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  1. Where did you find all these pictures from? Looks very cool!
  2. Recently got back from a trip to Hong Kong Disneyland. I would love some type of "Jungle Cruise" around the Murrissippi River, or as somebody commented above about the Steamboat. I think during this phase, Dreamworld should invest as much as possible in timeless family attractions rather than big thrill rides.
  3. I would love for the park to lean into some other IP outside of DC stuff. Wizard of Oz is a great start, and I hope it's the beginning of more to come. I think either a Willy Wonka themed dark ride, or a Scooby Doo dark ride (similar to the one at Warner Bros World Theme Park in Abu Dhabi) would be good choices for timeless IP.
  4. I think it would look really nice at the entrance if they painted a Dreamworld mural or something on the black wall.
  5. Some random thoughts/analysis regarding the precinct... 1) Does anyone else think if there could be more than one entrance to the Wizard of Oz precinct? They could have a separate entrance/exit to and from Wild West Falls. This could give the entire park more of a feeling of flow and less of a feeling of dead ends in the park. 2) I wonder how faithful the precinct will be to the concept art. In the concept art, there appears to be a 'Kansas-y' barn behind the main green structure. Could it be that guests entering Oz will begin in 'Kansas' and walk through into the world of Oz? Or could that barn structure be part of the queue for the duelling coasters? 3) On that thought, where will the queues for the ride begin and end? In the concept art, it appears that the queues for the rides are coming out of some of the buildings? Could it be that there will be an indoor section of the precinct? What could that look like? 4) I also wonder if the coasters are the only attractions planned for the precinct or if there will be any flat rides. Maybe they could even have a themed Vekoma madhouse inside one of the buildings? 5) Just a random/silly aside. Initially I thought it was strange that Oz would be located next to Superman Escape, but it kind of makes sense in a weird way considering that Superman grew up in Kansas!
  6. It's a goldmine for the news. They have latched onto their narrative that theme parks are unsafe and rides are constantly "breaking down" with "guests being stuck mid-air". It requires little to no research or effort. It's just ruthless fear-mongering and they don't care if it's grounded in reality or not. Absolute junk food and I cringe every single time. The sad thing is that it must be working for them, otherwise they wouldn't continue to report on it for what seems like multiple times a week now. I agree that the parks could make a more approachable effort into making informative and entertaining content to dispel these beliefs.
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