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  1. Sorry Gazza I should have clarified. Bridges are the old school name for the theming or facade for a ride. In the above pictures that I posted, the large Tumblebug figure over the Traver ride and the extensive Ghost Train "theming" on top of the building itself are all considered classic bridges. They have nothing to do with actual bridges you cross however simply refer to the thematic elements that "bridge" the experience from the normal and the mundane to the beginning and end of the ride event. I guess this is where immersive theming began and rides such as these from where Walt
  2. The lack of theming and bridges and facades for the new generation of rides is certainly disappointing. Here are a few pictures of scenes from Luna Park highlighting the absolutely brilliant theming that was created circa 1935. No wonder the older generation of visitors always remark on how Luna Park had charm and evoked such strong memories. Below is excellent examples of the Ghost Train facade. If this was built today we would all be marvelling at it!! This provides such an evokative atmosphere and strong impression of the ride before you have even entered the queue area.
  3. I think its safe to say that what we are ending up with for the expansion insofar as theming can at best be described as barely adequate. What must be remembered here is that the main person for planning this expansion, Brad Loxely, left 12 months before the actual announcement and the final plans. I know for a fact that several designs that he chose , including names for rides had been changed after he left the business. This includes the selection of the Intamin Hot Racer, which i think we can all agree , is not a bad thing, considering that the option chosen was a custom layout Eurofighter.
  4. Hmmmm Seaworld- Unfortunately we have had to suspend and significantly defer opening of the final 2 rides in our Atlantis precinct- specifically the Trident Starflyer and Leviathan wooden coaster. This is due to COVID related issues that have contributed to the delay. It has been completely unavoidable. Luna Park Sydney- Hang on. Hold my beer. Gears up to reopen an entirely new ,refurbished precint totalling 9 new rides, 3 new coasters, on time and on budget. 😆
  5. https://www.nydailynews.com/news/world/ny-australia-amusement-park-body-shaming-weight-children-20210929-pcspbvpxezennpvvl7qj2ut4ea-story.html?fbclid=IwAR2m7Hcab594PGTAG1_zwt3n2FoA0AqIybTGn7gMY4RrIYW7RPFiFH2dJyw Adventure World has made the international press now for all the wrong reasons..........
  6. Make it happen!! Whilst we are there let’s combine a new River Caves with a Dark horror shooting ride. No Noise complaints then!!
  7. Firstly, sorry mate IMHO this is a terrible idea. This is an historic ride- one of only 3 surviving Wooden Wild Mouse in the world. As such, this ride is now protected by a heritage order and the owner of Luna Park has to ensure its upkeep, general maintenaince and surety that it will not be moved. It is part of the Luna Park site act and is heritage listed along with Coney Island, the Towers and Face, The Crystal Palace and the Rotor. It is not going anywhere and thats a good thing.
  8. I have been on a *few* coasters 😉 in my time, although (other than SLC's) none that the original poster has stated in his list-either underrated or overrated. I guess that rating a coaster is a uniquely personal thing and is highly subjective with lots of parameters- where you sat, what time of the day the ride occured, what were the weather conditions etc. Everyone can have a different experience and and thats what makes the world tick. However, from what I have seen, there are certainly coasters out there that most people have universally bad experiences or opinions of and there is yet again
  9. This has been exactly my point all along thanks. The spin that we have been told then that this is official Gerstlauer recommendations seems like it is just that- spin doctor and deflection. It never felt right to me. Cheers for clearing this up.
  10. So just to be clear- it appears that the weight requirements of Abyss that have now been put in place have NOT been there since Day One? Thats quite contrary to what has been espoused as reasons for it being introduced- ie that this requirement has ALWAYS been there. If that was the case then this would have been presented in previous ride info- which this clearly does not show. So we have to ask- is the spin we have been told that this is a requirement from Gerstlauer 100% correct or has something happened to the ride to change that recommendation. I cannot get my head around the fact that th
  11. This is exactly the idea and vibe I was going for when thinking this proposal through. The HVG is already a succesful attraction in its own right- it attracts families and tourists alike. Now my scenario as a hypothetical is unrealistic and they would never install that many coasters and attractions all at once. However, HVG already has a small ride element and have dipped their toe in the water for this type of attraction. Its not inconceivable that this could grow organically , with the park adding 2 or three attractions every 18 months as it grows and expands. The aesthetic I was thinking o
  12. The railway sidings are Crown land and for any land to be given to Luna Park would take a change of the land usage in order to do so. The life of the sidings is still an issue as well- they are integrated into the Sydney network and are utilised regularly for overflow capacity etc. They still have a life of at least 10 years according to Sydney .Also a public interest gropu has designs on the corridor and has garnered a lot of interest and support for what is called the Sydney Highline project. Its conceivable that Luna Park could be gifted a parcel of the land and still have the Highline proj
  13. Luna Park is not allowed to put any rides there under the Luna Park Site act. Its not designated as an area for rides and amusements. Luna Park did look at a DA for changing this to a mixed use of small non permanent rides , however this was met with fierce resident opposition and the desire for it to remain a green space was very strong. Because of this, Luna Park withdrew the DA for this and it will remain as a green space with a Marquee as an outdoor space for picnics, and coporate space. Buzzsaw is not a ride that is conducive for the Luna Park site. Even if it was a new build, it wou
  14. Well. I just want to re-emphasise this very cogent point. I don’t really have much to add. I just wanted to quote you here because I want your extreme levels of imbalance, immaturity and plain whack job nastiness to be preserved for all prosperity You sir have won the internet for me today. Thank you for actually making me laugh out loud after reading your reply. Classic. Now can we get back on topic? Cheers!!
  15. Wonderland Eurasia ( as Anka Park opened as) failed not because of the ride choices. It failed due to a number of reasons- political unrest over the massive cost blowouts of the park ( reputed to have cost $750 million at conservative estimates), due to the unrest over this there was a change in political leadership which tried to reign in the costs before the park had even opened, poor construction values which left many attractions simply not available to be ready for opening day and lack of support from the local population against the cost of the project, when all most of them wanted was f
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