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  1. RobMac

    Dreamworld Annual Pass Pricing

    Don't see why anyone would want to buy a DW annual pass at this time...wait 10yrs or so and hopefully, they''ll decide they want to try again and have some truly decent attractions! Good start would be to actually make an effort with the Log Ride!
  2. OK, I accept 1) commercial realities are just that realities. 2) Weiss and partners a no fools, they are tried, tested and very successful investors. They are also, in the big scheme of things, very recent arrivals on the scene, so they deserve an opportunity to deliver. If Ardent really wants to correct a lot of DW's past errors, it needs to set a 5yr plan to sort the basic theming of the park out, doable stuff, like improving many of the colour schemes on buildings, that seems in part to have happened, so fingers crossed. [I have personally not visited DW in some years, my last trip there was not inspiring]. Some BIG decisions need to be made if Dreamworld is to become "beautiful" again and beauty attracts people. Short-term the attractions outlined are where they headed, longer-term, they know DW needs some serious capital investment. Rationalisation/partnerships in surplus land development presents the opportunity to pull in the coin they will need to seriously grow the park. Ardent will need to ask itself first though, is DW really for them? They don't strike me as a particularly keen theme-park investor....never really have and to blunt, their track record is not exactly glowing - I'm simply talking here in the "ordinary course" of park operation and development!
  3. So you're saying the DW log ride should be [just another] largely bland and poorly themed attraction? Or, perhaps DW could have some respect for themselves AND their guests...and....try? I mean in 2018, I'd imagine the building of a well themed "Log Ride tunnel" would not likely require the entire SpaceX engineering unit?
  4. All this does is again prove the park is run by inexperienced operators. Given the time and expensive already gone to, to basically "vandalise" their own attraction, DW WOULD have been better off investing in new state-of-the-art log-ride boats with purpose built restraint systems. AGAIN, DW is a quality theme park...or it was originally built with that intention.....not a collection of carnival or side-show like attractions widely thrown has been the respective operators approaches, for the last couple of decades or more!
  5. The removal of the second tunnel...crazy...ride lacks good theming!
  6. it! Dreamworld was built to be a quality Themepark....whilst the ToT so dominates the auditory experience it impacts the ability of the overall park to do just that! Who builds such a ride that runs right through the middle of the entire park.....that's true madness!
  7. RobMac

    Seat size on Hypercoaster

    YE Yes, when I went to Disneyland - never gave "size" an a thought - came back to Oz - how "tight" is all this stuff, and I'd be far from the biggest they'd see....seriously, who decides all of Oz is obviously a peg thin "kid"
  8. The longer-term "rainbow" in all of this, is it now gives DW the chance to do anew pretty much the entire former Gold Rush area, hopefully with very well themed major new quality attractions. To be honest, it's a bit "make or break" for DW and how serious they are at present a quality product going forward. Now...let's just get rid of the Super Hornet AKA ToT that screams through the middle of the park, that awful "motocoaster" - or whatever it's called and bring the Vintage Cars back - get that whole area themed again!] And finally - not that they will - "can" the water park...or at least move it - not expecting it of course! Not sure who's themed that place in last 20yrs or so...but were they drunk?
  9. Seriously.....if it's the case DW have put 1) their Logs in a "cage" and 2) removed the tunnels.....they are still run by a pack of amatuers - it's a THEME Park and every attraction needs quality theming. I was hopeful the next 10yrs or so, was going to see the long-term return of DW to genuine quality standards. IF what I'm reading here is true, this is not encouraging....and the Log Rides been a very safe attraction....surely, they can come up with a simple belt restraint, this thing looks weird not to mention horrible....not seen it anywhere else on a Log Ride...laughable actually. No tunnels, what's with that? Do they still use "real water", I mean people HAVE drowned in it???