Eureka Mountain Mine Ride (original)

Former roller coaster at Dreamworld. Built by B.A. Schiff & Associates and opened in 1986.
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Eureka Mountain Mine Ride initially opened as a partially enclosed wild mouse coaster, likely a second-hand model from B.A. Schiff & Associates, a USA roller coaster manufacturer that stopped building their wild mouse coasters in the late 1950s.

This version of the ride featured two person carts instead of four-person carts seen on the later encarnation.

Its steel track was a simpler flat rail design that allowed the cars to tilt around corners, much like wooden wild mouse coasters from this era.

This version of the ride operated through until approximately 1988 when it was replaced with the custom-built ride from HyFab that operated until 2006.
Opening DateDecember 11, 1986
Closing DateCirca 1988

Attraction type

Roller Coaster



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