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  1. Ferrari World Trip Report

    Thanks for the report! I’m heading over in early April and will be checking it out - have been in two minds about the place in terms of what to expect though. Videos and photos make it look largely unappealing, so it’s encouraging to hear that the theming and park overall is good. Is there any word on an opening date for Mission Ferrari?
  2. ^ Yeah but this deserves a major national campaign. Rivals and everything else they've added over the last couple of years is enough reason for interstate families to plan trips. Maybe it's coming but I know I would've done things totally differently.
  3. Yeah, curious to know why they wouldn't at least try to mount it correctly. By the looks of things they've sent it to a bunch of media outlets - wouldn't you invest a little to showcase your multi multi multi million dollar ride in the best possible light? We're smart enough to know it doesn't ride like dogshit, but to the average guest...
  4. $10 is fair IMO. I doubt they'll have any issues filling the seats. They may well have peak and off-peak pricing but why not leverage the hype? Smart way to make money on every cycle.
  5. DC Rivals HyperCoaster - new trailer/TVC

    But from a production standpoint it's amazing. Great TVC
  6. I haven't been following this thread super closely so apologies if this has already been noted - trims are now on the camelback
  7. On the contrary I think we got one of the better Rocket coasters. TTD/Kingda Ka have the speed and height but are very short lived experiences, Xcelerator doesn't do much after it's (fantastic) initial launch, Stealth and its clones are mini Kingda Ka's... SE tells a story brilliantly with good theming, has a punchy launch and a great layout for the available space. Curious to know what you thought of MF? Lots of floaty air and big elements but for me it was one of the most underwhelming coasters of my trip. It bored me. Low lying elements are exactly what this coaster type should contain IMO - I really think Mack did a great job designing this coaster. It feels like a greatest hits collection of coaster elements. Other than the initial camelback it doesn't have your traditional out-and-back up-down floaty hills but there'll certainly be no shortage of air.
  8. Thanks for the videos Glubbo. The 2nd video is the best I've seen that truly represents the insanity of this thing - I still can't get over how fast it flies over that camelback. This is a serious contender for top 10 IMO
  9. The speed it crests the first camelback at is ridiculous
  10. I don't know about Twisted Timbers being the worst RMC. I think Storm Chaser will retain that title (but even that's harsh). This looks to have a pretty relentless layout start to finish
  11. DC Rivals HyperCoaster Announcement

    But what better way to set yourself apart in the industry? I'd sacrifice a traditional backrow for a backwards car any day - particularly on this calibre of coaster. The layout is ridiculous as is.
  12. DC Rivals HyperCoaster Announcement

    Forgive me if this has already been answered/discussed, does anyone else think the backwards car will be an up charge? It's one thing to queue for the front when the rest of the train is facing forward anyway, but backwards is a totally different experience. At 2 pax a train queues would be enormous on even a moderate day. Regardless - really stunning layout. This will be Australia's first true airtime machine.
  13. The Best Rollercoaster in the world

    So on Tatsu... I see it pop up a lot on people's lists but even after 5 rides I still don't quite get it. The riding position is too uncomfortable IMO. Heading to USJ next week so perhaps Flying Dinosaur will change my mind on flyers.
  14. The Best Rollercoaster in the world

    ^ As someone who has actually ridden both I can tell you that TC is miles ahead of MF. They're two very different ride experiences but for me, MF was the disappointment of the trip. Forceless and rattly. TC on the other hand was the most relentless ridiculous coaster - no video does it justice.
  15. As great as these coasters are, that element isn't what you'd call graceful! Very very interesting shaping