world for this year? Or have the dates not yet been announced? if there is already a thread can someone please post a link so I can follow cheers 🍻 in advance Noodle
  17. Honestly would have thought they would update the maintenance before posting the retirement in their website…. would have been great to get the kids on it in September now that they are finally tall enough ….. but oh well it is what it is I guess…..
  18. Time to get back on topic I think…. This topic has gotten a bit side tracked 😁😁
  19. Just going on the progress are they looking at finishing this off by September school holidays??? And beating their October November prediction?
  20. What is the ramp for? Motorbike? Skateboarders? Just curious 🧐
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