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  1. Jobe

    Adventure World 2018- improvements

    Is it a standard Mouse Spinner or something a bit different?
  2. Jobe

    Funfields - New Themed Land & New Swing Ride

    Hahaha...I totally didnt get that reference it makes 100% sense!! Should have known
  3. Jobe

    Dreamworld Maintenance 2019

    Really? I find it pretty inoffensive myself.
  4. Looking good!!! Despite its obvious design shortcomings ( a big letdown from the first concept art released) this park COULD be a great waterpark. A slide like this is definitely needed - the Aqualoop it replaced was rarely used and this makes much more sense and better utilisation of the space. This will help to disperse crowds that much more with another attraction to filter crowds off to. Lets hope that Parques Reunidos , with their vast experience running international parks, can bring about a far improved and consistent experience to the site. Hopefully , we will not see a return of the Season Pass debacle that plagued Wet 'N"Wild in their opening years. Its all looking positive for this park , for now.
  5. Jobe

    Dreamworld Maintenance 2019

    Yeah that was my recollection as well. Fully 6 is a great name. Its a bit irreverent , cheeky fun and ties in with the Aussie vernacular. Whats not to like????
  6. Whilst we are awaiting the opening of the SX360, I found an article on the Octopus accident at Aussie World that led to its removal and subsequent replacement by the Wasp ride. Aussie World were certainly lucky in this incident that no one was seriously injured and their good safety record set them in good stead. Of course , this was just before the Dreamworld TRR incident, and it would be interesting to see how this incident would have been dealt with in the aftermath of that tragic event. Certainly the delay in commissioning of the SX360 has its roots tied in with the TRR findings and safety overhauls of the amusement park industry in Qld following the incident. The link to the article is here. Aussie World cops $25K fine after ride car breaks loose by STUART CUMMING 21st Jul 2016 6:46 PM | Updated: 22nd Jul 2016 5:46 AM AUSSIE World has been fined $25,000 after a carriage holding two teenagers broke free on the Octopus ride while it was running. The theme park's operators Timevale Pty Ltd pleaded guilty in Maroochydore Magistrates Court on Thursday to failing to comply with health and safety duty. Their strong safety record and the significant efforts made in the 15 months since the incident to improve the park was looked on favourably in sentencing. Improvement efforts have included spending about $650,000 on new expert staff, ride upgrades and training procedures. An 18-year-old woman suffered a cut to her forehead and an 18 year-old man was uninjured when their car-shaped carriage broke free about 3.20pm on April 7 last year. It separated from the ride's arm about a minute into the ride and dropped to the ground, skidding about six metres before coming to a rest among other moving cars. Both occupants were still secured inside. Magistrate Annette Hennessy noted it was fortunate the carriage was quite close to the ground when it separated. The court heard the ride had been purchased from Luna Park in New South Wales in 2002. An agreed statement of facts tendered to the court said an Aussie World ride technician had carried out a maintenance check on the Octopus on the day of the crash and that nothing of note was reported. Defence barrister Andrew O'Brien said the cause of the incident was not something addressed in the manufacturer's maintenance manual. Mr O'Brien said the manual did not alert Timevale to the need to tighten concealed bolts on the ride's arm. He said external engineers had also not alerted the company to the need to tighten the bolts. A report from December last year by a senior Workplace Health and Safety mechanical advisor said it was likely that tapped threads could have been damaged as a result of insufficient tightening of the screws, which catastrophically failed after a hexagon screw broke. The ride has since been removed and replaced with another. Timevale's full cooperation with the Workplace Health and Safety investigation and early plea of guilty went in their favour. The court also heard Timevale or its parent company, Presida Group, had not previously faced a prosecution of any kind, with Timevale having run Aussie World since 1995. Timevale also already had considerable maintenance measures in place, including a dedicated eight-person team as well as daily, weekly, monthly and annual ride inspections. Ms Hennessy noted the significant changes in ride maintenance but noted that was not to say the previous procedures were insufficient. Timevale was fined $25,000 and ordered to pay a further $1079.40 in legal and administration costs. Aussie World Chief Operating Officer Aaron Flanagan issued a statement after the sentence. "Aussie World has proudly maintained an impeccable safety record over its 26 year history," it read. "Whilst it is regrettable that this incident occurred some 15 months ago, it was acknowledged today that Aussie World had a comprehensive maintenance regime in place, undertook extensive engineering testing annually, conducted independent engineering inspections and maintained quality operator training systems.  "It was also accepted that the fault that lead to the mechanical failure was not addressed in the manufacturers ride manual.  "Over the last year we have invested significantly in people, systems and ride refurbishment programs which today was positively recognised by the authorities.  "We are focused on developing a best in class theme park for the Sunshine Coast.  "Two brand new rides have been purchased recently and we are currently in discussions to buy additional new rides to enhance the family entertainment experience."   No conviction was recorded. Improvements since the crash have included: - Restructure to the technical services department to create a specific, dedicated rides engineering department - Recruitment of an internationally experienced rides engineer manager - Recruitment of a new rides engineer supervisor - Refurbishment of four major rides - Recruitment of a new independent engineer to undertake annual ride inspections - Additional workplace health and safety training for managers and ride engineering staff - New workplace health and safety management system with annual audits.
  7. Jobe

