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Themed to gorges "such as Kings Canyon, Katherine Gorge and Finke Gorge / Palm Valley", it is 2 rides. The centrepiece being an 8-Lane Octo-kraken Racer. It will sit around five metres below the natural ground level inside the 'gorge'. The Racer's lanes all begin with a 360 degree downward helix before twisting over other lanes to a new 'lane position', before concluding with a double dip.

On either side of tracerare SkyBox Multi-Bump Speed Slides.  These begin by standing in a 'SkyBox', a box housing a waterslide element that contains a trap door. Once the trap door opens, you freefall downwards into a pair of bumps before finishing in a splashdown area. 

Of notable interest to the theming in the area, is a set of waterfalls in the north-western corner & a rocky bridge that will allow visitors & the fast 'Bobsled' track to travel across (the latter via two tunnels). The rocky bridge also allows visitors to watch people bobsled fast down over the 'gorge'.



Park AreaGrand Gorge Falls
Opening DateSpring 2020

Attraction type

Water Slide



Operating status