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Steel Taipan is a highly rated roller coaster operating at Dreamworld. Built by Mack Rides in 2021. Read More...

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Steel Taipan review by Rivals

by Rivals, 1 year ago
Rated 5.0 One of the best rides on the coast alongside DC Rivals, superman and possibly leviathan. Dreamworld has delivered a world class coaster that balances the thrills, rider comfort and perfect look aesthetically from inside and outside of the park.

Review Criteria

Enjoyment Amazing

from the triple launch, to the whippy and floaty inversions, the ride is a very fun and enjoyable experience

Effectiveness Amazing

the ride achieves what the marketing has set out to describe the ride as, a fast, thrilling and fun experience.

Intensity Very High

not as intense as say, Superman Escape, but definitely one of the most intense coasters in the country, the highlight moments are definitely the backwards launch into the twisted half pipe and the final barrel roll

Rider Comfort Amazing

Mack rides restraints are extremely comfortable and offer a free ride experience with not too much holding you in, with the glass smooth ride experience making it one of the most comfortable coasters.

Pacing Very Good

the rides does slow down a bit towards the end but it takes every single element at a perfect speed delivering a balanced ride from start to finish, with the barrel roll feeling a lot faster then it is

Theming/Storyline Very Good

the ride doesn't have an overall cohesive theme such as Scooby Doo or Superman, but the ride and area itself is styled perfectly with an amazing aesthetic used throughout the entire area, one of, if not the most picturesque coasters / areas in australia

Upkeep/Presentation Amazing

as it is a new attraction, the ride and area itself looks amazing, definitely one of the best presented rides in the gold coast and maybe even the county

Queue/Efficiency Amazing

the dispatches on this ride is insane, the ride offers 4 attendants (2 checking rows 1-5 and the other two checking rows 10-6) and by the time the second train hits the breaks, the other one is already leaving the station.

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