The briefing room, prior to boarding.
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? We're not sure!
The preshow room shows stock footage of Australia, with a collection of flight luggage below.
The ride has seating on two levels. These stairs lead to the briefing room on the 2nd level.
The right hand entrance to the Fun Maze.
The backwards spiral will add a moment of airtime as well as anticipation builds for the final launch into the main track layout.
Though the launch is less powerful by being broken up into three separate launches as it pickups up speed, it does inject new sensations as the train rockets backwards up this spiral tower.
The roller coaster occupies land that was previously Thunder River Rapids and Eureka Mountain Mine Ride.
The roller coaster features a standard Blue Fire layout, albeit with a modified launch design.
The aftermath of wipeout demolition
Demolition work underway on Thunder River Rapids.
re-attachment of the car to the “drive plate”.
Still making guests scream after all these years.
It's unclear why such a simple attraction has been delayed, but there have been indications that Universal (who own DreamWorks) halted work on the attraction until it met their standards.
This rather unpleasant sight remains essentially unchanged for the past six months.
So much for an Easter opening as was suggested after its original December opening was missed.
If you're savvy enough to find this hidden corner of Tiger Island, you're rewarded with an uninterrupted viewing of the adorable new cubs.
It's tucked way over in the corner, and like last year's Tiger Island additions, completely ignores the intricately themed surrounds for a structure that could be described as functional.
A new nursery has been built for housing the latest tiger cubs, over at the Lair/Rock Habitat area.
The new crossing is a rather bland and forgettable pathway.