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  1. Great pics! I hadn’t realised just how much space there is between the spinning seats and the car in front. Going to be an awesome experience.
  2. So a couple of things. LPS doesn’t really have any direct competition in a city of 5 million. They’ll do fine. In addition businesses were given high confidence that life would resume once targets were met, so many projects pushed through. Very different circumstances on the GC for tourism operators as the government is not providing any degree of certainty. This leaves the limited local market to support multiple major openings. Dreamworld is comfortable with this (perhaps out of necessity), VRTP is not. You’re not being treated like an idiot. Supply delays or whatever is an easier sell
  3. Borders reopening in time for the Summer holidays is a big if. If you were top dog would you take a punt on that if? I’d say with DW essentially committing to a 2021 opening, they’ve weighed up the risks v benefits of going head to head and decided the local market won’t really sustain two major attraction openings. Don’t really buy the part shipping delays they mentioned earlier in the year. This is tactical
  4. Can you blame them though? They'll be wanting to get as much return on their investment as possible - not sure they'd love sending out half empty cycles a week after opening a la Vortex. March/April is a solid bet that domestic tourism will be back in full swing. I'm genuinely surprised DW are pushing ahead with ST's opening this year.
  5. Ha! Thank you sir. Rest assured I have read every post and jump on here multiple times a day... maybe I'll stay out of retirement for longer this time around 😜
  6. Wow. Takes a good layout to an excellent one. There isn't a dull moment from start to finish and it doesn't appear to be overwhelmingly nauseating like I expected it to be. Good play by DW.
  7. Highly recommend getting a car. I made the mistake of not researching a great deal about Sandusky... The biggest issue is transportation. There aren’t any Ubers/Lyfts around so getting to the park is a pain - I ended up finding a transfers service but it was $20 + tip each way (for a 10 min drive) and was bound to their pickup times, not ideal if you want to maximise your time in the park. The other issue is the town itself is spread out, so unless your hotel has a restaurant or a Maccas across the road you’ll be walking a long way for food. This was 3 years ago and I visited during
  8. I don't think the attractions I tried were using StarVR - had very limited time so I couldn't try everything. PVRK This indoor theme park replaced Sega Republic in Dubai Mall (which I didn't know much of - I knew there was some kind of park but didn't have much desire to visit). From the few pictures I've seen of its former self since, they look to have kept a couple of rides but totally revamped everything else... and what a brilliant job they've done. We sort of stumbled upon PVRK after walking past KidZania. The entry is incredibly impressive - it's a giant floor to ceiling c
  9. Just arrived back from a trip to the UAE so I thought I’d share my thoughts on a couple of parks, plus a brand new and what looks to be mostly unreported on park that pleasantly surprised. I've embedded a couple of POVs from YouTube (not mine) for context. Choosing a park to visit in Dubai was difficult - Ferrari World was locked and loaded for Abu Dhabi but, after sightseeing, we only had time for one in Dubai. I did a lot of research on IMG Worlds of Adventure vs Motiongate - both had a pretty equal list of pros and cons. IMG had a good collection of rides (the standout being Veloc
  10. Thanks for the report! I’m heading over in early April and will be checking it out - have been in two minds about the place in terms of what to expect though. Videos and photos make it look largely unappealing, so it’s encouraging to hear that the theming and park overall is good. Is there any word on an opening date for Mission Ferrari?
  11. ^ Yeah but this deserves a major national campaign. Rivals and everything else they've added over the last couple of years is enough reason for interstate families to plan trips. Maybe it's coming but I know I would've done things totally differently.
  12. Yeah, curious to know why they wouldn't at least try to mount it correctly. By the looks of things they've sent it to a bunch of media outlets - wouldn't you invest a little to showcase your multi multi multi million dollar ride in the best possible light? We're smart enough to know it doesn't ride like dogshit, but to the average guest...
  13. $10 is fair IMO. I doubt they'll have any issues filling the seats. They may well have peak and off-peak pricing but why not leverage the hype? Smart way to make money on every cycle.
  14. But from a production standpoint it's amazing. Great TVC
  15. I haven't been following this thread super closely so apologies if this has already been noted - trims are now on the camelback
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