Superman Escape Review

by Thomas Day, 11 months ago
Superb theming and rapid speed make this an excellent coaster, which clearly has had careful thought given to it. This coaster doesn't feature a lift hill, rather the train is "shot out", for lack of better phrase, from inside, as Superman saves the day. The train flies up and over a 40m hill, providing a thrilling ride.
Riders are advised, as normal, that absolutely no loose items are permitted on the ride, and there are no accommodations for these items on the platform, as some rides have. More specifically, all loose items must be left in a locker, or with a friend, as there is no place on the platform for these. Queue operators will not allow people into the queue until all loose items have been removed.

Review Criteria



Although over very quickly, the coaster's rapid speed, makes for a very thrilling and exciting ride.


It sure is exhilarating going from 0 - 100km/h in just two seconds. The coaster certainly delivers on this promise. The Superman theming is excellent.
Very High


The coaster is very fast, and has sudden twists and turns, the first hill is exhilarating and scary.

Rider Comfort

As this is a fast coaster, riders can expect to be knocked about somewhat. However, keeping the head firmly back against the headrest, can reduce this significantly.


I would love for the coaster to last longer than it did. However, being that it is a shorter coaster, this means the queues file through faster.


Theming is superb. This coaster remains very true to the Superman theme, and the concept is very clever. The coaster train is themed to a fictitious railway, the Metropolitan Rail Transit, or MRT, and staff dress accordingly. Superman saves riders from danger.


It appears this coaster is painted often, and is very well maintained. The Superman figure on the back of the train also looks to be very well maintained.


The queue is simple and easy to navigate, there is a separate line for fast track. Television screens which have safety warnings on them feature throughout the queue.