    Funfields - New Themed Land & New Swing Ride

    Excellent pickup and great to see this park adding to their lineup year on year. Cant help but feel a little sad at the demise of the Burnout ( The Old Dreamworld Stingray) . We rode this as a family in January of this year and the ride certainly looked well maintained and in good condition. It certainly did not have the look of a ride destined for the scrap heap! Shame to see a Dreamworld original disappear from the Aussie theme park landscape. The new ride Dragon's Revenge looks very similar to the The Wasp at Aussie World on the Sunshine Coast. This is a medium thrill family attraction and should be an excellent addition to the parks offerings. Great to see Funfields continue with their expansion plans. With the gauntlet being thrown down by Gumbaya World and new attractions at Adventure World being announced, the mini Victorian park arms race is certainly heating up!!
  8. Excellent!!! Will be visiting this park in January so looking forward to returning!! Haven't been there for 7 years- will certainly miss the Wild Mouse coaster they used to have!! Looking forward to seeing all the improvements that have been made since then and of course the opening of the SX360. Their new spinning Wild Mouse coaster, will , unfortunately, be open mid to late next year.
  9. Jobe

    Luna Park Melbourne update

    No the response came after Speedy Beetle's installation and they were definitely referring to long term plans to attain a second signature coaster on the Metropolis site.👍
  10. Jobe

    Luna Park Melbourne update

    Wow mate. Never thought I would hear the day where you dissed a Huss product!!! 😳
  11. Jobe

    Luna Park Melbourne update

    I never stated that they should utilise the entire footprint that Big Dipper occupied. I am merely saying that there is enough room for a second coaster on the existing Metropolis site. Yes the Pinfari Zyklon is a compact coaster , however the site is now sitting empty and dormant. It is used as a space for temporary attractions for the moment. This space could more than handle a small Eurofighter, Maurer Spinner, S&S El Loco, Premier Rides Sky Rocket II, Custom S & S Mine Train Coaster, Custom Mack Big Dipper Coaster, Custom Zamperla Thunderbolt, Custom Mack Wild Mouse- need i go on? The fact is that the public find coasters, on the whole, as the most thrilling exponent of any amusement park. To have a new coaster would be a far bigger drawcard than settling on 2 or 3 unremarkable flats. The introduction of any 2nd coaster would not precipitate the loss of any space currently utilised for flats so the number of rides within the park would be unaffected. And as I stated before, if the park is clever, you can certainly succeed in having another flat within or close to the ride envelope. Potentially a Drop tower could also be ideally situated in this space, depending on what coaster was actually installed. Either way, its a moot point. LPM have confirmed that this space will eventually be the home of a 2nd coaster as a direct replacement for the long gone Metropolis. They have signalled that this is their intention and that , although there is no timeframe for this at the present time, they have been investigating options for the site.
  12. A new video has been uploaded to Youtube on April of this year that shows footage from Luna Park Sydney from 1972. This footage is some of the clearest I have ever seen of this time period - for its age the quality is excellent. Highlights on the 3 minute video include: Excellent footage of the rare Calypso- an early version of the Spider. This was an early Mack ride and an example can still be found at Cedar Point Good footage of the Tumble house attraction in action. Excellent profile on LPS's Rock O Plane Excellent footage of LPs's historic carousel- now sadly lost to Australia. Never before seen colour footage of LPS's original Tumblebug ride. This would have to be close to just before it was replaced by the Hurricane. The Tumblebug was an original ride from the 1935 opening. Sweeping footage of the extent of the Midway from this period showing Davy Jones locker, The Wild Cat and The Ghost Train. The best POV of The Big Dipper in colour that I have ever seen. @19Michael96 mate I think this will interest you greatly. Consider how quickly the park changed from this video in 1972 to 1978 comparing the footage below. Gone is the Tumblebug to be replaced by the Zipper. The Calypso is also gone, replaced by the Roundup. There is also the introduction of the Hurricane and several other travelling rides within the park like the three armed Octopus. Some of LPS's original charm had been lost by this stage. Blink and you miss it but there is footage of a flying chair ride in the 2nd video that only arrived in the park in the late 1970's. This ride stayed until the park shut down in the aftermath of the ghost train fire and was sold in the fire sale in 1980. Its speculated that this ride was picked up second hand and found its home at Dreamworld where it has been refurbed and still resides today. Its been moved around the park several times - it was called the Zumer at one stage and now is the Puss In Boots Swing. If this is the same ride that came from LPS, it has not been 100% confirmed , however, the timeline certainly does fit.. See the below fairly rare footage from the 1980's incarnation for comparison that highlight the changes to the park in a little over a decade.
  13. Jobe

