Train entering the loop
The ride is quite high capacity, and the cars have mesh floors, so you can feel the wind rushing through.
There are two sets of seats, mounted at opposite ends. The ride spins 3 times in each direction, so for half the cycle you are being lifted over the top and spun headfirst towards the ground.
Slammer is a 'Sky Swatter' type ride, so called because guests sit on a flyswat shaped vehicle, and are spun around in circles.
Quantum is your bog standard 'Magic Carpet' ride.
It is only when it is approaching full height that you gain any indication of what the ride is; an Enterprise.
Could Zodiac be the most well hidden flat ride anywhere?
Canada creek railway takes guests for a tour around some woodlands at the back of the park, with some good views of Logger's Leap.
Rush at full operating height.
Each 'swing' has only one row on each side, so you get completley unobstructed views during the ride.
Rush is an S&S Power Screamin' Swing. On the right you can see a pulley, a cable is wound around this, and pulled back and forth by a pneumatic system, the result is a ride that swings guests back and forth to large heights.
And a boat from Logger's Leap.
And a raft from Rumba Rapids.

Chief Ranger's Carousel features the unique idea of having the option for guests ride in vehicles seen on other rides in the park.

First we have a bit of a Flying Fish train.