The Smiler is an Infinity Coaster from Gerstlauer.
The Smiler illuminated at night.
With 14 inversions, The Smiler offers riders a twisted mess of track.
Right before you enter the loading station you get this view, so you can see a train whip through the final corkscrew, and then a few seconds later see the expressions of riders after the whole ordeal when they pass through the final brakes.
It's just a twisted mess of track really.
You gain some considerable height on this attraction.

A gondola arriving at the final stop, Cloud Cuckoo Land (With Rita - Queen of Speed in the background)

This station was destroyed by fire in late July 2009.

Crossing over the valley and gardens, on the way to Cloud Cuckoo Land.
Approaching Forbidden Valley station.
Leaving Towers Street station.
Old MacDonald's Tractor Ride is a variant on the theme park staple 'car ride'.
The Squirrel Nutty ride runs above Old MacDonalds Tractor Ride.
The ride is a powered cycle monorail, where the pedaling of the acorn by the riders activates onboard motors, moving them around the track.
It's a good place to take a break from the action outside.