    Fright Nights 2019

    Hahaha the only redeeming feature of the original IT is Tim Curry's performance as Pennywise. Its on par with Skarsgaards version IMHO. And whilst the remake is excellent , its also a big budget Hollywood tentpole picture, done 30 years after the original, with all the latent advances in digital effects that were simply not possible at the time of the original. Its very hard to compare , as its not exactly apples for apples. @Skeetais absolutely right. For the full IT experience, read the book. It is a sprawling , huge tome that many ( myself included) consider to be the best thing that Stephen King has committed put to paper. And given his bibliography, that is certainly saying something. A horror maze themed to IT though should be an excellent and atmospheric experience.
  14. Jobe

    Luna Park Melbourne update

    Hehehe....havent ridden Pandamonium yet so will let you know what I think of the ride experience. Going to Dreamworld in January for the first time in 6 years so will definitely give it a whirl. They certainly do LOOK nauseating. Perhaps the Endeavour would be a better fit and replacement if Enterprise was to go- they are certainly popping up in Six Flags parks for next year. They certainly look like the spiritual successor to the Enterprise ( I am sure @HussRainbow87 may not agree 😉 ) Love the idea of utilising Cavel street for LPM. Whilst there would be some loss of parking , the loss of the street would not adversely affect any traffic flow and it would also create a seamless link to the nearby Palais theatre , linking the 2 precincts together as one. They could also utilise the small parkland at the back of the park to link into the Cavell street area, giving them more room to work with in adapting the area to park use. Dont think it will ever happen but it is a good thought! The Huss Giant Jumper is a beast of a ride and I would LOVE to see one in Australia but I am thinking it would be a bit big to install in LPM. All the same , its a shame that no other park other than Canada's Wonderland has picked one of these up. The opportunity to ride this is another reason why Canada's Wonderland holds so much attraction. From what I have read though, this ride had notorious reliability issues- not sure if these have been resolved? A Sky Flyer ride would be ideal. If the park was clever, you could install a new custom coaster and fit this ride type somewhere in the coaster's envelope. It doesn't have to be the biggest model either- something similar to Seaworld's travelling model would be ideal. Also , a decent Drop Tower like the Hair Raiser at LPS would be an excellent ride to install. Small of footprint, this would provide a great backdrop for the LPM skyline and give sweeping views right across Port Phillip Bay. One addition that is definitely a major possibility is the return of the Rotor. Once again, an attraction with a relatively small footprint, the Rotor has a huge history at LPM. Installed at both parks at the same time, the Rotor disappeared from LPM in the mid 70"s. The park has mentioned several times their desire to see the Rotor returned to the park.
  15. Jobe

    Luna Park Melbourne update

    I dont agree with you in the slightest here BaconJack regarding a second coaster for LPM Luna Park Melbourne has had 2 signature coasters since 1923. Right now what is missing from their lineup is a modern steel compact coaster- one that will look good from a distance and add to the St Kilda skyline but also give a decent riding experience. There are plenty of coasters that could be developed to fit in the space they have- something from Gerstlauer is the obvious choice. With good planning and a customised layout, they could fit a decent coaster in and potentially another flat or even a dark ride. The potential is actually quite large. Consider the above photo from the mid 70"s. LPM fit into the current Metropolis envelope the 1923 vintage wooden Big Dipper and also the River Caves dark ride. At this time the park also had the Giggle Palace, the Rotor and the Ghost train in operation. Yes there are definitely rides that need replacing from their current ride lineup. The rides you quoted are probably about right. The AS1 is a piece of garbage now and a new modern simulator would be just the ticket. As much as I love the Enterprise, I too feel that its days are becoming numbered ( Sorry @HussRainbow87) A Zamperla Super Air race would be a good replacement- the newer upgraded model would be that little bit different from Pandamonium at Dreamworld. Alternatively , A Zamperla Endeavor would almost be a like for like replacement. The Meisho Swing ship is also ripe for replacement. A Zamperla Disk'O" would be an ideal replacement and would fit into the same ride envelope. I would also replace the current Ferris Wheel in favour of a newer and larger model- the Sky Lab wheel at LPS is one of the most popular rides and a similar sized wheel would have a similar attraction in St Kilda. Finally, I think a Huss Rainbow type ride would be the perfect addition to LPM. These rides deliver a good amount of thrills but are great for entire families to ride. Pretty sure that Huss Rainbow's are no longer in production however ( @HussRainbow87 you can provide a definitive answer here) most major ride manufacturers have a similar type of ride that could be sourced. However, the biggest change that needs to happen is that the park desperately needs an owner who is willing to invest in the park. A 5 year plan for overall improvements ( not just ride replacements- general park and facilities improvements ) is what is really required. LPM is very small. What it does have is its sense of history and I think the park undersells this to a major extent. Its never going to be a major player like our big parks but it certainly does fill a niche for the Victorian public. It is an icon of Melbourne and is well located on the St Kilda seaside to take advantage of this beach and holiday atmosphere. Other than LPS, there is simply no other park like it in Australia.