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  1. Whilst I do agree that the Big Dipper area could be done a bit better as @Dom has said I do believe it will improve over time as luna park does tend to continually plus and upgrade its aesthetic. I think it may be a bit more jarring for the guys on the Gold Coast as normally what you get at opening is it and they don't update their rides (for the better) or add extra bits of theming after the ride is open. To be honest I think at this point in time I'm more bothered with the New Atlantis project as it touted itself to be an immersive experience with huge rock work and waterfalls which have see
  2. It could just be something general but I just saw on Instagram that there is a joint federal/state funding announcement today currently taking place at Movieworld. It could just be for something for general tourism but maybe it’ll include an announcement of new project.
  3. Wasn’t sure if I should create a new thread or not so I’ll just put it here. But trident is on site. It’s great to finally see some progress. Seeing as though they haven’t started the foundation yet it might be a bit till it goes vertical. Thanks to themeparkqueen_au on Instagram.
  4. A bridge has been constructed over the launch track for the queue line. Pics from madejector_air on Instagram. Looks like it’ll be a great head hopper moment. Can’t wait to get on this in December.
  5. It seems testing had progressed today with the reverse launch being testing.
  6. Big Dippers track is now complete. Pics from coasterlifeau from Instagram. Looks super exciting hopefully we see testing start soon.
  7. They have added a new statue of bugs to the fountain of fame. Credit: Movieworld’s Instagram. Edit: @Brad2912 beat me to it.
  8. https://www.instagram.com/p/COznABdA_ez/?igshid=qbia4uobsswt Movieworld just posted a tease on their Instagram for the announcement. It is set for 8:00am tomorrow. Included is what seems to be the 30th anniversary logo which looks fantastic. Just thought I’d add the logo in case anyone couldn’t access the link. Sorry for the pile up. Just checked and Wet’n’Wild also posted a tease about tomorrows announcement. https://www.instagram.com/p/COznY11rwJo/?igshid=1dlij3tgt11pe. It seems to be the shadow/reflection of a new slide tower on the surface of the water. It’s defi
  9. I just took a couple screen shots of the trains from the Facebook video above. They look quite impressive. I especially love the detail of the ST logo on the metal grating.
  10. This is very interesting news from ardent. I wonder if this was just announced due to the rumours coming from VRTP. I can’t wait to see what’s in store.
  11. Nope it was absolutely packed today. I came back to movie world today the line to enter the park is all the way past the non inverted loop and going up to the edge of the car park on the other side and they are still only doing one train ops on the major coasters. Scooby, DCR and GL for most of the day sat at 180 minutes with Scooby sitting at 90 mins and rivals at 120mins at 4:30. Superman also shut it’s queue completely for standby lines during the day. There was a point where the shortest line was roadrunner at 90 mins. HWSD filled to capacity for 4 shows and Roxy as well. It
  12. It also seemed that they where having issues with a couple of the led screens throughout the park specifically the HWSD and GL ones. The GL one is not that bad with just that one section very dark. Hopefully they get it fixed fast. In the stunt driver show the whole bottom corner was backed out with busted and glitchy bits everywhere. The whole screen itself also kept glitching throughout the entire show. Sorry about the crappy pictures the glare from the screen with the smoke didn’t agree with my camera. Also in the pic above I noticed they cut a chunk out of t
  13. To be fair they sold out of fast track very early on in the day and from what I could see there weren’t that many of them. Honestly today was a absolutely terrible I genuinely couldn’t believe that with how long the lines where they only ran 1 train. DCR had hit 105 mins. We only got in 4 rides and saw stunt driver and three of those where with virtual queue we were there from 9:45 till closing so we had the whole day. Also the virtual queue ratios were not managed very well with the grouper often filling whole trains on superman with them which if running efficiently isn’t the end of
  14. Ohh that’s cool I always thought the top held some sort of equipment. Either way the seats haven’t even been installed yet.
  15. Batwing definitely won’t open tomorrow the top is still missing and the vinal hasn’t been put back yet. Also Doomsday has been testing a lot. It would be great if they would update the website.
  16. I thought I’d create this topic to discuss our parks. I’m currently at MovieWorld and it is very busy which is great for the park. My issue though is that rides such as Superman and Rivals are running only one train. On a quite day it would be fine but today both have an 80 minute wait time. Even with one train the dispatch’s are so slow with me timing an average of 5 minutes between each one. It also doesn’t help that a big chuck of the lines are completely outside with no shade. This was also the same case with storm yesterday dispatches were so slow and we waited about 40 minutes in the fu
  17. SeaWorld has posted another update. https://www.instagram.com/reel/CI7YykhnzEJ/?igshid It looks absolutely stunning.
  18. I totally agree with @GoGoBoy. It literal gave me goosebumps I think it accomplishes everything it needs too. It’s exciting and shows all the info it needs. I forwarded to my friend who’s aren’t into SeaWorld and it hyped them up so much. They are now excited to visit once it’s all open. I do get what your saying @rappa but I think it’s great.
  19. I have mixed feelings about these designs specifically the Ultra Splash and Hot Racers. They have changed them slightly but for the most part are the exact same thing. I feel like Intamin is known for being a super innovative company and these are kinda pathetic/lazy coming from them. Either way I’d be interested in seeing these built and how they compare to there counter parts. Also I think the Giga splash would be a great fit for dreamworld.
  20. Wow this is giving me a lot of hope of what else is to come.
  21. WDW plans to begin reopening the rest of the resort on July 11 including the parks, resort's and transportation.
  22. It has been confirmed that WDW is submitting their opening plans tomorrow.
  23. I know that I mainly suggested Funtime since they would probably be way cheaper. No not that one. I may be wrong but I read that the one at gröna lund was built by Funtime.
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