Stratosfear Review

by blurrybilly, 3 years ago
Stratosfear 9/10 – Great attraction.

Review Criteria



It's a super fun ride and is one of the most fun rides at the park but it's the most intense.


It was marketed really well as rainbows ends 'scariest ride yet' but the signs are still up and fading around the park the ride has been there for 2 years now. the theming and storyline is good but it's only around the line. the actual ride is just orange with gardens around it.
Very High


for the park it's extreme it's definitely a crazy ride. the ride has you upside down between 3-8 seconds every 360 cycle and each ride goes around different amounts of time. when your hanging upside down its very intense like your about to fall out. the g-force hurts when it gets to the ground again

Rider Comfort

the seats and restraints are surprisingly comfortable. the rides not very jolty except when you upside down and the wind is strong because it battles the wind in nz (very windy place)


the attracting can go for ages you go upside down 1-6 times depending on the line and how busy the park is which is kinda unfair if the people in front of you get 4 times around and then you get 2 some people complain. still normally a long ride.


the story line is well thought out when your entering the line you the 'testers' of a new space vehicle as if the stratosfear will take you to space. the ride line has amazing drawing and great theming but the ride is just orange with gardens hardly looks like a space ship thingy.


it still looks brand new and you can see it from the street really wants to make you visit the park. nothing is fading except the almost 3 year old ads around the park.


the staff at rainbows end get the ride going very fast. in the day its not a long wait except for the fact theres two lines for extreme and less extreme. never waited more then 10 mins for it. night rides the line, during night rides the line goes for about an hour or even two hours.