Superman Escape takes riders on a themed adventure out of the Metropolis subway system through a range of hills, drops and turns. The ride commences indoors, with a 0-100km/hr hydraulic launch shooting the train out into the open where the coaster section takes place.

This ride replaced the Movie Magic Special Effects show.

Renowned roller coaster designer Werner Stengel's company Ing.-Büro Stengel GmbH is responsible for the ride's engineering. Some fabrication of steel was done locally by a Nerang-based steel manufacturer.
Opening DateDecember 26, 2005


Coaster type Steel
Manufacturer Intamin
Model Accelerator
Height 40 m
Drop height 40 m
Length 760 m
Speed 100 km/hr
G-forces 4.2 g
Capacity 820 people per hour
Trains on track 2
Cars per train 5
Cost AUD$16,000,000
Ride time 1:40 mins

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User Reviews

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jake_hunt 2 weeks ago
Definitely the one of the best, if not the best roller coaster in Australia.
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Superman Escape (roller coaster)

Richard 5 months ago
Australia's strongest coaster to date. An incredibly intense, thrilling experience makes up for the oddly executed themed section (and then some). Single train operation coupled with separate load/unload stations mean operations can be slow and the wait unnecessarily long.
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Superman Escape (roller coaster)

coasterdude44 8 months ago
Even though Superman Escape may not be one of the highest, longest or fastest Launch coasters in the world, there really something special about this ride that not many others can achieve. Atmosphere. The coaster just feels magical and razor…
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Superman Escape (roller coaster)

Gary86 11 months ago
Great ride except for the forced locker hire and the fact that they exit you through the gift shop.... but hang on aren't my items (including my wallet/cash) in the locker????
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Superman Escape (roller coaster)

Santa07 11 months ago
Best ride on the gold coast. If you go to movieworld, you can't just walk past this. You haven't lived if you haven't ridden this.
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