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A temporary exhibit used to house the parks new cub arrivals during the redevelopment of Tiger Island.

The exhibit featured two different enclosures, the first being a quarantine enclosure which housed two white tiger cubs which were transferred from Hirakawa Zoo in Japan; and was, for a short time, the sleeping quarters for all four smaller cubs; and the main enclosure which was used during operating hours and featured enrichment items, a small pool and a tree.

The enclosure housed the two Dreamworld born cubs, Adira and Akasha; the two Japanese white cubs, Kali and Kiko; and for short periods of time; Adira and Akasha's older brother Kai.

This exhibit is located behind Tail Spin, on the old Stingray footprint and infront of Zombie Evilution; which had its facade covered during the lifetime of this exhibit.

As of late 2017 the area which the Tiger Cub Kindy used, is currently under development for the DreamWorks Trolls area, which is expected to open Easter of 2018.
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