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Superman Escape is a highly rated roller coaster operating at Warner Bros. Movie World. Built by Intamin in 2005. Read More...

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Superman Escape review by Aussie Coaster Reviewer

by Aussie Coaster Reviewer, 1 week ago
Rated 4.5 Great thrill ride with a surprising amount of theming

Review Criteria

Enjoyment Amazing

Intensity Very High

The launch is extremely powerful, and the two airtime hills both deliver strong ejector airtime.

Rider Comfort Very Good

Not painful, but there were some vibrations throughout the ride, most noticeably on the launch.

Pacing Very Good

Astounding throughout the ride time, but feels over too quickly. Fortunately the dark ride opening lengthens the overall run time, but a bit more in to the outdoor section would be appreciated.

Theming/Storyline Amazing

The storyline is well developed and well themed. Whilst the quality is a far cry from Disney and not the focus of the experience, it adds to the anticipation of that first launch. Plus, the trains look really cool.

Upkeep/Presentation Amazing

Aside from the aforementioned vibrations, the attraction wasn't showing any signs of its age.

Queue/Efficiency Very Good

Normally, great. But if they're only running one train, you're in for a long wait inside a stuffy shed.

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