Studio Backlot Tour

Current exhibit at Disney's Hollywood Studios. Built by WDI and opened in 1989.
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The attraction starts off with a special effects demonstration in a water tank set entitled "Harbour Attack". A scene is filmed in parts with volunteers, then the results are replayed to the audience.

Guests then move on through a prop building filled with props from various Disney productions.

 From here, guests board the tour 'trams' for the vehicular part of the tour. Guests are taken through some of the back of house facilites for the studios/park (Such as the costume department, the mechanical workshops for "Lights, Motors, Action",  as well as a 'boneyard' of  larger props used in previous films.

The highlight of the tour is a stop in Catastrophe Canyon,  a rocky area that undergoes a flash flood and mudslide, resulting in a fuel tanker exploding.

The tour concludes with some further touring of the back of house facilites, including a display of Walt Disney's private airplane.

At the exit guests pass through an exhibit entitled "Villans". 

Park AreaMickey Avenue
Opening DateMay 1, 1989

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