Zookeepers on hand.
We do wish more had been done to soften the appearance overall though.
Exit of the tunnel. Almost looks like water slide parts were used.
There is even a crawl tunnel with viewing windows for children and limber adults
This enclosure houses the parks Wombat, Jumanji.
A timeline of aboriginal history on the Dreamtime creature - the Rainbow Serpent.
The Corroboree Theatre houses various informative boards on different elements of Indigenous history and stories. As well as the 'Story of Creation' show and the Corroboree VR Experience.
The Tree Kangaroo enclosure, which has since been updated for better housing of the two Tree Kangaroos currently at the park.
The entrance to the Sheep Shearing Show from just outside the proper entrance to Corroboree.
Used for talks and school groups.
The calmest area of the park features a variety of birds and is home to the park's Tree Kangaroos and Tasmanian Devils.
Later changed to 'Borobi Photos' this is where guests can get their photo taken with a Koala, Snake or Baby Crocodile. Borobi means Koala in the local Yugambeh language. Borobi is also the name of the 2018 Commonwealth games mascot.
Shown is the Tasmanian Devil enclosure with its protective squadron of birds.
This area of the park was originally called Koala Country.
The Bilby House, Wedge-Tailed Eagle Enclosure and the remnants of the Skylink Chairlift.