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Steel Taipan is a highly rated roller coaster operating at Dreamworld. Built by Mack Rides in 2021. Read More...

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Steel Taipan review by TAPR

by TAPR, 5 months ago
Rated 3.5 Spinning - Only good if you spin. Not guaranteed ($25 AU per ride at the moment).
Front - Great for the unobstructed view, felt a bit dead space in spots.
Back seats facing forward - Will always do from now on. What I wanted 110% from the experience!!!

Review Criteria

Enjoyment Very Good

Did spinning, didn't really spin, put a dampener on things. Front was ok but felt kind of off? Still enjoyable but felt like dead space at times. Backwards facing forwards? I highly recommend! Always an enjoyable experience, did this spot twice on each side of the train. Didn't feel like any dead space etc!

Effectiveness Very Good

Intensity Medium

The triple launch was an absolute joy. Only time otherwise where I felt really good continuous g-force would be the back seats facing forwards.

Rider Comfort Amazing

Very, very smooth.

Pacing Good

Front seat, felt very boring some how? Like pulling the train along and dead space feelings sometimes. Back seats facing forward for me was where it was at! Great force and didn't feel like there was dead space.

Theming/Storyline Good

Great theming! Love how it feels a bit Australian dessert but also industrial clean? I don't know how to explain it other than this. Worried about the rocks/pebbles in all the gardens/observation area at the front and peoples ability to think it smart to throw rocks at a moving train though. Please don't do this.

Upkeep/Presentation Amazing

First pass holder only day, very fresh and nice.

Queue/Efficiency Very Good

Very quick on load, first pass holder day had issues with the spinning seats not realigning forwards at the end of ride cycle. Caused spinning seats to be out for a cycle to get them checked.

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