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  1. He's deceased mate.....it'd be a statue in his memory!
  2. it's a suggestion of a statue....not a defining moment in world history! You blokes would ban Santa in December! 👎
  3. Come on DW.....time now for a statue of John at the entry please 👍
  4. Disney do NOT change Brand Names.....they certainly DO Modernise and Enhance Experiences, but their Brand NEVER changes! Interesting comments from Tony Lonhgurst in the recent GC Bulletin article.....DW was great.....and now, it ain't!
  5. It's now a shadow of what it was! Happy B'day DW...but let's try to get something of that "feeling" back - yep, you can have all the mod rides etc, but recapture the real spirit!
  6. Why would DW "move on" from it's OWN Highly Successful "Rocky Hollow Log Ride" theme? Would Disney suddenly bin Mickey Mouse to simply..."move on", what does "moving on" even actually mean? Enough theme park clueless silly speak and embrace the Hard FACTS of DW's Own creative skill sets!
  7. Next big DW ride project in my opinion...New Log Ride! Incredibly popular and a quality water based ride is really lacking at the moment. [Same for Seaworld....particularly SEAWorld!] I rekcon, they should pull the pin on the motorcoaster thing DW have had for years and build an Aussie "Splash Mountain" type attraction there! Gold Mine theming would be a nice return too.
  8. True, but Disney went on and built major new and better attractions. In real terms, DW has gone seriously backward....obviously, the TRR tragedy put all the negatives into horrific overdrive. The new coaster, whilst poorly located, is a significant investment, but the park needs to offer more....ie a major new water ride.
  9. 😪 tears for how they still keep butchering DW! One ^&%* up after the next! Not so much WHAT they do is all wrong, it's just how/where they do it!
  10. Dreamworld for ants these days. 🤪 I'll give em til the middle of the decade and maybe make my first visit back since 2010...an ordinary day that was! Hoping DW can pull through and rediscover its quality THEME Park potential....new water [log] ride please.....I have a dream!!! 👍
  11. DW [and most every other tourism driven biz] is a total wipe-out for 2020, 2021 and much of 2022. It will take a good two years for things to head back toward normal, assuming Covid vaccines/treatments get to market over the next say 3-6 months. Looking mid to long term at DW, it needs to get back a Longhurst type vision of quality themed attractions, quality over carnival type quantity. It's a decade long journey and it will be tough. Start with a serious rebuild of Rocky Hollow with new Log Ride, something for a wide age bracket. Go for 2 coasters and a 3rd dark ride, but again quality is key. Post 2025 look to building a hotel on the property - I think a couple of developers sniff-around with that idea from time-to-time, so finding an experienced developer partner and hotel/resort operator would be doable - DW may wish to do it on their own and develop the skill-set in-house. The hotel would bring an entire new dynamic to both DW and the Coomera area. GC Council/State Govt [with a Fed contribution] could look at extending the "G" light-rail up to Coomera in the second half of this decade. Tourism movement potential and help serving the booming area behind the GC. Food for thought, just ideas, some may come to fruition and some not. But let's all be honest, DW is as boring as a house brick these days.
  12. How about Oz's own once promising theme park sector, commit to over the next decade plus, lifting the quality of our own parks!
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