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  1. RobMac

    Sea World - New Attraction 2019

    SW's looking very tired, stood outside a few days ago and's overdue for even a lick of paint [needs a lot more]. The place is more boring now than it was 20yrs ago! Clearly the Village people 😂 have been focusing the dollars and exec time on MW over the last decade or so.....SW needs some love and investment, like a couple of hundred million bucks worth.......the proposed GC Central Park idea would be an awesome regional development for it......but some years away.....
  2. RobMac

    What makes a theme park?

    A themepark flows...colours, atmosphere, attractions all work as "one". DW was certainly a themepark up to say the mid-90's, then she had some sort of nervous breakdown and allowed itself to be vadalised by people who wanted to treat the park as a one-night stand and not give her any true long-term love! 😞
  3. Not sure what a "thrill ride" really is these days, seems DW's bought a few of them over the years with modest long-term success for the Park itself. "Sideshow" type rides belong in a sideshow themed setting. John Longhurst understood this, with the beautiful and easily achieved "Country Fair" setting, here the park could buy relatively affordable rides and use them to provide a fun area, which rested on the "foundation" of the Thunderbolt rolleroaster. DW your key word going forward should be making DW Beautiful again....thrills are great...Beauty is greatER! ToT is a thrill, nothing wrong with it. But, the noise it makes has dominated the park for years. The old train station, the gardens, the vintage cars drove through, the way it blended into Rivertown, with the paddle-wheeler - beautiful and for some weird reason, no-one can really explain, all butchered for mostly 3rd rate attractions. How in God's good name, was the "bike rollercoaster" thing monstrosity ever put there, where the vintage cars made perfect sense? Let's face it, we do know why, merchant bankers/accountants running a themepark! It'll take some years DW, but you need to understand, you can have it all, thrills and more thrills, but you have to treat the park layout with respect.
  4. RobMac

    Dreamworks Trolls Village

    Great to Dr Gary Weiss was there....a real positive! Well done to DW....praise where it's due!
  5. RobMac

    Dreamworks Trolls Village

    STOP making excuses for another poor quality DW attraction. These cheap additions, only last about 2-3yrs and then their moved on. Given all that's come into the public domain about DW over the 12-18mths, it's really sad to see some people, still so in denial that they persist, now clearly beyond the point of the absurd, with the 'ol mantra, DW is adding "quality attractions"...these attractions are simply the cheapest additions they could talk the accountants into signing-off on. Why is it, that back in the early 1980's when DW was a shadow of its current size and budget, DW actually looked good, they [DW] actually tried? Look at the Log Ride as but one example, when it first opened, it looked good, like a Log can't even be bothered theming it! Simply making childish "you're a troll statements" does not a valid argument make! Yes, I thought about that after I posted my comment and their may be real truth in what you say. I just wish DW did some pretty obvious things better and never did some of the serious "butchering" they did to the place.
  6. RobMac

    Dreamworks Trolls Village

    Looks like yet another P!$$Weak World attraction. 😲 Aren't these just really recycled cheap little kids attractions......they troll em out every 2/3yrs...bright colours, funny doors and roofs, overrated everything.....
  7. RobMac

    Falling Standards at Our Parks

    Overall, MW still makes a serious attempt to build quality attractions. Service staff in Oz can always be a bit iffy. At this time MW is the only "theme-park" in SE Qld I think, that deserves the title. The other 2 major traditional contenders, ie, DW and SW...I'm not sure what they are both about these days. Have no intention of visiting either of them...likely for some years.
  8. RobMac

    Current Sea World Thoughts (2018)

    Back when Seaworld was at least actually trying to be a reasonably serious theme-park! Like another SE Qld park, in the news for all the wrong reasons these days.....long gone memories now.....of once better days!
  9. RobMac

    Dreamworld - tiger escape scenario

    Everyone relax.....there's a red emergency button near the facility..... 😲 he ran <<<<< >>>>> that way.....
  10. "We acknowledge that shocking and deeply concerning evidence has been presented at the Coronial Inquest," the theme park said in a statement on Friday afternoon. [Brisbane Times] The tragic news in recent days from the inquest has matter-of-factly [and finally] publicly revealed, what keen theme-park observers have known of DW for well over a decade - it isn't what it once was! I hope it can survive as a major tourist attraction, but it will need both financially and socially new owners and this time, a professional theme-park operator. Until this occurs, frankly few people [particularly families], will be inclined to click through its turnstiles.
  11. RobMac

    Dreamworld Annual Pass Pricing

    Don't see why anyone would want to buy a DW annual pass at this time...wait 10yrs or so and hopefully, they''ll decide they want to try again and have some truly decent attractions! Good start would be to actually make an effort with the Log Ride!
  12. OK, I accept 1) commercial realities are just that realities. 2) Weiss and partners a no fools, they are tried, tested and very successful investors. They are also, in the big scheme of things, very recent arrivals on the scene, so they deserve an opportunity to deliver. If Ardent really wants to correct a lot of DW's past errors, it needs to set a 5yr plan to sort the basic theming of the park out, doable stuff, like improving many of the colour schemes on buildings, that seems in part to have happened, so fingers crossed. [I have personally not visited DW in some years, my last trip there was not inspiring]. Some BIG decisions need to be made if Dreamworld is to become "beautiful" again and beauty attracts people. Short-term the attractions outlined are where they headed, longer-term, they know DW needs some serious capital investment. Rationalisation/partnerships in surplus land development presents the opportunity to pull in the coin they will need to seriously grow the park. Ardent will need to ask itself first though, is DW really for them? They don't strike me as a particularly keen theme-park investor....never really have and to blunt, their track record is not exactly glowing - I'm simply talking here in the "ordinary course" of park operation and development!
  13. So you're saying the DW log ride should be [just another] largely bland and poorly themed attraction? Or, perhaps DW could have some respect for themselves AND their guests...and....try? I mean in 2018, I'd imagine the building of a well themed "Log Ride tunnel" would not likely require the entire SpaceX engineering unit?
  14. All this does is again prove the park is run by inexperienced operators. Given the time and expensive already gone to, to basically "vandalise" their own attraction, DW WOULD have been better off investing in new state-of-the-art log-ride boats with purpose built restraint systems. AGAIN, DW is a quality theme park...or it was originally built with that intention.....not a collection of carnival or side-show like attractions widely thrown has been the respective operators approaches, for the last couple of decades or more!
  15. The removal of the second tunnel...crazy...ride lacks good theming!